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Interviewing Candidates


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Article: Interviewing candidates

Published in: Career, Technology
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Interviewing Candidates

  1. 1. Interviewing candidates According to the behavioural method of interviewing, past behavior is regarded as a very good indicator of future successful performance and for determining how well a candidate might fit the job function and company culture. Both experienced and inexperienced candidates can be questioned using this method, where entry-level candidates will draw upon past school and tertiary education knowledge and experience, as well as skills that are instinctive. For telephonic and video interviews, the same technique applies, although it would be useful to adapt your approach, spending less time on the screening phone call than you would use in a normal interview. Deal effectively, and diplomatically with unsuitable applicants. Goals of the interview Checklist Step-by-step interview plan Job interview introduction and questions Goals of the interview The goals of the interview are to: 1. Attract the best candidate by promoting