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"Il n´y a pas de hors-texte": challenges for Archival Linked Data. Adrian Stevenson


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Presentada en la Jornada de Web semántica en archivos, bibliotecas y museos, en la Fundación Ramón Areces, el 10 de abril de 2014.

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"Il n´y a pas de hors-texte": challenges for Archival Linked Data. Adrian Stevenson

  1. 1. Meeting on Semantic Web and Archives, Libraries and Museums Fundación Ramón Areces, Madrid, Spain. 10th April 2014 Adrian Stevenson Senior Technical Innovations Coordinator Mimas, University of Manchester, UK @adrianstevenson “Il n’y a pas de hors-texte” – Challenges for Archival Linked Data
  2. 2. “Il n’y a pas de hors-texte” ‘Of Grammatology’ Jacques Derrida, 1967
  3. 3. “There is nothing outside the text”
  4. 4. “There is nothing outside context”
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  7. 7. Deconstruction / Context • Archives Hub data in ‘Encoded Archival Description’ EAD XML form • Need to think about: – knowing what we want to say about our ‘things’ – data modelling – defining relationships – selecting vocabularies – deciding on identifiers – HTTP URIs – creating RDF XML – linking to external resources
  8. 8. Archival Resource Finding Aid EAD Document Biographical History Agent FamilyPerson Place Concept Genre Function Organisation maintainedBy/ maintains origination associatedWith accessProvidedBy/ providesAccessTo topic/ page hasPart/ partOf hasPart/ partOf encodedAs/ encodes Repository (Agent) Book Place topic/ page Language Level administeredBy/ administers hasBiogHist/ isBiogHistFor foaf:focus Is-a associatedWith level Is-a language Concept Scheme inScheme Object representedBy Postcode Unit Extent Creation Birth Death extent participates in Temporal Entity Temporal Entity at time at time product of in Archives Hub Model
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  10. 10. Visualisation Prototype Using Timemap – – Googlemaps and Simile – map/ Early stages with this Will give location and ‘extent’ of archive. Will link through to Archives Hub
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  13. 13. Linking Lives • Linking Lives is a project to create an end-user interface based on Linked Data • A biographical interface, providing information about individuals that is taken from a variety of sources • Aim is to place archival descriptions within a much broader context
  14. 14. Martha Beatrice Webb Place of birth: Gloucester, England Place of death: Liphook, Hampshire, England Life dates: 1858-1943 Epithet: social reformer and historian Family name: Webb Image from: Beatrice Webb letters Beatrice Webb (1858 - 1943). Fabian Socialist, social reformer, writer, historian, diarist. Wife, collaborator and assistant of Sidney Webb, later Lord Passfield. Together they contributed to the radical ideology first of the Liberal Party and later of the Labour Party. from: Beatrice Webb, A summer holiday in Scotland, 1884. Beatrice Webb (1858-1943), nee Potter, social reformer and diarist. Married to Sidney Webb, pioneers of social science. She was involved in many spheres of political and social activity including the Labour Party, Fabianism, social observation, investigations into poverty, development of socialism, the foundation of the National Health Service and post war welfare state, the London School of Biographical Notes Works Our Partnership My Apprenticeship The case for the factory acts Beatrice Webb’s diaries; edited by Margaret Cole The Diary Knows,_1st_Bar on_Passfield
  15. 15. Why? • Telling stories • Placing archives in a global information space • External data forms part of the user interface – moving away from the silo approach • Dynamic links to other content • Extensible • An exemplar – shows what can be done
  16. 16. Some Challenges / Lessons Learnt • Steep learning curve • Difficult data, URI persistence • Linking data not straightforward • Keeping data up to date • How sustainable are the data sources? • Can you track the provenance of data sources? • Are data licensing issues covered?
  17. 17. Data Modelling • Steep learning curve –RDF terminology “confusing” –Lack of archival examples • Complexity –Archival description is hierarchical and multi-level –RDF may be at odds with ISAD(G)
  18. 18. Hub data inconsistencies • Winston Leonard Churchill • Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill • Churchill, Sir, Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874- 1965, knight, prime minister and historian • Churchill, Winston Leonard, 1874-1965, prime minister • Churchill, Sir Winston, 1874-1965, knight, statesman and historian
  19. 19. Understanding Vocabs & Ontologies
  20. 20. Linking Names
  21. 21. Linking Subjects
  22. 22. Thoughts on What Next? • We still need more convincing use / business cases – Clear articulation of what researchers actually gain by bringing diverse data together • We still need more and better tools – But this depends on use cases • Cultural heritage not working together enough – better collaboration on things like name URIs • Coordinated consistent approach for vocabs
  23. 23. Adrian Stevenson @adrianstevenson More on Linked Data at:
  24. 24. This presentation is available under creative commons Non Commercial-Share Alike: