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Chapter 12 - New Syllabus - Math 4R


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Chapter 12 - New Syllabus - Math 4R

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Chapter 12 - New Syllabus - Math 4R

  1. 1. Math 4R Day Topic Homework  MII12(57) Hour Of Code (Part I) 2016.1205 TII13(58) 12.1 p:821: mult10 2016.1206 What is a Sequence? READ/WRITE NOW: p821:3,5,13,21 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1201 (Day01) WII14(59) Hour Of Code (Part II) p:821: mult5 2016.1207 II15(60) 12.1 p:821: mult4 2016.1208 What is a Sequence? READ/WRITE NOW: p821:3,5,13,21 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1201 (Day02) FII16(61) 12.2 p.829: mult10 2016.1209 What is an  Arithmetic Sequence? READ/WRITE NOW: p829:3,19,25,33 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1202 a:CHAP12.4Rs
  2. 2. Math 4R Day Topic Homework  MII17(62) Socrative Monday! 2016.1212 TII18(63) 12.3 p.838: mult10 2016.1213 What is a  Geometric Sequence? READ/WRITE NOW: p838:3,25,33,39 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1203 WII19(64) 12.4 p.843: mult10 2016.1214 How do we prove by Induction? READ/WRITE NOW: p843:2,7,14 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1204 II20(65) 12.4  p.843: mult5 2016.1215 How do we prove by Induction? READ/WRITE NOW: p843:2,7,14 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1204 FII21(66) QUIZ12A 2016.1216 a:CHAP12.4Rs
  3. 3. Math 4R Day Topic Homework  MII22(67) Socrative Monday! 2016.1219 TII23(68) 12.5  p.851: mult10 2016.1220 Can you expand a binomial? READ/WRITE NOW: p851:1,17,25,31 VIEW/NOTATE LATER: 1205 WII24(69)  12.5  p.851: mult5 2016.1221 Can you expand a binomial? II25(70) preTest12A Take Home Test12B 2016.1222 Sequences and Series FII26(71) preCalculus Carols! 2016.1223 a:CHAP12.4Rs