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Talk talk talk 1


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Published in: Education, Technology

Talk talk talk 1

  1. 1. t II ~ft~ • • ~.I .. "y ,f... t pl • • S<lH to r., .. ",,,, . ,,~ ..... w urld i .. tI•• I~" f Ii". of LIS hfU .. d<l~ .. tll~ .... 1 produd s . TAU. TAU , TAU , lik .. th . oth.n. Is .... t ",,,, u ... d with lIf""4t or .... "I~<lI .. rJ, .. s s<Ih. th .. u,h "Y ..~.d s .... .I .. "pusslo"s .. r. ...d I" ,o .. t . "t. 8<1t th .. ", .. I.. ,<I.,,~s. is for th .. s t<ld ... U to s. ......I h.4t "~ ••• ft A", u l, .. " ,,,tUs h U us." ~y .... l .. t . III, ... t .. dlv. Sp... k. f , .. "d to •• sp" .. d .. Ith th.lf ow" Id . .. s, I .. .. w.. words , M t<l • • .. ~"<I"I, .. t i .... Is H.• lI ~ .. I: th . .. "lilly of two or ",or. , . opl. to <I .."d ."d I"t.r.. d with ... , 1. oth. r ~" .... • 4<101 ~ .. sls.~ s usu .. l, th. urlu ,,,,,t .. I,,, IIv. ly, Ifttuutln t to"l" "vuIAJ . wi . . ... ",. ~f 1.<1" .... . >(,ul. " , . , • n>l ... ~.r of-$~ ... t l".$- .. ut •• , . OOl $ ~pl .. I" .. " 1", .. , 1.. . .1 dl .. I~>ld ~et IU." t"~ v. ry dlfhu .. t , ... ,1 ., .... .I ",y,h so~~ u .. u . It Is I" tMs I .. st uhs0l) I" p .. rti OII ... th .. t th . y . >(",.1 .. . • rs .. r . rO<lU" . ly .. s k. d to .>(11,,1 .. wh .. t so", . "or. orI!.I ",,,h .. ,,". " ..... s , how to us. It. "h.. t Is lI.AllY ". d .. i / .. ot j<lst th . ~idl~""fJ ",u"I .. ,1 ~ .. th. ~d$i, of th. SIN.tlo .. ~. I .. , prU."h • . MOl"" ,hdr.. d . r .... .I h<l" .... I .. h.,rdd;~" .... hl,hlJ v.ri .. d , .... ~ SD 1$ th. 1.... ,<1". OIS ... t ... .s,rl~. thU d ,o .. dltlo"s . So",.tll. .. s, . ... .. th . s .... . .. o.~ 0. ,h ... s . t .. k .. diff. ..... t ., ~ OIO.dt l ~ .. I .. dlfhr ... t u tt l"lIS. Th. "hri,,1 I" thi s ufl u is d.s l,,, • .1 to h. ,p "",, - .... t l ... - s p . .. k. rs .... ",1, .. , . s~, I .. lIy I" dlffu."t dr, <I",n .... , . s
  2. 2. ~".OiI.(.f-oIoIl-! Tcpie-Oiswssim TMbodI.SwiQS" f1f&~JooI ?if ~lft .i.J/.ei 4 011) f "Jotf ~ l:. .i[il!ohtol ~ <>t ~ ·H.f 1l1J2!-I-!1-t J.oJf -rrl-J .Oil"! Talk Talk Ttllk m {( Z)4- LlJrll ~~~I-lQ . .:I·i·Ojm ill l:. .i[illoi :iiJltol ~.i.? ~v ".J"tli t f .II"! 1!0I!1 t.1"~ ol~ oG H,"i-f- TtllkTlIlk Ttllk m I (Z)~ l.·~·:;l v £€ "HI-I·H· .!I"j :ii1t0JI-lQ. I. l~ 113021-1. ~"J ~~ .!!.P! 1,Il.ft~""! 111 ~f J."I.!!. J. ~-1 iloj li~I-I~. 2. 1,1 Ln~on Jj. .ll-fo>l EXllmp!a 2! Ans ....a t ~-"I"fOi ,... ~J.ttal 1( Lasson .2l ~"H· ~ aloKet-,a:p ~..r"~~-I~. 3- ",el Book m!ll Peort (3) "Lafs P,actic:o Makirli Ouestions" ~ ... It -"I .... ~l t- 1."11 .!. J. ~ l!o! ".l.J.ti·S!I .3. -t0J<>I !H .f~l.)tl> ."a.! . f f1J¥",oJ "d1oltiJ ~-"I a.!~ ,~"I .!r." "!jel """ISJ ~~I+ .f-~ f H-t.-IR. Q21" "J""J~ JI-" 0J-I~. " ~ f t,{ 1~~t- <;it <>I..rif ulo.l~. .:t2f"i <:IOI .j-.. *toh1t- tt·n r<!.i,tJil~oJ""w. 4. l!<>I.j-t<>l U<>!"i Di,i1 lf ~I { .j-• .I!! i"i~t lI<>!J.i"lllJi-:;l <:1011. .i.~&I!tt-".l °JloI~. 01 ~oG"~ 01.11-101 !it .Il°J~f.lfoi <:IoitllOlJ. ~lIlJi-+ n -t t,{ -* li.!r.4 !it "U·H ~"I fOi t-.Jj t,{ li.!r.. "J~o.lR.* 5. ">J L.Isson 0I"i -§R.J .fi t 71"11-1 Dill iogue t "Jtoi Pllrt (6) t ~""!OI .1. 1) t.!l"J~ lI<>IlIl!tot: <>I .!r..g.ol iil .!r.4 "J.-l~. 6. .!r.,! <>I..rf ~¥o! ~ ":!<>i~ ~U!"t- "lt~<>I.<{ lI<>!J.SJ ,,;It! 1l1f l tOl .... ,g°1il£-4 141.1-If-t· o l~ Jolll l ll:. 31iliot IIjIJI-J2l .L01.l£J 1-¥:0J T/.Ilk Tllik T!Iolk m {(2)i!f ~l!Il ~*!~f£J ~o(H-oG l-!1.f "jJ:l f I ~"J-I-I~. o l ~o l .l-£ 1Ilft "I IJ~ <>I O!a!~"Jl ll:. .i[~ot IIj1JIJt• .:l~~ "J~~ ~oJ lt*lf! 11 e!~"J Du.ano Volhees ... johl ?If-114t ~7;I~t.t. ~ tf "J-lit .3.iII~~J " ll"JA<l. ~ :n l:a ~~j :iiJo1f -¥Ie! oS-t~;! o! ~e~A<lot7S£ 1J"ltt £~J~t.t.
