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Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy

  1. 1. Brand Strategy for a Better Bookstore Experience Keeping Print Relevant by Laura Moen
  2. 2. Business Idea: u print only bookstore offering an obscure collection u lounge and read section with ample seating u cafe area with table service u free wifi with web browsing for ereaders u rent by the hour access to adobe products u rent by the hour study spaces u inviting, friendly, knowledgeable staff u condusive for study and leisure
  3. 3. What We Offer: u permanent book collection for casual browsing or for checkout u books for purchase u work tables with outlets and charging stations u private study booths for rent u writing workshops with prominent authors u printing and scanning services u writing competitions/opportunities for apprenticeship with participating authors u book signings
  4. 4. How It Works: u free membership for customers u books from the collection are available for checkout with a membership card u books may also be purchased using a membership card u employees work for credits of time to use the communal office space u work space rents for an affordable hourly price u free wi-fi, access to printers and adobe products u open 24 hours
  5. 5. The Customer: u students, start up businesses, book lovers, literary types u creative people u intellectuals u enjoy spending quiet time alone u those who want an individual experience rather than a chainstore experience u looking for a blend of old and new
  6. 6. Profiles
  7. 7. This is Stanley. u 23 years old/recent NYU graduate u aspiring writer u lives in Astoria with his girlfriend and their dog u likes to frequent used bookstores and small coffee shops u loves New York Diners u listens to Parliment and the Black Keys Stanley needs a quiet place where he can come to work and discuss his writing with other young creatives.
  8. 8. Stanley Likes...
  9. 9. This Is Alice. u 31 years old u works at The Museum of Natural History u hangs out at Milk and Honey u lives in Williamsburg u shops at Beacon’s Closet, Search and Destroy u favorite bands are The Doors and Austra Alice works long hours in the city and needs a place to relax and catch up with friends after work.
  10. 10. Alice Likes...
  11. 11. This is Victor. u 64 year old retired professor u lives on the Upper West Side u enjoys fashion u vintage bike enthusiast u listens to Chuck Berry and Billie Holiday u loves to read historical fiction u appreciates high quality items Victor would come here to meet with former colleagues, work on his research, or just to read and relax.
  12. 12. Victor Likes...
  13. 13. Brand Drivers u vintage u leisure u obscure u comfort u individual u relax u personal u cozy u eccentric u enjoy u special u intimate u quiet u old-fashioned u studious u hidden u unique u nook
  14. 14. Obscure The unusual, rare and unexpected find.
  15. 15. Studious assiduous, knowledgeable and serious.
  16. 16. Leisure Relaxed, at ease and comfortable
  17. 17. Intimate private, personal and clandestine.
  18. 18. Competitors: u Barnes and Noble u The Strand u Argo Tea u Libraries u Fed-ex/printing companies u Amazon/Ereaders u your own apartment or home
  19. 19. The Strand: u low prices u disorganized, cramped space u cash for books u unfriendly staff u quick turnover u questionable selection
  20. 20. Argo Tea u plenty of outlets u often busy/ can’t find a seat u large tables, good work u loud/ poor work environment space u internet access with a purchase
  21. 21. Amazon: u large selection u impersonal u convenient u wait time for your purchase u you can always find what u uncertainty you’re looking for
  22. 22. Brand Identity
  23. 23. Our Mission Statement u To provide a creative, open workspace in an intimate environment facilitating the engaged individual. u
  24. 24. Name Development u On Reserve u The Station u Re-Read u Volumes u New Edition u Atlas u The Quiet Hour
  25. 25. Visual Brand Identity On Reserve o R 4. 1. On Reserve 3. o R 5. o R 2. 6. 7. o R On Reserve On Reserve
  26. 26. Chosen Identity o R On Reserve
  27. 27. The Brand Experience
  28. 28. tud y or s aw or lea ks ho sen ve t p he se sto of acc re w om ith pli a sh me nt ead dr an on cti lle co pf or nu do wn sig sit be r em am he et ow s br me co e re sto ffe co the ab a be gr ter en The Customer Journey
  29. 29. Possible Locations East Village Grove Street Astor Place
  30. 30. Interiors
  31. 31. The Staff u knowledgeable, educated, well-versed employees u literary experts with extensive knowledge of our book and product selection. u sophisticated, well dressed, excellent customer service u engaged with the customer
  32. 32. Brand Promotion
  33. 33. Customer Identity u develop a relationship with the brand u free membership u recieve special promotions, early event notifications u use for check out, purchases, buying study time, printing etc.
  34. 34. spread the word u bookmarks with QR code u promotions with Amazon u advertisements on coffee u discounts and promotions linking to website sleeves or E-Reader apps at university libraries and computer labs.
  35. 35. entice the customer u new member promotions and discounts u workshops with prominent writers u book signings u bi-monthly book club meetings
  36. 36. follow up and maintain engagement u disperse a monthly publication with information regarding upcoming events and what’s new in the store u hold special events quarterly to reward members and entice new membership
  37. 37. Thank You!