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Marstel-Day Company Overview


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Marstel-Day Company Overview

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Marstel-Day Company Overview

  1. 1. Capabilities Overview July, 2010 Marstel-Day Proprietary w w w. m a r s t e l - d ay. c o m
  2. 2. Who Are We? • An environmental enterprise with a core ethic and commitment to land, water and other natural resource conservation – Force multiplier for environmental change and progress; known for finding solutions to problems on an institutional scale – Agent for knowledge transfer • Also a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)Zone enterprise with offices in Alexandria and Fredericksburg, VA; and Oakland, CA • Expertise focused on providing reach-back studies and analyses, augmented by on-site work where it is needed • Composed of 60+ full-time staff members, a cadre of dedicated SME consultants, and our Advisory Council – Analyzing environmental, land-use planning and climate adaptation issues, national security issues, and their intersection 2
  3. 3. Staff Members - Prior Experience • Director, Army Environmental Policy Institute • Policy Director, House Armed Services Committee • Military Assistant to the Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Policy) • Commander, 71st Mission Support Group • Executive Secretary, National Guard Bureau • Deputy Division Chief, Homeland Division, JCS (J-5) • Assistant for Environmental Quality, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army • Director, Navy BRAC Program / Navy Installations Planning • Assistant Commander, Navy and Marine Corps Facilities Engineering and Design • Director of Community Development/Planning, Manatee County, Florida • Research Fellow, Sustainable Energy Institute • Water Resources Researcher, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration • Planning Director, Tarpon Springs, Florida • Manager for NEPA Compliance, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) • Director of Protection for the Nature Conservancy's South Carolina Chapter • Deputy Commander, USACE, South Pacific Division • District Engineer, USACE, Louisville and Albuquerque Districts • Commissioner, Northern California Power Agency • Manager, Port of Oakland Airport Terminal Expansion Program • Head, NAVFAC Real Estate Base Closure and Land Use Support Section 3
  4. 4. Recent Awards and Recognition • April, 2010: American Planning Association, Federal Planning Divisions Selects Marstel-Day as Winner for Outstanding Collaborative Planning Project • February 2010: Virginia Business magazine selects Marstel-Day as one of four finalists for its 2009 small business of the year award. • December, 2009: Environmental Business Journal awards Marstel-Day the Silver Medal among small businesses nationwide for continued and sustained growth in 2009; and a Project Merit Award for our GEMI capability in collaboration with IHS Jane’s. • August, 2009: National Zweig Letter "Hotfirm" List recognizes Marstel-Day as being among the 200 fastest- growing architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms in the United States. • July, 2009: Inc. Magazine honors Marstel-Day with national recognition by including it on its "Inc. 5000 List," which identifies the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. • March, 2009: Virginia Chamber of Commerce selects Marstel-Day as one of "The Fantastic 50," recognizing the 50 fastest-growing companies in Virginia. • December 2008: Environmental Business Journal awards Marstel-Day the Gold Medal among small businesses nationwide for continued and sustained growth in 2008 • August, 2008: The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) awards Marstel-Day President Rebecca Rubin the 2008 Private Sector Leader of the Year Award, which recognizes an individual whose achievements have helped to further the goals of defense communities. 4
  5. 5. Our Continuing Journey To A Deeper Shade of Green • Marstel-Day Founded on Premise of Green Consulting Projects Phase 1 (2002-2004) • Launched as Virtual Organization • Centralization of personnel; Emphasis on Reducing Personnel Travel Mileage • Significant “firsts” in Telecommuting Program Grants (Alexandria and Phase 2 Fredericksburg) (2004-2008) • Earth Day Commitments • Virginia Green Membership • Green Communications: alignment of internal values and external (consulting) projects Phase 3 (2008- forward) • Green Office : stockrooms, kitchen items, cartridge-free printers • Rain Barrels, Native Gardens, Recycling, Working Towards Solar • Green Hiring Practices • Earth Day Commitment Made Mandatory via Offer Letters • Carbon Offsets: for all personnel air and car travel through CarbonFund.Org • Skype capabilities join with existing VTC • Launch of Vital Voices of the Environment (Interviews with “Thought Leaders”) • Launch of Verdant World News (Blog) 5
