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Business Case for 'Seeing Tomorrow's Services' Panel


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I'm asking the panelists of Seeing Tomorrow's Services to tell us how they'd plan and design for a new service. I'm providing them with this simple business case, and asking each to pitch how they'd shape this service.

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Business Case for 'Seeing Tomorrow's Services' Panel

  1. 1. Howʼd You Solve It? A case to solve for the panelists of Seeing Tomorrowʼs Services: A Panel on Service Design March 17, 2009 at Adaptive Path For more information see:
  2. 2. William Watt Electricians is a Bay Area company providing basic repairs, installations, and troubleshooting for residential and small business customers. Photo by I See Modern Britain,
  3. 3. Out of two offices they dispatch their team of two dozen electricians to service emergency calls, perform commissioned projects, and provide quotes. Given broader economic trends, William Watt is interested in moving into… Photo by Editor B,
  4. 4. …the growing green market to help homes become more energy efficient. Their potential new offerings might include efficiency assessments, instillations of more efficient equipment, and suggestions for improvements. Photo by mjmonty,
  5. 5. Youʼve been brought in to advise William Watt Electricians on how they should approach the development of this new service. ➜ How would you approach the problem? ➜ And why is this the right approach?