Woodlawn Spring 2012 newsletter


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The spring newsletter for the historic Woodlawn Cemetery and Arboretum in Toledo, Ohio.

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Woodlawn Spring 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. CEMETERY & ARBORETUM SPRING 2012 newsletter DIRECTOR dialog The mild winter and early spring have resulted in the Cemetery being greener and more colorful as early as anyone can remember. We began our lawn maintenance in March. Our trees and flowers are as much as a month ahead of schedule. The mild temperatures slowed the tree removal scheduled for this winter, however, a significant number of our trees that were in poor condition have been removed and the work will be ongoing until the initial removal plan is completed. Committees of the Foundation Board are actively studying our next steps in the restoration and enhancement of Woodlawn. The Buildings Committee is assessing and developing an Action Plan for all eight of our buildings. This planning will continue into the summer. The Lakes Committee is securing input from the Ohio EPA, the Corps of Engineers and other agencies and resources to establish the best conceptual plan possible to improve and maintain the lakes. We are also participating with the Toledo Botanical Gardens on their current lake renovation project. We will continue our efforts to have Woodlawn looking great this spring and summer. Our entire team is hard at work. Our appeal seeking your financial support for the Foundation was sent out in April. It is my hope you will respond and help provide us the resources to continue to move our plans forward. Respectfully, Lawrence F. SloaneCEMETERY & ARBORETUMidyllic. iconic. inspired. p 419.472.2186 gate hours Summer (April – October) 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. p 877.472.2186 office hours1 5 02 W EST C EN TRAL AV E N U E | T OLE D O, OH I O 4 3 6 0 6 f 419.474.4728 Mon. – Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.WWW.HISTORIC-WOODLAWN.COM e mail@historic-woodlawn.com Sat. 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Sun. Closed
  2. 2. 2012 INITIATIVES & EVENTS WOODLAWN WALKERS Wednesdays, May 2nd – October 3rd, 9:00 a.m. Whether you’re interested in a stroll or a power walk, join us each Wednesday on a two-mile path around Woodlawn. Drop in for one week or all four months. BIRDS OF WOODLAWN Fridays, May 11 – October 5th, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Benjamin Dougherty Dana Marie Bogart Join us each week as we document the Birds of Woodlawn. From migrating to nesting birds, we will explore the many natural habitats of Woodlawn. From beginners to experienced birders, all are welcome. Please bring binoculars and bird guides, if you have them. Note that inclement weather Summer may cancel a walk. HISTORY INTERNS TREE AND TOMBSTONE TOURS Woodlawn would like to introduce our two Summer Spring: Sunday, May 20th History Interns: Dana Marie Bogart and Benjamin Fall: Sunday, October 7th Dougherty. Throughout the summer they will be The many family stories contained within its gates are literally etched in researching our buried treasures of the Civil War and stone. Our Tree and Tombstone Tours are the ideal opportunity to enjoy both Toledo’s Industrial Pioneers. These interns will help the season and history: 90 minutes of leisurely walking, accompanied by our in developing docent and field trip training materials. knowledgeable naturalist historians through our arboretum. (This event is They will also be assisting at upcoming public free and open to the public.) programs. If you have any related materials or stories PEDAL TOURS that would aid in their research please call the office. In partnership with Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments and DANA MARIE BOGART promoting National Bike Month, pedal tours will create opportunities for Completing her bachelor’s degree in history this people to explore their neighborhoods and cities by bicycle. Woodlawn will spring from Bowling Green State University. be offering two pedal tours. What interests you about this internship? BIKES, BIRDS AND BLOOMS I am looking forward to researching about local Sunday, May 20th, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. people involved in a national event and paying tribute