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Mathis Consulting- Building Codes


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Presented by Bridget Herring at the Restaurant Energy Education Forum on 1-13-12

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Mathis Consulting- Building Codes

  1. 1. Why Buildings Matter and Brief Evolution of Codes Bridget Herring 2 MC Mathis Consulting Company
  2. 2. Mathis Consulting Company• 100+ Years of Experience as Building scientists, Builders, and Educators• 4 Terms on the IECC Code Development Committee• On IgCC Development Committee• Principal Investigators for the NC ECC• Instrumental in Development of ASHRAE 90.1
  3. 3. Energy Use in the US…
  4. 4. Energy Use in the US…
  5. 5. Energy Use in a Typical Commercial Building
  6. 6. Electricity Sources
  7. 7. Moving up the Energy Efficiency Hill Education, Marketing, Incentives, etc.Regulations,Laws,Codes Note: The primary “friction” in the system is resistance to change…
  8. 8. Now Lets Talk About the Push• What is the code? – Least safe… – Least strong… – Least energy efficient… Building allowed by law We are not allowed to build it any crappier
  9. 9. Where did the code come from?• Code of Hammurabi• The Burning of Rome• The San Francisco Earthquake• Oil Embargo
  10. 10. What Did We Do After 1973?
  11. 11. So Where isNorth Carolina?