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Sustainability Plus compendium - an initiative by


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Highly admired & appreciated by the industry leaders, first initiative of Sustainability Compendium has acquired the interest of the global textile industry at large. Sustainability, as widely talked, is the new mantra of innovation which is of vital concern for the companies and an integral part of 'Corporate Strategy' in the industry today. With growing awareness and higher emphasis on Sustainable manufacturing in Textile, Apparel and Fashion industries has inspired us to launch the 2nd version of our Sustainability Compendium for a continued widespread focus on Sustainable manufacturing.

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Sustainability Plus compendium - an initiative by

  1. 1. Sustainability Plus – From Conservation to Business Conversions
  2. 2. Sustainability Plus Fibre2Fashion contributes first when it comes to textile sustainability. Our recently launched feature on "Sustainability Plus - From Conservation to Business Conversions", has covered major industry players through this initiative. This feature talks about companies playing a major role in sustainability, their sustainable products as well as business practices & other measures towards making a greener environment. Sustainability plus also confers about important issues & processes involved in textile sustainability, well defined laws & regulations, conservation measures, scope & future market and a lot more information. For more information click here:- Take a tour of the feature & see what the world is talking about!
  3. 3. Kornit Digital Ltd •About Kornit Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial and commercial printing solutions for the garment, apparel and textile industries. Leading the digital textile printing industry with our revolutionary NeoPigment™ process including an integrated pretreatment solution, Kornit Digital caters directly to the needs of both designers and manufacturers. Kornit Digital has brought the benefits of pigment printing on textile to the digital world, driving this necessary revolution. •Mission Statement To provide textile and garment printers with the most advanced and highest-performing digital printing solutions possible. •Core Values Every day, in everything we do, we at Kornit are driven by the following fundamental values. Keeping these in mind, we constantly strive to improve how we work and the results
  4. 4. •Sustainable Products 1) Our NeoPigment™ Inks Our water based NeoPigment™ inks are absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Totally organic and containing no animal by-products, our inks are completely vegan-friendly and safe for infants and babies. Main Features:- •Water-based pigmented inks •100% biodegradable water based inks •Quality printing on multiple fabric types in one machine •Integrated automated pretreatment process •Excellent color fastness, high elasticity and non-cracking attributes •Available in 1.5l bottles and 6-packs of 150ml to minimize waste and packaging •Green initiatives There are constantly new reports and public campaigns focused on the water pollution created by textile dyeing and printing facilities. Kornit Digital focuses to reduce the environmental footprint of company, partners, and customers. Through constant innovation, adjustments and dedication, we aim to not only meet the acceptable industry standards, but to surpass them.
  5. 5. Bayer Crop Science • About Bayer Crop Science Bayer CropScience is a subgroup of the Bayer group that dates back to 1863 when Friedrich Bayer founded the company as a manufacturer and seller of synthetic dyestuff. In 1924 the Bayer Crop Protection Research Department was established. In 2002, Bayer CropScience was launched as the first legally independent Bayer subgroup and has been providing crop protection products, seeds, traits and pioneering environmental solutions ever since. Bayer CropScience has its global headquarters in Monheim, Germany, and its North American headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. • Mission Statement Bayer is an innovation-driven company with a long tradition in research and development. We leverage our expertise to address global challenges and aim to improve people’s lives around the world. Our Bayer Group mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” is the foundation of what we at Bayer CropScience strive to achieve within the agricultural sector. Our contribution to society is based on helping to ensure an ample supply of high-quality food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials
  6. 6. • Sustainable Products Infinite Innovation At Bayer CropScience, we know that the world of farming is ever evolving. Fields change, weeds adapt, and temperatures fluctuate. As they do, products need to change too. That’s why we place innovation at the centre of our business. To make your job easier from seed to harvest, our bio scientists and agronomists turn extensive field research into biotechnology solutions. • Green Initiatives e3 - A Revolutionary Sustainable Cotton Initiative Certified e3 cotton is grown with care by cotton producers who strive to improve their sustainability in the production of high-quality upland cotton for apparel and home furnishings. This global brand from Bayer CropScience is backed with verification programs documenting the farms where quality cotton is produced with environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially equitable methods.
