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Azimuth Store

  1. 1. 6/19/2013EDUCATION CDS
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Azimuth is a hi-tech IT Services company started in the year 2000 with aninvestment of 20 Million Rupees and having operations in Chennai andPondicherry with 150 associates6/19/2013 Azimuth provides Multimedia content development , graphical animationdevelopment, eLearning content services, mobile content development, onlinecourses and Educational CD/DVDs
  3. 3. SUBJECT EXPERT AREAS Soft Skill courses Life Skill courses K-12 content Engineering content Basic Healthcare content Medical Transcription training content6/19/2013
  4. 4. SOFT SKILL COURSES Highly engaging and interactive content (CD-ROM) Course designed for self-paced learning Aggregate course duration is 90 min for each soft skill title Our soft skill course can be taken by any aspirant Popular titles are: Communication Skills, Job Interview Skills, PresentationSkills, Time Management Skills and Decision Making Skills6/19/2013
  5. 5. COMMUNICATION SKILLSCourse Outline• Importance of communication skills• Levels of interpersonal communication• Stages in communication -Encoding, Channeling, Decoding & Feedback• Asserting yourself• Effectiveness of feedback• Effective presentation• Effective public speaking• Vocal modulations in communication• Writing skills• Composition & style• Barriers to verbal & nonverbal communications• Body language• Effectiveness of questioning• Importance of keeping it simple• Conveying messages effectively• Tips to improve communication skills6/19/2013Duration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  6. 6. JOB INTERVIEW SKILLS6/19/2013Course Outline• Understanding the necessity of a job interview• Phases of an interview• Types of interviews• Common interview questions• The three P’s of an interview• Common factors leading to failures in interviews• Making a personal SWOT analysis• Preparing for a job interview• Importance of researching about the job & theemployer• Writing a winning resume• Avoiding common mistakes in interviews• Dressing appropriately• Do’s & Don’ts of Face-to-Face interviews• Do’s & Don’ts of phone interviews• Tackling Nervousness & Pressure• Selling yourself effectivelyDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP SKILLS6/19/2013Course Outline• Definition of leadership• Traits of good leaders• Essentials of leadership skills• Recognizing group characteristics• Understanding group resources• Effective group management• Setting a good example• Sharing responsibilities• Manager Vs Leader• Organizational leadership skills• Making the right use of power• Empowering and motivating the team• Understanding workplace cultures• Understanding ethics & values• Role of emotional intelligence, problemsolving, team management, motivation &counsellingDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  8. 8. PRESENTATION SKILLS6/19/2013Course Outline• Elements of a presentation• Presentation tools & software• Purpose of visual aids• Things to be avoided in visual presentations• Key stages of presentations• Taking the right approach to presentations• Step-by-step approach to presentations• Preparing perfect presentations• Knowing the audience for your presentations• Overcoming faults during presentations• Tips on handling troubleshooting withmicrophones• Handling nervousness & exuding confidence• Importance of engaging the audience &interacting with them• Understanding & overcoming fear of publicspeakingDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  9. 9. TEAM SKILLS6/19/2013Course Outline• Importance of teamwork• Advantages of teamwork• Managing a team effectively• Common reasons for team failure• Types of people in a meeting• Social roles of members• Dysfunctional roles of members• Contributing to the team• Identifying personal strengths & weaknesses• Understanding the team’s objectives• Important teamwork skills• Tips on resolving conflicts• Developing core team skills• Significance of team games• Trust-Building & Adapting/Planning Games• Problem Solving/Decision making Games• Communication/Ice Breaker GamesDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  10. 10. TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS6/19/2013Course Outline• Importance of time management• Understanding the value of time• Indicators of poor time management• Tools of time management• Drawing an action plan• Defining & achieving goals• How to prioritize• Preparing a to do list• Activity priority matrix• Identifying time wasters• Handling distractions & facing challenges• Learning to say “no”• Overcoming procrastination• Planning & multitasking• Effective delegating• Balancing work & lifeDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  11. 