Join us on a four-mile scenic bike ride through Woodlawn Cemetery. The to them and their families. History is much more fun winding paths lead you through beautiful spring flowering trees and habitats when you can connect local stories to it. rich with migrating birds. At scenic outlooks along the route our guides will help us discover what is around us. Bring binoculars if you have them. What interests you about the Civil War? The Civil War interests me because everyone was ART, ARCHITECTURE AND HISTORY involved in the Civil War in one way or another so Thursday, May 31st, 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. somewhere there is always a story to be told. Join us on this bike tour for a sampling of the art, architecture and history of the family mausoleums of Woodlawn. BENJAMIN DOUGHERTY Substitute Teacher with a Social Studies degree from MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION Lourdes University. Monday, May 28th Join us as we honor the war veterans of Woodlawn—including some What interests you about this internship? who served in the Civil War—with a memorial service and family I was instantly attracted to the internship due to celebration. Refreshments will be served following the traditional Woodlawn’s significance as a landmark and final ceremony, which features the blowing of taps, a twenty-one gun resting place of some of Toledo’s most prominent salute, music, marching and more. individuals. MONTHLY SUMMER EVENING STROLLS What interests you about the Pioneers of Toledo? Second Thursdays of June, July and August, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. I am interested in the Pioneers of Toledo because they Join us for a twilight walking tour through the grounds of the cemetery. let us know where Toledo came from and how it was Over approximately 90 minutes, our guides will lead us on the discovery shaped by these very different people as one looks at of history, art and nature. each of their life stories. WOODLAWN Thomas Baither J.B. Leboutillier HISTORIC Peggy Brown Nil Gallagher J.B. Rorick EMERITUS Charles Brumback CEMETARY Nil Gallagher John Lewis WOODLAWN Byron Choka Ed Hill Virginia Shaw TRUSTEES Judd JohnsonASSOCIATION Lynn Jacobs Percy Rankins FOUNDATION Beatrice Daniels Beckett Kimble Dee Talmage George Jones Walter Krueger Mike Young Fred Folger Dokk Knight Fred Treuhaft Tony Knight Kay Foster John Lewis Mike Young Tom Webb Tim FosterCEMETERY TEAM: arry Sloan, Executive Director; Jennifer Hart, Customer Service Administrator; Roy L. Hayes, Family Service Advisor; Jim Sniegowski, Superintendent; L Charlie Foster, Family Service Advisor; Cheryl A. Hooten, Office Manager; Patricia Toneff, Director of Community Outreach
  3. 3. Women’s History VolunteerInformation Meeting thank you To these donors for their generous support to theTuesday, May 22nd at 5:30 pm 2012 Fiscal Year General Campaign.Join us to learn about a Volunteer Position at Historic Woodlawn Cemetery Edna M. Allison Dave Liggins Joseph and Marion Ambus Darlene LimmerWoodlawn Women’s History Ambassadors: Discover a great wayto foster your passion about women’s history while helping to Apartment Services Inc. Roman Lusbypreserve the past for the enjoyment of future generations.Your Leoda F. Aten Harold Macklinefforts are an opportunity to empower young girls (with our Thomas and Karen Baither Gordon M. Matherrecently launched Girl Scout program) by introducing them Carl Baldwin Mary Matherto strong role models from the past. Meet new people, share Rita B. Barbour Kern George McKissoninformation, and learn the wonderful contributions the women Mrs. Anderton Bentley George Medillof Woodlawn have made. Thomas Bentley Donald and Louise Mennel Mary Bevington Dave and Jan MerrellCome see how this program can fit anyone’s time schedule and Gerald Bick Herbert and Carolyn Metzgermake an impact in keeping women’s history growing. Doris A. Bickford Holly MetzgerMeeting will start in our conference room at 1511 West Central Samuel Bishop Lisa Miles(across the street from our main office), followed by a brief tour. Bliss Bowman Tommie MillerTo register or if you have any questions please call Benjamin Brown James MoorePatty Toneff, 419-472-2186. Mary Elizabeth Brown Virginia B. Northup Robert Brown Peter Orser Charles Brumback Kenneth R. Orwig Berkley and Mary Helen Bush Bernice Owczarzak