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TABS is a biannual report produced by Canvas8. TABS is an acronym of Trends, Anthropology, Behaviour and Strategy - the four components necessary in understanding global societal developments. The project identifies and highlights the latest cultural influences on people’s behaviour, setting them in the context of what they’re doing, and how and where they’re doing it. We’ve highlighted the interplay between different trends and their impact on one another - the TABS do not operate in isolation. By way of example we’ve identified people’s Rising Social Conscience (increasing moral responsibility), which is directly, impacting Sustainable Capitalism (brands needing to offer more than just products or services but to do so in a responsible way) and being a reflection of Brand Me (people curating their online personality - brands they associate with and photos they edit). Prod it, explore it, use it, share it and please tell us what you think.

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Canvas8's Keeping TABS (trends + anthropology + behaviour + strategy), Sept 2010

  1. 1. keeping TABS { Trends + Anthropology + Brands + Strategy { September 2010
  2. 2. Welcome Thanks to: CREDITS Chris Arnold, Joel Backaler, Barrie Barton, Marco Bevolo, Lori Bitter, Fiona Buckland, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Elizabeth Churchill, Lars Cosh-Ishii, Nic Crowe, Glynn Davis, Krystal D’Costa, Marc De’ath, Jason Della Welcome to Canvas8’s keeping TABS, a biannual summary of the most important trends and Rocca, Christy Dena, Sara Diamond, Tom drivers currently influencing global consumer culture written for an audience of brands and ad Doctoroff, Kristina Dryza, Alex Gordon, Dale agencies. Herigstad, David Jennings, Toby Kay, Daniela Krautsack, Meena Kadri, Ramsey Khoury, We’re aware that most of you will be familiar with some of this content. The purpose of keeping Gerd Leonhard, Trevor Lloyd-Jones, Andrew TABS is not to sketch out crystal ball predictions, but to put the last six months of global culture Losowsky, Brian Merchant, Kate Mew, Monocle, into a usable context. Whilst we first identified some of these trends over six months ago, they Alan Moore, Don Norman, David North, Daniel nevertheless continue to have a profound impact on global behaviour. Nye Griffiths, Clay Parker Jones, Neil Perkin, Joseph B. Pine, Ruby Pseudo, PSFK, Mary Lou We’ve trawled academic journals, panned the gold from hundreds of pop culture and industry Quinlan, John Ryan, Jean-Robert Saintil, Marian blogs, and probed the minds of globally recognised Thought Leaders before stepping back and Salzman, Mandy Saven, Baba Shiv, Arvind piecing it all together. The map on the following page is the result of this analysis. Singhal, Michael Solomon, Ysanne Spevack, Springwise, Luciana Stein, Ed Stocker, Danny Each of the TABS is supported by case studies, statistics and the consumer groups most Taewoo Kim, TED, Ana Terzi, Trendwatching, affected; we’ve described mindsets where possible, but good old-fashioned demographics are Fabrizio Valente, Mark Vanderbeeken, Ilya often used for clarity’s sake. All external sources along with some excellent further reading can Vedrashko, Sheila Wan, Richard Watson, be found at the back. And finally, the Scrapbook: for all the other interesting bits which aren’t WGSN, WIRED, Faris Yakob, Mio Yamada. quite TABS yet. DESIGN I hope you draw as much inspiration from reading this document as we have in putting it by Margherita Gaffarelli together. Prod it, pass it around and scribble on it – and please do let us know what you think: Warmest wishes, Debbi Evans, Canvas8 Editor 2
  3. 3. Contents 2 Welcome 4 TABS Map 5 Mass Customisation 7 Simple Interfaces 9 Brand Me 11 Codes of Conduct 13 Informed Consumerism 15 Natural Mindset 17 Sustainable Capitalism 19 Hyperawareness of Health 21 Social Participation 23 Attention Economy 25 Rising Social Conscience 27 Mobile Living 29 Hyperlocalisation 31 True Stories 33 Privacy and Control 35 Neo-tribalism 37 Collaborative Living and Working 39 Slow 41 East/West 43 Blended Reality 45 Scrapbook 46 Explore 51 About Canvas8
  4. 4. TABS Map TABS Mass Rising Social Customisation Conscience Simple Mobile Interfaces Living Brand Me Hyperlocalisation Codes True Stories of Conduct Informed Privacy and Consumerism Control Natural Neo-tribalism Mindset Sustainable Collaborative Capitalism Living and Working Hyperawareness Slow of Health Social East/West Participation Attention Blended Economy Reality Related to CONTENTS 4