11. 6/19/2013Course Outline• Importance of good customer service skills• Who is a customer?• Different types of customers• Roles of organizations in customer service• Processes & procedures involved in customerservice• Role of soft skills in customer service• Things that annoy customers• Tips on retaining existing customers• Importance of listening & empathising• Apologising sincerely whenever necessary• Seeing things from the customer’s perspective• Tips for effective customer service• Increasing loyalty of customers• Improving service via verbal communication• Golden rules for effective customer serviceDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrsCUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS
  12. 12. DECISION-MAKING SKILLS6/19/2013Course Outline• What is decision making?• Different kinds of decisions• Different stages of decision making• Concepts of decision making• The decision-making process• Tips for easier decision making• Decision-making techniques• Difficulties in decision making• Understanding impacts of decisions• Making better intuitive decisions• Avoiding jumping to conclusions• Results of decisions made under pressure• Brainstorming in decision making• Decision-making styles & techniques• Role of authority in making decisions• Improving the team’s decision-making processDuration: 90 min Age Group: 16+ yrs
  13. 13. LIFE SKILLS COURSES Life Skills courses are becoming popular in schools after the implementation ofContinuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) methods in various state boards Azimuth Life Skill courses teaches practical takeaways (useful in daily life) forschool children of all ages. Azimuth popular Life Skill courses are: Health & Hygiene, Managing ExamStress, Traffic Rules & Road Sense, Environmental Friendliness, TeenageAnswers, etc., Azimuth Life Skill course duration varies from course to course. The approximateduration of each course is around 60 min. Azimuth Life Skill course content is engaging, interactive and animated content sothat it will be interesting and motivating to learn each of our life skill course.6/19/2013
  14. 14. HEALTH & HYGIENE6/19/2013
  15. 15. HEALTH & HYGIENE6/19/2013Course Outline• Introduction to Health & Hygiene• Infections & other health conditions• Effects of poor hygiene on health• Essentials of Hygiene• What not to share!• Hair Care: Washing, Brushing, Trimming &Shaving Hair• Handling lice, nits & dandruff in hair• Beat bad breath. Brush & floss teeth• Pedicure & Manicure• Essentials of soaps & sanitizers• Body Care & Smelling good• Preventing food poisoning• Washing, preparing & storing food• Personal fitness & health• Maintaining clean clothes & shoesDuration: 50 min Age Group: 8-15 yrs
  16. 16. MANAGING EXAM STRESS6/19/2013
  17. 17. MANAGING EXAM STRESS6/19/2013Course Outline• Causes of short-term & long-term stress• Social factors of exam stress• Causes of academic stress leading to poorperformance• Symptoms & effects of exam stress• Reasons for panic attacks• Fear of poor grades & failure• Effects of parental pressure on learning• Ways to communicate with parents• Tips to eliminate exam blues• Things to do before the exams• The ‘D’ Day!• Writing & presenting papers• Managing time & stress• Importance of sleeping well before exams• Benefits of meditation & breathing exercisesDuration: 80 min Age Group: 12-18 yrs
  18. 18. TRAFFIC RULES & ROAD SENSE6/19/2013Course Outline• Common causes of road accidents• Role of the traffic police• Importance of traffic signals & signs• Traffic Lights & Zebra Crossings• Traffic & Road Signs• Pedestrian Signals• Crossing roads safely• Pedestrian road etiquette• Safety while walking to school• Safety in driveways & parking lots• Avoiding distractions & fights on roads• Purpose of road markings• Safe cycling tips• Observing speed limits• Using seat belts & wearing helmets• As a co-passenger or pillion riderDuration: 40 min Age Group: 8-15 yrs
  19. 19. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS6/19/2013Course Outline• Energy in the form of natural forces• Renewable & Non-Renewable energy• Environment & Renewable energy• Environment & Non-Renewable energy• Usage of electrical energy• Energy-Efficient homes• Climate Change & Global Warming• Importance of environmental awareness• Reducing trash through a ‘Reuse & Recycle’policy• Biodegradable & Non-Biodegradable waste• Recycling at home & school• Saving Electricity, Water, Fuel, Paper• Planting Trees• Reducing air pollution• Rainwater Harvesting• Eco-friendly school gearDuration: 90 min Age Group: 8-15 yrs
