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Writing your book, short stories or articles can be very rewarding. However, getting it traditionally published can be hard. Learn the easy techniques and strategies to getting you book into print and online.

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  • How to get your work into print - Guaranteed!

    1. 1. How to Guarantee Publication in 5 easy steps. Discover How you can get your manuscript, short stories, poems or product into print GUARANTEED! Without all the hassle of trying to find an Agent or Publisher, thus freeing your time to concentrate on your writing.
    2. 2. My Story • My family Immigrated to South Africa from England when I was 3. • I found that from an early age I had a very active imagination. • Whenever I got the chance, I told stories to anyone who would listen. • Got in trouble sometimes, (convinced my brother I was an alien.) • Throughout school, I wrote poems, short stories and whatever was in my head. • Finished school in 1994. • Did 2 years of Criminal Psychology. • Next 6 years went of the rails (BIG TIME). • Immigrated back to England. • Found a job on nights as a Transport Supervisor. • Wrote my first novel at work (GOT PAID TO WRITE MY BOOK! .) • First tried Agents to help me, left with loads of rejections. • Then tried Publishers, no luck there either. • Finally researched self publishing and got it published. • I now subsidise my income through writing. • Now I want to help others realize their dream too.
    3. 3. Muti is a gripping story based on an actual African ritual that, in a clever and well structured plot, leaves you fascinated. The characters seem so real and it is hard to not "live" in the moment as the story develops. This novel carefully explains the dark and ugly truth behind mutilation, in a way that seems unimaginable. At the same time, other important issues, in which society struggles with, are brought to light. A genuine masterpiece by an extremely talented author, carefully combining heavy descriptions with a touch of lightness. A MUST for all interested in different cultural traditions and beliefs. Carla De Sousa – Portugal. What People are Saying about my work.
    4. 4. Glen, I just wanted to write you this quick e-mail to say I have just completed my first novel. Now comes the hard bit. I want to sincerely thank you , from the bottom of my heart, for all your help you’ve given me over the past two years. Your writing club is something I look forward to all week. Without it, I would just be dreaming of writing my memoirs. Your lessons were invaluable at teaching me the proper prose, construction and layout. I also want to thank you for the advise you are giving me about getting it edited and properly formatted for self-publication. See you next week. Warm Regards, Eddie – U.K
    5. 5. Who will Benefit From Self Publishing? • People who have written a novel, poetry or a collection of short stories that have found it hard to get published the traditional way. • Industry professionals that want a text book or manual produced. EG: Solicitors, Doctors, Pilots, Teachers, even Mechanics. • Internet Marketers that want to create a product for their customers.
    6. 6. Why Self-Publish? • Time – Traditional publishing takes too long (around 18 months). Self- Publishing (within a month). • Your Book – the way you want it. You get total control of the whole project. • You keep 100% of the rights – You own the content. • Test the market – Find out how well it will sell & how successful it will be. • Limited Market – may not interest a large publishing house. • Legacy – your book is an expression of yourself & a great legacy to leave behind. • Global distribution. –, Barnes and Nobel. • Instant credibility – You are seen as an expert.
    7. 7. Traditional VS Self Publishing Things you might not know about the publishing industry! • In 2009 a total of 288,355 books were traditionally published in the U.S compared to 764,448 self published books. ( That’s a massive 4:1 ratio. • Due to the digital age, it’s harder to get Published Traditionally, hence the uptrend in previously Published Authors now going down the Self Publishing route. • It’s far easier to go Digital via Self Publishing than Traditional Publishing. In fact, in most cases, Self Publishing houses offer an e-book service as standard. Some go one step further and offer your book as an App that can be downloaded from iTunes. (How Cool Is That?) • Historically Traditional books received better marketing than POD (Print on Demand) books. However, it has now become far easier to promote POD books due to Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter. • In 2009, there were more Self Published Books sold on websites like Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other online bookshops than Traditional Books. • You have a better chance of getting Published Traditionally on the back of your success as a profitable Self Publisher. • Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway, Steven King & Mark Twain – these are just some of the big names who started off their careers in Self Publishing.