  3. 3. R.l:omm.ndation ...... 2 L. ..ts "a,m Up witt! So.... Ridd ...... 6 30 Lessons IIilM&U---E·IlIllri.! nswer These Questions ~ 1. What Do Tllos. Sians Mllln? .. ... . 8, 86 2. Wh"t Ar. Th.y For? .... .. 10, 88 3. What Do You Say1 . . .. .. 12. 90 4. Wh"n D" V..HJ Say Th is? .... ,. 14. 92 5. What, Wrona? •. . .• . 16. 941----~mlZllllpverydaY Questions £ 6. ~Do you lik. Quntions . . .. 18. 96 1. ~Do you th ink you or.- Quutions ... . .. 20. 98 8 . "What" Qunti,,", ... . .. 22, 100 9. "Who· Quntions . ... . . 24. 104 10. "Why Qu.,ti,,", . . .... 26. r06 11. ""h.,." Quest ions ...... 28. 108 12. · When" Qun!;"" ...... 30. 1[0 13. "Ho",,· auntions ...... 32, 112 14. -How oft.n" Quntie", . ..... 34. 11<1 I;. ·H".... to· Shot-runts ...... 36. 116 16. -Did you " ..... t" Quo,t ions ...... 38. 120
  4. 4. c o T E T s lets Practice Making Question~rllUM:!i . 1l10111IIL_ _ _ n . M"k. /10 Q"ui ioM Start l"8 with · What " . .. .. . 40 , 122 18. M"k" .. Quosti "n Starti ng ,••dth "When" .. .. . . 42, 124 19. Mel..... Cu..,t i" ,., Stc.. t i"g with " H o,.." ...... 44. 12 6 20. tJI"k... Quest ion St" rt l ng .... Ith "Wh.,." ...... 46. 130 21. M"k . .. Quntio" ShIrti ng w ith "Why" •...•. 48. 132 22. Ask Him .. . •.. SO. 134 23. M"k in9 Compr.h.nslc.., Quost ions . . . . . 52, 1,6 24. Making Top ic al Qu.uti o ns ...... 64. 138 What Do You Think~lI5tfi:!i • ____ _ · 1l10.,WL 25. "Wh"" i . in- Q ..... -I lo .If 66, 140 26. Duty. .. 68. 142 21. QualIfIcations . .. . .. 10. 146 28. St ••• .,.ypu . . . " 12. 150 29. Y.. or N o ! • .. ... 14, 1;4 Reading Comprehensio" f i d*,£I4!$I.]. Opon ••• f o r You , Discussion! , •..•• 1;8
  5. 5. Lets Warm UP with Some Riddles!2. &ern Motherleee and Fatherle••,lnto tnl8 world without a eln, Mad .... a lou.:! roar ae I ent.ered, And "_r epoke sea In.3. m,,", I• • c::erUln crime that If It (5 attempWd ii, punh,hable, but if committed I. not.. What r. It?4. What OC::CUr& Ont::" in a minute. twice In • moment. put never in an hour.5. It 90815 up and down the etalr lll without moving.6. Give It food and it wlll1Jvo: elve it water and it will die,7. What. the beginning of eternity. the end of time and "pace, the bsgl"nlng of tohe "nd. lind the end of _ry placei8. Take on8 out and ~rat(:h my head. Im now blac;k tout on"" wa e red.9. What ean you catch but not throw!10. I run. Y" I have no ("Elill. What am 1111. Tht! more there Ie. the lue you He.12. They come at night. without. being called and are 10illt In the dtAy without toelne etol,,".IZ,. Forward I am heavy. backward I am not. What am 1114. there wa~ a round ereenhou~e. Ineide wa~ a ~maller white houee. In the white houee wae a red hou~e. And living in the red "ouee were lote of IInle blac:k babie~.15. WI1at two word~ have the moet lette,.. in them1
  6. 6. ..6>-"4- ~~ ~ ~
  7. 7. lilliS·· · What Do These Signs Mean?) II txample 1l f...,w",r ,.s 1 his sign warns people not to blow their horns. The symbol is usually displayed in a quiet area such as a residential area Of school zone. As traffic becomes heavy, impatient drivers tend to make noise with their horns. So people in the quiet areas demand that drivers not be al1O.Ved 10 blow their horns. They say no one needs 10 blow their horns if everyone drives carefully and defensively.
  8. 8. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 / Part IGdA5 ~ 6.1. 8. @9. 10.
  9. 9. What Are They For? )I r(!) t is a small plastic card that people use when they buy goods or services without cash. Its 1I very convenient means o f purc::haslng things people want without having to pay lor them at once. However. problems arise if not used wisely . We 1I1J know credit cards encourage people to spend more . Banks Intensify this problem by issuing credit cards to ~ unqualified ~ people. So, banks must be more ci!lreful issuing credit cards. and people should also be more responsible about their own spending.
  10. 10. Talk, T<Jlk, Tollk 1 I Iort I.. """at ar. the!! tor? ,. 2. ~ ,. •• ~ ~ a 5. 6. ~ ,. •• .:..... • •• • ...... . 9. w. B ---
  11. 11. h(§!.4WWhat Do You Say?L----,,,1 RIII!Qd.MIII!,1 Ther~ aore some frequently used expressions for certain sltu&tons. They Dre useful for every studen t 0 know. Of course. there may be more than one expression Of lhe same !litUllIIon. Wh e n yo u le ll so m eo ne $o m e n eW$ a nd you don , wa n him o r he r 10 revelll II 10 a n yone e l Sf!!. wha l d o you SIly? ~ OOI rCp(a1 Ihts 10 anyone!
