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  1. 2. What is XTC XTC is a drug available in pills and capsules, in different colors and shapes, and often with a logo. The active substance in XTC is called MDMA and has a double effect. It is a stimulant with boosting effects and also has a hallucinogenic effect. The perception intensifies as well as the feeling of increased empathy toward others. Often the pills are sold as XTC, but instead of MDMA contain different and unpredictable substances or placebos.
  2. 3. What are the effects of Ecstasy, what does an XTC user feel? The user is stimulated both physically and mentally. XTC has the ability to suppress exhaustion which doesn't mean that the fatigue is gone but that it is only masked. After the rush, the feeling of fatigue returns more heavily. At the same time, perception intensifies. Under the influence of XTC, people tend to get more intimate with others. Effects generally appear within 20-60 minutes. The first hour after that the effects are felt the most. After 4-6 hours the effects are gone but some people still feel the effects the following day. That can be a nice feeling, but also an empty and depressed feeling. A depressive or miserable mood can last for days. Side effects are tension in the jaws, palpitations (rapid or irregular heart beat), a dry mouth and throat, nausea and shortness of breath. Sometimes, movements are difficult to co-ordinate. These negative effects can lead to panic attacks, and are quality and dose dependent and will vary depending on sensibility, mood, expectations and the health of the individual user. Last but not least, the environment can also influence the effects.
  3. 4. How Dangerous are XTC Pills Analysis shows that many pills that are sold as XTC pills are really not XTC at all. They don't contain MDMA, but for instance speed, MDEA or other substances with even bigger risks. And also the dose is often very different. MDEA has a more boosting effect than a hallucinogenic effect, and has a shorter duration: 3-5 hours and therefore looks more like speed. A user looking for a hallucinogenic effect is tempted more easily to take a second or even a third MDEA pill, and thus is taking a great risk. A person who uses XTC or any other stimulant experiences no fatigue, and can dance for hours. When it is hot and humid and the user doesn't drink enough water or soft drinks, the body can get overheated and dehydrate, resulting in failure of certain muscles and organs such as kidneys. Overheating is extremely dangerous and difficult to treat; a risk that can be reduced by enough ventilation and cooling in clubs and discos. XTC users turn out to be more sensitive to flu, cold and laryngitis; female users are more susceptible to bladder infection or infections of the urinary tract. Long-term use can cause depression, fear, panic reactions, sleeping problems and impotence. People with asthma, a weak heart, high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy should definitely not use XTC. It can intensify depression, panic attacks and psychosis. XTC combined with other substances like alcohol and medicines is very risky. It makes the user overconfident and it can affect the ability of co-ordination. Therefore, it can be very dangerous in traffic.
  4. 5. Is XTC Addictive? There is a difference between mental and physical dependence. Physical dependence means that the body protests when the substance is no longer taken. XTC has no withdrawal effects, but gradually a higher dose is required to reach the same effects. If, after a long period of not using XTC, you start using it with a high dose, the hallucinogenic effect will show up. Mental dependence means that the user gradually desires the substance more and more often and can't feel happy without it anymore. Mental dependence is possible with XTC users especially because some people can hardly do without the kicks that XTC and similar products produce.
  5. 6. Dealing with the Fear that Can Occur when Using XTC The user should know that it is mainly the fear that he is frightened of. Try to control respiration and try to relax. Convince yourself that the fear will go away. Fear and panic attacks can be prevented by not using XTC. If it happens regularly, it is better to stop completely. XTC can intensify the mood you are in. If you don't feel comfortable and use XTC, it is very likely that the effects will be negative. So in order to prevent fear and panic attacks, you should avoid XTC use or make sure that you feel good before you use. Fear and panic attacks can work as a vicious circle. If you had a fear or panic attack after using XTC once, it is very likely to be afraid to have another attack when using again. You should realize what actually happens: you are afraid to get scared which makes you frightened, and so you will actually become frightened. If you have a panic attack, try to realize that it is the fear for fear that you're feeling, that it is a result of going out and using XTC, and that it takes a while but then goes away by itself. You could also talk to a good friend .
  6. 7. Dealing with Someone Using XTC If you go to discos and house parties, you may get in contact with XTC use. When a user feels uncomfortable or unwell after using XTC it is important that the user doesn't panic. Try to calm the user down in a cool and quiet room. If the user doesn't calm down and is not approachable after a while, call for professional in the help. A high temperature and an irregular heartbeat are obvious alarming symptoms.