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  1. 1. CONTRIBUTION ATUL SINGH :- Factors That Cause Gold's Value To Fluctuate. BIRENDRA THAKUR:- what is gold. BHAVESH SHELAR :-How Gold Affects Currencies. KIRAN SANAS :- How does gold impact the indian economy. KEVAL VARIA :- How does gold impact the Global economy.
  2. 2. How Gold Affects Currencies? Gold is one of the most widely discussed metals due to its prominent role in both the investment and consumer world. Even though gold is no longer used as a primary form of currency in developed nations, it continues to have a strong impact on the value of those currencies. Moreover, there is a strong correlation between its value and the strength of currencies trading on foreign exchanges.
  3. 3. How does gold impact the Indian Economy? Indian Economy has not been in a very good shape recently. All the economic articles in Newspapers and websites have been reporting gloominess. In the recent months, many of us would have come across this statement multiple times – ‘Please Stop buying Gold’. Our Finance Minister and his team didn’t know a quicker way to stop the decreasing the Current Account Deficit. The import duty on Gold went up from 4% at the starting of this year to 10% step by step. 20% of the Gold imports needs to be exported back again with some value addition.
  4. 4. How does gold impact the Global economy? A REPORT commissioned by the World Gold Council estimates the direct economic impact of gold is at least $210bn and the industry body, which develops markets for gold, will use the study to further build a platform from which it can talk to governments and communities about the role of the metal.
  5. 5. Summary 1) Present gold status. 2) Gold price. 3) Consumption of gold in India. 4) Use to show the status in Society. 5) Further expectation.