Lobster film presentation final


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Lobster film presentation final

  1. 1. LOBSTER
  2. 2. LOBSTERA woman constantly disappointed inmen finds her soul mate in acrustacean form.They battle against all odds to betogether but is she too shellfish fortheir love to grow? I just LOVE lobsters!!
  3. 3. LOBSTER Inspiration.• http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80849441/• http://www.objectum-sexuality.org/• http://www.disobey.com/node/986• http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lobster-Guillaume- Lecasble/dp/1903517346
  4. 4. LOBSTER SynopsisSally has just been dumped by her boyfriend who found a new girl and isfeeling love sick and depressed. While walking home she passes herfavorite fishmongers thinking about treating herself to some delicious seafood.However, as her eyes scan the room she finds much more than she waslooking for. Her soul mate. Lobster…It was love at first sight and so started their whirlwind romance.(cue montage of romantic scenes)Everything was going great until Sally orders langoustine while at aromantic candle lit dinner. Lobster is devastated and offers the ultimatum:‘You either eat my kind, or love my kind.’That night, Sally swears to never eat shell fish again and they make up.A couple of days later, Lobster is putting tissues in the bin and seessomething that destroys his love for Sally. Lying amongst the rubbish hespies the shell of a fellow crustacean and decides that that is the finalstraw.Sally finds a goodbye note from Lobster and breaks down.A few weeks later, Sally is still in mourning over her lost love and lookingbedraggled walks past Lobster on the arm of another hottie.Last shot is of Sally crying in the street.
  5. 5. • A romantic drama. LOBSTER • The film looks like it is taking itselfStyle seriously, therefore it is the content that creates an element of comedy. • Will include soft lighting, montages of romantic scenes, emotional close ups to show love and passion and a very linear narrative to show development of feelings. • Slightly surreal… because the lobster is treated like a human throughout the film
  6. 6. LOBSTERTone and • Romantic Theme • Dramatic • Pretense of seriousness • It is a reflection of modern day love and the difficulties couples have to overcome. • Love comes in all forms and no one should be judged on how they feel for another. • Furthermore it portrays that not all love is forever and that in real life, there is not always a happy ending.
  7. 7. • For people sick of the LOBSTERAudience average and over used rom com conventions. • We aim to make it relatable to women, and so women above the ages of 20 will be the main target audience.
  8. 8. ProblemsThe main problem would be the puppetry/animation of the lobster. We would considereither buying a lobster puppet or making oneourselves.http://www.bioniclobster.com/videos/Alternatively we could us clay or drawnanimation to show the lobster.