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Postcolonial literature


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Postcolonial literature

  1. 1. Post Colonial Literature :Key ConceptM.K Bhavnagar University Name : Bhatt Vidhi Roll No : 4 Sem : 3 Year : 2012-2013
  2. 2.  Post Colonialism Magic Realism Globalization Orientalism
  3. 3. Post –Colonialism Ashcroft identifies three major characteristics 1) The silencing and marginalization of the post-colonial voice by the imperial center. 2) The abrogation of the imperial center within the text. 3) The active appropriation of the language and culture of that center
  4. 4. Magic realism The term was coined by German art critic Frantz Roh i.e Imagery Homeland by Salman Rushdie
  5. 5.  Globalization Orientalism
  6. 6.  Thank you
  7. 7.  Submitted to Dr. Dilip Barad Department of English