  7. 7. FiberVisions • About FiberVisions FiberVisions develops, manufactures and markets polyolefin fibers for nonwoven, textile and industrial applications. The fibers are used in nonwovens made by carding, wet lay and air laid web formation processes and consolidated by thermal bonding, air through bonding, needle punching and spunlacing. The Company has the broadest global reach of any polyolefin staple fiber producer. Facilities are located in key strategic locations in all of the world's major regions, giving FiberVisions the ability to serve our customers wherever they are located. • Mission Statement FiberVisions is known for innovation, high quality products and superior customer service. The vision is to continue our 50+ year history of being the undisputed world leader in the supply of bicomponent and performance polyolefin fibers. FiberVisions utilizes proprietary technology and state of the art manufacturing facilities to create and supply high performance products to our customers.
  8. 8. • Sustainable Products • Green Initiatives 1) Global warming : Greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint 2) Energy independence : Foreign oil / renewable resources 3) Environmentally friendly : Toxicity impact during manufacturing, use 4) Biodegradable : Visual pollution, landfill, flushable 5) Recycling : Landfill impact 6) Sustainable : Overall cradle to cradle environmental impact 7) Green : Marketing
  9. 9. Birlacril • About BirlacrilTM Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd is fifth largest producer & second biggest exporter of acrylic fibre in the world. The company’s products are sold & marketed under the brand name Birlacril™ in more than 40 countries across continents. Manufactured products include high quality dyed & raw white tow, top and fibre for various end- uses such as sweaters, blankets, carpets, soft toys and awnings. Currently, a number of prestigious brands in Europe & America market products made with Birlacril™ fibres. With a globally recognized brand offering of over 30 different varieties of acrylic fiber, the company serves both in commodity & specialty markets. • Mission Statement We at Birlacril™ strive to be the world leader in Acrylic Fibre business, achieve customer delight through excellence in all spheres of activity and create value for our stakeholders. • Sustainability Vision To become an industry benchmark for sustainability processes & performance by 2020 through qualitative engagement of all stakeholders while ensuring profitability & growth.
  10. 10. •Sustainable Product 1) Amicor™ Amicor, a unique fibre with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives is owned and managed by The Thai Acrylic Fiber Co Ltd (TAF), a company that was incorporated in 1987. Part of the corporate behemoth Aditya Birla group, it has a wide and deep presence in textiles. 2) Radianza™ Dyeing of textile fibres and yarns is an area of concern, owing to the issues of pollution and environmental impact by these processes. 3) Pilbloc™ Imagine a fabric devoid of pilling even after countless washes? Well, now it’s for real. Presenting Pilbloc™ – a range of anti-pill fibre known for its softness and unique hand-feel. •Green initiatives One of the cleanest, greenest & environment friendly acrylic fibre manufacturing plant, Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd prides itself in being the pioneer in Asia to attain the ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems.
  11. 11. Novozymes •About Novozymes Industrial biotechnology - changing the industrial agenda Novozymes is a biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production. We are committed to changing the very foundations of our industrial system for the better by using industrial biotechnology. As the world leader in bio innovation we believe that by using industrial biotechnology we can potentially re-engineer thousands of everyday products to deliver enhanced sustainability performance, introducing energy cost savings, and decreased raw material costs for our customers. It is a compelling proposition, but one backed by strong evidence - we already market over 700 biotechnology products in 130 countries. • Green Initiatives Driving the world toward sustainability At Novozymes we strive to find solutions to global challenges like climate change and energy shortages through innovative partnerships and open dialogue with customers, NGOs, suppliers and governments. We aim to position our technology and develop our vision for a bio based economy. Our biological solutions enable companies to produce more with less environmental impact. In fact, by applying Novozymes’ bio solutions, customers reduced their CO2 emissions by an estimated 52 million tons in 2013 – equivalent to taking approximately 20 million cars off the road.
  12. 12. • Sustainable Product 1) Biopolishing in Dyeing Most cotton knit fabrics and garments have tiny, protrudent fibers and dead cotton that quickly become the cause of pilling once washed or worn. Pills are most often removed through the process called biopolishing. In biopolishing, cellullase enzymes remove the fibers from cotton which makes the surface of the fabrics and garments clean for longer. 2) Bleach Clean-Up Consistent bleach clean-up is key to even dyeing and shade reproducibility. Bleach clean-up is traditionally carried out using a reducing agent or hot water for rinsing, and both methods require a lot of water. An enzymatic approach reduces the use of water and energy. 3) Abrasion Including Prewash Abrasion is the process for creating stone-washed looks in jeans. There are two traditional ways of abrading jeans and obtain a stonewash look: Pumice stone and enzymes.
  13. 13. BASF India • About BASF BASF has successfully partnered India’s progress for over a century. Today, our portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products, functional solutions to agricultural solutions. With our innovative products and solutions, we are well positioned to meet the current and the future needs of India. We create chemistry for a sustainable future by balancing our business, ecological and social goals. BASF India Limited is headquartered in Mumbai. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. In 2011, BASF in India registered sales of €1.2 billion (INR 7,500 crores). On the ecological front, we have a robust Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy in line with global standards. On the social front, we focus on contributing to the society with initiatives around relief and rehabilitation, women empowerment, education and fighting corruption in public life. •Mission Statement "Be the preferred partner to provide reliable, innovative and sustainable chemical solutions for the Textile Industry".
  14. 14. •Sustainable Product Dahej is a Greenfield investment project. BASF recently announced investment of INR 1000 crores to set up an integrated production facility for Polyurethanes, Dispersions and Care Chemicals at this site. Start of production in expected in 2014.
  15. 15. Reliance Industries Limited • About Reliance Polyester Established in 1982, Reliance Polyester has grown by leaps and bounds to become the world’s largest integrated manufacturer of polyester fibre and yarn; apart from continuing to be the bedrock, on which Reliance Industries Limited stands. Commissioning 10,000 tonnes back in 1982, Reliance Polyester today has reached a 2.5 million tonne mark. It is growing at a remarkable pace, thanks to Greenfield investment and acquisitions in the entire value chain. Today RIL has more than 4% global market share in polyester fibre and yarn. With a presence in major international markets like the U.S., Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, China, Vietnam, Italy, United Kingdom and Indonesia, it spans across 100 plus global markets. • Green Initiative Reliance endeavors for excellence in environmental management and strives towards sustainable business development. Reliance continues to be committed to develop and implement Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout the Group to measure, control and reduce environmental impact. The international environmental accreditation based management system covers all its manufacturing divisions.
  16. 16. • Sustainable Product 1) Recron® Green The impact of climate change is being felt all over the world, and so is the need to change our attitude towards the environment. This has resulted in a growing demand for environment-friendly green products which will boost sustainability. 2) Recron® 3S - New generation synthetic fibre for asbestos replacement Reliance Industries Ltd. has always encouraged the use of environment-friendly products. Continuing with such endeavors, it has engineered a new generation synthetic fibre for asbestos replacement. 3) Recron® Feel Fresh In a hot and humid country like India, most of us yearn for a sweat-free and Odour-free feeling and need clothes which are as fresh as spring. So undoubtedly textiles that inhibit the effects of sweat – bacterial growth, related smell and infestation of microbes in the fabric leading to faded colour and performance are the need of the day.
  17. 17. OEKO – TEX® • About OEKO-TEX®Association The International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (OEKO-TEX®) is a union of 16 independent textile research and test institutes in Europe and Japan and their worldwide representative offices. The member institutes are responsible for the joint development of test methods and limit values which form the basis of the product certifications according to OEKO- TEX® Standard 100 and 100plus as well as the production site certifications according to STeP by OEKO-TEX® (Sustainable Textile Production). About Hohenstein Institute With global headquarters in Boennigheim, Germany and four offices in India, the Hohenstein Institute offers state-of-the-art product development and testing for textile products such as clothing, home textiles, upholstery, protective apparel and equipment, and medical textiles. • Mission Statement Since 1992, OEKO-TEX® has offered independent, third-party certification of human-ecologically safe products and sustainable production conditions to companies from the entire textile chain.
  18. 18. •Sustainable Products 1) OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 A global player with regard to “Confidence in Textiles” After years of development work, the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 was first presented to the public in 1992. It is a globally recognized testing and certification system which excludes or strictly regulates the use of possibly harmful substances in textiles in the framework of extensive laboratory tests. Textile products can only carry the OEKO-TEX® label if all components meet the required test criteria, including rivets, buttons, zips, interlinings etc. •Green Initiatives The holistic scope of the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification system together with its concept of continuous improvement contributes to a raised awareness among the companies of the textile chain of sustainable production conditions.
