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  1. 1. Project: ENTERTAIN, ENGAGE & DEVELOP BRAND: Kārums support for 10thLatvian Youth School Song and Dance FestivalCategory: SPONSORSHIPSummaryOne of Latvias largest dairy producers Rīgas Piensaimnieks with its flagship productbrand – curd snack Kārums – approached us to provide supporting communicationactivities for their sponsorship of the 10th Latvian Youth School Song and DanceFestival, which took place from July 6-11, 2010. To involve the target audience in thecelebration we decided to strongly focus on brand exposure activities before thefestival and both online and offline interactive activities shortly before and during thefestival. Activities included product distribution to all participants before the festival, aconsumer-made product via social networks, interactive competitions via a Twitteraccount, unique HD 360-degree photos of all the participants and visitors to thefestival at, and supporting media relations. Social and traditionalmedia experts acknowledged the campaign as being excellent in terms of socialmedia use and target audience reach. Kārums’ Twitter account became the biggestand fastest growing corporate account in Latvia and is considered a benchmark forcorporate Twitter accounts to date. The Kārums consumer-made product achievedunprecedented sales.SituationOne of Latvias largest dairy producers Rīgas Piensaimnieks engaged in sponsoringthe 10th Latvian Youth School Song and Dance Festival, which is an importanttraditional and national folk event celebrated once every five years. The preparationfor the festival takes more than a year and involves around 150,000 participants, fromall Latvia, while only 30,000 best singers and dancers perform in both main concerts.Rīgas Piensaimnieks was a third line sponsor providing a EUR 50,000 dedication, aswell as provided all participants during the preparation phase with over 150,000Kārums curd snacks – the flagship of Rīgas Piensaimnieks’ products.Apart from the financial and product dedication, Rīgas Piensaimnieks asked forsupporting communication activities with a total budget of EUR 17 000. Other
  2. 2. sponsors invested much more in supporting communications, therefore we needed tobe quicker and more creative in competition for attention.ObjectivesThe objectives of supporting communication activities were to generate prominentexposure for the Kārums brand in Festival related events before the festival (whileother sponsors were not in activation phase), to present it as sincere and attractivebrand, engage people in brand development via pioneering solutions in socialnetworks.The Song and Dance Festival was chosen, because it was deemed to be the bestevent to address Kārums’ target audience – devotees of dairy products, primarily –kids, schoolchildren, and their families.StrategyThe strategy was to position the curd snack Kārums as the official snack of thefestival and the main energy source for participants to dance, sing and perform.As the festival is a celebration not only for small children, but also for their parentsand thousands of visitors, the communication solutions needed to be interactive,innovative, and sincere, yet low-cost. As the budget was limited this was not atraditional sponsorship campaign. The strategy was to start the brand exposureactivities early, before other sponsors (Feb-July), and to continue with online-based activities via social networks shortly before and during the Festival (April-July), in order to strengthen Kārums’ position in the digital environment and create abuzz about the engaging activities.Communication activities were about engaging people to join Kārums in thecelebration and generating positive emotions that the audience would love toshare with others.Execution· February-July 2010 – 150’000 curd snacks were given to all festivalparticipants;· April-July 2010 – Kārums’ Twitter account maintained over 15interactive competitions: followers received tasks via Twitter, but competed for prizesin a real life environment. Competitions were organized to boost the amount offollowers, interact, and maintain the sincerity the brand. Kārums was the first sponsorto communicate and most followed during the Festival’s week (over 1,300 followers);
  3. 3. · May-July 2010 – application “Create Your own curd snack!” on theLatvian social network, where every user could create a specialproduct by mixing & matching different Kārums forms, flavours, ingredients, andglazing. The Top 10 special products were voted for. The very best was producedand sold;· July 6-11, 2010 – unique and historical HD 360-degree gigapixel photos of the main concerts were posted on the could identify themselves among thousands of others, thereby catchingthe interest of whole audience.Documented ResultsSOFT RESULTS• Brand exposure during the preparation phase allowed Kārums toreach its audience long before the festival and stand out;• 90,501 Kārums curd snacks were mixed and matched on the socialnetwork 68,951 votes submitted for the Top 10 special products;• Kārums’ Twitter account became the fastest growing corporateaccount in Latvia (375% follower increase) and is considered a benchmark forcorporate Twitter accounts by industry experts and traditional media;• The culmination activity – HD 360-degree gigapixel photos capturedaround 30,000 participants and over 50,000 visitors enabling everyone of them tofind and share their photo shot with others in;• Kārums’ online-based communication campaign received considerablecoverage in traditional media – over 60 publications in television, press, and Internetportals;HARD RESULTS• Rīgas Piensaimnieks sold 10 tonnes or almost 230,000 units of thecreated Top Kārums product, becoming the Top 3 sold new product in Kārums’ 60year history;Name of the link URLKārums Twitter account @Kaarums
  4. 4. Link to videos made for and during and offline activities in @Kaarums ch&q=K%C4%81rums&x=28&y=15Twitter accountLink to one of HD 360-degree photos(not at the original location they were the Festival)

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