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Barkery inn hotel


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Published in: Travel
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Barkery inn hotel

  1. 1. BARKERY INN HOTEL Harmoni Koppit & A’Maiya Allen
  2. 2. ABOUT!The Barkery Inn Hotel & Café is a place where people can take their pets to get away for a weekend and be pampered! 
  3. 3. BARKERY INN CAFÉInside the Barkery Inn Hotel we provide guests a convenient eatery that caters to both humans and pets.
  4. 4. 50 FREEMAN RD BUFFALO,NY• Price: $2,999,990• No. Rooms: 87• Building Size: 34,000 SF• Price/Room: $34,482.64• Average Daily Rate: $60
  5. 5. With $80 per night come visit us at 50 Freeman Road inBuffalo, NY! Trust us, it will be a vacationyou will never forget!