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Infant Warmer with resuscitation module


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Neonatal Resuscitation Trolley with Neotherm iLCD Temperature Control, Graphic LCD Display, Apgar Timer, Integrated UP and DOWN Timers, Integrated support for Cylinders, Oxygen Flowmeter, Humidifier, Slow Suction Unit

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Infant Warmer with resuscitation module

  1. 1. NEONATAL RESUSCITATION Infant Warmer With RESUSCITATION MODULE IW 6400 Infant Warmer with Inbuilt Resuscitation Module Certified
  2. 2. • Resuscitation Module can fit into any model of Infant Warmer • Apgar Timer Facility with resettable timer • Oxygen Flow meter - 0 - 15 lpm • Inbuilt Slow Suction Unit with adjustable vacuum pressure Pressure Manometer -20 to 100 cmH2O Inbuilt Suction with Vacuum Regulator Adjustable Flow 0 to 15 lpm with passive humidifier Support for 10L Oxygen Cylinder Inbuilt Easy Resuscitation Module with T-piece Resuscitator Provision of Oxygen Cylinder support Provision of Oxygen Flow meter Inbuilt Resuscitation Module
  3. 3. NEONATAL RESUSCITATION ACCESSORIES Infant / Child Resuscitation Kit including Ambu bag, Oxygen Face mask, Non-breathing valve, Reservoir Hose, Reservoir Bag all in a case Joint-less Oxygen Hood (Polycarbonate) – Available in two sizes Reusable NASAL Prongs Available in five sizes Laryngoscope Set Pen-lite handle with 3 Miller Blade sizes - 00, 0 & 1 Oxygen (FiO2) AnalyzerSlow Suction UnitHead Immobiliser Disposable Nasal Tubing
  4. 4. THANK YOU AVI Healthcare Pvt Ltd Factory: 25, Nanddeep Industrial Estate, Kondivita Lane, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059, India. Mobile: +91 9322294345, +91 9820228952 Landline: +91 22 28326240 / +91 22 28320452 Email id: /