    8. 8. The 5 steps to Self-Publishing. • Step 1: Understanding the different types of Publishing. • Step 2: The Basics – What every book should have. • Step 3: Suitability – Finding the right Publisher for you. • Step 4: Getting it to Print – What to expect. • Step 5: Promotion.
    9. 9. 1. Understanding The Different Types Of Publishing.
    10. 10. Step 1: Understanding the different types of Publishing. • Three Main ways to Publish... • Traditional Publishing. • Vanity Publishing. • Self Publishing.
    11. 11. Traditional Publishing. • Traditional Publishing is when a Publishing House signs you to a contract, gives you an advance, takes your manuscript, edits it to publication standard and gets it onto the shelves of book stores. Pros • Kudos and Prestige when published with a famous House. • Professional editing, printing and distributing which is free. • Easily accepted at bookshops & other retail outlets. • Some marketing costs covered and may be given a publicist. • An advance may be given on future royalties. • May be offered a multiple contract if book sell well. Cons • Long lead times, so be prepared to wait. • Lack of control over process and final product. • If you don’t sell the books, they get destroyed and you lose your contract. • May have to pay back royalties if not successful. • Have to constantly promote your book to generate sales. • You lose the rights, so if your book doesn’t sell, you cannot publish it by other means. • The royalties aren’t very good – 3 to 5%.
    12. 12. Vanity Publishing. • A Vanity Press or Vanity Publisher is when a Publishing House publishes books at the authors expense. Or compiles a collection of short stories and sells them back to the author. Pros • Author retains rights to work. • Author has 100% creative control – you have the book the way you want it. • Author gets to set their own discount and royalty rates. • It’s quicker than Traditional publishing. • Don’t have to worry about ISBN numbers or online stores, they do it for you. • Great sales and marketing tool than a brochure. Cons • Don’t get the acclaim of being a “Published Author”. • If you use a well known one, kills you as an “authority” on a certain subject or niche’. • You take all the risk and pay them for the privilege. • The ISBN belongs to the Publisher. • You have to do all the editing, typesetting, and cover yourself. • Book wholesalers and distributors don’t like Vanity Books. • It’s very hard to recoup the costs involved with Vanity Publishing.
    13. 13. Self Publishing. • Self Publishing, also known as POD (Print On Demand) Publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher. It’s also done at the expense of the publisher. Pros • Author keeps all the profits. • Author is entitled to 100% of profits from foreign and film rights as well as other media (e-books). • Author has complete creative control. • Get it published a lot quicker than Traditional publishing and print only what you need. • Still get the acclaim of being a Published Author. • Distribution through Amazon and Barnes & Nobel is quite easy. • If a Traditional Publisher wants to buy the rights, you won’t have a contract to buy out of. Cons • You take all the risk, but can be minimised (I’ll show you how later.) • You will need to sort out ISBN number, editing, typesetting, production, publication and distribution. Some offer this service as extra. • Hard to turn a rough manuscript into a finished product. • Can be challenging to get Book wholesalers and distributors on your side. • Finding a good and freelance book designer can be difficult. • You may have a difficult time getting it into bookstores.
    14. 14. 2. The Basics – What every book should have.
    15. 15. Step 2: What every book should have. • Cover art. • International Standard Book Number. (ISBN). • Formats. • Binding. • Legal Deposit with National Libraries. • Distribution. • Search Engine Enabled.
    16. 16. Cover Art. • 3 ways to get the perfect cover art. 1. Design one yourself and upload it to Self-Publisher – Cheapest way. 2. Get a graphic designer to make you one. •,,, 3. Find a Self-Publishing House that will do one for you.
    17. 17. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) • An ISBN is a controlled 10 or 13 digit identification number allowing publishers, libraries and book dealers to locate books. • You will need an ISBN number if you want to sell your book in bookstores and libraries as well as getting it listed on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. • You can get an ISBN yourself from (costs around $125), or if you live in the U.K from (Costs around £80). • Or you can get one assigned to you from a self-publishing house. (prices vary).
