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Presentación de Siemens en la jornada CMN de Investigación en el Mediterráneo, celebrada en la UPCT el 26 de noviembre de 2012.

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Siemens innovation

  1. 1. Innovation@Siemens 2012 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 1 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  2. 2. ContentsSiemens at a glance: Key figures and strategy 2 – 16Innovation strategy and tools 17 – 37Input: R&D expenditure 38 – 43Output: R&D results, patents 44 – 48Examples of innovation: Sectors 49 – 93 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 2 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  3. 3. Our vision and our values Siemens – the pioneer in Our values Responsible Committed to ethical and Energy efficiency responsible actions Excellent Industrial productivity Achieving high performance and excellent results Affordable and personalized healthcare Innovative Being innovative to create Intelligent infra- sustainable value structure solutions Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 3 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  4. 4. Innovation is our lifeblood Key R&D figures Ranking, recent highlights   € R&D spending: € 3.925 billion in   Our patent position in fiscal 2011: fiscal 2011, or 5.3% of revenue  Germany: No. 3   27,800 R&D employees worldwide  Europe: No. 1   Roughly 17,000 software engineers  USA: No. 9   160 R&D locations in roughly   Most recent innovations: 30 countries around the world  Blood test to assess liver fibrosis:   8,600 inventions in fiscal 2011 Assessment of the severity of fibrosis –   53,300 patents granted reliable and minimally invasive R&D spending in percent of revenue  Gearless 6-megawatt wind turbine: 5.3% supplies up to 6,000 households with 5.2% 5.1% clean energy and weighs no more than a 2.3-megawatt turbine with gears  TIA Portal software platform enables design of all automation processes 2009 2010 2011 from a single computer screen Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 4 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  5. 5. Innovation-driven growth marketsDynamic growth of green revenueSiemens Environmental Portfolio Revenue from Environmental Portfolio  The Siemens Environmental Portfolio (in € billions) comprises products and solutions that 40.0 contribute directly to environmental 27.4 29.9 protection and climate change mitigation  At €29.9 billion, revenue from our Environmental Portfolio represents over 40% of total revenue 2010 2) 2011 2014 (Ziel)  Our revenue target for the Environmental Portfolio is €40 billion by fiscal 2014 CO2 abatement at customers  In fiscal 2011, the products and solutions (in millions of tons) of our Environmental Portfolio helped 317 267 customers save 317 million tons1) …roughly equal to of CO2… 1% of global CO2 … thats roughly equal to 1% of emissions in 2010 global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2010 – or almost 40% of Germany’s. 2010 20111) Including OSRAM; 2) Figure for FY 2010 excludes OSRAM Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.but includes newly qualified portfolioPage 5 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  6. 6. Innovation-driven growth marketsTechnologies in our Environmental PortfolioRenewables Energy efficiencyTechnologies for renewable Products and solutions with exceptionalenergies such as energy efficiency such as  Wind power Combined-cycle power plants  Grid access for wind power  Steam turbines for solar thermal power plants Industrial drive systems High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power transmissionEnvironmental technologyEnvironmental Traffic management solutionstechnologies such as  Water technologies Efficient lighting  Air pollution control Energy performance contracting Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 6 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  7. 7. Innovation-driven growth marketsSiemens drives technologies of the futureDesertec Industrial Initiative Smart GridSolar power The smart gridsfor Africa and Europe of the future  Siemens as technology driver   Flexible grids that enable  Goal: meet 17% of Europes decentralized feed-in and better demand for electricity with capacity utilization solar and wind by 2050   Smart grids have potential to abate more than 1 billion tons of CO2 by 2020Electromobility SMART productsShaping the future Understanding requirementsof transportation in emerging countries  Siemens offers comprehensive   Customized portfolio for solutions from (charging medium price segment infrastructure to drives)   Cost-effective, high-quality  Integration of electric cars in products for the growth power grid: batteries used to markets of the future store power Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 7 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  8. 