Copywriting in 5W + 1H


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What is copy? Who is copywriter? No question, they are important within your business activity. This is basic knowledge you should know about copywriting.

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Copywriting in 5W + 1H

  1. 1. Copywriting in 5W + 1HCopywriting in 5W + 1H BRAHMANTO ANINDITOBRAHMANTO ANINDITOBRAHMANTO ANINDITOBRAHMANTO ANINDITO November 19November 19thth, 2010 @ Petra Christian University, 2010 @ Petra Christian University
  2. 2. WHATWHAT
  3. 3. C iti iC iti iCopywriting isCopywriting is a word gamea word gamea o d ga ea o d ga e
  4. 4. C iti iC iti iCopywriting isCopywriting is a spatial gamea spatial gamea spat a ga ea spat a ga e
  5. 5. C iti i th tC iti i th tCopywriting is the artCopywriting is the art of selling and persuading by wordsof selling and persuading by wordso se g a d pe suad g by o dso se g a d pe suad g by o ds
  6. 6. WHOWHO
  7. 7. a a writer writer withwith design design andand businessbusinessbusiness business  knowledgeknowledgegg
  8. 8. WHEN
  9. 9. Since historic era?Since historic era?Since historic era?Since historic era? Since men tried to promote things?Since men tried to promote things? Since 1950s when Ogilvy became the Since 1950s when Ogilvy became the  most famous copywriter in the world?most famous copywriter in the world? ‐‐ David OgilvyDavid Ogilvy (copywriter The Father of(copywriter The Father of(copywriter, The Father of (copywriter, The Father of  AdvertisingAdvertising)
  10. 10. WHY
  11. 11. “The very tight“The very tightThe very tight The very tight  business competition business competition  k B2B ik B2B imakes B2B companies makes B2B companies  need copywriters so need copywriters so pypy badly.”badly.” ‐‐ Steve Steve SlaunwhiteSlaunwhite ( it f th 100( it f th 100(copywriter for more than 100(copywriter for more than 100 Fortune 500 companiesFortune 500 companies)
  12. 12. WHERE
  13. 13. In HouseIn House PHPHIn HouseIn House PHPH A F lF l CWCW Agency FreelanceFreelance CWCW
  14. 14. C it ’ D iC it ’ D iCopywriter’s DomainCopywriter’s Domain llSales & Sales &  PromoPromo InternalInternal Public RelationsPublic Relations AdsAds Sales Sales  letterletter MediaMedia Biz Biz  docsdocs Annual Annual  ReportReport Press Press  releaserelease WebWeb ProfileProfile
  15. 15. HOWHOW
  16. 16. Project BriefProject Brief Client Name Product & USP Tagline Vision Mission * * Val eValue Audience Demo: Psycho:  SES:SES: Competitor * * Order | Website | Radio Ad | Video Ad | Print Ad | Sales Letter || | | | | | Annual Report | Company Profile | Other, specify …. Objective * * Style | modern | hi‐tech | classic | retro | simple | fun | formal |  ethnic | art | futuristic | kiddies | ….
  17. 17. EyeEyeEye Eye  (visual (visual  text)text) Ear Ear EyeEye (auditory)(auditory) Eye Eye  (visual (visual  pictorial)pictorial) Eye & ear Eye & ear yy (audio (audio  visual)visual)
  18. 18. ResearchResearchStepsStepspp BrainstormBrainstormDONE!DONE! WriteWrite Revision Revision  (by client)(by client) EditEditEditEdit
  19. 19. hhhh researchresearchhow to how to 
  20. 20. Files from clientFiles from client
  21. 21. Read media and booksRead media and books
  22. 22. Collect door to doorCollect door to door
  23. 23. Browse on internetBrowse on internet
  24. 24. google com/insights/searchgoogle com/insights/ d d l / l t/d d l / l t/K dT lE t lK dT lE t l l /t dl /t d l / t/l / t/ d ld l f k d dt kf k d dt
  25. 25. result forresult forresult forresult for “batik design”“batik design” i ti tinputinput
  26. 26. hhhow to how to  brainstormbrainstorm
  27. 27. List ideas on the note (work alone).List ideas on the note (work alone). Discuss together (quantity over quality).Discuss together (quantity over quality). If someone talk about the same idea, participate.If someone talk about the same idea, participate. Keep on generating ideas.Keep on generating ideas. When all ideas has been spoken, select & evaluate.When all ideas has been spoken, select & evaluate.
  28. 28. hh writewritehow to how to 
  29. 29. . . . sweet . . .. . . sweet . . .
  30. 30. . . . sexy . . .. . . sexy . . .yy
  31. 31. . . . cute . . .. . . cute . . .
  32. 32. SS UU SIMPLESIMPLE UU CC P i itiP i iti CC CC Prioritize.Prioritize. What’s the core ofWhat’s the core of EE SS What s the core ofWhat s the core of your message?your message? SS ss
  33. 33. SS UU UNEXPECTEDUNEXPECTED UU CC T t tt tiT t tt ti CC CC To get attention,To get attention, violate a schema.violate a schema. EE SS violate a schema.violate a schema. Use curiosity gaps.Use curiosity gaps. SS ss
  34. 34. SS UU CONCRETECONCRETE UU CC UU CC CC Use sensoryUse sensory language.language. EE SS language.language. A mental picture.A mental picture. SS ss
  35. 35. SS UU CREDIBLECREDIBLE UU CC C dibilit fC dibilit f CC CC Credibility fromCredibility from outside, within,outside, within, EE SS outside, within,outside, within, or statistics.or statistics. SS ss
  36. 36. SS UU EMOTIONALEMOTIONAL UU CCPeople care aboutPeople care about CC CC People care aboutPeople care about people, not numbers.people, not numbers. EE SS p p ,p p , What’s in it for them.What’s in it for them. SS ss
  37. 37. SS UU STORIESSTORIES UU CC A t d i tiA t d i ti CC CC A story drives actionA story drives action through simulationthrough simulation EE SS through simulationthrough simulation and inspiration.and inspiration. SS ss
  38. 38. Ob ’Ob ’ S h tS h tObama’sObama’s Speech at Speech at  University of IndonesiaUniversity of Indonesia SSimpleimple :: Honest, direct, without readingHonest, direct, without readingpp , , g, , g UUnexpectednexpected :: ””Sate!Sate! BaksoBakso!! EnakEnak yaya.”.” CConcreteoncrete :: Fluently told how Indonesia was.Fluently told how Indonesia was. CCredibleredible :: As a president of USA.As a president of USA. EEmotionalmotional :: ”Indonesia”Indonesia bagianbagian daridari diridiri sayasaya.”.” SStoriestories :: About tolerance and USAAbout tolerance and USA IslamIslamSStoriestories :: About tolerance and USAAbout tolerance and USA--IslamIslam
  39. 39. Internet ResourcesInternet Resources KnowledgeKnowledge 1.1. www.adoimagazine.comwww.adoimagazine.comgg 2.2. 3.3. LanguageLanguage 1.1. (Indonesian) (Indonesian) 2.2. www.oxforddictionaries.comwww.oxforddictionaries.com2.2.  3.3.
  40. 40. THANKTHANK YOU!YOU!THANKTHANK YOU!YOU! Slide & presentationSlide & presentation BRAHMANTO ANINDITOBRAHMANTO ANINDITO supported by:supported by:supported by:supported by: @@brahmanditobrahmandito