  12. 12. Talk, T.llk, Talk 1 / Purl 1 t- ~at do ~ _11 7 1. WhOI do you say when you sweo r nO{ 10 repea l whal Is told 10 youl 1. Whol do you say when you SUggesl Ihol someone try 0 new rood? 3. Whol do you say when you WOn! !O su rpr1$4 someone wlth big n~ws? .., WhO! do you soy when you meet :someone who has illli! relumed from 0 long trip? S, Who! do you say whe n yo", wonder If someone else undenloll<U your S!alements?, 6, Whol do yo u $Oy whe n you don! understond whot somoone hos sold o nd you won! II to be repeo!edl 7. Whot do you soy when you heor sod new s from 5Omeone? 6. Whot do you say when you wo ni to cho nge Ihe topic? 5, Whol do you say when yo u th ink so m eo n e Is lokl n g wlth you1 JD. W ho l do yOIl say when you dont ImdefSto nd someone, real moonIng? n . Whol do you say when you 01"$1 meel someone? J1. Whot do you say when you IntelTUpt samoone or cut In front of him? 13, Whot do you say when you opologlze 0 someone? . _-_ ,_-_..- ....... " _"MII..-.............. _ ,. . -.. _ . . ","".....--.... ~
  13. 13. "tti,l!i!WWhen Do You Say ThiS?)I-~ IRe"d /VIe t I Lets !./Ilk about 111 whet slluatlons people woukI use the$e expressk>n5.. J:; f"",pl e JI Congr.. lul a l lo n sl " ••-..I ~ nyllme so m eon e ha s accompli s he d so m e th in g ..J:. wonhwhlle In Ufe-gl"ldua loo, won a n a ward. gol a Job or a promotion. gotten married. or had a baby.._-_ _..-._-. - _.-.~ -_ -._ ..................= .... ... -.......- ..... ~ ... =-
  14. 14. T,llk. T.llk. Talk 1 I lu n ,Wh.n d o !!ON _y (his ? 1 . NIce 10 meet you. 2. It s up 10 you. 3. I dont hlnk I ca n offord II. II . I don"lhlnk 50. 5. Excuse mel •• Con I lcove In m essoge? 7. If you weI( a my shoes. •• Walch OUI! Lets be reollstlc! •• HI II all de~nds. JL I dldn , moon Ihcl1. My (lr1l $00100. " "- t1p$ Don, gel up . ". Moke you rse lf a t h ome. J5. Don , get m e wrong. J~ I m solT) 10 h ea r IhOI. 17. Ca n you hcor me? J& Id love 10. J • . It $Crvcs you "ghl. za Ar1l you fo ll o wing m p7
  15. 15. "Ui,iI4 _Whats Wrong! ) 1}t1f., 1 Students and non-native s peakers somelimes use strange expressions. Correct the following s«!nlences which are grammal>cally wrong. (Sometimes there may be ITlQTe than one conecllon neceSNory, or there may be more than one correct answer.),. J:."......p le They are discu ssing about h o w to Impro ve the la x~ ;:::~ r hey are discussing how to Improve the lax system.
  16. 16. T.l lk, T.llk, T.llk 1 / 1« " I II> "Whats ...,ro"9 1. We are Invited 10 her morrioge. 2. I O I)()logi~ 10 disturb you. 3. H e osked m ore m o ney. II. We opprcdole you for your kindness. 5. Mini.sklrts are recently popular among young women. 6 . He was absellt for a business [rip. 7. see you next m orning. 8. I love Koroo, sptClolly In spring. 9. The res ult 1.$ so[bned . .za It Is not allowed 10 smok(> here. JL Ill many you In case you SlOp smoking. J2 She wos deod from a trome oecld(>nl. 13. I have dlmculy 10 persuade her. J4. They senl II me . lS. 00 you know 10 make coffee? J6. Im looming 10 drive a cor. 17. The cost Is expensive. l&. I hove a promise wllh him 01 6 p .m. J 9. Most of people ore afrold of death. ZOo Th e d(>IXlrlmeni siore IS ottrocilng (I 101 of clie nt s by lowering prlces. 2 1. !-Ie speoks En9l1sh very good. 22. Sh es nOI sayi ng the truth. 23. The com pony Is very Incompetent In Ihe fosi-food morkel. Z4. He be«lm(> mod when he heard the news.. 25. She drives very rostly. 26. I don, know he Is honest. 21. He dido, mind to show me Ih e woy to Ihe hmel. 28. Old you go to swim yesterdoy? Z9. He, busy to road books. I 30. Theyre doing their be:it to scorch In lssl ng pt!"Ople i n the~ o<:dd(>nt.
  17. 17. UN.!.I!W"Do you like" Questions "E....... pl. 00 you like 10 ",alc h lV? e used 10 Wlch a lot of leIoMsion. r could do lhal while r I """ 00Ing something ...... liM snd,4ng or painting Bull lhese ~ I han:ly ewr turn lhe TV on. I lind II mo.teh mon! enjoyiobIo! 10 go out or read II booI< or IisWn 10 good musIc:. 1guess l"m bored with _ldIing TV.. _...-
  18. 18. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 / Itnt " "f,.. n !!lWfl r th. . - q"lfl!!lt /O"!!l: r 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Do)Qu like Do you li ke read? ~o trovel? 00 you like to oot? ~o Do)Qu like ~o sIng? Do)Qu like 10 ea t OU1? 6. Do you like to exercl:oe? 7. 00 you like 10 p lay ony mu.slcol Instrument? 8. 00 you like to swim? 9. Oo)Qu like ~o ploy cards? .Ill 00 you like 10 gamble? 11. 00 you like to wotch movl~1 12. 00 you like 10 ploy wl1h ch ildren ? H. 00 you like to sleep late In the m orning? 14. 00 you like to go 10 the mountains? 15. 00 you like 10 meel new people? 16. Do you like 10 s m oke? 17. 00 you like drinking? 18. 00 you like playin g golf? 19. Do you like playin g tennis? zo. 00 you like bowling? 21. Do you like writlng letters? 22. Do you like shopping? II Do you like talki ng? 24. Do you like hel p Ing those in need? 25. Do you Uke buying lottery tlckelS? 26. Do you Uke lI1eat7 27. Do you Uke vegetobles? 28. Do you li ke row Osh7 29. Do you li ke W~lern food? 3a. Do you li ke klmchl? 31. Do you Uke music? 32. Do you li ke trad111onol music? 33. Do you like druslcol music? 34. 00 you like money? 35. 00 you like your curren t job?."""..... __ .. _ _ ... _10_ ..........,.,..1n_ ~ ___ 01 - 1 _
  19. 19. iiiii.U· "Do you think you are" Questions Do you th ink you are conSC:le ntlo u$? "-.,w ", f -( .ta hy don t you ask someone else? Obviously, ~ prejudiced about my 0VJI1 I m character. But I will say that I always try to do my best I don t think I ever deliberately slack off on a project. Sometimes I know [ fail to do something perfectly, but that is because I don"t have enough time or I don t dearly understand the task. But, under the Circumstances, I could not have done the job better than [ did"~F~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ·consc;.nhOUS : gui<Se<ll» or _ _ • _ ... " io rigrl1 o r _ .po-ejud;ce : "" an ot>iect" . ~ , _del,berate " ~ . Of"" on putP"." o ff : _;nectMtyOf .,... . slac ~ n. ... _
