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Top 5 herbal bleaches available in India


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Facial hair bother us all and there is no escape from bleaching for us..right!! We have compiled a list of top 5 herbal bleaches that are available in market for the sensitive skin types that are gentle on skin. To know more,Visit

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Top 5 herbal bleaches available in India

  2. 2. ARYANVEDA HALDI CHANDAN BLEACH • Contains care and magic of herbal properties of Haldi and Chandan ( Sandalwood) • Perfect coordination of herbal extracts and new age cosmetics • Gently and effectively cleanses your dark skin • Haldi improves the skin texture & heals the skin rashes • Chandan adds soothing touch to cleansing experience
  3. 3. THE BODYCARE’S HERBAL BLEAH CREAM • Uniquely formulated product • Lighten the color of your facial hair to match your skin tone. • It gives a lustrous glow to the skin for that perfect look • Only drawback is that it might not be suitable for all skin types , So need to perform Patch test
  4. 4. VLCC INSTA GLOW HERBAL BLEACH • Enriched with herbal extracts of Cucumber, Seaweed and Tomato • Herbal Bleach not only lightens your facial hair to match up your skin tone but also manages to deep cleanse it • Tomatoes contain antioxidants that help in delaying the signs of aging • Cucumber helps to refresh your skin • Provides skin with anti-tan benefits
  5. 5. NATURE’S ESSENCE LACTO BLEACH TAN REMOVAL CREAM - MILK & HONEY • Enriched with Milk Proteins and honey • Helps to remove the epidermal sun tan and also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun • Its matt effect is ideal for hot climates • Contains Lavender oil which can also regulate the oil balance of your skin, making it smooth and non-greasy.
  6. 6. FEM HERBAL BLEACH • Follows a proven ancient Ayurvedic formulation for fairness called Kumkumadi Tailam • Natural and safe • Fem Herbal Bleach is a blend of nature's best • Specially suited for sensitive skin • Contains 16 Precious Natural Herbs like Keshar, Chandan, Manjistha etc