  20. 20. TEENAGE CHALLENGES6/19/2013Course Outline• Adolescence & Puberty• Developmental Stages & DevelopmentalChanges• Positive personal body image• Conflicts & Consequences of Conflicts• Dealing with Conflicts• Parents & Teenagers• Managing the effects of fights & divorce• Sibling Rivalry• Dealing with Loss & Grief• Getting into Fights• Depression & its Symptoms• Self Harm & Suicide• Handling Boredom• Drinking & Smoking• Anger Management• Body PiercingDuration: 90 min Age Group: 12-18 yrs
  21. 21. MS OFFICE 2007 MS OFFICE 2007 is a very common software package that is used by everyonebut unfortunately few users are using the software tool to its fullest extent. The three major component of MS OFFICE – WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINTare commonly used by many MS OFFICE users. Hence Azimuth has come upwith MS OFFICE 2007 tutorials that covers the three components. There is a significant difference in the design, facility and usage of MS OFFICE2003 to MS OFFICE 2007. Azimuth CD tutorial teaches the effective usage ofeach of the MS OFFICE 2007 component in detail. Azimuth MS OFFICE 2007 CD tutorial covers 101 interactive exercises that isthe most special and exclusive offering of our MS OFFICE 2007 tutorial6/19/2013
  22. 22. MS WORD 20076/19/2013Course Outline• Introduction to ms word• Create, save & close document• Page setup & print options• Spelling & grammar• Thesaurus• Inserting current date & time• Symbols• Word count & readability• Footnote & endnote• Working with tables in ms word• Working with objects in ms word• Mail merging• Advanced word options• Insert hyperlink, objects, text from file• Tracking changes• Templates• Object linking & embeddingDuration: 180 min Age Group: 10+yrs
  23. 23. 6/19/2013Course Outline• Introduction to MS Excel• The Microsoft excel window• Insert, delete & rename worksheet• Format numbers:General, decimal, percentage, currency, date &time• Format cell border, cell background• Sort & filter data• Formulas & functions of MS Excel• Creation of charts in MS Excel• Advanced options in MS Excel• Edit cell contents in MS Excel• Data validation• Excel views: normal, page layout, page break &full screen views• Integration of office components: Objectlinking, object embedding• Excel printing optionsDuration: 180 min Age Group: 10+yrsMS EXCEL 2007
  24. 24. MS POWERPOINT 20076/19/2013Course Outline• Introduction to PowerPoint• Features of digital presentations• Navigate through slides• Text basics• Format painter• Rulers, gridlines & guides• Themes & templates• Background styles• Learn the basic shortcuts• Clip art placeholder• Insert pictures, clip art, charts, audio & video• Handouts & notes master• Action buttons• Speaker notes• Package a presentation on a CD• Kiosk presentationDuration: 180 min Age Group: 10+yrs
  25. 25. 6/19/2013HEALTHCARE COURSES One of Azimuth division is into Healthcare BPO and Azimuth MedicalTranscription Training program is very popular in the Indian market. Azimuth has strong expertise in providing Healthcare BPO training andtherefore, our Healthcare related courses are easy to learn for a beginner. Azimuth Healthcare course are done with 2D animations and that makes thecourse content very captivating and interactive. Azimuth popular Healthcare courses are: The Human Body Human Anatomy & Physiology Diet & Nutrition
  26. 26. 6/19/2013HEALTHCARE SAMPLE
  27. 27. HEALTHCARE SAMPLE6/19/2013Course Outline• The human body - An introduction• Understanding the skeletal system• Understanding the growth of bones• Joints and their functions• Muscular system & its functions• Types of muscles• Nervous system• Understanding nerve tissues• Various divisions of the nervous system• The special senses : Sense of sight, hearing &equilibrium, touch, taste & smell• Types of glands in the body• Understanding the cardiovascular system• Understanding the physiology of circulation• Understanding lymph and its components• Respiratory system• Digestive, reproductive & urinary systemsDuration: 50 min Age Group: 8-15 yrs
  28. 28. CONTACTAZIMUTHNo 10, Taas mahal building, 1st floor, Monteith road,Egmore – Chennai – 8.Ph: +044 – 42696767, 9047005743E-mail : mani@azisoft.comWebsite: www.azimuthstore.com6/19/2013