  20. 20. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 I Iun II • "A.. ..,. W /l,. t,.~ qU/l, tiO ..,: 00 you think you ore healthy? ,. 00 you think you are generous? J. 00 you think you are humoro us? •• 00 you think you are inreiligenl? 5. 00 you think you ore smon? •• 00 you Ihlnk you ore hoppy? 7. Do you t hink you ore honest? •• 00 you tthink you ore open.mlndL>d? hink Ore too m orollstlc1 •• 00 you t hin k you ore moody? 00 you you " U Do you think you ore superstitious? " Do Do you you think you thInk you Ote rellglous? ore diligent? " ". Do YOll thh.k you ore gentl e? " ,. Do Do you you thin k you th in k you ore klnd ? ore successful? ,. " Do you Ihln k you ore frugal? ... zo. Do Do 00 you you you Ihln k think t hInk you you you are po Uent? are forgetful? are talkat ive? l L Do you t h ink you ore rich? I I Do you t h ink you ore optimistic? n. 00 ,. 00 you you t h ink think you yo u are low-abldlng? are lozyl 15 00 you think you Ore good looking?~=,;,::;:.=::c:::.....~-:::=~-::::. ...... """",*", .. ,,, _ _.,.....,- ~ ,co. .................. _-
  21. 21. "Z;;"M;- " What " QUes tlOltS) l:."Q,,"p/~ Wha t do yo u thi n k Is the best w a y t o Sl ay h ealtJ-oy? -.-s here are many ways to remain h e;,lthy. Di fferent .L people pu rsue many of them. They m;,y ta ke large amounts of vitamins Or tonics. Some blindly believe In :oorne diet or other, which m a y be commercially appealing but not medlc;,lly tested. Nonet heless. good health starts with weight con trol. This I, ;,chieved either through eating modera t ely 0 I e xercising regu larly, or both .._._ _ -•_ .... t<yto_ ... _ _ _._ry .--........-.g"_ ..._. ~ , _"_"Il .... ... _ - -
  22. 22. T.llk, Talk, Talk 1 /lul1 II .. "A."s we, these qo"r-It ia" 5: 1. What do you usually have for breakfast? :I. What do yau usually have for lunch1 J. What 1$ your favorite snaCk? 4. What do you want to be In the fu ture? 5. Whot b the most Important thing for you to do this yCQr? 6. What do you do to improve your English ? 1. What do you think about giving up o n ( ng lbh? 8. What do you think a re the adva n tages of having a good oo mmond of English? 9. What mode you marry you r wife (or husbond)? 10. Wha t do you think about prenuptial agrffmenl$? 11. What do you wont your chlldren to be in the future? 12. What makes you feel happy? lJ. W hat makes you feel sad? 11. What do you d o to moke your parents happy? 15. What do you d o to make your chUdr~n ha ppy? 16. What do you d o to moke your spouse hoppyJ 1 1.What d o you "",ually d o If you have (loold1 J 8.What Is your religion? 151.What do you th i n k about women s moking and drinking? 20. What do you think about b uying lottery tlckel5? :11. What Is your faVOrite $eO.$On? :12. W hat is your favorite food? D. W hat 15 Ihe 001 movie youve ever see n ? :14. What are you goi ng to be doing 01 10:00 p .m . tomorrow? 15. What do you think is the m 051lmportant th ing In life?·.=C=~-.·_ _~, _ . _ - . . . . " . . , . . . _ _ I>f-Io.<**hn._ . ~ = C. ~_ , ~~~~~G»
  23. 23. .. Xi......• "Who" Questions "I:.a m pl", Who do you admi re the most? ~ y parents. They sacrificed everything for me. TIley ):: - gave up their personal dreams and financial well- being. They dropped out of high school because they were too poor to get th rough. but they always emphasized the Importance o f a college education to me and my brothers and sisters. As iii rewtt. we enjoy II higher living standard than our parents. thanks to their efforts. Nothing is stronger than parental delerminlilion to raise their children well. j
  24. 24. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 ! 1","1 II Ii> "A.-,.s_, thae qUH tions; 1. Who is the breadwinner In you r famlly? 1. Who cooks In your home? 3. Who does the dishes ot h ome? 4, Who takes aut of your chILdren? 5, Who take.• core of you r parents? 6, Who makes more m oney - you o r your Spouse? 7. Who makes the m ajor dedslonS In your family? 8, Who Is in charge of finances In your family? 9. Who decides which cha nne l to walch on TV? 1£1 Who 1$ you r faVOri te movie sto r? 1L Who do you think is the hopple$! person In the world? 11. Who do you think is the busiest person In Ih" world? 13. Who do you think Is t he riche:n peT$On In the world? 14. Who do you think is Ihe m ost Importan t person in the world? ll. Who do you Ihlnk lies m OSI o ften ? 16. Who do you thin k Is the m OSI hon est pe no n in the world? 1 7. Who do you th ink IS t he most misera ble person In the world ? 1& Who do you think Is the m ost Innuenllal person In the world? 19. Who makes you happy? 10. Who makes you wd? 1L Who makes you laugh ? 12. Who Is t he best singer? 13. Who Is the s mmtlSt person you know? 24. Who hos the best job In th e world?.__ 25. Who do you depend on for advice? . _ . . . . , - . . . . _ 1 0 ~ . _·lnc""""" : ... _",~",,,,,,,_ _ ""Y_
  25. 25. lunt.I,.•"Why" QuestionS)~I E.ampl. Why do you think people marry? A..nswe,. dl eople naturally dislike being alone. They also have ~~ curiosity about people of the opposite sex. Marriages arranged between families are still common. However. these days. people get married for many reasons. Some marry simply because family members and friends are getting married. while others live together to save money. However, gold-diggers marry for their partners money. Many people slill marry because they want children. But the majority of people marry because they are in love and want to stay with each other all Ihe " lime.