  6. 6. New Task Orders Awarded as of 10-1-09, By Study Area $13.8M – compare to $6.5M on 10-1-08 6
  7. 7. Illustrative Government & Commercial Clients Government Clients Commercial Clients • Office of Secretary of Defense (Policy) • Bay Dredging Action Coalition • Office of Secretary of Defense (Installations • Science Applications International Corp. & Environment) • Michael Baker Junior Engineering • Military Services (Army, Navy, Marine • Engineering and Environment Corps, Air Force, Army and Air National • HDR | e2M Guard) • CDM • US Army Corps of Engineers • HGL • Army Environmental Policy Institute • Parsons Engineering • USACE Institute for Water Resources • Tetra Tech • Department of Homeland Security • Signature Properties • National Oceanic and Atmospheric • The Lester Group Administration • Tricord Homes • US Environmental Protection Agency • Building & Construction Trades Council of • Port of Oakland Alameda County (AFL-CIO) • Virginia Tri-Service Initiative • Kimley-Horne and Associates, Inc. • Military Growth Task Force of the North • Beacon Economics Carolina Eastern Region • Claussen Engineering • East Bay Regional Park District 7
  8. 8. Legend: Marstel-Day, LLC Organization Chart 2010 Report Support Advise Members Rebecca R. Rubin (majority owner) President, Managing Partner, and SmithPachter, LLP Director, Sustainability (legal) Advisory Council Juli Lee Halterman Phil Huber Stone and Spring, CPA MacDonald-Wimbush Member Member (accounting) Member Secretary/CFO/ General Counsel Senior V.P. and PM PMs PM PM PM PM Manager Real Estate NEPA ECP/EP USAF Sustainment Conservation Communication GEMI Western Advisor (Donahoe) (Graham) (Huber) & Energy Strategies (MacDonald- Region (Engel) ECP/EP USMC (Rubin) (Halterman) Wimbush) (Peixotto) (Denning) Manager Manager Project Managers (Includes Members and PMs as required) Technology Admin Staff, and IT A/R A/P, HR, (Law) Bookkeeping, (Theisen) Admin Staff/ Subcontractors and Professional staff Contractor Consultants matrixed to project (Tech Support)
  9. 9. What’s In a Name? Marstel-Day, LLC Conservation and Consulting From Sea To Stars
  10. 10. Marstel-Day Capabilities • Environmental Advisory Services –Conservation Conveyance and Other Base Disposal –NEPA analyses – EIS/EA and related studies –Net Environmental Benefit Assessments –Encroachment Management, Climate Adaptation and Base Sustainability –Encroachment Partnering and Conservation Land-Use Planning –Water Resources Analyses –Global Environmental Monitoring Services • Strategic Communication, Outreach, Engagement and Stakeholder Facilitation • Planning, Policy Formulation and Organizational/ Program Reform 10
  11. 11. Conservation Conveyance and Other Base Disposals Marstel-Day conceptualized the DoD conservation conveyance authority under a multi-year study conducted for the Army and Navy. The authority—Title 10 (Section 2694a) “Conveyance of Surplus Real Property for Natural Resource Conservation”—allows DoD to convey land to state and local agencies and nonprofit conservators, which can reconvey to another qualified entity for permanent conservation. Within five years, 23% of all BRAC-designated land was conveyed under the authority. • Supported HQ Army and Navy in conveyance to federal agencies of BRAC sites with high conservation values, e.g.: – Camp Bonneville, WA to non-profit land trust (Conservation Conveyance ) – Sierra Army Depot, CA to non-profit land trust via (Conservation Conveyance) – Longhorn Army Ammo Plant, TX to Fish and Wildlife Service (Fed to Fed Transfer) – Savanna Army Ammo Depot, IL to Fish and Wildlife Service (Fed to Fed Transfer) – Fort McClellan, AL to Fish and Wildlife Service (Fed to Fed Transfer) • Assisted HQ Army and Navy in disposal of excess facilities to federal agencies, state and local governments under multiple disposal authorities (e.g., parks, education, public benefit, direct and negotiated sales) – Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA ; McClellan AFB; Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant ; Stratford Army Ammunition Plant 11