  19. 19. Arvind •About Arvind Incorporated in 1931, Arvind Ltd., today, stands tall as the flagship enterprise of the USD 1.5 billion Lalbhai Group. One of the largest denim companies in the world and one of India’s largest textiles and apparel conglomerate, Arvind is powered by the collective expertise of over 25,000 employees. With a vision of 'Enriching Lifestyles', it has presence across diverse genres such as Textile, Garments, Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Dyes, Retail, Telecom, Engineering and Real Estate and Sustainable Agriculture. •Our Vision ‘We will enable people to experience a better quality of life by providing enriching and inspiring lifestyle solutions’. •Green Initiatives We believe that climate change is an inconvenient truth but not an inevitable phenomenon. Being one of the world’s largest producers of denim, we realize that our environmental responsibility too is the largest. We have embedded green thinking within our manufacturing and our first line of control is our production line.
  20. 20. • Sustainable Products 1) Green Denim Range Made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, coffee grounds plus 100% natural vegetable dyed denim using energy-efficient and water efficient processes, our newly launched NEO Denim uses hardly any water in its dyeing process. 2) Sustainable Agriculture Arvind aims to educate farmers and extend support so that they switch over to more sustainable farming practices. Our endeavor is to achieve a sustainable & healthy ecosystem that is beneficial to all. 3) Water Cycle Management We ensure 360-degree water economics for industrial & municipal projects by providing a wide range of customized water reuse & recycle solutions.
  21. 21. POLYGENTA •About Polygenta Polygenta Technologies Limited (PTL) is a leading manufacturer of Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) using post-consumer PET bottles (i.e. a high-grade polyester) as its feedstock. Polygenta’s plant located in Nashik (Maharashtra, India) converts 1.5 million bottles per day to produce roughly 10,000 MTs per annum of sustainable premium PFY. PTL also has plans to expand this capacity significantly. Company achieve this with its proprietary “ReNEW” process. ReNEW chemically “de- constructs” the long chain “poly-ester” hard plastic that PET bottles are made of into their original “building blocks” of individual esters in liquid form. After high purity filtration of this liquid, these esters can be substituted for high-grade conventional polyester petrochemical feedstock refined from crude oil (PTA and MEG). •Green initiatives Polygenta focuses on four products: high quality textile DTY, POY and chips and the sale of recycled ester to 3rd party polyester plants. In essence, ReNEW applies sophisticated chemical processes and controls – comparable to those used in high-end refining to generate high-purity feedstocks PTA and MEG – to an environmentally preferred feedstock (i.e. polyester PET bottles saved from landfills rather than crude oil, with its higher environmental impact).
  22. 22. •Sustainable Products PTL offers 100% recycled polyester filament yarn made from recycling post consumer PET bottles. Denier Number of Filament Intermingling 50 Semi Dull 36,72 NIM, LIM, HIM 75 Semi Dull 36,48,72,108,144 NIM, LIM, HIM 100 Semi Dull 36,48,72,108 NIM, LIM, HIM 150 Semi Dull 36,48,72,108,144 NIM, LIM, HIM 200 Semi Dull 36,48,72,108,144 NIM, LIM, HIM 300 Semi Dull 72,108, 144,192 NIM, LIM, HIM 300*2 Semi Dull 72,108 LIM, HIM 300*3 Semi Dull 72,108 LIM, HIM 300*4 Semi Dull 72,108 LIM, HIM Sustainable / eco-friendly products or services Full range of 100% recycled DTY that we offer
  23. 23. Testtex • About Testtex TESTTEX INDIA LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED established in 1988, owns Analytical laboratories, which provide quality testing and inspection services in different parts of India and overseas with Its H.O and Central Laboratory at Mumbai, branch laboratories at Tirupur & Noida ,collection center at Ahmadabad and International presence in HongKong. In spite of tough & competitive environments, Testtex India kept ahead of the pack by absorbing new technologies. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipments, Testtex India today covers wide range of mechanical, chemical, analytical, instrumental, packaging and microbiological analyses. These services cater to the needs of various industries like textile, leather, water, food, packaging, construction, household products, protective wear etc. • Green Initiatives As the world progresses rapidly, we are increasingly becoming aware of the fragility of our eco system. The products that we use directly or indirectly impact our environment. This fact has attracted manufacturer’s conscious. Testtex India is a partner organization for quality leading brands over world and we support all our stakeholders to work for the welfare of the environment and society. We believe in the thought of developing the present where all necessary requirements are fulfilled and collectively focusing on the achievement of the needs of our future generations.
