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DBpedia: A Public Data Infrastructure for the Web of Data


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DBpedia: A Public Data Infrastructure for the Web of Data

  1. 1. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 1 The DBpedia Project A Public Data Infrastructure for a Large, Multilingual, Semantic Knowledge Graph Sebastian Hellmann and Dimitris Kontokostas LOD2 Presentation . 02.09.2010 . Page AKSW, InfAI, Universität Leipzig
  2. 2. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 2 Introduction
  3. 3. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 3 Introduction
  4. 4. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 4 Introduction
  5. 5. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 5 Introduction Query Wikipedia Like a Database
  6. 6. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 6 Problems & Challenges Research vs Development
  7. 7. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 7 Problems & Challenges • DBpedia is excellent for Research: • DBpedia - A crystallization point for the web of data by Lehmann and Bizer ~ 900 citations • High number of research contributions using DBpedia • Good number of FP7 and also H2020 projects • Outreach into domains beyond the Semantic Web:
  8. 8. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 8 Problems & Challenges DBpedia structure is not yet fit to bridge the gap to Development • Research prototypes lack: – maturity, documentation and usability • Industrial requirements:
  9. 9. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 9 DBpedia Association • Within the next 14 days the DBpedia Association will be operational and reach official status as a legal entity • • Not-for-profit Main goal is to support the: DBpedia Contributors Community
  10. 10. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 10 Goals of the DBpedia Project Extract structured data from all available content created by Wikipedians (and other open-data projects) in all languages ● Cross-national DBpedia chapter interlinking and data fusion/completion ● Uphold a free, public data infrastructure to exploit this wealth of data ● Support the Linked Data Community (and in particular the DBpedia Community) to clean, publish, enrich, interlink their data ● Move from Research on to Development ● Bring together publishers and consumers ● Improve structured data in Wikipedia ● Establish co-operations with other like-minded projects and organisations ● Education and training on DBpedia ●
  11. 11. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 11 DBpedia Association Board Executive Board: Sebastian Hellmann, Michael Martin, Dimitris Kontokostas International Board of Trustees (for the main infrastructure): Sören Auer, Chris Bizer, Kingsley Idehen Local Boards of Trustees: German: Adrian Paschke, Harald Sack, Sebastian Hellmann Polish: Witold Abramowicz, Agata Filipowska Dutch: Gerard Kuys Spanish: Asun Gomez-Perez French: Fabien Gandon Italian: Michele Barbera Greek: Charalampos Bratsas Korean: Key-Sun Choi Japanese: Hideaki Takeda
  12. 12. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 12 Funding sources Donations DBpedia Project accepts donations for: ● International Chapter (for the main infrastructure and data) ● Local Chapters (e.g., All donors will be mentioned and highlighted on the DBpedia membership page ● All donations will be published as linked data and each donor will get a Linked Data URI. ● Sponsorship ● Add a premium DBpedia support badge on your website ● Mentioning at the DBpedia Community Meeting
  13. 13. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 13 DBpedia Community Meeting SEMANTiCS 2014 10th International Conference on Semantic Systems (Formerly i-Semantics in Graz) Transfer / Engineering / Community September 4-5 in Leipzig, Germany Co-located with: 2nd DBpedia Community Meeting on September 3rd
  14. 14. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 14 DBpedia Data Stack
  15. 15. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 15 DBpedia Committee Lifecycle
  16. 16. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 16 DBpedia Data Curation Lifecycle
  17. 17. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 17 DBpedia Association Programs Internship Program → training on SPARQL and SW technology → train your employees on Dbpedia (and Linked Data) Developer Program → allow developers to participate in DBpedia (e.g. 10% rule) Data Persistency Program → persistent URI and data hosting Data Quality Program → DBpedia+ data and validation report / domain-specific data (Research) Project Support Program → General advice/support, deliverable review, technical validation, workshops/training, provision of infrastructure → sustainable consolidation of results
  18. 18. Meetup Mannheim– 2014/02/23 – Page 18 DBpedia in 2014 Thank you! Sebastian Hellmann Feedback: Slides: