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Asheville Green Team - WNC Expo


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Asheville Green Team - WNC Expo

  1. 1. Green  Restaurant  Ini-a-ve,  Asheville,  NC   Blue  Ridge  Sustainability  Ins2tute  and  Asheville  Independent   Restaurants  launch  Asheville  as  the  na2on’s     Greenest  Dining  Des+na+on  (an+cipated  Summer  2012)!  
  2. 2. Congrats!  3  Star  Cer-fied  Green  Restaurants  
  3. 3. Solar  Thermal  Installa-ons  at  Restaurants     use  renewable  energy  to  preheat  water.       The  Green  Sage  South   Randy  Talley,  co-­‐owner  of  the  Green  Sage  
  4. 4. Neo  Can-na,  Biltmore  Village  Dan  Henger  of  Sundance  Power  in  front  of  the  first  solar  installa8on  in  the  Biltmore  Village   Historic  District,  located  at  Neo  Can8na.    Photo  courtesy  of  Sundance  Power  Systems.  
  5. 5. RoseEa’s  Kitchen-­‐  Solar  in  process  
  6. 6. Aerial  View  of  Solar  Thermal  installa-on  
  7. 7. Congrats!  2  Star  Cer-fied  Green  Restaurants  
  8. 8. Water  Conserva-on  Measures-­‐  Low  Flow  spray  rinse  nozzles   Corner  Kitchen,  Biltmore  Village   Kevin  Westmoreland,  co-­‐owner  of  The  Corner  Kitchen  
  9. 9. Energy  Educa-on  for  staff  and  management  Carly,  Reese,  Green  Restaurant  Associa2on  intern  and  Strada  employee   covers  up  the  food  to  conserve  energy  
  10. 10. Ligh-ng  retrofits  save  energy  and  money   Green  Sage,  Downtown  
  11. 11. Asheville,  Eat  up!  Dine  Green!      
  12. 12. Presented  at  the    WNC  Culinary  Expo   April  16,  2012   Go  Green!   says  the   Green  Team!