  12. 12. Conservation Conveyance and Other Base Disposals First Conservation Conveyance – Sierra Army Depot, CA Honey Lake, Lassen County, CA – 68,000 acres/173 Days • CA State Lands Commission (SLC) held reverter to land • SLC and Army disagreed for years on terms of cleanup and transfer • Army instead transferred site to land-acquiring non-profit via competitive bid process Wild horses running along the shore of Honey (interim deed holder) Lake in Lassen County, CA. • Non profits teamed with engineering firm to complete cleanup and habitat restoration; endowment to US FWS to support T&E species • Back-end transfer to SLC – completed October 2006 12
  13. 13. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Examples BRAC 05 Closures and Realignments • C.E. Kelly, PA (EA) • Fort Eustis, VA (realignment) (EA) • Fort Monroe, VA (EIS) • Fort Gillem, GA (EA) • Fort McPherson, GA (EIS) • Kansas Army Ammunition Plant, KS (EA) • Sebille Manor/Selfridge Army Activity, MI (EA) • Walter Reed Army Medical Center, DC • Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant, TX (EA) • Red River Army Depot, (realignment) TX (EA) Great Bridge, VA • Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant, CA (EA) • Umatilla Chemical Depot, OR (EA) Other Studies • Great Bridge, VA (EBS and FOST) • Fort Monroe Shoreline Stabilization, VA (EA) • Fort Monroe Storm and Flood Protection Project, VA (EA 13
  14. 14. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) EIS/EA and Related Studies and Analyses • Evaluated net greenhouse gas emissions from proposed Carbon Analysis at Fort disposal and reuse of Fort McPherson for an Environmental McPherson Impact Statement and Record of Decision. • Evaluated emissions for a range of development scenarios Air Quality Compliance • Modeled air quality emissions for criteria pollutants for both Analysis for 2 EIS projects point and mobile sources, characterization of air quality and 7 EAs impacts, and cumulative effects analysis • Developed software to quickly assess implications of mission Air Quality Compliance change scenarios relative to de minimis thresholds and State Analysis for Joint Forces compliance for one of the most highly regulated air quality Training Base control management districts in the US • We also provide significant NEPA QA/QC support to clients such as DHS on the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, its most significant EIS to date; and to the Navy and Marine Corps for their Land Acquisition and Airspace Establishment EIS at 29 Palms. 14
  15. 15. Net Environmental Benefit Assessments (NEBA) Our NEBAs allow landowners to better assess the relative risks and benefits of site remediation options to the natural environment and assist with selecting a cleanup approach that can both provide the greatest net natural resource benefits and appropriately manage ESOH site risks…. • Marstel-Day’s NEBA have assisted federal, land owning organizations to: • provide a framework to evaluate the relative risks and values of the potential remedial alternatives; and, • better assess the range of potential remedial alternatives • identify combinations of cleanup and land-use control approaches that provide the greatest net natural resource benefit while adequately managing potential ESOH site risks • Our NEBA approach offers a value-added tool for our decision-maker clients by identifying: • alternative, new approaches and ecological and economic metrics for restoration and transfer of contaminated properties • measures focused on outcomes and benefits to human health, the environment and economic revitalization • data availability, relevance quality &consistency to support outcome-based performance measures 15
  16. 16. Net Environmental Benefit Assessments Performed • Rocky Mountain Arsenal (EPA Superfund site) • Homestead Air Reserve Base (EPA Superfund site) • Camp Bonneville, WA (BRAC base) • Fort McClellan, AL (BRAC base) • Fort Ord, CA (BRAC base) • Savanna Army Depot, IL (BRAC base) “Marstel-Day is a jewel.” Former Army Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Unexploded ordnance clearance at Camp Bonneville, WA Installation Management, client for four NEBA reports at BRAC installations 16
  17. 17. Encroachment Management, Climate Adaptation and Base Sustainability • Marstel-Day’s conceptualized the FY 2003 NDAA encroachment partnering statute, designed to preserve habitat and open space while sustaining military missions; this is the foundation of our Encroachment Control Planning (ECP) practice. • Marstel-Day has developed ECP policies and a unique analytical methodology that has been used at the installation and enterprise levels for the Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. • ECPs and preserve important habitat and open space; address climate change impacts; assist installations to meet their environmental obligations; and reduce encroachment pressures on installation mission capabilities. The Commanding General MCI-East supported our Eastern North Carolina Land Use Strategy as the “path forward” for MCI-East. 17
  18. 18. Encroachment Management, Climate Adaptation and Base Sustainability POLICY AND PARTNERING SUPPORT (Policies, ENCROACHMENT CONTROL PLANS Strategies and Workshops) Completed: USMC – Support • MCAS Beaufort, SC Updated Marine Corps Order 11011.22B, USMC • MCAS Cherry Point, NC Policy and program framework • MCAS Yuma, AZ Updated Encroachment Control Campaign Plan • MCB Quantico, VA • Townsend Bombing Range, GA HQMC and MCI-East and West – Support • MCAGCC, 29 Palms, CA Encroachment partnering, real estate, and • MCRD Parris Island, SC community plans and liaison strategies; workshops • MCLB Albany USAF – Support • MCSF Blount Island Update of USAF encroachment control • Homestead Air Reserve Base management policies, strategies and plans Underway: US Navy – Support • MCI-East and MCI-West Encroachment Management Program Development • MCB Camp Lejeune, NC and drafting of Commander’s Guide for • Patrick Air Force Base, FL Encroachment Management • JT Guam Base (ECAP), GU OASD (I&E) – Support • Navy Northwest Ranges (EAP), OR, Development of enterprise wide encroachment WA and NW maritime ranges management strategies, (Integrated Compatible • Buckley Air Force Base, CO Land Use Strategy) • Fort Indiantown Gap, PA 18
  19. 19. Encroachment Management, Climate Adaptation and Base Sustainability Marstel-Day’s analytic approaches for encroachment control planning and strategy development for encroachment partnership s have broad applications beyond DoD installations. Other federal lands such as the nation’s wildlife refuges face the many of the same encroachment factors that over time will degrade the habitat and impair the mission of the land or facility using the land. The federal and state agencies managing these lands must understand with whom and how to work with external stakeholders to anticipate, prevent, or mitigate encroachment factors. Potential Non-DoD • Support long-term preservation and management of Wildlife Applications of Refuges and National Parks Encroachment • Support strategic planning for emplacement of renewable and Management alternative energy projects • Diagnoses the encroachment challenges and provides a roadmaps of actionable solutions Benefits to the Client • Provides a framework for analyzing emerging climate change drivers • Identifies shared interests and points of conflict between the land owners and outside stakeholders 19
  20. 20. Encroachment Partnering and Conservation Land-Use Planning Examples Marstel-Day conceptualized the DoD encroachment partnering authority under a multi-year study conducted for the Army and Navy. The authority—Title 10 (Section 2684a) “Agreements to limit encroachments and other constraints on military training, testing, and operations”—allows DoD to partner with state and local agencies and conservation organizations to acquire lands contiguous to installations, or those ecologically related, in order to either prevent encroachment on the installation mission or to enhance the installation’s ability to meet its environmental stewardship obligations. • Encroachment Partnering Plans to identify conservation land partnership opportunities at all ECP sites • Compatible Land Use Strategy for Eastern North Carolina • Regional Growth Management Plan for Military Growth Task Force (MGTF), North Carolina’s Eastern Region • Feed and Fuel the Force Initiative, MCI-East, • Water resources, air quality, energy conservation and compatible land-use planning support at MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA 20
  21. 21. Water Demand Forecasting and Sustainable Water Management Strategies Our water resources practice is focused on providing information, planning, analytic tools, and facilitation services to support sustainable water resources management. Our approach to sustainable water management strategy analyzes the needs of all stakeholders in the water access equation and addresses the internal and external factors that influence sustainability. Water Demand Forecasting Model Fort Bragg, North Carolina • Identified current and future water needs, assessed the long-term sustainability of base water supplies • Developed a water demand forecast model to estimate water demand under a various assumptions • Developed recommendations for water use, conservation and cost savings, and engaging regional water stakeholders about common water supply issues 21
