Breaking the Waves: Implementing Coral at UW-Parkside


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In the early part of 2012, The University of Wisconsin-Parkside decided to install the Coral Open Source ERM (Electronic Resource Management) software to better keep track of our electronic resources. We formally went into production with Coral over the Summer of 2012. This presentation will identify why we choose Coral, technical hurdles to installing it, our experiences with the functionality of Coral, and our current use of the software.

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  • Respected Sir/Madam

    I am facing a problem while installing coral modules.

    The error is:

    'Login is not working. Check the .htaccess file and the remoteAuthVariableName specified in /admin/configuration.ini'

    I have also changed the priveligeID to 1 but it is still not working.

    Can you please guide me how to overcome from this problem??

    I have attached a screenshot of my Resource module installation.

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  • Jay
  • Breaking the Waves: Implementing Coral at UW-Parkside

    1. 1. Breaking the WavesImplementing CORAL at UW-Parkside
    2. 2. • Jay Dougherty Head of Library Systems• Sue Peacock Web Services Coordinator• Anne Rasmussen Copyright Librarian Continuing Resources and
    3. 3. What is CORAL?• Open source, web-based electronic resources management system (ERMS)• Consists of "interoperable modules designed around the core components of managing electronic resources"
    4. 4. CORAL Modules - manages the entire e-resources workflow - provides a way to store and access digital copies of your licensing content - stores contact information - stores uploaded e-journal statistics• Menu Page (above)
    5. 5. UW-Parkside Library Snapshot• 15 staff members• 200+ E-Journals (with about 65 different platforms)• 10+ E-Journal packages (containing about 3500+ titles)• 210+ Databases
    6. 6. Problems with Existing Workflows• Tools used to manage e-journal & database workflows: Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, Google Docs, CDC Checklists, Serials vendor websites & reports, ILS, Follow-up triggers in Outlook,ERMes• Legacy information not organized anywhere• EZproxy config file did not include all e- resources
    7. 7. Things That Attracted Us to CORAL• Web-based• Different levels of staff access• Provides workflow tracking• Easy to customize to individual librarys needs• Good technical support from CORAL listserv
    8. 8. Installation
    9. 9. Overview• CORAL is completely modular o You choose the modules you want to install. They are not bundled. o Authentication is a completely separate module as well as is the main page.• Documentation is written for Unix based operating systems. No formal documentation for Windows.
    10. 10. UWP CORAL Installation• Windows 2008 Server Virtual Machine (VM) with 4 gigabytes of RAM and one processor.• Running a WAMP (Windows, Apache2.2, MySQL 5.5.24, PHP 5.3.13) software stack.• Our WAMP:• MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PHPMYADMIN INSTALLED WITHIN YOUR STACK.
    11. 11. Skills Required to Install CORAL• Basic understanding of: o web servers (i.e., what a root directory is, how pages are served, basic idea of configuring Apache). o PHP configuration o database architecture (differences between user,databases, privileges, etc.)• Understanding of differences between database and application users.
    12. 12. Our Challenges• No formal Windows installation doc.• Understanding how modular CORAL really is, one module=one database, etc.• Never had a local open source environment within Parkside library.• After installing, constant errors in modules.
    13. 13. Fixes• If youve done Windows or Unix installs in the past, you can install CORAL.• Error messages – Contacted CORAL list- serv.• Increased level of notices turned on by default. Adjusted in PHP.ini (the config file for PHP) the value for php_value error_reporting to 30711.
    14. 14. Testing CORAL• After adjusting PHP.ini, CORAL installation worked.• Tested with Anne and Sue to see if it would be a usable system for our workflow.• Went into production mid-June of 2012.
    15. 15. CORAL Production Installation• Worked with our local networking group to secure a VM with backups.• Took CORAL test data and exported data and code onto production server.• No data migration documentation for CORAL, but figured it out from doing install.• Total time for data migration and installation in production: 4 hours.
    16. 16. Resources ModuleAdding & Searching Resources
    17. 17. Parkside Resources Module• Data loader script was available but not fully supported at the time we started• Parkside decided to manually enter data o Smaller set of resources o Data spread across multiple locations (Access database, Excel sheets, Word documents) o Parkside subscriptions would benefit from a close review of data, licensing, & access o Perl not installed locally on the WAMP server.
    18. 18. Add a New Resource
    19. 19. Edit a Resource
    20. 20. Acquisition TypesDPI (Badgerlink)FreeMadisonSECUWPWiLS
    21. 21. StatusesArchivedCompletedIn Progress
    22. 22. Resource FormatsDatabaseE-book (package)E-book (single)E-journal (package)E-journal (single)ElectronicPrint + ElectronicStreaming License
    23. 23. Authentication TypesIP addressIP address + Username / PasswordReferring URLUsername / Password
    24. 24. Exports records ofthe resourcesdisplayed in thelist of results atthe time that youclick on it.
    25. 25. Resources ModuleWorkflows
    26. 26. New Item Workflow
    27. 27. Customizable
    28. 28. Routing
    29. 29. My Queue
    30. 30. Resources Module Links toLicensing
    31. 31. Organizations Module
    32. 32. Licensing Module
    33. 33. Licensing Module Home Page
    34. 34. Accommodates Multiple Documents
    35. 35. Licensing Module - Expressions
    36. 36. Licensing Module - Expressions
    37. 37. Licensing Administration
    38. 38. Expressions Comparison Tab
    39. 39. Expressions Comparison Tab
    40. 40. Conclusions
    41. 41. Issues that CORAL Did Not Solve for Us • Set up is labor intensive • Cancellation workflow not yet available • Usage stats o Collection of data - Excel is still more useful for this. o Access to logins/passwords/instructions - Google Docs is still more useful for this student/librarian workflow.
    42. 42. Benefits of Implementing CORAL• Information is accessible to all staff via web• User friendly interface(easy to update, sort & search information)• Disparate information organized in one centralized location• Workflow clarity for each resource• Allowed Parkside to calibrate e-resources information
    43. 43. Next Steps for Parkside• Add more detailed information• Staff Training o Acquisitions o Access services• Statistics o Keep an eye on enhancements to this module
    44. 44. More Information• CORAL web site o Documentation o Live demo o Forum• CORAL listserv