  5. 5. Mass Customisation WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? CHOCOMIZE ADIDAS SYO TESCO MOBILE SHOPPING APP ME & GOJI NETFLIX BUILD-A-BEAR RED MOON PET FOOD SHOEDAZZLE WHAT IS IT? BUILDABRAND DESIGN A TEA The mass market approach of considering If you travel on business, you want one PANDORA.COM GRANNIES INC. consumers as a homogenous group is truly thing from the airline, the hotel, the BENE FURNITURE GHOSTLY DISCOVERY over. People approach brands differently each rental car company, the restaurants you NIKE iD JIBBITZ ‘MY DENIM, MY MUSIC’ time they interact with them – their personal frequent, and so forth. Bring your MSI FX600 LAPTOP moods, mindsets, experiences are constantly spouse with you, and suddenly in a state of flux, as are their needs and all of those requirements expectations. change. Bring the kids along, and they change again. WHO IS IT IMPACTING? WHERE IS THE TREND Technologically advanced and Joseph B. Pine, IN ITS LIFECYCLE? interested Gen X and Gen Y Author of Mass Customization: the new frontier in business competition PEAK Phase HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Brands are finally moving away from demographics; consumers are being targeted in their transient, flighty need states (but importantly, are not being defined by them) with intuitive and exciting ways to customise products, services and experiences. Brands are honing in on what consumers really want with a subtler understanding of their preferences – or allowing individuals to shape each product for themselves. Blank canvases can be intimidating: giving people accessible tools to personalise their products has Time tipped this growing trend into the mainstream. not a new concept but in revival with mobile RELATED TRENDS Consumers would pay The value of Moonpig* 67% WHERE IS IT up to HAPPENING? Globally 100% MORE Privacy and Control Simple Interfaces for a customised product 2009 2010 *the online personalised greetings card service Brand Me Slow CONTENTS 5
  6. 6. On Canvas8 Mass Customisation REPORT 17/07/2009 FOCUS 01/03/2010 Variable service makes constant customers Ponoko Universal, fixed design and prescribed service models may appear to reinforce brand identity - By enabling creators to connect directly with the closest local fabricators, Ponoko promotes the but such predictability can be uninspiring. The key to an exceptional customer experience, says localisation and democratisation of the manufacturing process and taps into a revived interest Kristina Dryza, lies in variability. for DIY design. LEADERS 20/10/2009 FOCUS 12/02/2010 Mass customisation: you never step into the same river twice [me] & goji With choice fatigue, an expectation of personalised service and the changing needs of every [me] & goji are a small artisan company creating custom blends of breakfast cereal. The broad individual from moment to moment, how can brands cater to consumers, stand apart in a appeal of this seemingly niche product is testament to the consumer desire for personalised crowded market and watch their costs? Thought Leader Joe Pine has the answer. goods with expert personality. FOCUS 07/09/2009 FOCUS 14/09/2010 Customised retail 4Food What can retailers do to attract their target demographic? Glynn Davis explores how brands are 4Food is a chain of healthy, natural and customisable fast-food restaurants. New Yorkers can adapting stores in Germany and the UK, but cautions against alienating potential customers with fully customise their (locally-sourced) burger online, or using the iPad menus, and promote it via too niche an offering. social networks in exchange for discounts. READ MORE CONTENTS 6
  7. 7. Simple Interfaces WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? ING DIRECT RED MARKET GOOGLE DASHBOARD VAGE KINDLE PEEK TWIFFICIENCY WHAT IS IT? FONYOU BANK SIMPLE Presented with a myriad of options, APPLE iPHONE AND iPAD consumers are suffering from choice fatigue. TEXT 2.0 SIXTH SENSE People are making decisions to help them People do not want simplicity – what they really simplify and streamline their lives, spurred THE EYE BY DoCoMo BMW iDRIVE want is understanding. People don’t want to give on by economic austerity. The Simple trend up the power. What they are against is is about intuitive interfaces and complex being confused. filters. It is not about ‘basic’. WHO IS IT IMPACTING? Don Norman, Co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group WHERE IS THE TREND Everyone in developed nations and former VP, Apple IN ITS LIFECYCLE? where pressure to ‘know more’ is high (Gen X, GenY) Phase PLATEAU HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Simple means giving people the tools to help them reassess their priorities and understanding that these priorities will differ between customers. The Simple trend is most evident in the development of technology products, but can also be used SIX EIGHT-STUD SIX EIGHT-STUD Time to shape creative thinking. Brands (particularly in the technology LEGO BRICKS LEGO BRICKS sector) are starting to provide clearly presented, easily digestible information to help consumers make informed decisions. Simple is can be rearranged into can be rearranged into about manageability, limited options, streamlining and ease of use: RELATED TRENDS making form and function work together. WHERE IS IT HAPPENING? Slow Privacy and Control Blended Reality The developed world, where choice is abundant and consumers are overloaded different combinations with complex information Mass Informed Mobile Living Customisation Consumerism CONTENTS 7
