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Digital Proposal for Qatar Magazine


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Digital Marketing proposal for Health-N-Life magazine in Qatar. It includes campaign and marketing ideas for day to day marketing use. Social Media and other Digital Media channels

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Digital Proposal for Qatar Magazine

  1. 1. Health N Life Magazine Taking Creativity To The Next Level
  2. 2. 1. Introduction 2. The Proposal 3. About US Our Agenda
  3. 3. Why do you need Digital Marketing?
  4. 4. Commissioned: ICT Qatar Population studied: Online users in Qatar Sample: 1,000 adults. 500 Qataris. 500 non-Qataris Data Collection: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews) Interview Length: 15 minutes Understanding Digital Behavior in Qatar
  5. 5. Digital Media Usage in Qatar
  6. 6. Digital Media Usage in Qatar 97% 44% 46% 48% 39% 65% 7% 17% 92% 78% 38% 26% 13% 34% 1% 11% 82% 89% 30% 27% 10% 33% 10% 0% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% WhatsApp Facebook Twitter BBM SnapChat Instagram Path Forums Qataris Arab Expats Non-Arab Expats
  7. 7. Digital Media Usage in Qatar
  8. 8. The Digital Audience- Qatar Very high penetration of Facebook in Qatar – Total population: 2.4 Million – Total Facebook population: 1.5 Million • Males: 1.1M • Females: 0.3M • Male to female skew is representative of the entire Qatar population, which is 75% males
  9. 9. 1. Introduction 2. The Proposal 3. About US Our Agenda
  10. 10. Understanding the Brand – Health-N-Life HEALTH N LIFE What makes HEALTH-N-LIFE special? - Comprehensive Extensive research results and useful health related content Expert advice in health information and diseases Actively helping people by promoting better health and wellbeing. - Modern Tips on food, diet and better hygiene Early prevention of disease and cure formula - Supportive Dedicated social media support Remedies and advice - Unique Health Test Events promotion Prominent source of health information in Qatar, the GCC and the Arab world Dedicated to provide high quality information and advice, to make it available and easily accessible to people in the Arab World.
  11. 11. Google search results in Qatar. Health N Life is not in the 1st page of search results
  12. 12. Google search results in Qatar. Meta descriptions confusing and capital letters- A Big NO! Meta descriptions simple, clear and options.
  13. 13. Missing elements on website optimization No Optimization on the website, hence website fails on search engines like Google Full Optimization on the website, hence website Ranks on search engines like Google
  14. 14. Social objectives for Health N Life • Social needs to become a place of conversations around healthy lifestyle • From history to quirky facts – social to encompass all aspects • These elements will help the brand to: – Educate customers on healthy lifestyle and hygiene – Spread awareness about the magazine – Engage the audience with remedies and easy cure for diseases.
  15. 15. Communication Approach  Building brand awareness about Health N Life Magazine  Building visibility for different segments across web  Increase eyeballs , queries & website visits  Engagement with existing customers  Establish market leader in Health and Lifestyle related information.
  16. 16. Social Media Approach Connect Collaborate Considerate Context Conversations 5 C's of Social Media Engagement Humanizing the Brand Leveraging web categories, launching the “Engagement Channel” preaching opportunities, communicating while branding magazine highlights !
  17. 17. Communication Approach Primary channels - FB, Twitter and Instagram  Aesthetic planning & design with interactive graphics  User-base building in GCC region  Focus content & information seed on different health sections  Create thought / knowledge leadership position in health related information  Propagate marketing communication on optimized social channels  Showcasing user experience through multimedia content  Activity management and monitoring  Activity promotion via social ads (Fb and Instagram)
  18. 18. Content Strategy- Social Media Networks Twitter Instagram Facebook Content mix to keep the audience interested & engaged Engaging people in conversations and establishing a connect with them
  19. 19. Facebook advertising and sponsored stories Facebook Ads
  20. 20. Instagram advertising and sponsored stories
  21. 21. 1. Introduction 2. The Proposal 3. About Us Our Agenda
  22. 22. What do we do? We do Digital Marketing for medium to large sized businesses in Qatar. Founded in 2011 by an Indian, and backed by Jaidah Group. Our company is based in Doha, Qatar, so that we can provide a high quality service and more value for money in the region.
  23. 23. About Us Wearea digital communicationsfirmfocusedondigitalbusinessandsocialmedia. We help our clients, businesses and organizations, leverage the power of social media by embedding social technologies into all their processes through a 4 pillars approach: CommunicationEfficiency Customer Experience Connected Enterprise CommunityEngagement We provide services related to: DigitalMedia Marketing | Website&MobileApps | AugmentedReality | so·cial force | [ attrib. ] your social business accelerator QDigitals 4CE
  24. 24. Like any partnership we will take time to learn your business and test what will work for you. Kick-Off Schedule Phase 3: Live Service / OngoingEngagement 1- 2 weeks Phase 0: Mobilization 1 month Phase 1: Testing/ Optimization 2-3 months Phase 2: Content & Community Buildingand Engagement 3 months 0. We need 1-2 weeks to ensure we have the structure in place and all your assets setup. 1. During this time we will setup accounts with various strategies to see what works 2. Focus on building a large community ready to activate 3. After we have normalized we formalize the digital branding strategy and continue our delivery as partners.
  25. 25. Account Manager SEO Specialist Community Specialist Content Manager Artist/Designers Application Developers Reporting Specialist You. Us. Our relationship doesn’t need to be complicated. Let’s meet weekly Via Skype or GoToMeeting Our Team
  26. 26. Social Media Report Includes: • Impressions, Interactions and Followers • Follower demographics and locations • Performance of social advertising campaigns • Advertising spend report Social Listening Report Includes: • Brand mentions • Competitor mentions • Crisis and brand sentiment monitoring • Industry insights Website Report Includes: • Traffic and Conversions per Channel • SEO and CRO Issues and Actions • Heatmap Report to identify usability opportunities There is a lot to keep track of in online marketing. Client Dashboard Includes: • Work tracking • Editorial Calendar • Website metrics & KPIs • Social metrics &KPIs • Contacts &Leads • Campaign Approvals Reporting Our Secret Sauce
  27. 27. Our Clients
  29. 29. Presented by GETIN TOUCH Qatar +974 3352 7908