8. One SiemensOur framework for sustainable value creation One Siemens The integrated technology company Financial target system Revenue growth Capital efficiency Capital Structure   Grow faster than main Return on Capital Dividend payout ratio Siemens competitors Employed (ROCE)   M&A hurdle rates Sectors Top margins of respective markets throughout business cycles 1) Continuous improvement relative to market / competitors1) EBITDA Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 8 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  9. 9. Our innovations spark interest Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 9 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  10. 10. A pioneer of our time – yesterday, today and tomorrow From the first direct transatlantic telegraph cable – to the floating wind turbine Vom ersten direkten Transatlantikkabel– to the From the Electric Victoria – zu freischwimmenden Windanlagen Greenster Vom ersten direkten Transatlantikkabel – zu body From the first views inside the freischwimmenden body scans in less than one – to 3D Windanlagen second Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 10 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  11. 11. Four megatrends are shaping our future Urbanization Demographic change  2009: more people were living in  Life expectancy increased from cities than in the countryside 48 (1950) to 69 (2012)  Today: 320 million people live in  World population grown from 7 megacities with over 10 million billion (2011) to 9.3 billion (2050)  2050: 70% of the global popula-  Population of the least devel- tion will be living in cities oped countries will double by  Major conurbations: account for 2050, to 1.7 billion. a disproportionately high share  Number of seniors (65 and over) of economic performance will triple by 2050, to1.5 billion Climate change Globalization  Average temperature of the  1990-2009: worldwide volume earth’s surface has risen of trade doubled 0.76°C since the 19th century  Eightfold increase in number of  2001-2010: the warmest multinational companies over decade on record the past four decades  Today: highest concentration of  2030: 2/3 of global economic CO2 in the atmosphere during output from threshold countries the past 350,000 years  Raw materials: 20% price increase per year (2000-2010) Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 11 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  12. 12. As a pioneer in innovation-driven growth markets,we‘re mastering these challenges Competition with the IT industry Siemens – a pioneer in… Strategic directionsMarket and customer …intelligent …energy environment Focus on innovation- infrastructure efficiency I driven growth markets solutions Global megatrends   Demographic change Get closer to our   Urbanization II customers   Climate change   Globalization Use the power of III Siemens Macroeconomic situation …industrial …affordable and productivity personalized Competitors from the healthcare systems threshold countries Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 12 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  13. 13. Megatrend challenges – Siemens answers for an urbanizing worldCities are centers of growth Siemens has the answers   Infrastructure spending   Energy: leading HVDC technology amounts to €2 trillion* transmits power from remote energy worldwide / year sources to cities at low loss €1,700 300   Building technology: "Performance billion   Siemens-relevant Contracting" – energy savings of up to market: about €300 40% finance investments in energy- billion efficient building technology   Security: complete solutions World population in   Cities account for billions 80% of   Mobility: full spectrum of mobility systems 9,3 (Complete Mobility) 6,9 greenhouse gas in Mrd. emissions   Water: largest provider of products for 50% Cities 70% Euro every stage of water treatment   By 2050, about 70% of the world   Healthcare: world leader in medical 300 2050 population will live imaging, efficient processes in hospitals 2010 1700in cities lower costs* Calculations based on OECD data in „Infrastructure 2030“ Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 13 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  14. 14. Innovations keep us strong –Milestones across the centuries Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 14 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  15. 