  8. 8. On Canvas8 Simple Interfaces REPORT 05/03/2010 FOCUS 04/08/2010 Is that a tastemaker in your pocket? Mobile and filtering fonYou As the gatekeeper to the mass of data and applications, smartphones are the multitasking, fonYou is an award-winning Spanish mobile telephony brand which offers users a useful and multipurpose widget of the present and the future. Ilya Vedrashko explores the ways mobile innovative way of managing all their mobile phone activity, rather than just bills, from one place technology can manage and filter the vast amounts of content available. on the web. REPORT 08/09/2010 FOCUS 29/07/2010 Don Norman: Living with Complexity PILO: location, filters and relevance Don Norman, one of Business Week’s ‘27 Most Influential Designers’, talks about the role of PILO is a Swedish prototype location service with more relevant filtering than its predecessors, design in communicating complexity, not complication, and the importance of playfulness. tracking mobile user movements over time to build up patterns. However, early tests raise some issues around commercial opportunity. REPORT 28/09/2009 FOCUS 26/08/2010 The rise of simple tech A Bit More While companies such as Apple and Microsoft are vying to create the ultimate one-stop device, Breville’s toasters have a unique feature that is becoming a usability design classic. The ‘A Bit Canvas8 tracks the rise of simple tech at the other end of the market; a curiously thriving More’ button solves a problem so simple and obvious it needs no explanation. In fact, many cite segment where excess features are not an option. it as the primary reason for purchase. READ MORE CONTENTS 8
  9. 9. Brand Me WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? FLATTR WHUFFIE BANK FARMVILLE TRACTOR SALES MYSPACE LAYOUTS FACEBOOK ‘LIKE’ HANGING OUT AT THE MAC STORE WHAT IS IT? The relationship one has with friends is BRAND TATTOOS MYBRANDZ.COM Individuals are more aware of their image about history and personal heritage, and CLAUDIA ROGGE’S ‘HUMAN PATTERNS’ and social media has put control firmly in about experiences, and in this online space their hands. Whether for commercial or COLLEGE STUDENTS ‘brand me’ or ‘brand us’ will become a ‘ICING’ EACH OTHER social purposes they carefully curate and relationship of friendship as well as optimise their personal image across a commercial transaction. BUILDABRAND multitude of channels. In an increasingly participatory society, social currency plays a key role – it’s not just about peer reviews of products, it’s about peer reviews of peers. People ‘like’ brands – but they are no longer ‘fans’. Brand Me links Dr. Alex Gordon, closely to We Are All Media (see Scrapbook). Semiotician, Founder of Sign Salad and Canvas8 Thought Leader WHERE IS THE TREND WHO IS IT IMPACTING? IN ITS LIFECYCLE? WHERE IS IT Tweens Teens Twentysomethings HAPPENING? PEAK Phase Asia, Europe, South America, USA HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Always-on connectivity and instant status updates via handsets make the management of Brand Me a full time consideration. The Time introduction of geolocation services for smartphones has added another layer to this macrotrend, as people continue to define themselves with where, not just who, they are - posting visual updates of nights out, or tagging locations is a way of demonstrating expertise or cool. Brands who enable this communication, or share the values people seek to project, will be chosen to represent them. d RELATED TRENDS The average facebook user The Chinese 2 billion since 2008 is connected to spent tweets More than a The UK spent $5bn over 1billion 320,000 80 .me names tweets $800 Social Participation Codes of Conduct Privacy and Control on virtual goods in 2009 million have been registered, making it the fastest selling community pages, December 2009 May 2010 top level domain ever groups and events Neo-tribalism Mass Customisation True Stories CONTENTS 9
  10. 10. On Canvas8 Brand Me REPORT 20/09/2010 FOCUS 26/01/2010 Moderating Brand Me: why Facebook fails us The Whuffie Bank New social networks Diaspora and Hibe counteract the blanket approach to Brand Me found on The Whuffie Bank has launched a new currency based on reputation with the aim of rewarding Facebook. Jenny Winfield dissects the components of online identity and explains why a faceted creative and favourable online behaviour. The non-profit company was recognized as one of the approach to social networks is long overdue. 50 most innovative startups in 2009 by TechCrunch. REPORT 22/03/2010 FOCUS 15/07/2010 Beyond Facebook: social networking trends in Brazil, India and China Flattr A recent map of social networks reveals the spread of the US giant. But in some territories, ‘You have to give to get’. So preaches Flattr, the Swedish peer micropayment system from other networks cling resolutely to their user stronghold. Is this mere chance, or does it tell us former Pirate Bay chief Peter Sunde. It’s still in beta, but gaining traction - most recently with two something about cultural preferences? major German newspapers. LEADERS 20/01/2010 FOCUS 02/09/2010 Digital identity management – what is reality and why should we care? Buildabrand Image matters. And as the once-exclusive tools of impression management filter out to the digital Buildabrand is a service offering businesses of all sizes, and individuals, the ability to create masses, Michael Solomon documents some emerging behavioural strands and their potential a brand from scratch. It taps into mainstream awareness of personal branding as a result of impact on brand messaging, both on and offline. exposure to marketing messages. READ MORE CONTENTS 10
  11. 11. Codes of Conduct WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? TROLLING SEXTING POST SECRET TOKYO METRO ‘DO IT AT HOME’ SURGING POPULARITY OF HERITAGE BRANDS GERTRUDE AND ALICE’S HOMELY WHAT IS IT? SYDNEY BOOKSHOP Physical codes of conduct, initially mimicked There’s no doubt in my mind that kindness PENGUIN CLASSICS SALES online, are being modified in the digital space is the new currency. As life becomes DDB’S GROWN-UP PLAYLAND tougher, which I’m afraid it’s going to do, FOR McDONALD’S and impacting real-world behaviour, which being generous to your fellow man will PRINGLES TMI OVERSHARERS CAMPAIGN has become noticeably more playful and open. keep the world afloat. CHAT ROULETTE MEIN MAGAZINE As online activity is increasingly recognised as VIRGIN’S PHONE ETIQUETTE part of Brand Me, people are improving their DR. PEPPER STATUS digital etiquette. TAKEOVER Eugenie Harvey, WHO IS IT IMPACTING? Founder of WeAreWhatWeDo and 10:10 particularly WHERE IS THE TREND All internet WHERE IS IT users Gen Y and Boomers IN ITS LIFECYCLE? HAPPENING? Globally, particularly in more Westernised societies where social sharing is rife HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Phase Gen Y are comfortable revealing personal thoughts, feelings and opinions online, but are increasingly judicious in how they are STRONG accessed - particularly now that so many parents are online. People post visual proof of activity rather than statements of intent, GROWTH negating the need for ‘shouty’ updates. Brand spaces are increasingly soft and familial and there’s a renewed respect for ‘proper’ manners. Being outspoken and opinionated is the new norm, but there’s a palpable awareness that rudeness can leave indelible traces Time on reputation. in 2009 32% RELATED TRENDS 75% of people regret something they’ve posted online. 23% of American Sales of This rises to of people adults Penguin classics 59% 54% Privacy and Control Social Participation have used the anonymity of the web to lash out at companies or brands think the population is getting less civilised experienced DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH Brand Me Rising Social Blended Reality iPhone users under 25s Conscience CONTENTS 11
  12. 12. On Canvas8 Codes of Conduct REPORT 16/04/2010 FOCUS 31/03/2010 Manners maketh a market The Apology Line Last year, in the midst of a global recession which brought unemployment and foreclosure in its The Apology Line is an experimental art project: a freephone number that people can call to wake, Penguin Classics’ sales were their best ever in every territory. Fiona Buckland wonders leave an anonymous confession. After massive interest from the UK public, the artists now want why. to expand the concept to the US. REPORT 08/02/2010 FOCUS 17/02/2010 Public by default ChatRoulette Attitudes to privacy have evolved along with the explosion in social media, and the resulting The website ChatRoulette, which connects strangers randomly across the globe, has become a interplay reflects the maturation of a new, informed kind of trust that rests on mutual exchange of sensation. Its lack of regulation exposes online social behaviour in its rawest form. information between consumers and brands. REPORT 19/04/2010 FOCUS 20/09/2010 The ignorance industry: hysterical or horrifying? Center of Phone Etiquette In an era of information overload, ‘outrageous and provocative’ virals can help brands cut Please Shut Up is a website on a mission to save us from the horrors of bad mobile phone through the clutter. At the same time audiences may find these high-risk, high reward brand etiquette, offering people a place to vent anger, name and shame offenders and establish a strategies either ‘hysterical or horrifying.’ recognised code of conduct. READ MORE CONTENTS 12
  13. 13. Informed Consumerism WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? SMART ENERGY METERS PEER-TO-PEER INFORMATION SHARING DAYTUM WHEREISMYMILKFROM SAFEWAY FOOD FLEX WHAT IS IT? GOOGLE GOGGLES SHOPSAVVY People are looking to make increasingly There will be more ‘e-breed’ customers, YELP STICKYBITS ECO INDEX informed (but crucially, not always rational) which means that the same customer might TOKYO’S N BUILDING do very deep informed research for some decisions both prior to and at point of sale. TESCO FINDER APP TALES OF THINGS products, but make very impulsive For brands, providing comparative analysis NUTRICATE RECEIPTS decisions for others according to their and transparent information creates trust and personal preferences and situation. FRITO LAY CHIP TRACKER generates goodwill. Fabrizio Valente, WHO IS IT IMPACTING? Retail consultant and CEO, KikiLab Those who Those who WHERE IS THE TREND believe in an participate in it open information WHERE IS IT IN ITS LIFECYCLE? despite reservations economy (Gen X and Gen Y) HAPPENING? Globally – more economically and technologically developed nations PEAK HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Phase What began as a way for businesses to boast of eco credentials has set a global retail agenda, and consumers want to know more both about the products they’re buying and