  26. 26. .. "A."SWC,. thc_ quest/a".; 1. Why O~ you leornlng English? 1. Why do you thtn k people In general ore gelling foner? J. Why dolO mony people want 10 be sU m? II. Why do you think people a re hooked on rornpul<!l1l? S. Why do you think people wotch TV instood of read ing (I book? 6. Why do you think some people choose to live in (I crowd ed e Uy? 1. Why cia you thin k peopl e wont 0 moke more money? IJ. Why do you t h ink peopl e need Q college degree? 9. Why do you think people gtncroUy d istrust govemment? Ul Why do you think t he number o f females who smoke Is 1~$l n9? How Oboul the n umber of you ng people? lL W h y do you think ju V<!ni le delinquency Is on t he rlse? 12. W h y do you thInk people em igrate? 13. W h y do y<:>u thi nk people wont child ren ? 14. Wh y d o you think SOme people wont 10 be childless? 15. W h y do you think m ost pwple hove so m e reli glon7 16. Wh y do clot hing fa sh io ns change so qUlcldy7 17. Why do people do things they know are bod for Ihem? 18. Why are divorce roles cllmblng7 19. Why do you live where you do? 10. Why are some people more sucassfullho n ot hers 1 ___"- . __·...... :..-.. ____ 10_-. ...... .....~~ --"-- ....C<_ ,___...,._ .. ...".. _""""""""_I0_·oomiw1ot<t ....... .... - . . , " -
  27. 27. "£i$liMM"Where" Que.tlon~ £"KQ m p l eI Where do you usually s hop?rA•• . wer usually shop In discount stores. I"m lNilling to ptroy the T membership fees. because I think I can save more over time due to the reduced prices. However. I must be careful not to 00 tempted by cheap prices into buying things unless I have an immediate need for them . Otherwise. It s Just wasting money. ,
  28. 28. Tdlk. Tillk. Talk 1 / 1", .. .. A. ..s_~ flo. . . q ..~fions: J . WheTe do you liv" now? Why? Z. WheTe were you born? Describe wha l your homelown looks lIk.e. 3. Where do you usuolly go on Su ndoy? II. Where did you mCCl your currenl sweetheart for the firsl lime? 5. Where do you usually m eet your sWl>elheort? 6. Where do you wonl 10 go on your honeymoon? W hy? T. Where did you go on your losl VO(Ollon? 8. Where are you plonnlng 10 go for your nexl Summer "oeollon? 9. When: do you won! to live ofter you n:tire? Why? 1Ll Where do you usually go for u drink.? Why? 11. Where do you usually b uy your clothes? Why? 12. Where do you usually buy home 0IPUonces? 13. Where ore you going ofter this closs? 14. Whel do you most wont 0 "Islt? 15. Where do you hope to work? 16. Where ore your parents from? 1 7. Where Is your sweetheo.rt from? 11. Where do you wont to go to IIChool? 19. Where Is the prettiest Spol In the world? zo. Where ore your brolhms and sisters right now?._-,_--- _._1<>---._ . . ..- - ,.Itfp,..........appbnoo • . . - - . ...... . .~-- . _ ...
  29. 29. IIX(9,· ·I ••"When" Questions )I.. E"xample~ When do yo u fee l h a p py? A..sw", t!) feel happy whenever my family is healthy. But I was I especially happy when I had a baby. When I got a promo tion. I felt happ y too. Bu t the r e is only on e w a y t o be happy permanent ly : that is, we should feel happy about who INC are and remember that happiness com es from the little things w e accomplish . W e can never fee l hoppy unless we can enjoy t he thIng s we have around us now,
  30. 30. Talk, T,llk, Talk 1 ! l(II"t IIJ . When did you start lea rnin g English?2. When do you feel like giving up on English ?3. W hen do<!$ YOUT fa m ily eat out?If. When do you read the newspaper?5. Wh en did you fa ll In love for the first ti m e?6. Whe n di d you Sia n sm oki ng ond drinking?T. Whe n do you feel M~S5e<I?8. When do you feel lonely?9. When would you like to toke a round-the-world nip?Ul When do you think of YOUT parenu?11. Wh en do you think o f you . frien ds?12. W hen will you get monied?13.. When are you going to finish sch ool?14_ When do you see a doctor?15.. When do you think you w!ll win t he lottery?
  31. 31. IIW.!lAn"How" Ques tloM)Il ,,::::: you know you, . . ,.n" low you? " . (S e call p.lIrentai love ~uncondlllonal. ~ meaning t~t lI parents g ive top priority to the ir c h ildren under 1111 c ircumstanc e s. Fo r exam p le, they try to provide their children with bene r food, a better ooucatlon , better medical c are , etc. Paren ts lire always re;,dy to sacrifice their own well-being fo r their ch ildren s sake. We all know that their love is endless, but we don t know whll real parentlll love Is until we become parents ourselves. Parents may not tal k about Iheir love fo r thei r c hildren , but we all know they will a lways love us .• pfIo<Ity • ~ ~to~" utgOtC>J
  32. 32. ft.-..._,.. tlt-. questlo...., 1. How did you get your first job? Z. I-Iow coo you persuade your children to st udy hard? J. How can you persuade your parents that academic 5uccen bn" everything? II. Ilow much pocket money do you spend 0. monU,? 5. How many h ours d o you sleep ? 6. I low many h ours d o you study tnglish every day? 7. Ilow many cup:!< of coffee do you drink a day? IJ. How many cigarettes do you snloke a doy1 g. H o w d o. you divvy up domestic cho res with your partoer? III How could you gel a good deal If you were buying a cor? 1L How did you come to stort smoking and drinking? J2. How d id you feel w h en you flr$t met yo u r current sweet heart? lJ. How do you go to school (or work)? 11. How does one win in athletics? In life ? 15. How much money b "enough"]·diwyUP _"-..l"t>j.~i<>"""" ,. """"""_""_•• -"" 01_&<1 _ _
  33. 33. "",,,iH c-:- --::-::-- --:-:-- -) " How often" Questions l r E••m pl. How often do yo u vlsll your parents? " r know that as my ~rents gel older they wanl 10 see me more often. [ can read their minds when [ look inlO their eyes. I want to visit them as olten as possible, 100. but my work keeps me busy. And I have to think about my ~renl5-in-law as well. They also want to see thei r own child frequently. So I hoVi! 0 dilemma. If my spouse and [ alternate visits between both families. I am see my own p.lIrents just once II month at best. So I try to visit them by myself whenever I can make the time. And when !"m 100 busy to see them. [ caU them o ften to say hello.-- ~ •• _ - - - . _ ... _ ~ ~~~ I .-:--.... - ,*"- - ""_ .... _---....., .......... <II>~ .. - "..--~-
  34. 34. ... }..."s_r th..- ","estio"s: J. How often do you get you r hai r cut? 2. How o ften do you stay up all night? 3. How o ften do you take a both? 4. How often do)Ou brush yourteeth? S. How o ft en do you take a nap? 6. How o ft en do you dream? 7. Ilow often do you exercise? 8. How often do you lie? 9. I low often do)Ou drink? ltl How often do)Ou think about your nOt love? lL How often do you h elp your wife with the chores? 12 How often do you call your sweetheort? 13. How often do you tell your swee th eart, - I love you"? 14. Ilow ofte n do you tell your children, - I love you · ? 15. How ofte n do you see a movie? 16. How o fte n do you visit your friends" J7. How o ft e n do you vsi! your in.lows? J8. How o fte n do you give money to you r parents? J9. How often do you eat out? zo. How often do you see your childs teacher? 2L How often do you play with your children? 22. How often s hou ld someone see a dentist? 23. How oflen do you go shopping? 24. How often do you gel to relax? How often have you traveled abroad?