    18. 18. Formats. • Make sure the Publisher offers paragraph indents, mixed fonts, headers and footers, page numbering, and, in some cases, table of contents as standard. • When submitting to Publisher the industry standard is as follows: 12pt, New Times Roman or Arial, single spacing (double for editing) & 1st line indentation, saved in Rich Text Format (.rtf). • Make sure you can get it as paperback, hardback and in digital format (e-book.)
    19. 19. Binding. • Normally 5 types of binding available depending on what type and how many pages: 1. Perfect bound – eg, for novels, 32-740 pages. 2. Saddle Stitch – eg, for workbooks, 1- 88 pages. 3. Coil Bound – eg, for presentation, 1-470 pages. 4. Case Wrap – eg, Hardback novels, 24-800 pages. 5. Dust Cover - eg, to protect hardback, 24-800 pages.
    20. 20. Legal Deposit with National Libraries. • If you want to sell it via bookstores, this is a statutory requirement. • You have to submit your book to at least one main Library. Some Publishing houses send to more. • A copy should also be sent to the Copyright Libraries Agency.
    21. 21. Distribution. • If you want to make money from selling your book, you would want at least Internet Distribution and possibly Wholesale distribution. • Prices vary from Publisher to Publisher. • You would need an ISBN number. • Internet Distribution: Publisher, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel & Ingrams. • Wholesale Distribution: Bertrams, Gardners & Nielsen.
    22. 22. Search Engine enabled. • Once the book is published you’ll want it to be search engine enabled so that people can find it via Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. • Should come as standard. • Website design is optional and at a cost.
    23. 23. 3. Suitability - Finding the Best Publisher for you.
    24. 24. Step 3. Suitability - Finding the Best Publisher for you. • Publishing Goals. • 3 ways to find a Self Publisher. • Finding one that suits your needs. • Self Publishing houses.
    25. 25. Publishing Goals. • Before you look for a publisher ask yourself these 6 questions: 1. What is the vision I have for my work? • Commercial Success? Do I want to take up writing as a career? • Personal Satisfaction? Is it a hobby and I would just like to see it in print? • Professional Recognition? Do I want to be seen as an expert in my field? • Product Owner? Do I want to sell the work as in information product for people to use. 2. Do you have specific requirements? I.E. Does it need formatting in a certain way? 3. Does my work need further editing? 4. What’s the best way to Market and Promote my work? 5. Who would be interested in buying my work? 6. How many copies do I hope to sell? • Once you know the answers, finding a publisher should be easy.
    26. 26. 3 ways to find a Publisher. 1. The easiest and fastest way is through the internet. • Type in “How to Self Publish” and research a variety of them to get the best one that suits your individual needs. 2. Purchase a copy of the Writers And Artists Yearbook or The Writers Handbook. • These have extensive lists of Agents & Publishers with their fees. 3. Your local library and writers workshops. • Don’t be afraid to ask.
    27. 27. Finding one to suit your needs. • Every Self-Publishing house offers a wide variety of services. • Most, if not all will offer some sort of package. • Packages range from £250 - £15,500. • You need to find one tailored to your individual needs. • Some basic services include: Typesetting, Formatting, Cover design, PDF proof copy, complementary copy of your book, Internet and Wholesale distribution, digital availability (e- books). • Additional services include: ISBN number, Critique, Formal Editing, Marketing, Press release, Media blast, web design & availability via e-readers (Kindle).
    28. 28. Self-Publishing Houses. • Here’s a list of the best publishing houses around. I’d write some of these down  • Authors Online – Offer 4 services: Private Publication, Basic, Standard & Enhanced Prices start from around £299. You can expect great support, Cover design, Formatting, Editorial Quality Review, ISBN, Global Distribution, complementary copies for you & copies sent to Libraries. • Lulu – They offer 3 main packages: Best Seller, Masterpiece and Laureate. Prices start at $629. Expect all of the above. • Xilbris – The offer 5 packages: Professional , Custom, Premium, Executive & Platinum. Prices start at £799. • GHP (Grosvenor House Publishing) - Main package is £799. You get all of the above plus Marketing guide. Offer website building for £299. • Authorhouse – Two packages: Basic & Premium. Prices start at £795. • iUniverse - 6 Packages: Select, Premier, Premier Pro, Bookstore Premier Pro, Online Premier Pro & Book Launch Premier Pro. Prices start from $599. • Spiderwize - Main package from £549.
