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Mosec, Mobile Secretary - Betaspring Demo Day Pitch

Mosec startup pitch, Betaspring class of 2011.

Founders included:
* Bernard Huang
* David Pham
* Austin Ball

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Mosec, Mobile Secretary - Betaspring Demo Day Pitch

  1. 1. m secretary mobile secFriday, September 9, 11 1Hi, I’m Bernard Huang, Co-founder and CEO of Mosec. But before I tell you about Mosec, letme introduce to you, my friend
  2. 2. Friday, September 9, 11 2Joe.Joe is your typical salesperson - he makes tons of phone calls a day and uses salesforce as hiscustomer relationship management tool or CRM.
  3. 3. Friday, September 9, 11 3However, Joe can’t use his CRM effectively on the go. Especially when he’s driving.
  4. 4. Friday, September 9, 11 4He ends up typing up follow up notes like these - which are garbled up and impossible tounderstand.
  5. 5. = ?Friday, September 9, 11 5Leaving him unsure of what actually went on during the phone call when he checks his CRMlater.
  6. 6. Friday, September 9, 11 6This makes Joe an inefficient salesperson because of his inability to keep up with his CRM onthe go.
  7. 7. 36.65 MillionFriday, September 9, 11 7As a matter of fact, there are more than 36 million “joe’s” in the world. These include anymobile professionals including: lawyers, politicians, realtors, financial advisors and mortgagebrokers to name a few.
  8. 8. CRMFriday, September 9, 11 8Right now, after sales meetings or phone calls, you have to go to your computer and type inyour notes. By then, you probably will have forgotten what you needed to do.
  9. 9. Friday, September 9, 11 9It doesn’t help that these systems are extremely complex to use. Imagine if there were asimpler way to doing this.
  10. 10. What if you were able to speak what you needed instead?Friday, September 9, 11 10What if you were able to say what you needed instead.
  11. 11. m secFriday, September 9, 11 11<walk to other side>Meet Mosec, your own personal mobile secretary for the android phone. After each call,Mosec takes a voice note, transcribes it and attaches it to the contact in the CRM of yourchoice.
  12. 12. CRM m secFriday, September 9, 11 12Using voice input, you can directly say what you need into your CRM, any time - any where.
  13. 13. We make existing CRMs usefulFriday, September 9, 11 1340% of CRMs fail after they have already been purchased and implemented!! - Mosec makesexisting CRMs actually useful.
  14. 14. Let me show you how it works...Friday, September 9, 11 14Now, let me show you how it works...First of all, you need to get a call - like this.
  15. 15. Friday, September 9, 11 15After you hang up the call - mosec prompts you if you want to leave a voice note. After I hityes, all I need to do is speak my voice note - and allow Mosec to transcribe it
  16. 16. Friday, September 9, 11 16I then get taken to an edit screen to make changes and when i hit finish -
  17. 17. Friday, September 9, 11 17it just goes into my salesforce underneath Allan Tear as a note.
  18. 18. Why now?Friday, September 9, 11 18Why is Mosec so important now?
  19. 19. CRM is everywhereFriday, September 9, 11 19CRM is everywhere. The industry has more than tripled its revenue in billions of dollars from2006 - 2011. That’s a lot -
  20. 20. Mobile professionals are growing m sec m sec m secFriday, September 9, 11 20The number of mobile professionals are growing every year. More and more people are onthe move and on their smartphones. As of today, half the phones in circulation aresmartphones.
  21. 21. m secFriday, September 9, 11 21Mosec allows individuals and businesses to bridge the gap between calls and inputingimportant information into their CRMs.
  22. 22. convert more leads drive customer loyalty increase revenueFriday, September 9, 11 22With the help of Mosec, people can convert more leads, drive customer loyalty and ultimatelyincrease revenue.
  23. 23. Why are we capable of doing it?Friday, September 9, 11 23So, why are we the team to execute on this idea?
  24. 24. Bernard Huang Austin Ball David Pham CEO / Designer CMO / Marketer CPO / DeveloperFriday, September 9, 11 24<walk to other side>This is a picture of us demo’ing our product at Techcocktail Boston just last week.I’m Bernard Huang, CEO and a Designer. I used to be an online poker player. I used themoney that I made to buy a restaurant in Cedar Park, TX so I know how to run a business.That’s Austin, CMO and Marketer. He is a proficient blogger and guest writer this here is David, our baller developer and Chief product officer. He developeddropulous, was also a keynote speaker at DevChatt 2011 and won the Twilio DeveloperAward for programming conferous.
  25. 25. Friday, September 9, 11 25We even had an article written about our product by techcocktail - let’s see what theattendees had to say about Mosec.
  26. 26. Friday, September 9, 11 26Jonathan - “was not super impressed with techcocktail last night - the only company he likedwas Mosec - very practical”Eric - “neat! Mosec let’s you record calls and attach them to CRM as a voice memo”
  27. 27. Friday, September 9, 11 27We were also mentioned on killerstartups just yesterday!
  28. 28. How do we make money?Friday, September 9, 11 28how does Mosec make money?
  29. 29. Basic Paid 50 250 Transcriptions Transcriptions / Mo Fixed Rollover CRM Hooks CRM Hooks Free $10 / MoFriday, September 9, 11 29We are currently offering two plans - the basic and the paid. The basic service allows users totry out our product - and if they like it they can move onto the monthly paid service.
  30. 30. + & t Referral System Social HooksFriday, September 9, 11 30We have also implemented a referral system and social hooks. Users can obtain additionalvoice transcriptions by referring people, friending us on facebook or following us on twitter.This allows us to grow organically.
  31. 31. How are we going to do it?Friday, September 9, 11 31How are we going to do it?
  32. 32. Friday, September 9, 11 32We have already developed Mosec for the Android phone and built in integrations withSalesForce, Highrise and Batchbook. We are focusing our marketing efforts on independentsales agents.
  33. 33. Friday, September 9, 11 33Next, we will make Mosec intelligent. Now what does intelligence mean? It means that Mosecwill be able to understand commands like “Schedule an appointment with John on Thursday”- and actually be able to go into your CRM and book an appointment with John on Thursday.This will allow us to market Mosec towards groups and teams.
  34. 34. Friday, September 9, 11 34Finally, we plan on taking over the world!!! Everyone should have a Mosec on theirsmartphone.
  35. 35. Meet our PartnersFriday, September 9, 11 35Meet our partners. We are using Nuance for the speech to text transcriptions, and currentlyintegrated with Highrise, batchbook and salesforce.
  36. 36. m secFriday, September 9, 11 36Mosec allows individuals and businesses to bridge the gap between calls and inputingimportant information into their CRMs.
  37. 37. =Friday, September 9, 11 37With Mosec, converting more leads, driving customer loyalty and increasing revenues is apiece of cake!!!
  38. 38. 150kFriday, September 9, 11 38We are raising a 150k advisory round. This 150k will be used get us from milestone #1 tomilestone #2 - which is selling Mosec to groups and teams.
  39. 39. m secretary mobile sec Free Download for Android @MosecApp, September 9, 11 39Mosec is available for download in the android app market today! Mosec is your own personalmobile secretary. Come find us in the black shirts after the presentation!