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Amy Musser


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Amy Musser

  1. 1. IAQ+Energy+Health=Ideal Amy Musser, Ph.D., P.E. Vandemusser Design, PLLC
  2. 2. Indoor air quality – industrial hygeinemodel1. Avoid generating contaminants indoors when possible.2. Remove known contaminants where and when they happen.3. Dilute unknown and unavoidable contaminants. common sense, not rocket science.
  3. 3. Avoid indoor contaminants No smoking policies Formaldehyde-free building products Low/no VOC products Mold remediation Asbestos Eliminate indoor combustion appliances
  4. 4. Remove known contaminants where andwhen they happen. Bath and kitchen exhaust  Moisture  cooking byproducts Radon mitigation systems Direct-vented combustion appliances
  5. 5. Dilute unknown and unavoidablecontaminants Natural infiltration  uses a lot of energy  air can come through attic, crawlspace, garage – is this clean?  pests use the same pathways Tight home + mechanical ventilation  efficient  reliable – does not depend on weather  can add filter or dehumidifier to system