the brands they’re buying from. Smartphones are playing a key role in the shift, allowing shoppers to check packaging, product and pricing information simultaneously in-store and online. Geolocation software Time enables smarter filtering for relevance and proximity. People rely on peer product reviews – and trust in non-branded aggregators of information is building. spreading with smartphones Approximately RELATED TRENDS up from 92% of consumers During Xmas 2009 20% 45% 43% 40%rs value their own research over pe of shop abandoned of smartphone owners Hyperlocalisation Simple Interfaces Slow Natural Mindset a sales person’s advice purchases when unts coupons or disco look at third-party or consumer reviews couldn’t be easily of a product while in store obtained. look for retailer Hyperawareness Rising Social Mobile Living True Stories 2008 or product coupons of Health Conscience CONTENTS 13
  14. 14. On Canvas8 Informed Consumerism LEADERS 14/07/2010 FOCUS 30/07/2010 Bricks and Clicks: delving into inline retail strategy The Eco Index There’s a false dichotomy between e-tail and retail. Building on Mandy Saven’s recent report, A major consortium of brands and retailers are getting together to agree a universal eco labelling Michael Solomon takes a closer look at the mechanics of shopper interaction and technology’s standard for apparel, which takes the entire product lifecycle – including marketing – into potential in the purchase process. consideration. Why have no luxury labels signed up? LEADERS 19/05/2010 FOCUS 09/06/2010 Get inline: new retail technology and geolocation Interactive W Magazine In part two of her report, Mandy Saven unearths the most inspiring and innovative stores Luxury magazine W’s first Shopping Issue in April 2010 had fully interactive mobile ads running incorporating new technologies into their brand experience. Be wary, she concludes, that throughout, supported by an extensive outdoor campaign in affluent New York City. strategies provide depth and utility as well as wow factor. FOCUS 18/12/2009 FOCUS 03/09/2010 N Building Frito-Lay Chip Tracker In a new project, the facade of the commercial N Building in Tokyo has been covered in QR In the US, Lay’s crisps are grown and produced locally. To highlight this, PepsiCo created the codes, which can be unlocked with a simple iPhone app to receive up-to-date information on ‘Frito-Lay Chip Tracker’, which allows customers to trace the origins of their beloved snack. stores inside. READ MORE CONTENTS 14
  15. 15. Natural Mindset WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? BIOMIMICRY IN PRODUCT DESIGN GEOX ‘BREATHING’ BUILDING R&SIE ARCHITECTS TERRARIUM TREND WHAT IS IT? SNOG, MARRY, AVOID? Natural and additive-free have become ‘STRAIGHT EDGE’ YOUTH A stringent avoidance of the artificial in all part of the consumer’s health and NATURAL & HOLISTIC walks of life, seeking out experiences and wellness vocabulary, and we’re HEALTH REMEDIES products with a definitive, plausible origin seeing growth in every category. GLAMPING (rooted in nature or science), being engaged The natural trend is here to stay. RFID AUTHENTICATION OF WINE at a higher level and compelled to act within the boundaries of truthfulness and honesty. NATURAL PET FOOD KAREN MAGAZINE David Jago, Director of Innovation and Insight, Mintel WHO IS IT IMPACTING? Everyone who is frustrated by transient, WHERE IS THE TREND fake interactions and experiences WHERE IS IT IN ITS LIFECYCLE? HAPPENING? Asia, North America, UK as a backlash against ‘plastic’ culture Phase HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? STRONG GROWTH Consumer choice and spend is being reassessed. Social kudos can be gained by living less consumptively and developing an interest in cradle-to-cradle design concepts. People are reconsidering their environment in terms of substance and sustainability, from food and holidays to healthcare and the urban landscape. Architecture and product design draw increasing inspiration from the Time natural world in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 1 Use of the words The total number of RELATED TRENDS to cosmetic surgery grew from 5,705 pure purely procedures 3,013 decreased by 9% purity Rising Social Hyperawareness Informed Year-on-Year Conscience of Health Consumerism in 2009 on consumer food 2008 2009 produts in the USA in the USA Hyperlocalisation Sustainable True Stories Capitalism CONTENTS 15
  16. 16. On Canvas8 Natural Mindset REPORT 11/11/2009 FOCUS 03/07/2009 Consuming beauty: the nutricosmetics market Growing local, foraging and the rise of the co-op The burgeoning field of nutricosmetics looks set to gain considerable traction in Western and Consumers of organic food are loathe to give it up, regardless of cost. What this means, says emerging markets. Two industry experts identify the consumer drive behind the trend and outline Ysanne Spevack, is the rebirth of resourcefulness in the US and UK: growing your own, foraging, the opportunities for brands. and co-op schemes with friends and neighbours. LEADERS 12/05/2010 BLOGHUNTER 22/10/2009 Brazilian luxury goes back to nature Pepsi Raw From architecture to art and travel to food; some of the Brazilian upper classes are now looking Pepsi UK has