  24. 24. •Services Testing of Textile, Leather, Accessories, Dyes, Chemicals, Auxiliaries, Food, Water & Effluents With respect to physical & chemical properties, strength, performance & eco- friendly parameters. TESTTEX INDIA offers wide range of testing on woven, non-woven, knitted fabrics & garments as well as testing of dyes, water and textile auxiliaries. We also provide impartial quality inspection. Certifications TESTTEX INDIA Laboratory is ISO 17025 : 2005 accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. As per the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) signed by the members of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), test reports issued by the NABL accredited laboratories are recognized in India as well as many foreign countries which include USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UAE, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands and other European Countries. Our laboratories comply with ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 quality standards as per National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).
  25. 25. Pratibha Syntex •About Pratibha Syntex Pratibha Syntex is one of the world's largest vertically integrated, sustainability oriented supplier of knitted textile products including organic cotton and recycled fiber. Engineering a new business paradigm, the company streamlines the production of cotton from fiber-to-garment to reflect emerging sustainable values in textiles and fashion. Driven by a strong progressive vision, Pratibha is committed to creating relationships across the value chain bringing together 30,000 farmers, 7000 employees, and renowned global apparel brands from over 20 countries. •Mission Statement 1) Switch to 100% sustainable materials in production 2) 50% reduction in carbon and water footprint till 2015 (2010 base year) •Vision To be the global leader in sustainable textile products and practices.
  26. 26. •Sustainable Product 1) Yarns and fabrics manufactured with best-in-class resource efficient technologies. Available in wide range of cotton, spun dyed viscose, recycled polyester, Tencel, Linen 2) Garments: Underwear, Sleepwear, Thermals, Fashion tops, Knit bottoms •Green Initiatives 1)Organic farming:- Over 130,000 acres engaging 30,000 farmers to produce organic, Fairtrade and BCI cotton 2) Rainwater harvesting system:- Rainwater harvesting system for ground water discharge. Up to 4 times water positive. 3) Recycling facility:- Hard and soft waste recycling that converts spinning and fabric cut waste to usable products 4) Gyanpeeth:- Providing skill training to youth below poverty line. Education: school set up in village Karhi, Madhya Pradesh providing education access to 800 students annually
  27. 27. INVISTA™ •About INVISTA™ INVISTA delivers exceptional value to customers through market insights, technological innovations and a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized global brands, trademarks and products in their respective industries. INVISTA is a global company creating value for customers and shareholders across a portfolio of advantaged intermediate chemical technologies, high performance polymers, and differentiated fiber and other downstream products. Our success is dependent on building a culture of Principled Entrepreneurship™, including uncompromising integrity and compliance, and continuously innovating in all areas of the business. Our performance is measured by earning superior returns on capital consumed while maximizing real long-term value. •Sustainability Vision INVISTA’s goal is to create long-term value for our customers and society by using resources more effectively; protecting the environment and the safety and health of our employees and others; consistently applying good science; and employing INVISTA’s Market-Based Management™ business philosophy.
  28. 28. •Sustainable Products 1) INVISTA’s COOLMAX® EcoMade socks, made, in part, with fiber containing 97 percent recycled resources such as plastic water bottles, have been steadily expanding into the legwear and activewear markets. Easy Set LYCRA® fiber and steam-settable LYCRA® fiber can help reduce the energy intensity of mill processing. 2) Garment Care Additionally, synthetic fibres like the ones INVISTA produces can be washed and ironed at low temperatures, and dry fast, potentially leading to reduced energy consumption. •Green Initiatives INVISTA Apparel Planet Agenda is a framework for sustainability that builds on our long- standing commitment and touches every aspect of our apparel fiber business.
