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The future of higher education a constantly moving target (11 key questions)


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Closing Plenary Session at the European Distance Education Network (EDEN) summit: "Traditions and Innovations: Getting the Right Mix"

Cristobal Cobo, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
14-17 June 2016 Budapest, Hungary

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The future of higher education a constantly moving target (11 key questions)

  1. 1. The future of higher education a constantly moving target 11 questions to open up a conversation constantly moving by @cristobalcobo
  2. 2. in loving memory of erik duval (1965 - 2016) always pushing the boundaries of technology and education
  3. 3. How the redefinition of knowledge production and distribution is affecting the role of Hi.ED. institutions? 1
  4. 4. Is #EDTech inevitable? What part of learning is not blended? 2
  5. 5. Are we innovating enough on the assessment strategies to better monitor students’ learning outcomes? 3
  6. 6. How accreditation system can be more accountable AND open for assuring continuous performance, and multi-context student-learning outcomes? 4
  7. 7. What is the problem to which ICT is a solution? What new problems can be created by solving the OLD ones? 5
  8. 8. Can ICT transform (or disrupt) old ways of teaching, learning, researching in higher education? 6
  9. 9. can Hi.Ed. provide MORE meaningful (personalized) And lifelong learning opportunities? 7
  10. 10. How can Hi.Ed. meet the growing demand for knowledge without ignore the tradeoff between between scale VS. quality? 8
  11. 11. How is the cross-border mobility of students, educational programmes and institutions changing the higher education landscape? 9
  12. 12. Which key competencies should be fostered through learning? Are graduate students prepared for workforce and life? 10
  13. 13. Do Universities Have a Future? Are they ready to deal with the disintermediation of education? 11
  14. 14. @cristobalcobo Amara's Law: We overestimate the short effect of a ICT underestimating their impact in the long run.