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Jody Bradley


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Jody Bradley

  2. 2. Focus on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and indoor air quality.
  3. 3. Indoor Air Quality Accomplishments• Policies on dust control barriers during construction• Environmental Air Quality studies done• Humidity levels check monthly (mold)• Free air intakes (don’t circulate)• Mercury free for one year (5 years)• Respiratory fitting on annual basis
  4. 4. Indoor Air Quality cont.• EPA approved cleaning agents (less volatile, aromatic)• HEPA filters• Asthma triggers• Smoke free campus• Plants in facility
  5. 5. Challenges• Monitoring PVC – IV bags, tubing, gloves, building materials, flooring, wall coverings, pipes, etc.• Monitoring low VOC paints, stains, finishes, adhesives, sealants.
  6. 6. Best Practices
  7. 7. Lunch and Learn
  8. 8. 10 Raised Beds
  9. 9. Composter
  10. 10. Dietary Crop
  11. 11. Green Fair/Earth Day
  12. 12. We Recycle!
  13. 13. We Recycle!
  14. 14. Recycling DayOnce monthOffice suppliesFree/exchangeOffer to patients
  15. 15. Motion Lights
  16. 16. Green Tips in NewsletterGREEN TIP The Swain County Extension Office will present a “Composting” Lunch and Learn tomorrow at 11:30 in the Main Conference Room. Class is limited to 12. Lunch is provided. You must register with PR.
  17. 17. Spring Cleaning
  18. 18. Farmer’s Market
  19. 19. Wild South’s Roosevelt Ashe Award “Green Business of Year”
  20. 20. What’s coming up?• Maintain and recognize relationships with Supply, Facilities, and Housekeeping. Empower them….• Removing and replacing carpeting.• Reduce cost of Red Bag waste/track• Track energy bills• Water faucets• Pass Along Club
  21. 21. free food cartinstalled florescent lighting and replaced energy depleting ballastsdeveloped recognition and incentive awards for energy saving ideasgreen tips to staff and community,can and bottle recyclingreduce vending machine lightingfixed picnic areas with umbrellas for staffprovide seeds to patients and staffset up recycled battery stationcardboard recyclingdecrease in red bag (hazardous) waste - set up meditation areas for patients –plant flowers around facilitydistributed green shopping bags to patients and staffdistributed CFL light bulbs to patients and staffdiscourage the use of Styrofoam in the facility
  22. 22. Green Hospital Committee