  29. 29. HUNTSMAN •About Huntsman Huntsman Textile Effects is the leading global provider of high quality dyes and chemicals to the textile and related industries. Research, innovation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do and we use cutting edge technology to develop innovative solutions to create innovative products and technologies with intelligent effects, such as built in freshness, sun protection or state-of-the-art dyes to reduce water and energy consumption, meeting the needs of our customers and supporting a more sustainable environment. With operations in 110 countries and 14 primary manufacturing facilities worldwide in twelve countries (China, Columbia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Switzerland, USA), Huntsman TE is uniquely positioned to provide fast and expert technical service wherever our customers are based.
  30. 30. •Sustainable Products A revolutionary new innovation consisting of a range of poly-reactive dyes for exhaust application on cellulosic. AVITERA® SE dyes are unique, combining new standards of environmental sustainability with top-quality results achieved within the shortest time. 1) Gentle Power Bleach GENTLE POWER BLEACE ™ is a novel peroxide bleaching pre-treatment system that uses breakthrough enzyme innovation for dependable, low-temperature textile bleaching at neutral pH. 2) Digital Textile Printing a) NOVACRON NC/S NOVACRON NC/S are advanced dyeing systems for pale and very deep shade dyeing.
  31. 31. Archroma •About Archroma Archroma is a global color and specialty chemicals company committed to innovation, world-class quality standards, high service levels, cost-efficiency and sustainability. Archroma is headquartered in Reinach near Basel, Switzerland, and operates with approximately 3000 employees over 35 countries. Through its three businesses: Textile Specialties, Paper Solutions and Emulsion Products, Archroma delivers specialized performance and color solutions to meet customer needs in their local markets. •Archroma’s ONE WAY Sustainability Service helps textile mills, brands and retailers to develop innovative solutions that are both more ecologically and economically sustainable by providing a fast, measurable and reliable approach to the selection of chemical products and process solutions. The effectiveness of its sustainability calculation system was confirmed in physical tests carried out by leading machine builder Fong’s. In October 2013, Archroma received the prestigious ICIS "Best Business Innovation" Award for ONE WAY. With the Award, ICIS recognized Archroma's strong commitment to innovation with world-class quality standards, high service levels, cost-efficiency and sustainability.
  32. 32. •Sustainable Products Our R&D labs continually work at developing new products to eliminate and substitute hazardous substances. We have a team of chemists fully dedicated to textile chemicals in Archroma’s Product Stewardship departments, and an international network of specialized product safety labs in Switzerland, India, Pakistan or China. •Green Initiatives Archroma supports the industry’s leading environmental and consumer safety standards: bluesign, OekoTex, GOTS, etc.
  33. 33. Mafatlal •About Mafatlal For more than 100 years, Mafatlal Industries Limited - under the parent company Arvind Mafatlal Group, rests firmly in traditional values and modern technology. MIL’s product portfolio comprises a complete range of products consisting of Yarn Dyed Shirting's, Suiting's, Voiles, Prints, Linens, Bleached White Fabrics, Rubia, Value- added and Fashion Denims, Bottom Weights, Corduroys, School Uniforms, Corporate & Institutional Uniforms, Bed & Bath Linen and Readymade. Mafatlal Industries Ltd. markets Fabrics in Cotton Lycra, PV Lycra, Terry Rayon and Polyester Wool. Equipped with excellent technology, the company’s manufacturing units in Nadiad & Navsari. •Mission Statement “Our Mission is to provide clothing for the family, from every walk and stage in life, for every occasion, with a wide range of excellent quality fabrics and garments.” We provide our customers globally, products and services of agreed standards. Our mission is to extend the quality concept to all phases of business for long lasting partnership with customers and suppliers.
  34. 34. •Sustainable Products The everlasting Green is making its presence in the textile industry – which vouches as a new change coming in it. The world is awakened to the threat and waste that goes when products are made. People at large are turning their way towards sustainability, as many more customers now want eco-friendly products. The textile industry is also contributing to this by rapidly inventing and adopting greener measures. Sustainability - the new mantra of innovation - is of vital concern for the companies and an integral part of 'Corporate Strategy' in the industry today. MIL has invested around Rs. 100 crores over the last two years for upgrading of technology and purchase of new state-of-the-art machines for their manufacturing facilities at Nadiad and Navsari, in the state of Gujarat. •Green Initiatives The satisfaction of giving is supreme when we expect nothing in return. This giving comes from unconditional urge to do something meaningful for the Society. Mafatlal Industries Limited has always held this thought close to its heart. They have strived for improvement in conditions faced by the needy, the poor and fully believe that such acts of giving back to the Society are at the core of a balanced life.