Nancy Butler Michael E. Patnode STREAM Donna Darper Burr Anna Carr Paula Patterson Rudolph Peckinpaugh AND LAKE Cheryl L. Call Abe Pereira RESTORATION John K. Clement Ellen L. Pethe WORKSHOP Deborah Davidson Margaret Pittman-Hadley Ruth Dinkins Barbara J. PriceWoodlawn would like to thank Dave Derrick from the U.S. Army Donald L. Solomon William RathbunEngineer Research and Development Center and Cherie A. Blair, Supporting Organization Barbara Reedthe Maumee RAP Coordinator of the Ohio Environmental David D. Dodge Lorine M. ReidProtection Agency, for sharing their time, talents and expertise at Betty Bradley DuPont Jay and Mindy Romanoffa Stream and Lake Restoration Workshop held on April 3rd at John and Irene Ehrmin Gary Schnitkerthe cemetery. Dorothy Ellis Daniel SchwynMs. Blair showed how Woodlawn has potential to be part of Dr. and Mrs. Gregor Emmert Mary Shireyan International Restoration / Local Implementation outreach Gretchen Fluke Ruth Singprogram, with a commitment to restoring the 43 Great Lakes Areas Frank Warren Glann Lawrence F. Sloaneof concern. Woodlawn locally is part of the Maumee Watershed Paul Goldner Jeanne Smithand the Great Lakes Watershed on a larger scale. This watershed Carolyn Greene Jane Snyder Aloedrains almost 200,000 square miles with a shoreline 4,500 miles John and Michelle Grigore Victoria Souderlong. As an Area of Concern (AOC) in the Great Lakes region, this Christina Gustafson Jean Southard Hoffmanlocation is a framework of partnerships, goals, targets, and measures J.L. and Linda Heinl Norman Thalwith possible funding sources already established. Lois Herzog Barbara ThierwechterMr. Derrick showcased how similar stream restoration projects June Hubbard Patty Toneffwith healthy habitats were reestablished. By developing stream Karpus, Scott Company, P.C. Jane and Parker Tracybank plantings and changing water flow, a system is designed Mary Keidan Turner Vault Companyto handle sediments, establishing a naturalized system. A project Andrew Klein Steven L.Vannestunderway at Toledo Botanical Garden was featured, providing Walter Krueger Yvonne C. Watersan excellent model and highlighting potential partnership Pete and Ruth Krumhansl Mary Witteopportunities. George and Stepper LeBoutillier Eunice WolfeBoard Member and Committee Chair Mike Young, who initiated Anita Lehman Women Alive Coalitionthis workshop, is researching partnerships to start the initial site Mrs. Howard Lewis Robert P. Zimmermaninventory process. The workshop provided concrete steps toward Allan J. Libbe Steve Zubermaking this part of our ten-year master plan—the restoration andbeautification of our streams and lakes—a reality.
  4. 4. We are pleased to introduce our new “Living Memorial” service A truly thoughtful way to honor the memory of your loved ones. This service includes: • Flowers blooming bursting with color • Installation of the flowers on burial site • Watering, fertilization and weeding • End of season clean up For single sites the bed size will be 2 feet in length and 1 foot in width. On double sites the bed size will be 4 feet in length and 1 foot in width. Placement will be in front of markers that are at the head of graves and behind markers that are placed at the foot of graves. The summer care season will be from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. Please complete the order form below and return along with your payment. As always, you may order fresh cut flower arrangements for any special day. Do not hesitate to contact our office with any question. Single bed (2’x1’)...... $150.00 + $25.00 installation (one time charge) = $175.00 Double bed (4’x1’).... $225.00 + $35.00 installation (one time charge) = $260.00 . Fresh Cut Flowers..... $30.00 per arrangement .Service Name(s) of Deceased Section Lot Grave(s) Qty. Price TotalSingle Bed 2’x1’ $175.00Double Bed 4’x1’ $260.00Special Day $30.00Date ___________Special Day $30.00Date ___________Special Day $30.00Date ___________ Total Amount Due:Name: Phone:Address:City: State: Zip: (made payable to HistoricPayment Information (circle one): Check         Woodlawn Cemetery) Money Order  Visa  Mastercard  Discover  AMEXCredit Card #: Exp. Date: Security Code:Signature: Date: WWW.HISTORIC-WOODLAWN.COM 419-472-2186 Toledo, Ohio 43606 1502 West Central Avenue CEMETERY ARBORETUM PERMIT NO. 209 TOLEDO OH US POSTAGE PAID PRSRT STD