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Turnitin 19 jan2012_new

  1. 1. Juliet Stoltenkamp, 19 Jan 2012
  2. 2.  Turnitin is an internet based plagiarism detection software. Educational institutions submit essays and written assignments to the Turnitin website, which checks the documents for plagiarism. Submissions are checked through: •A current and extensive internet publications database •Billions of commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals •Millions of student papers in Turnitin’s repository (added on for intellectual property)
  3. 3.  UWC students will submit their written assignments to Turnitin, as a deterrent to plagiarism via the web Turnitin checks for possible plagiarism by comparing submitted papers to several databases. It scans its own database(s), and also has licensing agreements with large academic proprietary databases.
  4. 4.  Web- based gateway to Tii  Tii used as a tool to  Lecturers can create promote creative writing. assignments and view  Students submit and get class lists with student originality reports. numbers with their  Students originality reports peruse/navigate  Students can log in and report; discuss submit assignments and reports and identify get originality reports. errors with  One gateway: Link to Tii lecturer/tutor server  Students rework documents and
  5. 5.  Training currently undergoing for both lecturers and students Bookings are made through our ICT training team (via lecturer) Tii is being used as a deterrent to plagiarism; not as the benchmark for the affect/aftermath of plagiarism Lecturer training focuses on using the tool to promote creative writing and enhance writing practices within UWC. ‘Just-in-time training’: Manuals (lecturer and student) which can be directly accessed from http://turnitin.uwc.ac.za/student
  6. 6.  Submitted documents- database search: ◦ Current and extensively archived copy of the publicly accessible internet publications ◦ Commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals ◦ Millions of student papers already submitted to Turnitin ◦ Massive proprietary database of all Turnitin (Tii) university repositories ◦ Following, a report is generated.
  7. 7.  Report contents:  Paper ID > unique identification for each submission> security  Authors name  Class in which assignment was submitted (created by your lecturer)  Similarity index > Actual matches found on document  Overview of similar matches >
  8. 8.  Source report  Shows you similarity matches in descending order  Click on link to see actual source.  Source number enables easy navigation- i.e. to specific match (source) found  Colour differentiation – easy navigation
  9. 9.  Source report  Text matches within submitted doc  Words –no matches are shown in grey  Matches shown in a specific color  Even misquoted texts appear as matches within the similarity index.
  10. 10.  Assignment inbox Shows you the reports of the submitted assignments Color coded  Green <25%  Yellow25%> &<50%  Orange 50%<&<75%  Red>75%
  11. 11. Using Tii
  12. 12. Enter youremail address Enter your password received from turnitin helpdesk if you are the first time user.
  13. 13. Change yourpassword tosomething you’llremember
  14. 14. HOW TO SUBMIT A PAPER Click on the class name
  15. 15. This page you can see the due datefor the assignment. Click onsubmit/resubmit
  16. 16. Click drop down arrow to select the submission method Enter submission titleThen Click on Upload Search for your file that you want to upload.e.g. from your flash drive, hard drive depending where you’ve saved it
  17. 17. This is the preview of what you are submitting if incorrect you can click on “Return to upload page”Then click on submitif you’re certain that the document is correct.
  18. 18. If you see this pageyou are done(YOU WILL RECEIVE EMAIL AS WELL)
  19. 19. How to Read the Originality Report Click on the class
  20. 20. Click here
  21. 21. Click here to view the report
  22. 22. New Originality reportYou see as the document was submitted with all the formatting, charts etc
  23. 23. To see which source a highlighted text matches look for the source that has the same number and color indicator as highlight.
  24. 24. If would like to see the text from the source in order to compare with student text simple click on highlighted text and source comparison window will appear.