stepped up in the soda wars with its new drink – Pepsi Raw. According to the for a less polished type of sophistication. Trend expert Luciana Stein investigates the behavioural company, it has dropped artificial preservatives and sweeteners and is made from natural and economic drivers behind this shift. sources such as apple extract, plain caramel coloring and tartaric acid from grapes. FOCUS 18/12/2009 FOCUS 15/06/2010 The anti-label label Twig Terrariums, and other small worlds First Starbucks went local and now clothing is turning away from brand-heavy slogans and New York’s Twig Terrariums make tiny worlds full of whimsy and humour. Beyond their role as towards a discreet and logo-less aesthetic. What consequences could this pattern have for the a memoir of nature, however, these miniatures also touch upon underlying trends in both the brands and the brand name cachet? consumer and business psyche. READ MORE CONTENTS 16
  17. 17. Sustainable Capitalism WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? PUMA’S CLEVER LITTLE BAG UPS’S GPS REPROGRAMMING SLIM CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES STELLA ARTOIS’ BOTTLE REDESIGN WHAT IS IT? MARKS & SPENCER EGG TRACKER FRITO-LAY CHIP TRACKER The creation of a business model that SUN CHIPS ECO PACKAGING understands and respects the triple bottom Doing good is good business. This THE WALMART SUSTAINABILITY INDEX line of people, planet and profit. It is about is not about charity or altruism. This CONSPIRACY FOR GOOD responsibility and longevity. Sustainable is about doing something that is CHINA’S SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROGRAMME Capitalism’s watershed moment came in effective and efficient. SAINSBURY’S KEEPING BEES 2006 with Al Gore’s Oscar-winning An CHINA’S DONGTAN ECO-CITY Inconvenient Truth and has accelerated through the recent economic COLALIFE KARMA CUP COOP WINE recession and people’s increasing desire to do something inherently Sir Martin Sorrell, good and ‘right’. Chief Executive Officer of WPP Group WHO IS IT IMPACTING? WHERE IS THE TREND Everyone - developed and WHERE IS IT IN ITS LIFECYCLE? developing nations alike HAPPENING? Globally Phase HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? STRONG The economic downturn has meant people now expect major multinationals to do what they, as individuals, can’t afford to make GROWTH happen, and on a scale that they can’t achieve. Brands who eschew this responsibility are vilified. Businesses no longer have full control over their brand and, thanks to the internet, both their good and bad behaviour is made public. People are looking for businesses to demonstrate values, not just claim their alliances. Time d 2 RELATED TRENDS The Chinese government There are 35% of consumers have laid out a 6,172,8220 say they will spend more on ‘green’ in the coming year US$585bn citizens of Hopenhagen def. Hyperlocalisation Natural Mindset a movement set up around the 2009 COP 15 conference to unite nations plan to invest in with hope for policy change low carbon technologies Social Rising Social True Stories Participation Conscience CONTENTS 17
  18. 18. On Canvas8 Sustainable Capitalism LEADERS 24/03/2010 FOCUS 08/07/2010 CSR from an Indian perspective Panera Cares Café The Indian economy is poised to grow on a strong, sustained basis for years to come: it is time Panera is a bakery and café with 1400 outlets across America. In May they made the decision to for a new look at corporate social responsibility. In the context of current and future challenges, trial a not-for-profit model within one branch. The Panera Cares Café is so successful that they how do young Indian consumers see CSR? are now extending the strategy to two new locations. REPORT 19/03/2010 FOCUS 10/06/2010 Embracing the new philanthropy SunChips eco packaging In spite of good intentions, consumers value cost savings over planet saving, and they expect PepsiCo have replaced their SunChips packaging with 100% compostable material. While major multinational companies to do what they can’t. customers have criticised the new packaging for being ‘less tactile’ and ‘too noisy’, others have lauded PepsiCo as pioneers. FOCUS 01/07/2010 FOCUS 22/03/2010 Karma Cup ColaLife The annual BetaCup Challenge seeks to uncover creative ways of reducing paper cup ColaLife is an initiative which aims to use Coca Cola’s far-reaching global distribution to carry consumption. This year’s winner, Karma Cup, not only eliminates the cup entirely, but gives you ‘social products’ such as oral rehydration salts and medicines to developing countries. an incentive to do so: the possibility of free coffee. READ MORE CONTENTS 18