    29. 29. 4. Getting it to Print – What to expect.
    30. 30. Step 4: Getting it to print – What to expect. • Edit, Edit & Edit some more. • Submission. • Printing. • Extra services.
    31. 31. Edit, Edit & Edit some more. • You want your book to be a good read and sell well. • After you’ve written the book, go back and edit yourself. • Get a critique of your work. Costs around £215, some editors may charge a lot more. • Pay to get it proofread and edited by a professional. Costs between £250 - £5000.
    32. 32. Submission. • Each Publisher has different submission guidelines – read them carefully to avoid delays. • Depending on what services you require, it should take a minimum of 1 month to get it to print. Some take longer. • Please note: There will be a price difference between the normal black and white and colour publishing. • Make sure the Publisher can be easily contacted should anything need changing. • Sit back and relax, the hard work is done for now.
    33. 33. Printing. • Make sure you are provided with a PDF copy for your approval before printing begins. • All Publishers should provide you with at least one paperback copy. • You’ll want a few copies for Friends and Family so find a Publisher that gives you discounted rates. • Make sure you have Global Distribution both online and offline.
    34. 34. Extra Services. • Most Publishers offer Marketing services which include: Press Releases, Publicity campaigns, Media Blasts, Book signings, websites, Book reviews and many more. • The more you want, the more you will pay.
    35. 35. 5. Promotion.
    36. 36. Step 5: Promotion. • Self Publish Houses. • Online. • Radio and TV. • Book shows and signings. • Social Media. • Publicists.
    37. 37. Self Publish Houses. • Find out what Marketing services they have to offer. • Examples: Media Blasts – Book is promoted to targeted print (magazines & newspapers.) • Publicity campaigns – Book is promoted to print, broadcast (radio & T.V) & online. • Press Releases. • Book reviews. • Pros – get a wide reach of targeted marketing. • Cons – Very costly, prices range from £1200 - £10,000.
    38. 38. Online. • There are many ways to promote online, here are a few examples: • Writing Forums. • Create your own website. • Create squidoo and hub pages. • Write articles and publish them on sites like • Send out e-mails to friends and family. • Promote to websites like:,
    39. 39. Radio and T.V. • You need to actively promote yourself as well as your book. • Send a press release to your local radio station and arrange an interview. • Do the same for local T.V.
    40. 40. Book shows and signings. • Another fantastic way to meet your potential fans and customers. • Contact local bookstores, libraries, museums and schools. • Can be a book launch, signing, meet the author or a reading from your book. • Contact clubs and groups and offer yourself as a speaker.
    41. 41. Social Media. • Create Facebook Fanpage and invite friends to join. • Create a Facebook “Like” page & offer a snippet of your book. • Post daily to Facebook, Twitter & as many social media sites you can think of. • Let people know where to buy your book.
    42. 42. Publicists. • Avoid doing all the hard work yourself and pay someone to do it for you. • Publicists have all the contacts to get your book noticed fast. • They know exactly what you need to create a strong publicity campaign. • Know the wants and needs to your targeted audience. • Avoid all the pit-falls when promoting your book. • Work with you personally to get the best results. • Can be relatively expensive, but will get fantastic results. Around £2000 for a good campaign. • Finding a good publicist couldn’t be easier – just google “Find me a publicist to promote my book.”
    43. 43. Let’s Recap • Step 1: Understanding Types of Publishing. • Step 2: The basics of Self Publishing. • Step 3: Suitability – Finding the right one. • Step 4: Getting it To Print. • Step 5: Promotion.
    44. 44. • So, I hope when you leave this webinar you’ll see I gave you a lot of great information. Right? • But if you haven’t done self-publishing before it can be a little overwhelming, I'm sure you’ll agree. • So what can you do about it? • Is it ok if I show you guys a fast and easy way to make all this happen for you?