  35. 35. .Riill".." How to " Statements "E"IIQmple~ Exp lain how to a c h ie ve your d reams. A..,_•• ~ irst of all. I must believe in myself aod ignore those r who try to discourage me. I must stop procraslinat- ing and keep on trying. I know I will not fail if I try again and again un til I succeed. That"s the o nly way anyone can have dreams come true. I, . •
  36. 36. Tdlk. Talk. Talk 1 I 11 II ... Tell m e hQIN to d o tl..~ follow/mil J . Expla in how to drive safely. 2. Explain how to SlOp drinking and sm oki n g . 3. Explain how to fi nd Mr. (aT Miss) Righi . 4. Explain how to make your husband and Wife hoppy. 5. Explain how 10 m ake your children h"ppy. 6. Explain how to stay henlth y. 7. Explain how to Improve you r I:ng llsh . II. I:xplal n how to avoid becoming a henpecked husband . 9. Explai n how to avoid Letting frllmd$hlp sou r. ll1 Explai n how to make up with your est ranged friend . 11. I:xlliai n how to ovoid a tOlllsl . 11. Explai n how to use a ve nding machine. 13. I:xplal n how to get fram yOUT ho me 10 h e re . 14. I:xplal n how 10 get rich. lS. Explain how to a ch ieve worl d peace. 16. (xplaln how to gel betler grades. 17. Explain ho w 1 win 01 a video gam e. 0 18. Explain ho w 10 get fram here to yo ur home. 19. Explain ho w your country come InlO being . .20. Explain h ow you lreol your lover..~ --"- _--.,.--<---- : -_ --..,.- _ - --_ _"""._"_b. . . . . . . . "_. . _. ..,.,..,. :_-".-0i0ndIy·__ . .......... : .....- " .... . .. Itight ..... """ .. _ ..... _(sbjIO_~""_IO_"_ .......... ... """""""·..-.g~ : ._ .....
  37. 37. liiiJlIAiI"Old you ever" ~uestlonS)I~ E••mpl. Old yo u ever do mu e mo ney or ti m e to a c h arity? "A-n e,.. sw 1 ~ go through cycles. Sometimes I try to donate money to every worthy cause I come across, and then I think that my lillie contributions are too small 10 make any difference . So r become mOTe selective, and give more money to just II few charities. And then r will worry that they are not genuinely interested in solving a problem. but only In ma.k1ng money illegitimately, so then I win • • stop giving altogether. But then Ill feel guilty lind start making indiscr iminate donations all over again. 1
  38. 38. T<llk, T<llk, Talk 1 / 1",1 II .. "A"$_r- theu "ue$t/o"s:; 1. Old you e>let eat dog meat? 2. Old you e>ler run In a mamthan7 J . Old you ever have a bli nd date? II. OLd you. ewr buy a lott"1 ticket? 5. Old you ever d o nate your blood? 6. Old you ever get locked In on elevator? T. Old you ever say goodbye to a $weetheon? ~. Did you e>ler try to stop s m oking and drinki ng? 9. OLd you e>ler hoV1. Q big opemtLon ? Ul Old you e>ler go abrood on vQcot!on? l l. Old you ever cheat On a t~t? 12. Old you ever do something you regretted later? lJ. Old you ever fall In love with SO lneon e who was n ot In terested In you? 14. Old you ever win ony m oney or other items In a lottery? ll. Old you ever dri nk too much? 16. Old you ever do something you weTe ~ry proud of? IT. Old you e>ler lose you r temper? I&. Old you e>ler do something bmve 01" heroic? 19. Old you ever crlUdze your best friend? 2Q; Old you ever gIve SOm OOne a surprise pony? .__. __.:._- ......,.-----_...--. __ "_IJICO_ ~--~ ~~ ..- !_ : . . ....... WlIO~_·. _ _ .... ( a t > I _ . . __.",,", : ...... .., . . . . . . . _ _ .outfI ..... """"" ...... _ _ otgo<1"11 _ _ _ ·. _~
  39. 39. "ma;;"Make a Question Starting with "What" ) IR ...d ",./1 You know, s tudents are accustomed 10 answering the r leacher s questi~ In the cLassroom, Thats why they have difficulty communicating with each other In real slttJatlons, since talklng requiTes both Il$kIng and replying , The!.e 5ections a re designed to train students to make proper questions In a variety of cases. l."/II..mple I wanl 10 be a docto "· a ••."•••r What do you wllnt to be In the future? Whal do you wa nt 10 be when you grow up? What do you want to do SQme day?
  40. 40. Tllk. Talk. Talk 1 I I "rt II Itor the following an5~rs, mak.e at least one question s tarl:lngwlth " What." 1 . I slepl all da y yeslerday. 2. I like bu lgogl. 3. Im goi n g 10 ~ a movi e lonlghl. .q. I looch English In middle .school. S . Watermel o n Is the besl food In summer. 6. I fccl ~ IOl(ed whcn I listcn to music. 7. H e 90($ to c hurCh every Sunday. 8. Math Is the m ast difficult subject for m e. 9. [think u si ng an English_English dictionary Is a good way 10 s tudy English . .ul [study c hem istry In college . 11. Yeste rday I went to ~ a m ov ie with m y girlfriend. 1 2 I mUSI gel a lob afler high school. 13. After collC<Je I want 10 be a n ewspape rm an. 14. I wanl to have spag h etti for lunch. lS. I have a dole tonight with a n ew boyfriend. 16. I ha ve to study hard if Im going to sucC1lCd. 1 7. She wonts 10 be a m ovie Slar. 18. Th ey always told me 10 be paUenl. 19. I 5pcnl all day In Ihe Louvre when I was In Paris. 20. I think I ote 100 mu ch Ice ~m.1
  41. 41. "i4111 .:1Make a Question Starting with "When " ) E"Jfample I got my first Job six months afte r I graduated from college ... QUe5tioHS When did you get your first Job? When did you 5tart working?
