Triptico methodology 2222


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By: Joselyn Aguilar, Mayra Iguasnia, Adriana Lara, Angely Ocaña, Blanca Santacruz

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Triptico methodology 2222

  1. 1. Joselyn Aguilar Mayra Iguasnia Adriana Lara Angely Ocaña Blanca Santacruz UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CHIMBORAZO UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CHIMBORAZO Parents and teachers working together to improve the learning process will help to achieve excellent outcomes. By: Languages Career National Standards for Parent / Family Involvement
  2. 2. 1.- PARENTING: Help all families establish home environments to support chil- dren as students. * Parents should create a spe- cific environment for reading using some fairy tales and children magazines in order to develop in them the reading. It will help students to improve their reading skills, compre- hension and understanding. * Parents should establish routines for children’s home- work. So they will do their ac- tivities in an unconscious way. * Parents should use TICS to reinforce student’s knowledge at home because it lets stu- dents to set update all infor- mation. 3.– VOLUNTEERING.- Recruit and organize parent help and support. * Volunteer parents will provide an extracurricular support to the students who have a low academic per- formance. It will be helpful for the teacher in order to rein- force what he or she already taught and to clarify any doubts about the class. * Groups of volunteer parents will monitor students’ perfor- mance and they are going to report the other parents about what is happening in the class- room. Because it will create a communication environment among parents. * A volunteer parent will enter to the class to evaluate how is the relationship among teacher and students to check if the purposes established at the beginning of the scholar year are fulfilled or not. Doing this activity parents will realize if the methodology applies by the teacher is appropriate or not. 4.– LEARNING AT HOME: Provide information and ideas to families about how to help students at home with homework and other curric- ulum-related activities, decisions, and planning. * Teacher should present a kind of lesson plan with the topics that are going to be developed along week. Because they need to know what the children are going to learn so they will be able to help in students’ homework. * Parents should read in advance the coming topics that will be taught in the next class. It will help stu- dents to be preparing in advance and to have a previ- ous knowledge on the coming content. * Parents should act as guides in developing their children homework but jut monitoring and supporting their work since it is not a good idea to develop the children’s tasks, it is better let them do by themselves. National Stan- dards for Pa- rent / Family Involvement Program 2.– COMMUNICATING.- Design effective forms of school-to home and home-to school communications about school programs and children’s progress. * Teacher should have meetings with all the par- ents and especially with those who have disciplinary problems because it will let teachers to act as a counselor and provide some solutions to solve those problems. * Teacher should ask parents to attend to motiva- tional lectures so they will make them reflect on how they are educating their children and if they are doing well or not. *Authorities, school principals and teacher assign a schedule for parents to ask for their academic children performance. It will be mandatory for parents to attend at list twice a month. It will be suitable to establish a link between parents- children and teacher-children. 5.- DECISION MAKING: Include parents in school decisions, developing parent/leaders and repre- sentatives. * Teacher should ask parents to attend to a leadership course so they will be ready to help in making decisions at school. It will help parents to know how to manage a group and deal with problems. * Teacher should also ask par- ents to attend to a meeting in order to choose the representa- tives of each class because they will work with the teacher to improve the teaching – learning process. * After choosing the representatives of each class, school’s principal should encourage parents to con- tinue working for the development of each class and students. The committee is going to represent all the parents with ideas and suggestions for creating a good learning environment, overcoming the main problems and achieving good outcomes. 6.– COLLABORATING WITH COMMUNITY: Identify and integrate resources and services from the com- munity to strengthen school programs, family prac- tices, and student learning and development. * Teacher should work with parents in extracurricular activities like organizing some competitions al school or any kind of enjoy- able activity. It will help students and parents to feel relaxed and it will be helpful to make the learn- ing process easier . * To organize a summer program to get students, parents and teachers engaged and enjoying as a group, that will help them to create a link beyond the classroom in order to become friends and work together in a better way. *To ask some members of “Defensa Civil” to attend to the school in order to give to parents and students a lecture about what should they do in case of Tungurahua volcano eruption.