15. Sectors and Divisions as of October 1, 2011Energy Healthcare Industry Infrastructure & CitiesDivisions Divisions Divisions Divisions  Fossil Power   Imaging &   Industry   Rail Systems Generation Therapy Systems Automation   Mobility and  Wind Power   Clinical Products   Drive Logistics  Solar & Hydro   Diagnostics Technologies   Low and Medium Voltage  Oil & Gas   Customer   Customer   Smart Grid  Energy Service Solutions Services   Building  Power Technologies Transmission   OSRAM 1)1) In fiscal 2011, Siemens announced its intention to publicly list OSRAM and, as an anchor shareholder, to hold a minority stake in OSRAM AG over the long term Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 15 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  16. 16. Committed to profit and growthRevenue by Sector Revenue by RegionHealthcare Sonstige Germany Asia, Australia€12.5 billion 18% 15% 15% 17% 20% 21% 16% 43% 45% Industry 37% €32.9 billion 33% 26% 33% 40%Energy 33% Europe, CIS,€27.6 billion America Africa, Middle East Total revenue of Sectors and (excl. Germany) Cross-Sector Businesses Based on cluster locationRevenue and employees Key figures100,000 500 Continuing operations Employees in thousands FY2010 FY2011 80,000 400 (in millions of euros) 60,000 300 Revenue 74,055 85,582 40,000 200 New orders 68,978 73,515 20,000 100 Income 5,974 9,242 Revenue in millions of euros Free cash flow 7,043 5,885 FY 1986 1990 1995 2000 2011 Employees 336,000 360,000As of September 30, 2011 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 16 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  17. 17. ContentsSiemens at a glance: Key figures and strategy 2 – 16Innovation strategy and tools 17 – 37Input: R&D expenditure 38 – 43Output: R&D results, patents 44 – 48Examples of innovation: Sectors 49 – 93 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 17 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  18. 18. Research and innovation complement each other Research is transforming Consequences: money into knowledge   Research is a necessary though not sufficient precondition for innovation (Innovation is the invention plus market success)   Economic value is only created by successful innovations   Business strategy drives Innovation is transforming R&D strategy knowledge into money Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 18 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  19. 19. The strategy for innovation:Set trends and define markets Maturity Fast follower Basic technologies: “The early bird catches  Basic competence the worm, but the for today’s business second mouse gets the cheese” Key technologies:  Determine today’s competitiveness First mover “The early bird catches Pace-setting technologies: the worm”  Determine tomorrow’s competitiveness Pioneer “If youre ahead of the bird, but behind the first mouse, New technologies: you get both –  Discontinuity the worms and  New rules of the game the cheese” Time Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 19 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  20. 20. Consistent strategy: Our innovation strategy isto be a pioneer in all our businesses   Be a pioneer in all our businesses Innovation Strategy to secure the most competitive edge Consistent with respect to:   Focus on trendsetting technology portfolios per business and achieve R&D leading positionTechnology Patent resource strategy strategy   Increase patents in trendsetting strategy technologies   Effective R&D spending People / Standards Processes Skills /   Full leverage of our capabilities strategy Culture and assets to tap further potential Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 20 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  21. 21. Pioneer 1847: Pointer telegraph Facts & benefits   Construction of a reliable pointer telegraph by electrically synchronizing the transmitter and receiver   Vastly superior to previous equipment because it no longer works like a clock mechanism   Transmission of messages by pressing a rotating needle on the transmitter to stop it on the letter to be transmitted   Range of about 50 kilometers   Use of electric batteries for the power supply   Apparatus made of cigar boxes, tin plate, pieces of iron and insulated copper wire The pointer telegraph revolutionizes modern communications by providing reliable message transmission over long distances Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Source: Siemens Corporate ArchivePage 21 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  22. 22. Pioneer 2015: Smart grid Facts & Benefits   Smart grid is an integrated bidirectional transmission system for the delivery of electricity using digital technologies   The system optimizes efficiency, while balancing electricity prices and fluctuations caused by an increased feed-in of renewable energy sources   Siemens’ strength lies in the combination of its world leading position in the fields of energy automation, equipment manufacturing, offshore generation, HVDC transmission etc.   