  42. 42. T.llk, Tdlk, Talk 1 /I"n II I .. Tor t h . following anSwtrs, " ..,k. at least one qllestion . tarling w ith "Whe n . H J. I (llw(lf5 get up m six. 2. Im pl(lllnlllg 10 t(lke (I round·the·world trtp in five years. 3. lie will be oock tn two hauTS. 4. The Korron W(lr broke aUI In 1950, S. My schOOl starts at nin .... 6. I want to retire as saan o s paS$lbll, moybe ot 50. 7. I feel hoppy when I ploy with my c hildren. 8. I usua lly go to bed ot midnight . 9. I quit unal<lng twa <>go • .lU I was bom In 1985. 11. Her faVOrite show is On Tuesday ot 9:00. 12. He met his wife five yean ago. 13. Th ... lr first child W(l S barn two yeaTS after they got m arried. 11. 1 think I will finish this c1os~ In 2 weekS. l5. Soo n after getting off th( subway, he roollzed hed left hl$ oog behind .._,- - ..... .... .,...·. _ _ _ _ "_· ..."- ,P
  43. 43. kiXUilia· Make a Question Starting with "How" ) r Exampl. I usually Invite my friends home. and Mom prepares food and a special cake fo r us. And my friend s a lways give me books or movie tickets as presents. l a"~tions r How do you usually celebrate you r birthday? •___r====~ . ~. : _(Io~~ __ acwty
  44. 44. T ," . . n._~, . Tdlk, T.llk, Talk 1 1<11", III n• • _ ••• • , ,.• • , on. qu . . . tdrtl"g wlt:lt "H~. " 1. I~ been living he,.., In K()rN1 for two ),oofS. 2. Ive been ~ludyin9 English 5i n « m iddle school . 3. 1 brush my te-eth thT« times a day. 4. I 0011 my pClrents once 0 week. 5. II was gn!ot. [ visited my g fandpore n l$ In Busan and enloyed walki ng On Taelongdoc beach. 6. I hove two close frtends. T. We rented Q condo for the weeke nd and spe nt all day o n Ihe slo pcl<. 8. II Is 0 u5ld OOT, so my friend gave II 10 me. 9. [t IOkes two hOUD by car from here to Oaejron. III I usually read two books (1 m o nth . l l. I wos Sllll~ to m~t 0 friend 0 (I coffee shop. bUI it wos very crowdoo. So the waitress hod me 511 (It 0 table with two girls. Thats how I mel my wlfel 12. I proCllce at loos Ihree hours" day. 13. It w(lS 0 rool borgoin _ 1 gol them for only 20 bucks "piKe. 14. My friends who smoked looked cool to me and Ihey "r«amm(nded " it 10 me. 15. I n~er f",1t so bad in my lif",!._ :.... -:=r:":. ;:-""-" -· - . : to _ __ .,_; _• eo<>I , _ ..... .... ... - """"
  45. 45. "#£11.10Make a Question Starting with "Where" ) E.ampl.r Im planning to go to Mt. Sorak this summ er. Questions Where are you going to go o n your vacation? Where do you want to go this summer? Where would you like to vacation? • ••
  46. 46. T.1 Ik, T.llk. T.llk 1 / Iuri IIItor th. foIlotNI..g ..... _,." m ..... .. t 1."lIIt 0 ... ",u ...tlon lIItflrtl"g with H 1. Im from ~1. Z. I live In longno. 3. I usu olly m~t my frien ds In 0 down town bookstore . ... 1 om going to go to the Eost thl$ $um m er. 5. I was In BU5<ln yesterday. 6 . You can b u y dol hes ch wply 01 Oon gdoemoon . 7. I boughl It In (I d uty-free shop. 8. We ca n meet In some Gan gnam caffee sho p . 9. My parents live On Jelu Island . .l(l I first m et my glrlfrlend at a m ovie Iheoler. 11. I Uved In Paris for five yeon, bu t I was too young so [ don t remember m uc;h obout It. l l. My fat h er wa~ bom i n C h i<:ogo. b ut he g rew up i n MOKOW. 13. I left my p Unle o n the b us. I lf. They sa w wc;h ot her for the fi nll lime in Chi na , after corresponding fou r yWnl. 15. I we n l salsa dandng 01 0 dub last n lg h l. The p Lace was pocked. but II su re ww; fun!
  47. 47. Make a Question Starting with "Why" t xamplcI English Is necessary for my Job.i QUllstioff Why are you learning English? Why Is English Important?
  48. 48. ~ to,.. elt. fo/lowl"g ...._ ......, ..........t I.",st on• .,.._tlo" st ..rtl.. g wltlt "Wit"." 1. I love the beautiful scenery In the co untry. Clean air makes m e feel refreshed, Thats why [ live her(. 2. My wife ond I usually s leep lole In the morning, so we have nO Ume for breo.kfast, But _ dont car( If we skIp It; two meals a re enough for us. J. I do n t think ma rriage Is a must fo. everybody. I feel very comfonoble living alone. ii, I m ade a fortune In $I:<Xb, SO I ron offord to en)oy my Ufe without havtng to work. Eor1y retirement has always been my dream. S. The Slack market Is too dangerous for me. So I save in the bonk. 6. I think the Incro<l$lng crime rote" due to poor discipline a t hom e. T. I Sla pped smo king fo r Six months . But my cu rrent workload Is keeping me so sires$<!<! out that I started smoking ogol n . 8. Oh, no. I lust wont to relo" ot home. You know, th ere Is no Cu re for a cold. 9. Ru n nIng Is the best exerclsel It Is cheal and we can do It anywher( . .la We Or( late! Dont worry, you o re perfectly so fe In my car even Qt this speed. 11. 8ecause I had on unexpecled expense. 12 I overslept. U . They paid so much Qllentlon to the oldest san that they neglected their do ughter. I ~; ~UlSS I just didn t study hard enough.._ ---_..- ~ause he wos the handsomest man I ever met!.oIdp _ ... _ _ . . . _ _ .. -._"" -""-"._" _ foo"ao ... _ _ _ _ ........negIect ,--- _ _ , " " - 0 _ _. _. " -
  49. 49. Il£tiSiP"i F JtGmpic Ask him why he lives in the big city.l Q uest/o",.I Why do you live In th e big city?
