Celebrating Loyalty: Everyone’s Invited


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Swedbank
Country: Latvia
Project name: Celebrating Loyalty: Everyone’s Invited
Place: 2nd

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Celebrating Loyalty: Everyone’s Invited

  1. 1. Category: INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONSwedbank (Latvia)Celebrating Loyalty: Everyone’s invitedSummaryFor years, Swedbank has been one of the most desired employers in Latvia, but after the crisis affectedbank industry perception negatively, employee pride in Swedbank hit an all time low and it wasbecoming challenging to compete in the job market. Swedbank saw its 20th anniversary clientcampaign, Latvian super-band Prāta Vētra concert, as a great opportunity to address growing loyaltyissues. 3500 of 30’000 concert tickets were given to staff and their families - everyone was invited.With a special campaign leading up to the event, it was important to make employees feel pride inSwedbank and connect with the brand by participating as co-creators of the event with exclusivebehind-the-scenes opportunities, like volunteering for backstage work or signing up to perform onstage with the band. The bank’s existing communication tools, like intranet, were used to place excitingand creative content where official news would usually be found. Week after week contests,merchandise giveaways and polls kept building anticipation before the event, creating a 76% employeeinvolvement. As a result, the event was attended by 86% of employees and the subsequent feedbackshowed definite increase in pride and loyalty towards Swedbank as an employer.SituationEach year independent studies recognize Swedbank as one of the most desired employers, but after theeconomical crisis led to negative perception of banks, loyalty levels of existing employees hit an all-time low and people were no longer proud to say they work for Swedbank. Moreover, 31% stated theymight go work elsewhere if they were offered a similar position. Job satisfaction levels had dropped by15%, hitting the hardest in areas outside Riga, where communication reach was challenging.Employees felt disconnected and it was becoming increasingly challenging to compete with otheremployers.ObjectivesGoals:- Increased employee’s loyalty, pride and emotional linkage with the brand;- Bringing together both Riga and regional Swedbank employees for a special event;- Enhanced engagement in bank’s internal channels;- Natural positive buzz about Swedbank internally before and after the event.Target audience: existing Swedbank employeesResearch: assessment of results from yearly Swedbank employee survey, internal channel response rateand content analysis.StrategySwedbank created a 20th anniversary event for clients - super-band Prāta Vētra concert. Usually fewemployees are invited to client events, but this time, while clients participated in a lottery for tickets,Swedbank showed special appreciation to its employees and gave 3500 of 30’000 tickets to staff andtheir families - everyone was invited. With a special campaign leading up to the event, it was importantto make employees feel pride in Swedbank and allow them to connect with the brand, by participatingas co-creators of the event with exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities that client’s did not have Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONaccess to. An additional campaign was extended to regional employees, who historically had lowerattendance of bank’s events.Following criteria were set for evaluation of results: – employee activity in co-creation of the event; – intranet engagement and feedback; – event attendance by Riga’s and regional employees; – employee loyalty increase in next year’s survey.ExecutionThe bank’s existing communication tools (intranet, newsletter, surveys, e-mails) were used insurprising ways: a poll about loans was now a competition on which Prāta Vētra member they favoredmost and images of the band filled the spaces where official news were usually placed.Week after week they were presented with different opportunities: invited to vote for their favoritePrāta Vētra song, answer quiz questions created by the band members or raffle the chance to meet theband before concert and volunteer for backstage work. Creative contests, merchandise giveaways andpolls kept the buzz going for a month leading up the concert. A special campaign for regionalemployees was created: a custom “Weekend in Riga” guide sent to everyone, free-of-charge parkingspaces and discounted hotels were arranged.At the event employees were greeted by Swedbank mascots, given custom flashlights and bracelets to aseating area reserved exclusively for them.Documented Results – Co-creation of event: 1300 (76%) employee engagement in either voting, performances or volunteering for behind-the-scenes work. – Attendance: 1500 employees (86%) attended, including 83% of all regional staff, 3300 together with families – After the event: 91% highly positive feedback. Key phrases from comments: “thank you for the opportunity to volunteer and see the concert from a different angle – fantastic impressions!”, “thanks for the great event and chance to be on stage with Prāta Vētra!”, “proud to work for someone that does this for their employees”, “it felt like a private party with the band playing all of my favorite songs”, “thank you for this special gift”, “the three hour drive was worth it”, “thank you for the chance to celebrate with my family!”, “I was always proud of where I work, but now I think I have the best employer”. (Employee survey results unavailable at time of BPRA submission) Baltic PR Awards 2012