Potential risks: -  Market volume relatively small today -  Competition intensifies as new competitors move into the market Involving the entire electricity production and distribution chain, Siemens is the only company having a comprehensive portfolio to master the smart grid challenge Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Source: Siemens Corporate StrategiesPage 22 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  23. 23. Siemens considers the characteristics of all typesof innovations   New or substantially New changed business model   Business to be Radical Business Model Disruptive conducted differentlyThe business model Disruptive describes how an   Implying huge organization works organizational in terms of value challenges creation, delivery Future and capture Business Incremental   Substantial change in Radical technology, business (current R&D) model unchanged Current Un- Business   High level of changed technical risk Low High Technological change Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 23 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  24. 24. Siemens answers the toughest innovation challenges Innovation examples Increased digitalization of factory planning: New 3 1 1 Siemens buys UGS to enable integrated management of whole Radical Business Model Disruptive Disruptive product lifecycle (digital factory) New materials (e.g. Ceramics with enhanced properties): 2 Incremental 2 New heat shield for turbines (current R&D) Radical create competitive advantages Un-changed Energy savings Low Technological High Performance contracting: change 3 Siemens sells reduction of energy consumption and is paid in % of realized reductions Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 24 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  25. 25. Siemens Corporate Innovation Process (CIP) promotes growth through innovation Goals Corporate Innovation Process and Pipeline  Key objectives of the CIP are Capital allocation decision -  to ensure a timely identification of Preselection Prioritization by Managing Board disruptive commercialization Discussion challenges, Identification Elaboration on Corp. of Implemen- -  to realize their strong potential of Corporate Innovation tation Corporate Opportunities business impact, Innovation Fields Innovation with CEO/CFO/ Follow-up Opportunities -  to have a stringent and holistic CTO capital allocation decision, Innovation Business Plan Defined strategy, Follow up with -  to set-up clear operational Fields owner and budget go/no go ownership and a continuous decision process -  to ensure top management attention Corporate Innovation Pipeline  CIP will push organic growth in support of One Siemens growth targets Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 25 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  26. 26. We will tap further upside potential on all levelsof technology synergies … Infrastructure Leveraging the technologicalIndustry Energy Healthcare & Cities synergies at all levels Common technology Use of common technologies, shared R&D- 1 projects, platform projects, common use of and platform IPRs, innovation value chains Best-practice sharing between Divisions, Corporate Departments and Regional Best-practice sharing 2 Companies as with Software Initiative (SWI), Project Management Multiple impact of Corporate Technology, Lighthouse projects, technologies, technology Corporate Technology 3 consulting, innovation management & process consulting, patents, standardization Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 26 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  27. 27. Networks are the breeding grounds forinnovation (“Open innovation”) Research Institutes Key Universities Customers Other Industries Competitors Governmental Start-up / partners VCs Think Tanks Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 27 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  28. 28. Innovating with partners –Closed’ and ‘open’ processes complement one another “The lab is our “The world is world.“ our lab.“ We must be a leader in key technologies … … and be capable of integrating innovation partners.   We generate the best ideas in key technologies   …and make use of all internal and external ideas. and competences...   We protect our competitive advantage, for   …while also managing the risks – which enables example, through key patents… us to be open for knowledge transfer.   World-class R&D teams in key technology   …combined with external R&D resources, create fields… tremendous value.  Our employees are on equal terms with the most   …allowing them to exchange ideas with the most innovative suppliers, customers, partners… talented people at the company and beyond. Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 28 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  29. 