    45. 45. • One sure fire, easy way to get your work published is by getting someone else to do it for you... • I would like to offer my services, so you don’t have to lift a finger. I will take the stress out of the whole process. All you have to do, is email me your work and I’ll do the rest. How does that sound?
    46. 46. Product 1: Private One To One • You’re going to get to personally chat with me and discuss your work. We’ll talk about what you want your book to look like, the format you want it presented in, what you want your cover to look like and much more. I will leave no stone left unturned. The great thing with this one to one is that at the end of the call, you will have a clear indication of exactly how your book will look like. VALUED AT £120.
    47. 47. Product 2: Cover Design. • You give me an Idea of what you want the cover to look like, and I’ll get my team of Graphic Designers to create a great cover for you. • Or if you don’t have anything in mind, I can get my team to create one for you, using the title as a reference. VALUED AT £367
    48. 48. Product 3: Layout and Formatting. • As soon as you e-mail me a copy of the manuscript and we have discussed how you want it to look, I will get it formatted to your specification, ready for immediate publication. VALUED AT £257.
    49. 49. Product 4: ISBN Registration. • I will arrange for your book to have a registered ISBN number, so it can be sold on bookshops and Online stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. VALUED AT £78.
    50. 50. Product 5: Distribution. • Once the book is in print, I will make sure that is available through Global Distribution via Bookstores like Bertrams, Ingrams, Waterstones etc. VALUED AT £46.
    51. 51. Product 6: Internet Distribution. • I’ll make your book available to buy via online stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, AuthorsOnline and my personal website VALUED AT £20.
    52. 52. Product 7: Search Engine Enabled. • Once completed and your book is available online, I will make it search engine enabled with the likes of Google, Yahoo & Bing. VALUED AT £15.
    53. 53. Product 8: 1st Year Annual Fee. • Once Published I will provide you with the 1st Years Annual fee, so that it will be available in UK, US & North American bookshops. After the year has finished, If you still want the book to be available in the bookshops, you will have to pay $40. VALUED AT £25.
    54. 54. Product 9: Digital Availability. • Once it has been made available in online stores, I will format it so it is available to buy as an e-book for the Kindle, Ipad and other various e-book readers. VALUED AT £99.
    55. 55. Product 10: Legal Deposit • As part of the package, I will make sure that statutory copies are sent to the Copyright Libraries Agency, and the British and American Libraries. Your Book data will also be sent to Major Bibliographic Agencies like Bowker and Nielsen. VALUED AT £10.
    56. 56. Product 11: Complementary Copy. • Once publication has been finalised, you will be sent a complementary copy of the book to show off to your friends. VALUED AT £0.
    57. 57. So here’s what you get • Product 1: One On One manuscript discussion. £120. • Product 2: Unique Cover Design £367. • Product 3: Layout and Formatting £257. • Product 4: ISBN Registration Number £78. • Product 5: Global Distribution £46. • Product 6: Internet Distribution £20. • Product 7: Search Engine Enabled £15. • Product 8: 1st Year Annual Fee £25. • Product 9: Digital Availability £99. • Product 10: Legal Deposit £10. • Product 11: Complementary Copy £0. • TOTAL VALUE £1037.00
    58. 58. Here’s what Ally has to say about the service... Hi Glen, I’ve always wanted to put all my stories together and maybe make a book to sell, but I had no idea where to start… that was before I met You. Glen, I just want to let you know that you made my dream a reality. You made my book look so professional, the cover is great… and the best thing is that people all over the world are reading my book now! Thank you!! - Ally L – U.S.
