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  • Get show of hands – who uses email, social, both….
  • Familiar with these segments in our own marketing efforts; and the tactical implementations – everything from print ads, telemarketing and events…To the digital side of radio, tv… websites and emailThe marketing landscape is changing ; becoming more digital and very rapidly. (Example the growth of digital media landscape)
  • Becky Slide64% of companies are planning to increase their budget for on-site social media, such as blogs or ratings and reviews.(Econsultancy/ExactTargetMarketing Budgets 2010, February 2010)
  • Should be aware of the shifting information consumption habits of consumers; immediate, targeted, personal – and the consumers have a lot of control over this; and are much more selective about the info and messages they choose to receive/interact withDigital is big opportunity to leverage new opportunities with minimal risk, especially financialBut there are challenges – much is changing, it’s difficult to keep up with it all . And thought it may be less expensive financially, staff resource can definitely be higher; this may require (for some) a reallocation of funds to hire appropriate staffButkeep in mind it is where the people are going, it is a sound investment for your company to figure this out now and plan for it accordingly So keep focused on the big rocks – Search, Email and Social are the leading internet marketing solutions… (Search is reactive, people looking… Email and Social are proactive… putting it out there.) Today we’ll be talking Email & Social. Before we move forward, want to address what may be a common misconception -- that email is dead and that the future of internet marketing is pure;u social…or that you really only need to have one or the other.
  • In reality, both email and social have significant usage and impact and serve complimentary purposes, enabling broader and more comprehensive campaignsReview top level benefits, unique strengths to both – why email, why social – and why the two together
  • Becky SlideTypes:Promotional emails sent to your customersMessages (ads) included in another company’s emailsPartner emails sent on behalf of another company
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  • Again… - But, either way, keep in mind this is where the people are already or going, sound investment for your company to figure out and plan for now And always, the key to success is focusing on the big rocks and that starts with laying a strong foundation then having a solid plan
  • This is the nuts and bolts of integrating your email and social campaigns.
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  • As with any strategic campaign, you need to establish a clear plan and expectations from the startAlso need to realize, just because you “can” use something; doesn’t mean you should. Not all of these tools are going to work ideally to meet your specific goals.
  • You have some hand outs that you can follow along with on your tables…. And this is a simplified exercsise
  •  Well Raley’s or a large local grocer would provide an elegant case study. They have substantial brand awareness and a positive image in the community yet find their sales/traffic under assault from other brands chiefly because of price on the low end and a perception of better quality on the higher end. So how then to maintain their position in light of these factors. Knowing as we do that a growing portion of shoppers will respond to a community based/knowledge approach to marketing and the declining utility of mass messaging regardless of channel our example brand turns to email and social channels. This turn it not necessarily to more efficiently broadcast the same message to everyone or even reduces their advertising expenditures. It is rather a turn towards a horizontal relationship between brand and consumer. They want in fact for their consumers to love them, to treat their brand as quite literally a friend. Successful implementation of said strategy is not measured by how the whole of consumers respond but rather how the receptive group responds.Marketshare is defined by the %
  • Which is defined by the % of customers shopping over a 7 day period
  • Include a complete checklist here?Would love to provide a complete sheet with tools and what they work best for…. Or refer back to the chart….
  • The grocery does not have video and will not realistically be able to do so; so this option is put on hold for the time… it is OK to not use everything… especially if it doesn’t make sense for your business or resources
  • Marketshare – essentially encouraging more frequent shoppingThis part of the strategy is going to be all about the offer, direct sale, call to action and measurable revenue. It includes special offer emails to house lists, partner lists, encourages sharing and email sign ups. The social aspect supports this, extends the reach of the immediate offer to new audiencesBlog: Posts ongoing recipes, encourages commentsEnable easy sign up for email lists, links to social networks
  • Marketshare – essentially encouraging more frequent shoppingBlog: Posts ongoing recipes, encourages commentsEnable easy sign up for email lists, links to social networks
  • Set up specific campaigns to track social media programs that drive web trafficMeasure High Level Metrics:Unique VisitorsPage Views Frequency of VisitsMeasure Deeper Metrics Depth of Visit ConversationsWhere Visitors Are Coming From
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