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Love Poems


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Ban tin du bao thoi tiet

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Love Poems

  1. 1. 10 Love Poems "Jar" – Triptych (Part 2 of 3) by Bethany Thompson ©2008 Jason Sturner
  2. 2. 10 Love Poems All poems copyright © 2008 by Jason Sturner
  3. 3. About LoveWe do not need thoroughfareswhen love seeks the heartSuch is the way of love—always destined, never soughtWe do not need gold coinswhen love comes without costSuch is the value of love—always priceless, never boughtWe do not need a wise manwhen love speaks through artSuch is the beauty of love—always instilled, never taughtAnd we do not need a rusewhen love surrenders to us allSuch is the enigma of love—always mysterious, never caught
  4. 4. Fresh MorningTalk to me in the comfort of fresh morningwhen a birds song I may enjoyas the cold of night surrenders to the warmth of dawnand there comes no sound from the telephone or door.Hold me close as the sun plays with shadowswhen the curtains of our room blow wideas our hearts beat ever so quietly to the pulse of dayand seagulls scavenge across the falling tide.Know me when the day is newly born, my lovewhen the spirit within this aging body is contentas I steal gentle kisses from your soft lipsand inhale the subtle fragrance of this moment.I Love YouI see more than you knowabout all you are,and through my observationsand from my analysisIve concluded thatI love you.Not a theoryquite simply a fact—I love you,and thats that.
  5. 5. Holding Hands (a simple pleasure)I sit at my desk this morning,turn my head from the computerand stare at my hands.The aroma of hazelnut coffeeswirls around me.And I think—My god, these hands have really accomplished.They’ve done a million interesting and uninteresting things;they’ve been to so many places.Suddenly, I’m walking along the lake,watching seagulls coast over the waves.And then, with the softest of touches,my hand is taken and I return to her.The aroma of spring loveswirls around us.I look over into her beautiful, adoring eyes,and it occurs to me that simple pleasuresare nothing shortof miracles.
  6. 6. A Holiday for the HeartTheres a batch of romancenow simmering in the heart—add red wine and its very sweet,the degree of love determines its heat.Theres a pink perfume sunrisewaiting patiently for its turn—its rays are bright, though bittersweet born,a thread for mending hearts torn.Theres a book of poetryblown open by the wind—a million words the poets have said,always a favorite: Roses are red…Theres a day reserved for lovebearing cards and cliché—the candied tradition our heartsknow as Valentines Day.
  7. 7. When I am Loved by YouA silky aurasurrounds mewhen I . . .Lavender dreamsvisit me sleepingwhen I . . .Golden extravagancefills my every momentwhen I am loved by you.My nervescome to easeMy tensionsare of no attentionMy heart beatswith subtle integritywhen I am loved by you.
  8. 8. Morning RainThis morning there was much rain,forcing the birds into trees,the butterflies beneath leaves.I stand at the open window,listening for the cool silencebetween raindrops.I begin to wonderabout time machines,about being fully absorbed into the future: The full view of a sunset from our porch chairs, a cat resting at our feet. Faces aged, a hand holding a hand. And the wind comes down from flowered hills, filling the home with fragrances. Everything is golden orange like a softly glowing jewel.I blink and turn from the window.Another routine day begins.The echoes of my heartbeatwill mingle with the rain.
  9. 9. These ThingsI have longed to bethe quiet, fading lightthat helps you sleep;and sunrise through the open door.Ive stayed awake for hours,wondering how I could channelthe most beautiful thingsthrough your eyes,and into your heart.I have wished to bethe warm, child-long summerthat stirs your playful curiosity;and dreams across the long winter.For a time I doubtedI could be any of these things,or the myriad othersthat fill my head each day.But the stronger my lifebonds with yours,the less I doubt my abilities,the more revealed is my part.With love, all possibility follows;it follows me, it follows you.And all these things wished forare already true.
  10. 10. Love and WordsThere awoke in me, on a night enlightened bymagnificent starlight, fancies for poetic pursuit inthe name of love. And of this, an autumn-haired,spring-eyed beauty of sweet unawareness.I became a romantic, for all intents and purposes,and bowed as a knight to his maiden in waiting.I was taken. I was subdued and held prisoner—I was willing.In her heart were the moist soils of Eden, full of musicnot heard since the day love was cast upon the world.I took her hand and splashed the grass with my melting,saw angels under the gospel of her voice.I was no longer just a man, but a vessel for poetry.And I finally knew what it was to be alive:To inhale love, to exhale words, to truly breathe—like a sonnet venturing from the page.
  11. 11. Could You Stay the Night, Forever?Wrapped in the fireplaceof your arms. Warmed bythe trust in your smile.The night and our loveAre acquainted. You cuddle closeand feel my heart. I brush yourhair away from your face.The window and the rainAre old friends. Soft candle-light washes over our skin,soft music over our repose.The ambiance and timingCouldnt be better. I lookdown at you, youre falling asleep.I kiss your foreheadand whisper, Sleep well.With eyes closed, you sighand reply, Then dont go.
  12. 12. Jason Sturner was born in Harvey, Illinois, and raised in the westernsuburbs of Chicago. He is a member of the Illinois State Poetry Societyand has published three books of poetry: Kairos, 10 Love Poems, andSelected Poems 2004-2007. In addition to poetry he writes short stories ofpsychological horror and the supernatural. He resides in Geneva, Illinoisand works as a botanist at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle. Website:www.jasonsturner.blogspot.comAlso available:Selected Poems 2004-2007 is a collection of poems written after thepublication of Kairos. Its available at Andersons Bookshop inNaperville, Town House Books in St. Charles, and the public librariesof Batavia and St. Charles (call # 811.6 STU). To receive a free copy,email the author at flowerpetalsonthecreek@ Selected Poems2004-2007 is also available as a free download at Google Books.Kairos is Sturners first book of poetry. Its available at Town HouseBooks in St. Charles,, and the public libraries ofBatavia, Geneva, North Aurora and St. Charles (call # 811.6 SCH or811.6 STU). Kairos is also available as a free download at GoogleBooks. Website:
  13. 13. "Jar" – Triptych (Part 1 of 3) by Bethany Thompson ©2008