29. Siemens strategy: Strengthen competitive positionin mid-range and low-end markets (top+Smart) Developed countries Emerging countries e.g. GER, USA, JPN e.g. CHN, IND High-end High-End High-End products Leverage Current & future global network of innovation focus of Siemens Mid-Range, Mid-Range, SMART Low-End Low-EndLow-End-Portfolio Low-cost portfolio and Additional localization potential for Siemens Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 29 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  30. 30. The product requirements of emerging marketsare different to those of the developed world Siemens solution: SMART value product Product requirements development in the Region  Products must be robust, to work in a tough environment e.g. temperature, dust, humidity, voltage / frequency fluctuations, low-skilled  S imple operators  With just the basic features  M aintenance-friendly  Price in line with buying power of consumers  A ffordable  Must be of high quality & comparable with  R eliable & robust global standards  T imely to market  Must also be repairable  And suitable for rural distribution conditions SMART value products are driven by innovation, quality and costs Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 30 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  31. 31. SMART Off-grid lighting & energy solution by 1.6 billion people worldwide without electricity The vision: To set up a sustainable and financeable energy and lighting supply system for households in regions without power gridsOff-grid project in KenyaUmeme Kwa Wote – Energy For All The idea of Energy Hubs:   Off-grid via photo-voltaic systems  Water purification   OSRAM-luminaire with external battery unit: Up to 3,000 l (‘O-Lamp Basic‘) or OSRAM-luminaire per day with integrated battery (O-Lamp 2 in 1: CFLi plus LED plus battery)  Water filtering with OSRAM Puritec   Services: Charging of batteries, direct UVC-lamps mobile phone charging and loading of electronic devices, water purification The 1st holistic lighting and energy concept from a company for developing and emerging countries Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 31 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  32. 32. Multix Select DR:Cost-effective x-ray system Multix Select DR offers a cost-effective entry pointinto digital radiography:   Suitable for virtually all clinical radiography applications   Easy to use   Attractive price-performance ratio   Priced at around one third below Siemens comparable predecessor products Equally attractive to small and medium-sizedhospitals in emerging countries as well as to smallhospitals and physicians clinics in industrializedcountries. Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 32 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  33. 33. Strategic visioning process –Pictures of the Future Today‘s Influence factors business Picture of the Future’ and trends Society Politics Economy Extrapolation Retropolation (Roadmaps) (Scenarios) Environment Technology Customers Competitors Suppliers Today Short-term Medium-term Long-term Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 33 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  34. 34. Benchmarking: Innovation radar highlightsstrengths and weaknesses Budget 1 Strategy 2 The innovation radar determines, compared with competitors, how well developed 3 the skills of the company are for successfully implementing the Technology 4 innovation strategy. The radar is the basis for defining measures 5 for improvement. Innovation core processes Qualification and ability Corporate culture Patents and standards Evaluation of own strength Importance for innovation Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 34 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  35. 35. Any innovation process begins and endswith the customer Implementation Implementation Invention in the company in the market Generating ideas Business plan (draft) Marketing   Customer benefits   Product specification  Market segmentation   Creativity   Business strategy  Timing workshops   Business data  Alliances/cooperation Selecting ideas Top management  Key customers   Value creation support Anforderu   Competition Financing Sales Lösungen ngen des   Competence Project management After-sales service für den Kunden Production/logistics Kunden IP generation Integration (testing) Controlling Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 35 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  36. 36. Culture of Innovation:The right climate for innovators and inventors   Siemens Corporate Innovation Process (CIP)   top+ innovation award   “Inventor of the year” award   Top innovators   3i suggestion program and award   Innovation benchmarking   Community of Practice Innovation Management (CoP InnoM)   Best-practice sharing   Working Group Innovation (WG-I) Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 36 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  37. 