  19. 19. Hyperawareness of Health WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? MEDWATCH HEALTH APPS SENIORBRIDGE SKYPE VIDEO CONSULTATIONS FOR ELDERS WEBMD.COM CURETOGETHER WHAT IS IT? PEPSICO NUTRITION LAB HEALCAM The ability for people to test themselves The popularity of organic food, holistic living IMPLANTABLE ANTENNA FOR MONITORING effectively will change the healthcare IN-VIVO CHEMICAL REACTIONS and attention to personal mental health has industry. Focus will be taken away from sharpened individual focus on daily wellbeing, HEART ATTACK GRILL PATIENTSLIKEME.COM in-clinic testing and placed upon fuelled by mobile monitoring apps and access LE WHIF THISISWHYYOUREFAT.COM self-analysis. to like-minded communities online. At the MAPPINESS THECARROT.COM most basic level, people want to know what 23ANDME BIOINFORMATICS.ORG they’re consuming and what impact it will have on their health, as an Piers Fawkes, MICROSOFT HEALTH VAULT extension of Informed Consumerism and Natural Mindset. President, PSFK WHO IS IT IMPACTING? WHERE IS THE TREND WHERE IS IT IN ITS LIFECYCLE? Boomers Gen X Smartphone users HAPPENING? Primarily North America, Europe (early Phase growth), Asia STRONG HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? GROWTH The obesity epidemic and marginalisation of the elderly in society has led to a search for new diagnostic solutions integrated into daily life. Social fitness and wellbeing apps encourage on-the-fly management of increasingly personal bodily functions (sleep apnea, ovulation), as well as providing detailed nutritional and health-related product information. The beauty and food industries have Time adopted more ‘medical’ brand messaging. Rise in online patient communities providing support and therapy for fellow sufferers. by 2015 RELATED TRENDS 21% 60% of Americans of Smartphone owners Slow Natural Mindset have downloaded a fitness-related app will have electronic health records Informed Rising Social Consumerism Conscience CONTENTS 19
  20. 20. On Canvas8 Hyperawareness of Health LEADERS 03/02/2010 FOCUS 14/09/2010 Design thinking and the healthy society 4Food As debate rages around US healthcare reform, Sara Diamond examines the role of the design, 4Food is a chain of healthy, natural and customisable fast-food restaurants. New Yorkers can technology and creative industries in creating a society of user-centric healthcare and individual fully customise their (locally-sourced) burger online, or using the iPad menus, and promote it via wellbeing. social networks in exchange for discounts. LEADERS 28/04/2009 FOCUS 08/09/2010 Data are beautiful things CureTogether From social networks to art galleries, data visualisations are everywhere. Sara Diamond is a website that allows users to keep track of their health. The free service evaluates the importance of these intuitive, uniquely human interpretations of complexity and matches people with similar symptoms and conditions, allowing them to interact anonymously. their cultural and business benefits. REPORT 08/06/2010 REPORT 17/09/2010 More than mirrors: identity, beauty and changing cosmetics retail Technology, community and self-diagnosis Beauty regimes and perceptions of the self are more than an effect of straightforward image Individuals are now able to monitor every aspect of their physical and mental health. Sleeping, consumption. We explore how retail environments have evolved to fit the consumer desire for a eating, exercise and social activities can be analysed in real time and shared with a like-minded more holistic, scientific beauty experience. community. But what does this mean for brands? READ MORE CONTENTS 20
  21. 21. Social Participation WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? CONSPIRACY FOR GOOD PICTURE THE IMPOSSIBLE GEOCACHING.COM ENCOUNTER NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK WHAT IS IT? As we strive to move away from cookie-cutter DARPA RED BALLOON CHALLENGE CLIMATECAMP Mass social participation is embraced as the sameness, individuals’ opinions, points of view, or unique thoughts can spark connection. We see it NEIGHBORGOODS STREETSPARK antidote to information isolation and overload. Directly linked to Rising Social Conscience, across all types of communities, whether THE BIG LUNCH we are seeing an important shift from a ‘me’ grassroots or corporate-sponsored, SOCIAL INNOVATION CAMP GOOD GYM to a ‘we’ culture. Technology facilitates offline virtual or rooted in physical space. ENABLED BY DESIGN personal interaction rather than creating a The more eclectic and interesting, CTRL.ALT.SHIFT barrier to it. Many examples of Social Participation achieve broad the more it thrives. Funny how an A FEAST OF STRANGERS social goals as well as contributing to a sense of personal gain. emphasis on ‘I’ leads to a more coherent sense of we. WHO IS IT IMPACTING? Patrice Martin, Author of Ideo Patterns’ ‘The ‘I’ in community’ WHERE IS THE TREND IN ITS LIFECYCLE? Gen X Gen Y as facilitators WHERE IS IT HAPPENING? PEAK Phase Europe, North America. Japan, China and India (strong growth) HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Technology is being harnessed to enable relationships, both in the physical and the virtual, and used to intelligently elicit chance encounters. Gen Y love creating and taking part in mass participation activities and use visual diaries to build social currency. Time Individuals from creative communities volunteering time to collate ideas and design tools for cohesive offline change. The physical and virtual treasure hunt Encounter had RELATED TRENDS 4 People who finished the New York marathon There are 165,000 81% 4-5 MILLION 70,000 36,856 vs 43,660 geocachers Rising Social Collaborative Codes of Conduct of US Gen Y worldwide Conscience Living and Working have volunteered in the past year 2009 2010 2005 2009 players across Eastern Europe Blended Reality Brand Me Mobile Living Hyperlocalisation CONTENTS 21