  22. 22. Initiative with IHS/Jane’s: Global Environmental Monitoring Services Marstel-Day, LLC and IHS Jane’s have come together to provide a global environmental monitoring and intelligence analysis capability. We combine environmental expertise on issues that affect strategic planning and operations with open source intelligence. The result provides clients with focused knowledge on environmental security, climate change trends and their implications for regional or local security. Merging Complementary Capabilities: • In-place global network of over 2,000 regional and functional experts sensitive to national security issues • Existing databases and established information sharing channels and internal defense and regional security subject matter expertise • Integrated systems for timely delivery of information • Strong track record of conducting alternative futures exercises and analysis • Nearly a decade of experience conducting environmental impact analysis for U.S. government clients • Deep expertise/experience in security policy analysis and development 22
  23. 23. GIS Capability Supports All Program Areas • Sustainability analysis for existing real estate and other assets Real Estate • Synthesized data for future and Asset real estate transactions and Management growth opportunities Services • Conservation and mitigation strategies for buffering, impact mitigation, carbon- offset and habitat potential Context- • Constraint mapping for Driven Land informed decision-making Use and • Context-driven Baseline Scenario Assessments to Support Planning Strategic Scenario Planning • Display the geographic relationship among land use, demographics, environment and client interests GIS Analysis • Identify true extent of the spatial footprint and appropriate stakeholders • Use of current, consistent and reliable data Our GIS analysts provide integrated support & analysis across our capabilities. 23
  24. 24. Strategic Communication, Outreach, Engagement and Facilitation We bring a deep understanding of environmental and operational issues and the ability to communicate their intricacies and impacts. We develop and support execution of tailored communication plans and strategies for: • Community involvement and outreach, and public involvement • Fast-track project information delivery • Stakeholder and issue identification, conflict management • Playbook, messaging and materials development and production • Stakeholder meeting planning, coordination, and facilitation support San Francisco Bay • Industry, environmental groups and BCDC at loggerheads over Conservation & BCDC’s dredging policies, permit policies and procedures and Development Commission added Clean Water Act requirements. Proposed LNG Terminal at • Chevron-Texaco proposed LNG terminal threatened to disrupt Camp Pendleton Marine Corps training MCAS Miramar Proposed as • San Diego selected Miramar MCAS as their new airport and put Joint Use Airport it to their voters 24
  25. 25. Our Antidote to the News… Thoughtful Dialogue: “Vital Voices of the Environment” 25
  26. 26. Strategic Planning, Policy Formulation and Organizational/Program Reform • Conceptualized conservation conveyance and encroachment partnering legislation (Army/Navy) • Developed BRAC NEPA streamlining and compliance recommendations (Army) • Assessed organizational strategic planning requirements and options (USACE, Institute for Water Resources) • Updated service-level encroachment management policy and program (Marine Corps and Air Force) • Managed development of Integrated Compatible Land Use Strategy (OSD(I&E)-led Land Use Inter-Service Working Group) • Conducted independent programmatic evaluation of NOAA Integrated Global Environmental Observation and Data Management Systems; developed next-dollar-investment evaluation criteria (NOAA PA&E) 26
  27. 27. Contracting With Marstel-Day • Federal customers can access Marstel-Day through HUB Zone Sole Source Contracting Authority (available up to $3.5M) • Marstel-Day holds several Indefinite Quantity, Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) Prime contract vehicles • GSA MOBIS Schedule (GS-10F-0154T), also available to states and local government agencies • GSA Environmental Advisory Services (GS-10F-0011N), also available to states and local government agencies • USACE Mobile District Contract W91278-08-D-0020 • USACE Mobile District Contract W91278-10-D-0041 27
  28. 28. Additional Information Principal office – Fredericksburg,VA Additional offices in Alexandria,VA and Oakland, CA Contact Us: Rebecca Rubin, President (703) 839-5512 H. Lee Halterman, Partner (703) 839-5519 Marstel-Day, LLC Principal Office Historic Registered Property in Fredericksburg, Virginia