Graphic narrative storyboard and flatplan


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A powerpoint presentation of the story of Cinderella.

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Graphic narrative storyboard and flatplan

  1. 1. Graphic Narrative storyboard and flatplan. Shania Carter
  2. 2. No speech in this particular part, setting the scene. Still no speech in this part, getting more into the lives of Cinderella, wicked stepsisters and stepmother. Introducing the characters to the reader, giving them a feel of what to expect Image that is going to be used on the first page. Once upon a time, there was a troubled young girl, father had remarried wicked woman with daughters. Daughters got everything, Cinderella made to clean the house, long days, nicknamed her Cinderella. No, dear. I am sending you to the ball. More speech, reader finds out why the godmother appears.. Cinderella deserves to be treat like a princess. Cinderella still crying, thinking about the prince dancing with her ugly step-sisters. Blue flashing light appears, godmother, tells Cinders she is going to the ball. Image used for this part of the story, shows mice cheering Cinderella up. Part talks about the ugly stepsisters being clumsy and fat. Cinderella spent free time talking to the animals, mice always tell Cinderella how beautiful she is. Sisters dressed in elegant dresses. Cinders only in rags, cat tries to cheer her up. Cinderella shocked at what the fairy godmother can do. Beautiful carriage. Image used, to show the fairy godmother transforming the pumpkin. No speech, in this part just emotion e.g. shock. Fairy godmother smiles and asks cinders to fetch a pumpkin and seven mice, transforms into a horse and carriage. I’m so unhappy ! Gradually building up the amount of speech, readers know the background of the story now. Image shows Cinderella upsetemotions, readers want to find out why she is crying. Stormy morning, three dresses arrive at the house for the ball. Prince holding a ball to try and find a wife. Cinderella not asking if she had got an invite, knew she would be made to stay at home anyway. Girls go to the ball, Cinderella starts crying. What about my dress? Cinderella goes from rags to riches, the real magic starts to happen here, reader should feel excited and anticipating what happens next. Cinderella asks about her dress, godmother chants, rags turn into a flowing dress, Cinderella feeling excited and astonished.
  3. 3. May I have this dance with you? Readers get to understand that the prince is amazed that he has never seen this woman before. Only one bit of speech at this part, minimum speech in the book, children imagine what the prince could be saying.. Cinderella gets in carriage, arrives at ball, no one recognises her, prince asks her to dance. No, you may try on the shoe. No speech in this part of the story, readers visualise the emotions. Panic strikes Cinderella as she realises she must get home before the magic stops. Cinderella dances with the prince all night, forgets the time and rushes off. Rotoscoped image Happy ever after, Cinders gets the life she deserves. Next day, prince goes to every woman in the village to find the woman who fit the shoe, stepsisters feet too big Cinderella fit perfectly, prince and cinders get married
  4. 4. Once upon a time, there was a troubled young girl. Her father had remarried a wicked woman, who had two revolting daughters. The wicked stepmother showered her two daughters in gold and diamonds, but as for the poor young girl, she had nothing. The five of them lived on a council estate and the young girl was made to clean the house all day, every day. They nicknamed her Cinderella. Picture always on the right hand side.
  5. 5. Cinderella spent her free time talking to the animals, her favourite pet mice. Cinderella’s mice always tell Cinderella how beautiful she is, even though she only has rags to wear and her stepsisters were dressed in elegant dresses. However they would always be more clumsy and potbellied than Cinderella would ever be.
  6. 6. One stormy morning, three pleasant dresses arrived at the house. The Prince was holding a ball at the palace that evening, to find a suitable bride. Cinderella daren’t ask if she had got an invite because her stepsisters and step mother would force her to scrub the floors again and make sure everything was perfect for when the wicked trio arrived home. After the ugly stepsisters and mother had gone to the ball, Cinderella sat and sobbed “I’m so unhappy!”
  7. 7. Cinderella wept still, as she thought about her stepsisters dancing with the prince, the only man she ever dreamed about. As Cinderella went to wipe a tear, a blue flashing appeared and in the light was a fairy godmother. Cinderella whispered quietly “Have I done something wrong?” The fairy godmother replied, “No dear, I am sending you to the ball.”
  8. 8. The fairy godmother smiled gently and asked Cinderella to fetch her a pumpkin and seven mice. In a flash, Cinderella appeared with the pumpkin and seven mice, Cinderella placed the items in front of the fairy godmother. The fairy godmother then, waved her wand and the pumpkin and the mice turned into a glorious horse and carriage. Cinderella gasped.
  9. 9. Cinderella then asked “what about my dress?”. Once again, the fairy godmother waved her wand and chanted “bibbity bobbity boo” and Cinderella’s rags were turned into a blue, sparkling, flowing dress. Cinderella felt so excited and surprised.
  10. 10. However, there was one rule for Cinderella, “You must be home by midnight” spoke the fairy godmother “after midnight the magic will fade and you will return to your rags.” Cinderella promised the fairy godmother that she would be home by midnight and climbed into the carriage. The fairy godmother watched as the horses rode away, pleased that Cinderella’s dream had come true.
  11. 11. As Cinderella walked into the ball, the whole room stopped to look at Cinderella and the beautiful dress she was wearing. The Prince took her hand and asked “May I have this dance with you?”. Cinderella danced with the Prince all night and the Prince replied “no” to anyone who wanted to dance. Even Cinderella’s stepsisters and wicked step mother did not realise Cinderella dancing with the Prince. However Cinderella did not realise the time, and had to rush away from the Prince.
  12. 12. In Cinderella’s rush, she fled down the stairs and left one of her glass slippers behind. Cinderella did manage to get home in time and went back to the fireplace. The next day, the prince and his father went to every woman in the village, asking if their foot fitted the slipper. Finally the Prince and his father arrived at Cinderella’s house. The ugly stepsister immediately ran to try and fit into the shoe, unfortunately for them the shoe did not fit.
  13. 13. The Prince then called out “Is there anybody else living here?” Cinderella tiptoed into the room, but her stepmother tried to shoo her away. “No” shouted the Prince, “Let her try on the shoe”. The shoe slipped onto Cinderella’s foot perfectly and the Prince had found his new bride. Cinderella and the Prince rode back, together in the carriage and lived happily ever after in the palace.