  22. 22. On Canvas8 Social Participation LEADERS 24/03/2009 FOCUS 14/12/2009 From Me to Wii The DARPA red balloon challenge With the media screaming tales of doom and economic woe what can your brand do to support The recent DARPA balloon challenge was set to discover how people interact with social media the shift from ‘me’ to ‘Wii’? Alex Gordon looks into the semiotics of recession and the consumer for team building and collaboration on widescale, time-critical and complex tasks. backlash to selfish individualism. LEADERS 28/07/2010 FOCUS 19/01/2010 Activism, technology and cultural specifics Picture the Impossible Sara Diamond talks to Canvas8 about technology, politics and ideas of global/local. She In the face of flailing news sales, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle launched a hyperlocal discusses Canada’s ties to documentary, the importance of enabling self-representation and game with major brand sponsorship aimed at strengthening community bonds and encouraging Twitter’s opinion-forming role at the recent G20 summit. creativity and charity. REPORT 17/02/2010 FOCUS 11/05/2010 What are the triggers for mobilising people? LeapAnywhere To understand the forces at work in mobilising large groups it is important to recognise the LeapAnywhere is a part social network, part listings site that aggregates cool volunteer behavioural triggers for joining them in the first place. How can brands mobilise groups to their opportunities around London in a bid to make social participation more fun and competitive. We benefit and engage people with their brand? spoke to founder Malcolm Scovil. READ MORE CONTENTS 22
  23. 23. Attention Economy WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? TOKYO YAKULT SWALLOWS RED BULL BULLETIN DREAMING IN MONO NIKE TRUE CITY ING DIRECT CAFÉS GOOGLE ADSENSE READ IT LATER WIDGETS WHAT IS IT? NY-Z ABSOLUT VODKA HERO108 Context + meaning = cultural value; without THE WONDERFACTORY People are increasingly information and it brands turn onto the slip road called ‘EUROSTAR’ SOMERS TOWN stimulus rich but consequently time and ‘irrelevance’ and park up against the sign GUARDIAN ZEITGEIST attention poor. Media can be accessed marked ‘obsolescence’ without a NEXT MEDIA’S NEWS CLIPS anywhere, in a multitude of formats. Irrelevant petrol station in sight. ‘MINIMALISH’ SHORT interruptions are unwelcome. Context is ATTENTION SPAN PAINTINGS everything and time is people’s most precious UNBEATABLE (CHINA) commodity, evidenced by the rise in simultaneous media use and savouring of down-time. Alan Moore, Co-founder of SMLXL and Canvas8 Thought Leader WHO IS IT IMPACTING? WHERE IS THE TREND Anyone living in a connected society WHERE IS IT IN ITS LIFECYCLE? HAPPENING? Always-on societies, both East and West PEAK Phase HOW HAS IT BEEN DEVELOPING? Media requiring deep concentration are no longer valued as highly as people learn the benefits of selective attention. There’s an increasing awareness of the value of ‘my time’ and more discerning attitudes towards brands competing for this time. Transmedia storytelling introduces brands in a richer context with deeper levels of engagement and interaction. Relevant brands that are allowed k Time in gain more affinity. 0 RELATED TRENDS e 8.5 hours Adults are exposed to screens Americans (TVs, cellphones, computers, GPS devices) for about of internet users B consume media multitask 100,000 words 57% accessing TV and internet simultaneously at home True Stories Slow per day on average for an average of 2 hours and 39 minutes every month on any given day Brand Me Mobile Living CONTENTS 23
  24. 24. On Canvas8 Attention Economy REPORT 22/10/2009 FOCUS 05/07/2010 Wireless society and the awareness economy Guvera The latest sea change in technology could be sitting in your pocket right now. Trevor Lloyd Jones Guvera is an innovative music service which makes advertisers pay for downloads in exchange investigates Near Field Communication and its impact on the mobile and advertising industries. for several minutes of fans’ attention. Following its launch in Australia, it’s now arrived Stateside. LEADERS 23/06/2010 FOCUS 22/04/2010 The brand as transmedia story Pedro & Maria The system that brands operate in is still largely defined by mass media comms – a straight line Pedro & Maria is an interactive branded entertainment telenovela which will enable fans to vote approach to non-linear thinking. Alan Moore makes the case for a more fractured, participatory on plot direction through social media channels. It will be co-produced by MTV and Procter & approach to brand identity. Gamble. REPORT 12/03/2010 FOCUS 03/08/2010 Addressing contemporary media use Rider in a red coat People are increasingly accessing multiple types of content simultaneously. Transmedia expert A French multimedia comic for CAP3B, a family-friendly tourist destination, uses print, Christy Dena evaluates the importance of advertising campaigns that recognise contemporary smartphone technology and video content to enhance rather than detract from the locally- media use behaviours. inspired story. READ MORE CONTENTS 24