1500 Employees – Ambassadors of Green Ideas


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: SEB banka
Country: Latvia
Project name: 1500 Employees – Ambassadors of Green Ideas

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1500 Employees – Ambassadors of Green Ideas

  1. 1. Category: INTERNAL COMMUNICATION SEB Banka (Latvia)1500 Employees – Ambassadors of Green IdeasSummarySuccessful achievement of business goals is not possible without well-considered and well-plannedinternal communication that strengthens employee loyalty, awareness and readiness to participate in therealisation of different ideas. In January 2012, a comprehensive SEB Green Year initiative waslaunched. The project intended to reduce the impact of each participating employee on theenvironment, create added value on services and unite the company’s employees throughout Latvia.For the goals of SEB banka to not only be readable, but also visible, a central campaign character wascreated in the beginning of the SEB Green Year – SEB Green Tree. The campaign was intended asproof that each individual employee, by making a small contribution and getting involved in thegeneral concept together with their colleagues, is able to achieve remarkable results. The unexpectedlylarge response from all departments and branches in Latvia allowed to implement the green ideas indaily operations by starting paper sorting, electricity and water resource saving, replacing the car fleetwith environmentally friendly vehicles, improving the heating systems, and finally receiving theGolden Assessment of Sustainability Index, which indicates that the company is one of the mostsustainable ones in Latvia.SituationOrganisations often adopt various strategically important documents that do not reach the deaf ears ofemployees. Why? Surely these documents have complex terminology, no benefits have been indicated,and the employees do not see exactly how they can participate and get involved. This is especially truefor issues that have not been considered by the society before and in each person’s daily life, such ascaring for the environment and saving resources. Maybe this had provided double motivation toactively ‘sell’ green ideas to employees or continue to implement the SEB Group’s environmentalpolicy, which includes clear objectives and commitments in the area of the environment and corporatesocial responsibility.ObjectivesThe objective of SEB Group in the area of the environment is to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% from2008 to 2015. To achieve this, the following goals were defined for the SEB Green Year: Reduce electricity and water consumption; Significantly reduce paper consumption; Implement a more environmentally friendly heating system; Create an environmentally friendly car fleet.The campaign’s target audience were SEB employees, whose education, training and information wasprimarily done through internal communication channels. To increase the efficiency of communication,we turned electronic devices that consume resources which we planned to save, into communicationchannels.StrategyBased on the objectives to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, a communication strategy wasdesigned to make the employee involvement as large as possible, thus achieving each goal in everyarea. The communication plan was developed by addressing each employee directly in order to conveyaccurate, simple and clear messages with positive content. Thus, the idea of the campaign was built noton the prohibition to spend resources, but on showing alternative forms of action to current resourceconsumption. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONThe campaign structure and communication flow should be regular and ongoing, which would ensurethat messages are up to date and a motivation to get acquainted with them. Each month was designedwith a different theme and with new messages in different formats (messages, videos, environmentalstickers, stickers next to the resource consuming devices – copies, printers, elevators, computers, lightswitches, etc.)Execution A special Green section – SEB Eco IQ has been set up on the SEB internal website (intranet), containing the SEB Group’s environmental policy, SEB business sustainability priorities, and an opportunity for everyone to calculate their ecological footprint and learn about current events and competitions. SEB ‘Exercise Machine’ – notices were placed near elevators in the bank’s main building (10 floors) with an invitation to use the Exercise Machine (stairs) instead of the elevator. On each floor there was information about the altitude reached. Green ideas contest for all departments with a chance to win an outdoor team building event. Lectures and involvement of employees in the Safe Driving School education on greener everyday driving. To reduce paper consumption, an electronic billing system was implemented in collaboration with Lattelecom. Also, boxes for recycling paper were placed in buildings, where all paper is brought for recycling. In creating our product offers, we increased the presence of green ideas, for example, pay less when choosing ‘green’, Eco leasing, loans for energy efficient buildings, etc.Documented Results Development and integration of a test on the intranet, which calculates the ecological footprint A comprehensive communication campaign realised throughout the year, using various creative means of communication to promote green ideas Initiative with a positive message has enhanced team unity for achievement of common goals Golden Assessment of Sustainability Index; one of the most sustainable companies in Latvia 70% of the electricity is produced from environmentally friendly, renewable resources 45% of the bank’s car fleet has already been replaced with more environmentally friendly vehicles Boxes for the recycling of paper have been set up; 90% of paper is recycled Drinking water in all buildings is provided from Venden water machines, replacing water from 0.5 l plastic bottles An electronic billing system has been introduced, saving 3 pages per invoice Setting up environmentally friendly heating systems has started in SEB banka branch offices Employees are actively involved in sports and healthy lifestyle activities Baltic PR Awards 2012