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Nov 2011 commission_meeting-npc_bus_plan_2012-2014_r


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Nov 2011 commission_meeting-npc_bus_plan_2012-2014_r

  1. 1. The Niagara Parks Commission 2012-2014 Business Plan November NPC Commission Meeting Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Fay Booker, General Manager 1
  2. 2. Background• Business Plan is a Key accountability requirement• All classified government agencies are required to submit• Ministry is now also requesting quarterly reporting of financial performance and key activities undertaken• Final Plan is to be submitted to Ministry by December 15, 2011• Earliest Plan submission by staff since requirement was first initiated by Province. 2
  3. 3. NPC’s Mandate• Established in 1885• Heritage Preservation part of NPC since 1896• Agency of the Provincial Government• Classified as an Operational Enterprise Agency• Operates under authority of the Niagara Parks Act 3
  4. 4. NPC’s Mandate• 53 km of Recreational Trail and 56 km of scenic Parkway from Fort Erie in the south to Niagara-on- the-Lake in the north• 1,325 hectares of land along the entire Niagara River corridor
  5. 5. NPC’s Mission (approved in 2011)• To protect the natural and cultural heritage along the Niagara River for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self-sufficiency. 5
  6. 6. NPC’s Vision (approved in 2011)• Ontario’s Niagara Parks – PRESERVING a rich heritage, CONSERVING natural wonders, INSPIRING people, worldwide!6 6
  7. 7. Strategic Directions• In 2010, NPC initiated a strategic planning process to create a renewed sense of mission , vision and strategic direction for organization• Process included working sessions and consultation with our communities, members of Niagara Falls BIA, employees and Commissioners• Process resulted in establishment of four strategic goals in early 2011• For the 2012-14 planning period, these same four strategic goals will be pursued, namely: 7
  8. 8. Strategic Directions• Customer Focus – We (NPC) will deliver unique, memorable and engaging experiences in the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of NPC during all four seasons.• Employee Focus – We (NPC) are, and are seen to be, a successfully empowered team.• Operational Focus – Through every employee, we (NPC) will move forward working smarter, providing excellence and accountability in all that we do.• Financial Focus – Our (NPC’s) reserves enable us to provide investment in our infrastructure today and the ability to leverage opportunities in the future. 8
  9. 9. 2011 Strategic Directions• Focus on redirecting NPC away from strict commercialism and introduce a new level of discipline and accountability to public processes and expectations• NPC also undertook the redevelopment of three heritage sites with a focus on improving the visitor experience• Key initiatives in 2011 included: – Putting the “Parks” back into Niagara Parks – Re-beautification of the Parks – Improvement in corporate governance – Renewal of certain infrastructure – Leveraging NPC’s unique offerings – Recognizing commercial activities as a means to an end not an end in itself 9
  10. 10. Queen Victoria Park - Improvements• Falls Parking: – Provide a welcoming entrance – New picnic area beside Canadian Niagara Power – Cross walk restored 10
  11. 11. In 2011 we opened - Niagara Glen Nature Centre 11
  12. 12. Investment in Infrastructure• Laura Secord Homestead & Queenston ChapelNew Interpretive Centre New Visitor Centre Queenston Chapel moved to site 12
  13. 13. Old Fort Erie New Visitor Centre 13
  14. 14. McFarland House – New Tea Room 14
  15. 15. 2012 Strategic Directions• Initiatives for 2012 build on the prior year’s foundation: – Visitor attraction – Awareness of range of experiences within Niagara Parks – Employee engagement – Open communication – The Board is a strategic asset to the organization – Infrastructure is renewed and developed – Supporting systems are improved to maximize efficiency and effectiveness – Increase environmental consciousness of NPC’s operations and reduce our carbon footprint – Financial Stabilization. 15
  16. 16. Governance – The Commission• As of October 2011, ten Commissioners: – Janice Thomson, Interim Chair – David Eke - William Forward – Barbara Greenwood - Vince Kerrio – Patricia Li - Doug Martin – Ron McKerlie - Lori Sterling – Virginia West• Three committee structure – Finance & Audit; Governance, Ethics & Human Resources Policy; Heritage, Infrastructure & Parks 16 16