  35. 35. Zenitex •Mission Statement Zenitex aims to achieve exceptional growth and profitability by exceeding customer expectations. We also aim to be the leading player in defined market segments. We aim to deliver the highest possible level of service through our dedicated and competent employees. Zenitex builds long term relationships with all its customers, suppliers and employees. We strive and aim to exceed their expectations. •About Zenitex Zenith is a buoyant platform to avail all the products from yarn to manufactured goods. Situated in Surat, Gujarat, India, Zenith is engaged in business of textile dyeing and processing for more than 50 years. It has two manufacturing plants – one is located at Surat that is spread over 24, 000 sq.mts. And other is Sachin plant, situated at outskirts of Surat city that is spread over 10, 500 sq.mts. Zenith invites all textile companies across globe to invest in its plants. With best quality products at bay and in great working condition, you are sure to receive boost up in your business. The processing plants provide great facilities that can only accelerate your products.
  36. 36. •Green Initiatives Today, the principle of sustainability is universally accepted across the globe. This principle is a pledge to prevent the prospects of future generations being diminished as a result of the way we do business and consume resources. A sustainable approach requires ecological, financial and social objectives to be aligned. Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment. Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony that permits fulfillment of the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. •Awards & Achievements Zenitex has acquired ‘Best Industry Award for Quality and Environmental Protection ‘ in the year 2011, 2012, 2013 by the Govt. of Gujarat in Vibrant Gujarat Summit, presented by The Honorable Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Zenitex remains to be the first and the only industry nation-wide to get this award. No other Textile Industry in India has won the Award for Quality and Environmental Protection for 3 consecutive years.
  37. 37. Balavigna Weaving Mills • About Balavigna Weaving Mills Balavigna Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Textile Grey Fabric manufacturers incorporated in the year 1995. With a wide product portfolio including Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Viscose, Linen, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo and all with Lycra Stretch, functional fibres, plain or fancy - the possibilities for fabrics are boundless. Our brand "Balavigna" is the symbol of excellent grey fabric quality. The company is certified by Control Union Certifications of GOTS / EKO Sustainable Textile and Organic Exchange We make use of our variety of fabric and combine it with our knowledge of trends, technology and current markets. BALAVIGNA fabrics are constantly being improved till customers are completely satisfied. • Mission Statement Provide unrivalled quality and assurance to all our customers and shareholders by employing techniques that serve both our internal and external environments with respect and integrity. • Vision To be the undisputed leader in the textile industry whilst providing a socially responsible commitment to the environments we invest in.
  38. 38. • Sustainable Products Organic Cotton Fabric Of all organic fibres, organic cotton is one of the most popular. We also use sustainable fabrics like bamboo, soy and hemp. As shelter apparel we use regular cotton. We use all organic and sustainable products because it is environment friendly and the fabric also feels amazing besides having many great properties. Organic Cotton Fabric uses natural fertilizers and pesticides which makes it a perfect skin care and nature care fiber. The weaving of Organic Cotton involves strict adherence to environment safety. Organic Cotton Fabric weaved by Balavigna Weaving Mills is recognized for its quality. Also we have been certified by various agencies that certify that no synthetic material has been used in manufacturing the fabric. • Green Initiatives Balavigna Weaving Mills holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification. We are also certified for the past 10 years by TUV Nord, Germany & 5 “S” Japanese System, ETI, GRS, GOTS, BCI, OE 100, OE Blended certified by Control Union Certifications. Also, our yarns are accredited by Lycra, COOL MAX, EKO Sustainable textiles, DOW XLA, Birla Cellulose Modal, Egyptian Cotton, Supima Cotton, Dupont Sorona, Lenzing Micro Modal, Pro Modal, Bio - RE Cotton and BCI Cotton.
  39. 39.  For more information of Sustainability Plus Compendium refer the link below:-  Be a part of upcoming Enhanced Sustainability Compendium kindly visit the link:- sustainability/
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