Role play cinderella 4_thb


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Role play cinderella 4_thb

  2. 2. Clock: Hello friends, my name is Orondo and Im palace clock. From up here I can seealmost everything that happens in this city. Behold!My friend lives there Cinderella. Those two are her stepsisters. They are a couple ofwitchesAmelia: Cinderella! Give me a snack.Emilia: Cinderella! Have you already done my homework?Amelia: Pick up my toys now.Emilia: Hey fool, where have you put my skates?Cinderella: Im coming, Im coming. Hi Amelia, hello Emilia, was cleaning thefloorand I do not hear ...Stepmother: Cinderella, what are you talking and wasting time? Go toboard now.Cinderella: of course Stepmother.Amelia: And then you make me hornadofor dinnerEmilia: I want to eat yahuarlocroAmelia:hornadoEmilia:yahuarlocroAmelia: hornadoEmilia: Your dwarf shut up, Im the oldest and I say yahuarlocroAmelia: mom, mom I want to eat hornadoStepmother: Girls, girls, calm. You heard Cinderella: hornado for Amelia and Emiliayahuarlocro ... and for me andtripamishqui. Come little girls of mine, lets go to seesome guys for a while.Paje: Good morning Miss, here I bring this letter from king.Cinderella: Thank you, have a good day. A letter from the palace!Amelia: I open it!Emilia: I open myself!Stepmother: Girls, girls! These manners!His Majesty is pleased to invite all the girls in thishome to a dance to be held in honor of his son Prince ....Tonight!
  3. 3. Amelia and Emilia: yeah party! Party!Cinderella: So ... I too have been invited.Stepmother: Of course daughter, but I do not let you into palacethose pints. Come on, do not talk nonsense and keep cleaningStepmother: I will be the best woman in the party.Amelia and Emilia: no no , mother we will be the most beautiful in the party.Stepmother: of course you look like me.Stepmother, Amelia and Emilia: good bye stupid.Amelia: oh oh, I dirtyEmilia. Quickly .quickly cleans everything.Stepmother, Amelia and Emilia:If you don’t clean you get out our house.Cinderella: ok ok …….Puss in Boots:jajajaaCinderella:who are you?Puss in Boots: I am puss in boots why are you cryingCinderella: because in my house there are three witches and they don’t love me.Puss in boots: where are they?Cinderella: they went a party and I am alone and I have to clean everything my house.Puss in boots:I will like to help you.Cinderella: I would like to go to partyPuss in boots: don’t worry you will go to partyCinderella:it’s just a dream but is impossiblePuss in boots: Im going to help you. Im your magic cat.(Looks around thoughtfully) to see, to see... What we have here ... Great! A Barbie witha car, just what I needed. Go, throw them out the windowCinderella: But Amelia and Emilia get mad!Puss in boots: that witches but if neither is going to realize so manytoys as they have!Puss in boots: Abracadabra makes this car in a limo. Abracadabra this Barbie in adriverCinderella: What fun!Puss in boots: And now the dress. To see what I have here ...
  4. 4. This is not, this is not, either ... no, no ... This!Cinderella: How beautiful!Puss in boots: Go get dressed while I look for some shoes. Here areCinderella: They are beautiful!Puss in boots: You are beautiful! Come, come, hurry or youll be lateCinderella: Thank you magic catPuss in boots:One more thing. Youll have to be back before midnight.Cinderella: No matter, this is much more than what I expected. Thank you. Goodbye!Puss in boots: Goodbye Cinderella, you have a great time.Clock: There are many people but the prince does not seem very happy and has come tothe garden alone.Prince and Cinderella:sorry!Prince:Why are not you at the party?Cinderella:Im a little late. What about you?Prince: I do not like parties, I prefer to stay here.Cinderella:Good ... But if you want I stay with you.Prince: Okay! Come showyou the garden.Cinderella: you are very handsome.Prince: you are hot.Cinderella: ok... I think about the same……… what time is it?Prince: It is five minutes for eleven .Cinderella: sorry sorry ….Prince: Wait, do not go please. I want to see you ... Shes gone and do not even knowwhere she lives?Whats this? But if one of your shoes! It smells well …why be gone so fast? I have tofind it somehow.Clock - For just the partys over. Cinderella got out of the palace by the hair, rightbefore her beautiful dress and big car disappeared. The prince was devastated butdecided that would not surrender until he found his special new friend.Stepmother: Girls, Girls! Quick, already comes that king’s son. You know that Princehas said that he will marry the girl who can put a shoe found in the garden of his palace.Amelia: I sure worth to me.Emilia: Thats not stupid, Ill be the princess.
  5. 5. Amelia and Emilia: Me first! Me first!Stepmother: Silence! Cinderella opens the doorCinderella: Good morning.Prince: Good morning ladies.Stepmother: We already know that stuff. Come in and try the shoe once my little girls.Prince: If-you-maam.Amelia: Thats my shoe, bring here. Oops! Oops! But how small.Emilia: My turn, my turn! My insurance is worth it because Im smaller. Buaaaa!Buaaaa!Stepmother: You are a clumsy. Both! We are going to find ...Cinderella: I miss me.Prince: is true, please forgive me.Stepmother: What was missing! Go to the kitchen immediately, Cinderella.Do not ignore, is only a servantPrince: No way . . . shes perfect!Stepmother, Amelia and Emilia: No way!Prince: I have found to my princessDo you want to married with me?Cinderella:really but right nowPrince: we need to organice the weddingStepmother Amelia and Emilia: this stupid… she won’t get married...Cinderella: This is the best dress that has ever in my life.Amelia and Emilia: she won’t get married.
  6. 6. Cinderella: no nono oh my god. Mydress!Prince:wait wait … I love to my princess.Cinderella, Amelia, Emilia: I hateyou.THE END