37. Building a pool of young R&D employees is thekey to our innovative strength  Engineers and scientists are in short The majority of jobs at Siemens are geared to engineers and scientists. supply – worldwide.  Not only university graduates but also experienced professionals are scarce. Natural sciences, indus- Other 2% trial engineering 3% Electrical engineering/ Electrical engineering/Contact to Siemens early on helps ensure IT 4% Mechanical engineer- ing 30%a steady supply of young engineers. Economic Ca. sciences 6% 2900 Business adminis- Other fields of  Systematic cooperation with the world’s tration 9% engineering 18% leading universities  Interesting programs to foster student IT 10% Mechanical engineering 15% trainees and interns  YOLANTE – A special program to nurture women engineers Number of job openings in Germany for  Work-study programs, also in employees with a university degree, by area of specialization (as of 10/2011) engineering professions Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 37 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  38. 38. ContentsSiemens at a glance: Key figures and strategy 2 – 16Innovation strategy and tools 17 – 37Input: R&D expenditure 38 – 43Output: R&D results, patents 44 – 48Examples of innovation: Sectors 49 – 93 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 38 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  39. 39. The Top 10 companies of electrical and electronics industry 2010 1) Sales by big companies of the electrical industry 2011, in bn. EUR 1) 1 GE 2) 70.82) 107.7 2 Samsung3) 102.6 3 HP 91.0 4 Hitachi 83.3 5 IBM 76.1 6 Panasonic 73.9 7 Siemens 73.5 8 Sony 60.9 9 Toshiba 55.1 10 Microsoft 50.81) Fiscal year: Oct. 1, 2010 – Sept. 30, 20112) 70.8 bn EUR revenue if you exclude GE Capital Services and National Broadcasting Company3) EstimatedSource: Siemens AG, CD ST SP PP Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 39 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  40. 40. Siemens conducts R&D atsome 160 locations worldwide Some of the major R&D locations Erlangen Nuremberg Asia/Australia Germany Finspång Forchheim 12% 42% Amberg Berlin Zilina Nordborg Europe, Near St. Petersburg and Middle Brunswick Americas East, C.I.S. Buffalo Grove 25% 21% Hoffmann Estates Mülheim Bratislava Tarrytown Lincoln Moscow Minnetonka Flanders 27,800 R&D Employees (FY 2011)* Karlsruhe Budapest Issaquah Norwood Beijing Brasov Princeton Zug Tokyo Berkeley Beit Shemesh NewarkMountain View Malvern Knoxville Shanghai Los Angeles Grenoble Gurgaon Guadalajara Arlington Suzhou Houston Munich Thane Shenzhen Linz Vienna Pune Bangalore Kolkata Nanjing Jundiaí Chennai South Windsor São Paulo Singapore Macquarie Park *Total number: Source: Siemens Annual Report 2011 Distribution: Status September 30, 2011 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 40 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  41. 41. Partnerships with leading research facilities Moscow Princeton Berkeley Beijing Tokyo Shanghai Bangalore SingaporeSiemens‘ strategic partner program with topuniversities worldwide, the Center ofKnowledge Interchange (CKI):USA  MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts  UC Berkeley, California A selection of other major cooperation partners:Europe RWTH Aachen University  FAU Erlangen Locations of corporate  Fraunhofer Gesellschaft facilities Technical University Berlin  Technical University Darmstadt Technical University Munich  Technical University Dresden Cooperation network Technical university of Denmark,  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Copenhagen  Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich Roughly 1,000 new research partnershipsChina  Johannes Kepler University Linz are started every year. The majority are Tongji University, Shanghai  Johns Hopkins University conducted by Corporate Technology, with Tsinghua University, Beijing  University of Oxford all others initiated directly by various  Moscow State University Siemens business areas.  Georgia Institute of Technology  University of Tokyo Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 41 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  42. 42. “The world is our lab” – Global partnerships withleading universities, customers and suppliers Worldwide cooperation network Example: Gas turbine development Overall plant efficiency Competences Vision  Aerodynamics  Dynamic integrity  Materials / coatings Over 60%  Combustion  Thermal conduction  Probabilistic design  Diagnostics and Past 2010 Future sensors   Over 1,000 partner universities in 50 countries   Only by closely integrating the R&D network was   Strategic partnerships with top universities in the it possible to set a new world record for power U.S., Europe and China plant efficiency.   