  17. 17. NPC Organizational Structure – Oct 2011 NPC ORGANIZATIONAL CHART OCTOBER 1, 2011 Chair and Board of Commissioners General Manager F. Booker Administration Internal Auditor Chair Manager G. Moyo Finance & Audit L. Cummings Director Senior Director Senior Director Director Senior Director Communications, Director Guest Relations, Infrastructure & Director Corporate Services Guest Relations, Police Services Marketing &Guest Invitations Adventure & Guest Services Employee Services & Governance Garden & Nature Support D. Kane Stakeholder Support (Vacant) Heritage D. Morris D. Whitehouse Relations (Vacant) M. Gruosso M. Neubauer T. Baldinelli(Acting) Sales Markets Retail Botanical Engineering Police Internal, external Recruiting Technology – Education, Attractions Gardens, Floral Maintenance Services communications Retention Payroll Wedding, Boat tour Showhouse Community Planning Marketing & Safety Accounting MC&IT, Sport, Liaison Horticulture Programs Property Advertising Volunteerism Financial SMERF, Culinary – full Park Beauty & Security Management Digital- Retiree Management Consignment serve, fast amenities Transportation Border Commerce programs Procurement Partners serve Park Programs (Parking, Relations Gov’t relations Development Archives Domestic and Heritage Horticulture buses, paved EMS Liaison Community programs Policies Receptive Golf School trails) relations Risk Tour Butterfly GIS Visiting Management Operators, Conservatory dignitaries Corporate sightseeing Cycling, Hiking Corporate secretarial Product Nature Centre events services Development Corporate social responsibility & annual reporting 17
  18. 18. Overview – Current/Forthcoming Activities• In 2012, NPC will seek to leverage its existing assets.• NPC will also work to implement large scale projects: – Visitor Transportation System in conjunction with City of Niagara Falls (NPC receives buses worth $8 million) – Parkway Reconfiguration (approx. $6 million) – Redevelopment of Incline Railway ($7 million) – Award of Boat Tour Lease 18
  19. 19. Overview – Forthcoming Programming• Investigate new green tourism experiences – needs to be sensitive to the environment – activities like zip line, canopy walks, cycling programs, expansion of the botanical experience 19
  20. 20. Overview – Forthcoming Programming• NPC will also begin work: – Enhanced bicentennial events/experiences – Examine/consult reuse scenarios for Power Plants, – Expanded horticultural programming – Continue the strengthening of corporate governance 20
  21. 21. Resources Needed to Meet Goals/Objectives• Aging infrastructure is a challenge for NPC – Low yearly investments in capital works – Backlog of capital infrastructure projects continues to grow• Infrastructure investments by Federal and Provincial governments allowed major capital projects to proceed in 2011 on heritage sites• Additional Infrastructure funding in 2012 will allow – VTS Improvements – Realignment of Parkway at the falls – Redevelopment of the Incline• Projects will assist in improving overall visitor experience 21
  22. 22. Environmental Scan - External• Economic Projections – External – Global economies not expected to improve considerably – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) indicates none of the world’s major economies will escape a slowdown – OECD projects European economic growth in 2012 of 0.3% – OECD forecast for U.S. economic growth in 2012 - 1.8% – U.S. economy fragile due to high unemployment, weakened currency, and high debt levels – This does not bode well for discretionary spending including spending on Tourism vacations 22
  23. 23. Environmental Scan• Economic Projections – Internal – OECD suggests Canada’s economy, which stalled in second quarter of 2011, is likely to pick up speed and will continue to outperform its counterparts in developed world – Bank of Nova Scotia has revised its GDP forecast for Canadian growth in 2012, downward to 2.1% – Domestic spending has continued to hold up – Job figures have begun to stagnate - in July and for the first time in several months, declined in August – Unemployment numbers bear watching as this will impact domestic consumption – discretionary spending 23
  24. 24. Human Resources• NPC employs over 1,600 staff – 260 Full Time, 1,370 Seasonal• Organization subject to Provincial compensation restraint• New collective agreements reached in 2010 (OPSEU Local 217-Parks Police) and in 2011 (Workers United Canada Local 2347-NPC Restaurant Servers• In 2012, NPC is committed to an economic increase of 1.5% for existing collective agreement (November 1, 2009 – October 31, 2013) with OPSEU, Local 217- Park Employees, covering approximately 585 staff. 24
