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Ra business intelligence 0.1


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Ra business intelligence

Published in: Technology
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Ra business intelligence 0.1

  1. 1. RaITS Business Inteligence Solutions
  2. 2. View data “dimensionally” • i.e. Sales by region, by channel, by time periodNavigate and explore • Ad Hoc analysis • “Drill-down” from year to quarter • Pivot • Select specific members for analysisInteract with high performance • Technology optimized for rapid interactive response
  3. 3. View On-Line AnalyticalProcessing (OLAP) cubes • automated aggregation • speed-of-thought response timesOpen Architecture • 100% Java • J2EE • Supports any JDBC data source • MDX and XML/AAnalysis Viewers • Enables ad-hoc, interactive data exploration • Ability to slice-and-dice, drill- down, and pivot • Provides insights into problems or successes
  4. 4. RaITS Business Inteligence Solutions
  5. 5. User InterfaceJ2EE / Struts MDX Result Set XML JPivot Session Manager & Transformer Session Manager & Transformer Mondrian Dimensional Dimensional Star Schema Star Schema SQL SQL Model Model Model Model Model Model JavaOLAP API Schema Loader Schema Loader Schema Schema XML File XML File RDBMS MS SQL Server MS SQL Server RDBMS OLAP OLAP
  6. 6. Mondrian Provides – Dimensional view of data – MDX parsing – SQL generation – Caching – High-level calculations – Aggregate awareness – BI server is not required – XML will serve as BI server
  7. 7. Microsoft Excel (via Spreadsheet Services)Open Standards (Java,XML, MDX, XML/A, SQL) Web ServerCross Platform JPivot servlet(Windows & Unix/Linux)J2EE Architecture J2EE Application Server JPivot servlet XML/A servletServer Clustering Mondrian Cube Cube CubeFault Tolerance Schema XML Schema XML Schema XML cube cube cubeData Sources File or RDBMS Repository JDBC JDBC JDBCJDBCJNDI RDBMS RDBMS
  8. 8. Set of Custom JSP Tag libraryRenders OLAP table andChartingSupports OLAP Navigations like Slice & Dice Drill Down Roll Up
  9. 9. RaITS Business Inteligence Solutions
  10. 10. • On Demand Reporting – Ability to design & generate reports on demand • Users will be able to design & generate reports• Flexible Dashboards and Mashboards• Data Mining• Extensive Graphs and Charts• Data Integration• User Friendliness