Exchanges of experts: some 200 teaching   Some 50 leading universities worldwide are appointments, fellowships and honorary contributing their core competences (e.g., professorships Tsinghua University in Beijing).   In 2010, Siemens hired more than 11,000   Preferred and licensed suppliers for specific engineering graduates. strategic components Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 42 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  43. 43. 800 million euros of venture capital:Strengthening the power to innovate Siemens Technology Technology-to-Business Siemens Venture Capital 1) Accelerator (STA) Center (TTB) Munich, USA, Israel, China, Munich Berkeley, Shanghai India Seed phase Start-up Market entry/ Exit (ideas, patents) phase expansion (floating/selling) Siemens Venture Capital (SVC) M&A Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) Siemens Technology-to-Business Center (TTB) Tasks and objectives   Driving innovative ideas/technologies for new markets to strengthen the company’s power to innovate with an adequate return   Generating new business by turning innovative ideas to practical account:   Spin-ins and spin-outs: embedded in existing Siemens structures or in the form of a start-up foundation (STA and TTB)   Direct participation in external start-up companies and VC funds (SVC)   Support and growth through financing and coaching   Coupling technology orientation with business orientation   Establishing a new culture of innovation and entrepreneurship1) Siemens Venture Capital has up to now invested in over 150 technology companies and 40 venture capital funds. Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 43 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  44. 44. ContentsSiemens at a glance: Key figures and strategy 2 – 16Innovation strategy and tools 17 – 37Input: R&D expenditure 38 – 43Output: R&D results, patents 44 – 48Examples of innovation: Sectors 49 – 93 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 44 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  45. 45. Patent ranking:Siemens is in 3rd (GER), 1st (EP) and 10th place (US) German Patent European US Patent & and Trademark Office Patent Office Trademark Office Bosch 1 Siemens 1 IBM 1 Bosch 2 Daimler Daimler 2 Philips 2 Samsung 3 Siemens 3 Samsung BASF 3 Canon 4 Schäffler GM 4 BASF 4 Hitachi Siemens 5 GM Bosch 5 LG 5 Panasonic 6 BSH LG 6 Qualcomm 6 Toshiba 7 VW 7 GE 7 Microsoft BSH 8 ZF Friedrichshafen 8 Bosch 8 Sony 9 Audi 9 Ericsson 9 Fujitsu 10 BMW 10 Mitsubishi 10 Siemens … 11 Sony 11 GE … 12 Panasonic 12 Seiko 13 GE GE 13 Bayer 13 LG Electronics 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 (Source: DPMA, (Source: EPA,, (Source: IPO, Patent applications, Status: 2011) Patent applications, Status: 2011) Patents Granted, Stand: 2011) Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved.Page 45 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  46. 46. Siemens Patent key figures, by Sectors – FY 2011*) Invention disclosures First patent filings Patents granted Healthcare Healthcare HealthcareIndustry Industry Industry 19% Energy 22% Energy 23% Energy 24% 24% 28% 8.6001) 23% 4.3002) 21% 53.300 18% 16% 15% 12% 16% 17% 16% I&C I&C Cross I&C 3% 1% Sector CT CT 2% & Others Cross Sector Cross Sector 23% & Others & Others CT 1)  39 Inventions per day (assuming 220 working days) 2) 20 applications per day (assuming 220 working days) *) Status: September 30, 2011 Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 46 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  47. 47. Patent management has a long Tradition at Siemens Development of invention disclosures and patent registrations11,00010,000 “I believe that one of the main reasons why 9,000 our factories are flourishing is the fact that our 8,000 products are largely based on our own 7,000 inventions.” 6,000 Werner von Siemens 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 without without SV Infineon without Com Invention disclosures Invention disclosures (GER) First filings First filings (GER) Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 47 August 2012 Corporate Communications
  48. 48. Siemens in comparison First patent publications of selected competitors (conglomerates)8000 IBM zum Vergleich Start of7000 Start of patent IP+ Initiative initiatives at Siemens6000 GE and Philips Toshiba5000 GE4000 Hitachi3000 Philips2000 Mitsubishi Electric1000 Honeywell 0 (Status: September 30, 2011 ) 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Siemens IP+ Initiative: Strategic focus for patent management Copyright © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved. Page 48 August 2012 Corporate Communications