  25. 25. Human Resources• In 2011, government introduced directive calling for end of practices & perks within government ministries and agencies• Review was conducted to determine existence of perks at NPC and either eliminated/reduced perks or expanded certain programs to include all staff• NPC currently implementing plans to address deficiencies identified from first Workwell audit; confident implementation of these will garner strong second audit results scheduled for April 2012• Continued investments in our staff – training on guest relations, ongoing certification for trades and licenses 25
  26. 26. Performance MeasuresStrategic Goal - Customer Focus: Deliver unique, memorable and engaging experiences in the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of NPC during all four seasons 1.1 Key Initiative – Visitor attraction – Introduce new activities in all seasons for guests which leverage existing assets – Assess each existing venue and park area for opportunities provided by the space and improvement to the experience provided to our guests – Create a culture of excellence at Niagara Parks for hospitality, horticulture, service and uniqueness of experiences. – Build partnerships with tourism operators, corporate planners and other venues in Toronto and local markets. – Identify reuse of Power Plants. 26
  27. 27. Performance Measures 1.2 Key Initiative – Awareness of range of experiences within Niagara Parks – Inform guests of the full range of activities that can be enjoyed through visits – Inform the local market guests of the full range of activities that can be enjoyed through multiple visits 27
  28. 28. Performance MeasuresStrategic Goal - Employee Focus: We are, and are seen to be, a successfully empowered team. 2.1 Key Initiative – Employee engagement – NPC is a regional employer of choice – Employees know and fulfill their accountabilities – Employees work in various cross-functional teams focused on initiatives on a regular basis 2.2 Key Initiative – Open communication – Employees are fully informed of NPC’s values, direction, priorities, principles, and activities in a timely manner – NPC employees are consulted and feel free to voice views on issues 28
  29. 29. Performance MeasuresStrategic Goal - Operational Focus: Through every employee we move forward working smarter, providing excellence and accountability in all that we do. 3.1 Key Initiative – The Board is a strategic asset to NPC – Modernize NPC’s governance practices. – Implement modern accountability practices. – Provide triple bottom line accountability reports to the communities of stakeholders. 3.2 Key Initiative – Infrastructure is renewed and developed – Implement capital projects on time, within budget and achieve maximum benefits. – Develop an overall assessment of infrastructure and identify work required to achieve soundness of structure. 29
  30. 30. Performance MeasuresStrategic Goal - Operational Focus: Through every employee we move forward working smarter, providing excellence and accountability in all that we do. 3.3 Key Initiative –Supporting Systems are improved to maximize efficiency and effectiveness – Modernize technology systems to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in connectivity for guests and stakeholders and internal operations – Implement modern controllership practices for procurement, financial reporting, and enterprise risk management – Implement practices to fulfill government directives, reporting, and communication requirements with Ministry on a timely basis – We manage the business proactively by preventing issues, by being disciplined, and achieving resolution on a timely basis 30
  31. 31. Performance MeasuresStrategic Goal - Operational Focus: Through every employee we move forward working smarter, providing excellence and accountability in all that we do. 3.4 Key Initiative – Increase environmental consciousness of NPC’s operations and reduce NPC’s carbon footprint – Implement sustainable tourism principles. – Modify NPC practices to be environmentally friendly – Engage our guests in assisting in our green efforts. 31
  32. 32. Performance MeasuresStrategic Goal - Financial Focus: NPC’s equity position provides for investment in NPC’s infrastructure today and the ability to leverage opportunities in the future. 4.1 Key Initiative: Financial Stabilization – Develop strategy for underperforming revenue producing operations. – Leverage the 2011 capital investment in heritage sites through programming and legacy markers. – Finalize key decisions with significant impact to NPC’s future. – Utilize value for money assessment for all key decisions. 32
  33. 33. Risk Assessment/Management• Ontario Government requires business plan to contain risk identification, assessment and mitigation strategies.• Assessment identified risks in the following areas – mitigation actions being taken: – Successful Implementation of overall plan/objectives – Accountability/Governance • MOU/Agency Accountability Establishment and Accountability Directive • Audits – external and internal (controllership) • Agreements/Contracts/Legal • Power Plants – Operational issues • Global economic impact on tourism • Insurance policies • Workforce Risk – organizational change/shortage skilled workforce • Technology/IT Infrastructure Risk • Capital Infrastructure Risk 33
