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Benchmark IT Solutions Florida is mobile and software Development Company specialized in healthcare solutions, product engineering and mobility services.

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  1. 1. Benchmarkitsolutions Benchmark IT Solutions Florida is mobile and software Development Company specialized in healthcare solutions, product engineering and mobility services.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. About Us  At Benchmark IT Solutions, product engineering and development is part of our DNA. We leverage our rich product engineering experience to deliver customized solutions for organizations of all sizes around the globe.  Benchmark’s product development and engineering service includes a full agile product development life cycle and engineering services that starts right from ideation, product development, testing, technical support, implementation and sustenance.  Benchmark has an Offshore Development Centre (ODC) located in Pune, India. We continuously invest in upgrading our development centre to reflect the latest in technology, security, communication, mobile devices, as well as software and hardware upgrades. Our highly skilled and talented professionals are well qualified and experienced in a variety of programming languages and technologies. They make up the backbone of our ODC.
  4. 4. Services  Franchise Management Solutions  Ecommerce Solutions  Product Engineering  Software Development  Healthcare Solutions  Insurance Solutions
  5. 5. Franchise Management Solutions  It’s difficult for Franchise to find a single platform, turnkey solution that provides them the ability to customize features to manage and meet their unique business needs.  Benchmark IT Solutions has built a solution which can help Franchise create a more agile platform on which a tailored, effective Information Management Solution is developed using open source technologies
  6. 6. Ecommerce Solutions We are an end-to-end solutions company for your ever-evolving and growing ecommerce needs. Our group of ecommerce consultants and specialists thrive in solving our Clients ecommerce problems using today’s latest technology to deliver proven results.
  7. 7. ECOMMERCE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES  Front-End Development  Ecommerce Platform Integration  Back-End Development  3rd-Party Integrations  Quality Assurance Testing  Custom Coding  Performance Optimization  Code Review + Audit
  8. 8. Product Engineering  At Benchmark IT Solutions, product engineering is part of our DNA. With over 8 years of experience as a software product development company, Benchmark has built a strong competency in building the best in class products to compete in today’s marketplace.  We invest our time in understanding the challenges and market dynamics of the product and jointly work with our clients to ensure that the product remains ahead of the curve.  Benchmark’s team of product development engineers can assist you in supporting your strategic objectives and be an integral part of your product development team.
  9. 9. Our Process
  10. 10. Software Development  We at Benchmark pride ourselves on delivering to our customers, technologically advanced, highly adaptable solutions in custom software and database development tailored to meet their specific requirements.  As custom software developers we can build your software and/or database autonomously or in conjunction with your current in house team members to fine tune all your specific requirements. Your completed software is designed to be scalable and to grow with your business as it grows.
  11. 11. AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT  In addition to traditional software development practices, we at Benchmark also incorporate the agile software development methodologies into our project lifecycle  Our goal is to create shorter delivery cycles that help to mitigate development risks and provide early corrective measures to meet delivery timelines while never compromising on quality.  Whether you are undertaking a new software development initiative or transitioning a current system, our team has the Agile software experience and expertise you can rely on to deliver proven results.
  12. 12. Agile Development Methodology
  13. 13. HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS  Benchmark IT Solutions has over 8 years of experience and industry knowledge in designing and building custom IT solutions for healthcare.  Benchmark offers innovative solutions and customized applications that will enable your organization to streamline its’ healthcare processes resulting in improved efficiency and a greater return on ROI.  We provide start to end solutions from custom healthcare IT solutions to on going support and maintenance.
  14. 14. WHAT WE OFFER IT SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE  Patient Management  Document Management  Clinical Management  HIPAA Compliant Software Development  Appointment Scheduler Development  Clinical Charting And Reporting Solutions  Healthcare Portals  Job Portals for Healthcare Experts & RN
  15. 15. INSURANCE SOLUTIONS  Benchmark IT Solutions has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating custom solutions for the challenges facing today’s agents, brokers, and insurance companies.  Our team of engineers will assist your organization in utilizing the latest in technology to analyze current market trends and consumer data in order to launch successful products to attract a continued supply of new consumers.  Our custom insurance software development services can assist you in automating every stage of the policy life cycle through point of sale, mid-term adjustments, renewals and claims to trial balance.
  16. 16. Solutions .  Mobile solutions  Open source solutions  Microsoft  SharePoint  SugarCRM
  17. 17. Mobile solutions  We can help you realize the many benefits and advantages of developing an iPhone, iPad, and Android application.  Our expertise and several years of experience will go a long way in mobilizing your business by quickly transforming your existing online services into successful mobile ones.  We bring the totality of our experience and know-how to our clients to meet all their objectives, from technology to user experience to profitability.
  18. 18. OUR PROCESS
  19. 19. TECHNOLOGY WE USE  Our team of mobile developers uses the professional SDK platform for building applications for your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices  In addition, they are proficient in iPhone, iPad and Android application development technologies including Xcode, Objective C, Java, and Cocoa Touch framework.  We do not just design and build mobile apps, but we tailor them to fit our client’s needs. We can combine your idea with our expertise to create a rich user experience on your mobile device.
  20. 20. OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS  Benchmark has been building applications with Linux, Apache, MySQL/ PostgreSQL, and PHP (LAMP) over 8 years.  Today PHP is an industry standard and the server-side scripting language of choice for millions of businesses around the world.  Our Open Source based development practices have advanced and matured over the years. Our Open Source development team has a fully developed setup and has established a proven proficiency helping clients to capture the power of Open Source based solutions.
  22. 22. Microsoft  Benchmark IT Solutions can help you leverage Microsoft technologies to address business challenges and opportunities and improve performance.  We can help you design, develop and integrate business solutions based on the .NET platform.  Benchmark IT Solutions hosts Microsoft certified engineers with a range of Microsoft technologies. We create Microsoft application using Asp.Net, Microsoft Dynamics and others to provide customers with successful solutions.  We create Microsoft application using Asp.Net, Microsoft Dynamics and others to provide customers with successful solutions.
  23. 23. MS TECHNOLOGIES SKILL SET  UI COMPONENTSASP.NET AJAX CT, Telerik, HTML 5, CSS 3/4, ASP. Net Charting Controls.  PRODUCTSASP.NET Storefront, Salesforce.  RIASilverlight, RIA Services, JavaScript.
  24. 24. MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT  Benchmark IT Solutions is a leading Sharepoint development company in Orland, Florida, USA. We assist our clients to leverage their Microsoft SharePoint investments by streamline their business process and improve productivity using our SharePoint development capabilities  Our SharePoint development team in Florida, USA has vast experience of SharePoint functional areas and out of the box capabilities, which is the most important in SharePoint development and implementation.
  25. 25. SharePoint development and implementation includes the following phases.
  26. 26. SUGARCRM SOLUTIONS  SugarCRM is one of the most popular, widely used and most affordable open source web-based CRM software in today’s market.  At Benchmark IT Solutions, we specialize in SugarCRM development, installation, customization, maintenance, consultation and much more. Our SugarCRM developers can help you organize and share customer information, companies and sales opportunities through a centralized location.  SugarCRM provides your sales team with real-time data and with the tools necessary to effectively manage and collaborate with one another on all sales and marketing efforts using one unified system from anywhere in the world.
  27. 27. BENEFITS OF SUGARCRM  Easy Set-Up and Administration  Customer Relationship Management  Sales Force Automation  Track Sales Opportunities  Customer Service Tracking  Work Flow & Contract Management  Manage Customer Information  Multilingual Support
  28. 28. Thank You