    59. 59. Bev also had to say a few kind words. Hi Glen, , I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you’ve given me! I scoured the internet looking for a way to publish my book but I found it really difficult just knowing what the first steps should be. Then I found your website and you helped me through the whole process. Suddenly it was really easy, my headaches and worrying stopped and everything was straightforward and hassle free. I’m really grateful I found you and I’d like to say to anyone else out there wanting to get something published and feeling as lost as I was, take the opportunity and learn from Glen Palmer. Thanks once again. :-) Bev – U.K
    60. 60. Finally, this is what Ben had to say... Hi Glen, Ben here. I want to write a quick e-mail to thank you for the help you gave me in realising my dream and publishing my book. Without your help I still think it would just be a dream. I didn’t think it could be as easy as following your step by step guide and at the end having a book to show for it. I have already informed a few friends about you and they are on there way to realising their dream and publishing their own books, so thanks for everything Glen. Ben Milburn – U.K
    61. 61. Added Bonuses! I want to reward you if you’ve already made up you’re mind. You’ll be happy to hear that you get these AWESOME BONUSES as well
    62. 62. BONUS 1- A Full Critique of your work. • After you’ve sent me your manuscript, I will send it to one of my professional editors to give it a full Critique. • This is the start of the “polishing” process. • A Critique is a critical review of your work. It includes: Title review, the power of the opening sentences, a review of the dialogue. You will also receive a brief review of the mechanics of the books spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as formatting with a final conclusion. • This will help you find out exactly what’s needed to be edited to make it more marketable. Now wouldn’t that be good? VALUED AT £185.
    63. 63. BONUS 2- Proofread. • Your manuscript will be then read by one of my professional proofreaders. • It will be a little more in-depth than the critique and will focus on assessing it’s saleability, and analysing major elements like plot, dialogue, characterisation, structure, coherency, consistency and organisation. • You will then have the opportunity to edit your work before going to press. So what do you think of that? VALUED AT £358.
    64. 64. BONUS 3- Full edit. • You book will receive a full edit from one of our professional editors. • These guys have been doing this for over ten years and know what they’re doing. • This will work in conjunction with the critique and proof-read and will be a full review of your work, with suggestions for amendment. • Of course you keep creative control so it’s entirely up to you if you want to keep it as it is or accept the changes. • So now you won’t have to spend ages editing your work, it’ll be done for you, giving you the time to concentrate on more writing. Now wouldn’t that be good? VALUED AT £1540.
    65. 65. BONUS 4- Extra Copies. • Along with the complementary copy, I will arrange for an extra 9 copies to be sent to you, so you can distribute them to your friends and family and show off now you’re a published author. VALUED AT £130.
    66. 66. Knockout BONUS VALUED AT: £1540. Your very own Publicity Campaign. With this, you will get a Professional Press Release expertly written and sent to over 8000 Journalists across a wide range of media from National & Local radio and TV, National and Local Newspapers and scores of magazines. You’ll also receive a YouTube video testimonial with a guarantee of 10,000 unique views. Then you will get a Facebook Fanpage created where I will invite over 3000 people to it. Finally a short blurb of your book and where to buy it will be sent to over 50,000 twitter followers.
    67. 67. So here’s what you get • Product 1: One On One manuscript discussion. £120. • Product 2: Unique Cover Design £367. • Product 3: Layout and Formatting £257. • Product 4: ISBN Registration Number £78. • Product 5: Global Distribution £46. • Product 6: Internet Distribution £20. • Product 7: Search Engine Enabled £15. • Product 8: 1st Year Annual Fee £25. • Product 9: Digital Availability £99. • Product 10: Legal Deposit £10. • Product 11: Complementary Copy £0. • BONUS 1: Critique £185. • BONUS 2: Proofread £358. • BONUS 3: Edit £1540. • BONUS 4: Extra Copies £130. • KNOCKOUT BONUS: Publicity Campaign £1540. • TOTAL VALUE £4790.00
    68. 68. £ 4790 VALUE For the First 10 people ONLY £997 TODAY ONLY
    69. 69. WAIT!!! • Before I give you instructions on how to order, I must state, to avoid confusion, that these prices have been designed for a traditional black and white print. • If you require colour photos or pictures to be included, please contact me at: to arrange a different quote. (As you can imagine, colour printing is more expensive). Thanks  • This also includes colour availability on the Kindle and other e-readers.
    70. 70. Drop me an e-mail at to buy it now Remember this amazing offer of £997 is Exclusive to this webinar!
    71. 71. 14 Day Risk FREE trial If after 14 days, you are not completely satisfied with the service I provide you, just send me an e-mail and I’ll refund you the full amount. No Questions Asked.
    72. 72. You’ve got to be quick! I’m only accepting the 1st 10 emails. So go to to buy it now!