  34. 34. Implementation Plan1812 – 2012 Bicentennial Celebrations• Working with community and government partners, NPC planning to commemorate the battles and people of the War of 1812, while also celebrating 200 years of peace• With needed infrastructure improvements now in place, NPC working on events to commemorate war and celebrate peace; signature events 2012 to 2014: – Battle of Queenston Heights: October 12 – 14, 2012 – Laura Secord Event: June 21 – June 23, 2013 – Battles of Chippawa & Lundy’s Lane: July 5 – July 6, 2014 – Siege of Fort Erie: August 8 – August 10, 2014 – Treaty of Ghent: December 31, 2014/New Year’s Eve Celebration 34
  35. 35. Implementation PlanVTS Agreement• 10-year agreement reached with City of Niagara Falls• Province and Federal Governments to provide $25M each in infrastructure funding• NPC receives new accessible buses worth $8M• NPC to maintain its own separate operations, mechanics, drivers• Schedules/branding to be integrated 35
  36. 36. Implementation PlanVTS Agreement• NPC enabling City’s part of the VTS by contributing an annual payment of $1M toward the operating costs of the City’s Red and Blue lines (removing burden from taxpayers/BIA’s)• Route of NPC’s Green Line will run between Table Rock and intersection of Victoria Avenue and River Road• Holder of VTS ticket entitled to travel each of Green, Red and Blue lines & transfer between lines for two successive days• NPC to receive first $1M in revenue sharing arrangement with City for operation of Kiosks/sales for Red and Blue line – thereby mitigating risk 36
  37. 37. Implementation PlanRelocation of Niagara Parkway• Queen Victoria Park Master Plan developed in 2003 envisioned relocation of Parkway behind Canadian Niagara Power as part of overall Table Rock Redevelopment• VTS agreement has allocated almost $6M to NPC toward pursuit of this plan• Allows for improvement in traffic flow at brink of falls – dedicated traffic lane for buses, dedicated travel space for cyclists, dedicated travel space for pedestrians• Re-green part of existing parking lot 37
  38. 38. Implementation PlanIncline Railway• Current Incline began operations in 1966 – in 2011 it carried 544, 987 riders• Phase II Table Rock Redevelopment Plan – envisioned: – More modern – Year-round – Accessible system• NPC has worked with the Province since 2009 to obtain financial support to realize new Incline - $7M in Provincial funding to be provided 38
  39. 39. Implementation PlanPower Plants• While there is large capital investment associated with these buildings, these sites presents immense opportunity for NPC• In 2012, NPC will pursue adaptive reuse of these historic buildings• NPC will need to determine a process to consult with both the public and professional bodies to gain input on potential reuse options – prior to seeking formal requests for their redevelopment. 39
  40. 40. Communications Plan• Communications initiatives will continue to be improved; – Press releases/media opportunities on key activities – Continued community & employee town halls – Annual reports prepared on a more timely basis – NPC events/activities communicated with more lead time – Establish calendars on key activities – NPC e-commerce tools to be improved 40
  41. 41. In Summary2011 – NPC absorbed considerable change – positive & negative• 5 executive departed, three new executive joined• Substantive change in commissioners• New strategic vision established• Agreement for new bus fleet entered into, major projects completed at three heritage sites• Numerous other initiatives – opening of the season, car free Sunday, Whirlpool’s 60th anniversary, Horticulture School 75th anniversary, opening of nature center, introduction of bouldering, “Nia” joined the Niagara Parks Police• Reduction in visitor attendance• Audits of Travel & Hospitality, Procurement Practices; other 41 examinations still underway 41
  42. 42. 2012 Transform and Build• Priorities for 2012 include establishment of new transportation system with the City, redevelopment of Incline, making decision on boat tour, initiating request for proposal process for power plants• Internally need to transform operational practices – technology, tools, training for staff• Meeting of government directives including accessibility standards• Assessment of underperforming or redundant assets and decisions on the future of these assets• Expansion of programming at heritage sites, programming and guest activities on the ‘green side’ 42 42
  43. 43. Q&A 43