Pols Ice Cream Re-branding Campaign


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Alpha Baltic
Client: JSC Rīgas piena kombināts
Country: Latvia
Project name: Pols Ice Cream Re-branding Campaign

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Pols Ice Cream Re-branding Campaign

  1. 1. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Alpha Baltic (Latvia) Pols Ice Cream Rebranding Campaign Client: JSC Rīgas Piena kombināts Summary Pols ice cream brand experienced its renaissance as a result of the change of ownership of JSC “Rīgas piena kombināts”; it was once again made of natural milk and cream, got a new packaging and a higher price. In these circumstances it was important to strengthen the reputation of Pols, the traditional and the most popular ice cream in Latvia, and to secure the consumers’ loyalty and its position in the market. The rebranding campaign for Pols was based on two strategic directions and positioning: “childhood favourite” and “everything connected with the (North) Pole”. Both these strategic directions needed consistent and appropriate communication in the social media involving people, thus allowing them to feel like a part of the Pols brand. Social media accounts were created from scratch, a competition called “In search of Pols faces” and a race called “Run for Pols” was organised, and an interesting, and interactive communication corresponding with the essence of the brand took place as a part of this campaign. At the end of the summer, Pols has gained 3,953 friends and a high rating of the followers’ involvement. Situation Pols ice cream has been enjoyed in Latvia since 1971, and it is one of the most powerful brands in our country. In the recent years, Pols has tried to compete in the low price sector, but the new owners wanted to return to the initial recipe (from natural milk and cream), create new packaging and slightly increase its price. The basic objective of the communication concept was to involve people, allowing them to feel like a part of the Pols brand; therefore, the activities in the social media became very significant milestones of the communication campaign. Objectives• To secure Pols position as a “childhood favourite” and “a part of our common historical heritage”.• Not only to tell and show, but also to involve people and make them a part of the Pols brand.Pols ice cream is enjoyed by everyone between the ages of three and 103. An objective of the campaign was therefore to address as broad a target audience as possible, primarily between the ages of 12 and 45. Strategy The entire Pols advertising strategy was based on two directions: “A childhood favourite” primarily, and secondarily all associations connected with “Pols” – North Pole, polar bear, cold, snow and ice. Both these directions are naturally characteristic of the Pols brand. One objective of the media campaign was to adopt and implement a common brand strategy and strengthen Pols’ position in the operational area of social media. Important activities during the implementation of the strategy were: • active participation in all the largest social media, • ensuring interesting and interactive daily communication, • publication of various Pols related news and activities on internet. Execution Implementation took place in 3 stages. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATION • Campaign microsite and profiles in the four famous Latvian social networks (Facebook, Draugiem, Twitter, YouTube) were created during the 1st and 2nd stage, between March and May. The “In search of Pols faces” competition was announced, starting an active communication. Participants took their photo holding Pols and uploaded it to the microsite, asking their supporters to vote. 40 people of different age and sex were selected, placing their images on Pols advertisements around city. • The 3rd stage took place from June to August. An “online to offline” adventure game called “Run for Pols” was introduced, inviting people to run for Pols box at different times to various locations in Riga. The location was announced using an 80-year old image inserted into the social media and on the Pols microsite. This campaign was implemented without the internet advertisement support, using only daily communication in the social media and verbal marketing. Documented Results After-campaign popularity of Pols brand (GFK study) increased from 83% to 91% in the target audience.• Communication campaign generated 6,588 microsite visits with 46% of them being repeated visits.• Total of 3,953 friends, fans/followers (Facebook 845, Draugiem 2602, Twitter 506) were gained during the campaign in the Pols social media channels.• 106 applications received for the competition of Pols advertisement faces, received 4616 votes.• Monthly people involvement in the communication during the campaign “Run for Pols” in average increased by 42% (comparison of June, July, August data). Approximately 33% were involved in the communication (average rating of Facebook “Talking about this”) proportionally to the fan number.• Active involvement in the “Run for Pols” race lasting 41 days of the entire summer. Many people awaited the announcement of the new location; many participants joined together, placing agents in various city locations to reach the target faster. Fastest time: 3 minutes, longest: 45 minutes. Baltic PR Awards 2012