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Walt Disney series VII
Cinderella is a wonderful little story. Please go through it and

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  1. 1. Walt Disney Series VIICINDERELLABabu AppatC
  2. 2. Walt Disney Series IIIIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve yourLanguage skills,Listening skills,Narrative skills,Vocabulary, andComprehensive
  3. 3. Once Upon a time there wasa widowed gentleman wholived with his smalldaughter, Cinderella.
  4. 4. One day he married awomen with two daughters,Anatasia and Drizella
  5. 5. Unfortunately Cinderellasfather died and she was leftalone with her stepmother andstep-sisters who soonrevealed their nature.
  6. 6. Cinderella was forced to bea servant in her own
  7. 7. Many years passed likethat…
  8. 8. And then one day there wasa letter from the king.
  9. 9. Cinderella heard herstepmother read it aloud toAnastasia and Drizella
  10. 10. “All young girls in theKingdome are invited to aball at the castle in honourof the Prince….”
  11. 11. “May I come as well?”Cinderella asked politely.
  12. 12. “But of course, my dear. Aslong as you finish all yourchores first.
  13. 13. Stepmother answered witha cruel smile.
  14. 14. Cinderella quickly foundher mother’s old dress
  15. 15. “I’ll need to alter it a bit,”she decided, but first therewere all the chores to do.
  16. 16. As soon as she had left, herfriends Gus and Jaq calledtogether all Cinderella’sanimal
  17. 17. “Poor Cinderella will neverget time for that, but we cando it for her!”
  18. 18. They soon found ribbons andpearls discarded by the step-sisters and in no time they hadcreated a beautiful dress.
  19. 19. Cinderella’s chores took a long,long time. So when she finallycame back up to her little atticroom she had given up ongoing to the most wonderfulball.
  20. 20. But as soon as she opened thedoor, she was met by happycheeping and chirping!
  21. 21. And there was the dressever so beautiful!
  22. 22. “Thank you, thank you!”she almost cried in joy to allher
  23. 23. She happily hurrieddownstairs. But there she wasmet by her envious step-sisters.
  24. 24. “That ribbon is mine!”shouted Drizella and startedtearing it off.
  25. 25. “And that necklace is mine!”screamed Anastasia.
  26. 26. And in no time the twostepsisters had tornCinderella’s beautiful dresscompletely to pieces, whiletheir mother watched with amalicious smile.
  27. 27. Cinderella ran out into thegarden crying her heart
  28. 28. But suddenly she wassurrounded by light andthere was her fairygodmother speaking to her.
  29. 29. “Come on my sweet girl,dry your tears away… Nowlet me see!
  30. 30. “You need a carriage andsome horses and someservants”
  31. 31. And then she used hermagic wand.
  32. 32. Finally she turned toCinderella, “Oh I nearlyforgot!
  33. 33. You cannot go to the ball inthat dress!”
  34. 34. She exclaimed and thenwaved her magic wand sothat a cloud of shimmeringdust fell on Cinderella.
  35. 35. “How can I ever thank youfairy Godmother”
  36. 36. Cinderella gasped when shesaw the magnificient
  37. 37. “Remember, that at the firststroke of the mid-night thespell is broken!” said thefairy.
  38. 38. As soon as Cinderellaarrived at the ball the Princetook her hand whirled heroff in a walts.
  39. 39. Never in life had he seensuch a beautiful girl.
  40. 40. They danced and danced,but suddenly heard theclock strike midnight…
  41. 41. …and she rushed down thestairs from the castle.
  42. 42. “Why are you running?Please, tell me your name!
  43. 43. The prince shouted afterher.
  44. 44. But all that was left of thebeautiful girl was a smallglass shoe…
  45. 45. The next morning theKing’s servant was sent outto find the girl who had lostthe shoe.
  46. 46. He soon arrived atCinderella’s house wherethe step sisters wereanxious to make their ownlarge feet fit into the daintyshoe.
  47. 47. “And these two the only younggirls here?’ he asked hopingnot to have any more fittingsession with such awful girls.
  48. 48. “Yes, they are,” replied theevil
  49. 49. Just then there was a cryfrom Cinderella. “Please letme try it.”
  50. 50. “Oh, pay no attention toher, she is just a servant,”said the
  51. 51. But the king’s servantsmiled to Cinderella and lether try the shoe.
  52. 52. “It fits her!” he shouted
  53. 53. “This lovely girl is ourPrince’s bride.”
  54. 54. The Whole Kingdome-except three- celebrated thehappy news.
  55. 55. And soon after Cinderellaand the Prince hadwonderful wedding.
  56. 56. And they lived happily ever-after……
  57. 57. A Few Questions:1. What are the names of Cinderella’s step-sisters?2. Name at least animal friends of Cinderella3. Why did King’s servant was sent again toCinderella’s house?
  58. 58. THANK YOU to all myCinderellas and Princesbabuappat@gmail.com