  50. 50. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 I [,,,,1111A •• .om. I . As k him If II Is " good Idea 10 Iry to memorize the dictionary.r Z. Ask him if he is free Ihls afternoon. 3. Ask him If he wonlS 10 see 0 movie wilh uS lonlgh t . 4. Ask him Ifhe Is tired. 5. As k him w hat he thinks abou t Korean food. 6. Ask him w hat hiS major wos. 7. Ask him why he come to Korea. 8. M k him where he come from. 9. Ask hi m how the party was lost night. Ul Ask him If he con come olong with you to Ihe departmenl slor@. 11. Ask him what kind of music he likes_ 12 Ask him what he t h inks about learning Engllsh, 13. Ask him If he wants to buy a new car. 14. Ask him what the ~st way Is of avoiding stress. 15. As k him If he knows the ~st woy to stay healthy, 16. Ask him If he can afford to lend you this money. II. Ask h im If he co n have dinner wllh you tonight. 18. Ask him If he reads a newspaper every day. 19. Ask him If he gives money 10 a beggar whenever he sees one. 20. Ask him whOI he does when he is tired . 1L Ask him whkh h e likes beller, playi n g cards o r jusl lolklng. 12 Ask him how he gOI promoted. 13. Ask him If he is sure h e wi ll get a pay raise nexl year. 111. As k him if he has any Ideas for belter edut;o llng Our children, 15. Ask him what he thinks IS Ihe besl way to t;urb the rising divorce rate. 16. Ask him what type of woman he likes. 11. Ask him how many days of paid vocation he hru II year. 18. As k him If he ever tried to q u ll smoking. 19, Ask him why 1I Is Important to learn Engilsh. Ja Ask h im how he celebrates his birthday.
  51. 51. Making Comprehension Question.Ir I:"Itf,P/e Data on 87 ,000 f~male nurses, ages 30 to 60, show Ihal women who drink two o r more c ups of coffee aI day are two thirds less likely to commi t suicide than those who abSiain. The finding comes as a surprise. Furthermore, coffee lovers a lso tend to drink moreI alco hol , s moke more end have more stress - all fac tors thought 10 be associated with high suicidel aU . risk. "".oI 1 . What was the occupation of the respondents? 2 . How old ",,-ere the people s urveyed? 3. Who is more !iUSCeptible to l§Uiclde? 4 . Why Is the fl ndlng surprisi ng?
  52. 52. Tillk, T<llk, T<llk 1 / 1 III ul1 th. followi ..g articles a .. d a s k som e comp,.." . " sIo.. .,..estio ..s for . a ch 0 ... . o There are only two things to worry aboul _ o I:Uher you are well. or you are sick. o If you are well, then there IS nothing to wo rry a bout. o But If you are sick, there are two th lngs to worry about. o Either you will 9"t well, or you will die. o If you get well, then there 15 nothing to worry about. o But If you die, there are o n ly IWO things to worry about. o Elthe. you go to heaven or 10 hell. o If you go to heo.ven, there is nothing to worry about. o If you go 10 hell, youll be so dam busy s haking hands with old friends, you wont have time to worry. Q1) Q2) Q3). _ :10 _ _. .am : _lot ·<Iemr>od·......,Icw_
  53. 53. ~ n o ur honeymoon • U my wife an d I went to a remote village, beco use we hate busy places. We saved a lo t of money because we dldn, hove to buy plane tickets o r stay In on expensive hotel. And we enjoyed the quiet otmosp here and the peace of not hav ing man y people around. Maybe even morc Importa n t, we really got to know each oth er, since we hod p lenty of time to tal k about how to li ve together, how to handle money. and how 10 divide our chores. Since my wife wo rks, she was very worried about h o w to hand le the h ouseho l d c h o res , but ! promised to pitch In. QI) Q2) Q3).,_. :1101_.hor"IOOi. :. "", ~ .. ..,.. ~_ "",",,"~ =~.~ : . -",,-.u.piId1ln : ...., Of _ _ ... _
  54. 54. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 ! lur1 III - z, t am a S7_year_ald former manufacturing executive wllh a lovely wife and two grown daughte rs. I neve r went 1 college, bUI [ worked hard and eV(nluolly Invested 0 In s tarling my own s mall b usiness. Aft e r 12 years of stru99l1 n9 to gel II off Ihe ground, II foiled. I om now oul of work, ond mosl of my friends say I om unemployable since I om 100 old to start at Ihe bottom , and without 0 college degree I am not qualified for an e xecutive position. No one will hire me , regordless o f m y experienc e. Howev e r, Ihough I hove been OUI of work (o r IW O years . I am nol givi n g up. I am s ure someone will recognize my value and give me (I good job. But I have loomed one thing Educatlo n CAN make a dlfferen«. QI) Q2) Q"-.,--,""""" .... Il0l011 _ _ _ , . . ,.~_ __- org_._. . . _"_""_ ..._ _ _ _ <If , .. _ .. _ ....••..,UlIr. ....... __ . . . _"_._IOr. ........... _._" ~
  55. 55. ".T (S, of course, men and women can be friends os e7 lo ng as sex is n t In volved . Th e n , th ey would bot h see each other as lovers. not 0$ friends. They would gel lea lous over nothing ond everythi ng. and Iry 0 interfere In ea ch othe r~ p rivate b usiness, ond t heir relations h ip wou ldnt ]o s l long . In orde r to hove a morc solid relationship, people should hove something In common such as a spiritual Hfe, 0 hobby, or a social activity. These f(lcto rs contribu t e to u n derstand i ng each othe r s situa tion ond strengthen their re lationship. QI) Q2) Q3)._.:-- =-==-======= _In.JeaI<>oJ. : _ ... " IOOinD .110<:,.... "_"" to """ ~·eo<>ltIbut. : ~ 0b0uI._·In C"lnmon :in jaio1 - " " ",":_-..aIIy
  56. 56. Talk, T-llk, Talk 1 / Im! III b t dont belle<! thol women are weoke r than men. Just look 01 the strong will mothers exhib It on behalf of the Ir c hildren . But women have m ore pOli ence than men , (lnd th ey wIlL do obsolul(!ly anything for theIr child ren s advoncemenl. History shows tha t there hove • always been s trong wome n behind great men . Ho wever, co ns<:rlpting women Is n o t lu st Q m oile r o f fairness. I think m e n Orf! more su itable for army li fe Ih on women. si n ce w omen ho ve (1 dut y to rol se children . In the lo ng run, Ihot role is (!Yen more Important for Ihe nolio n s securi ty. Q O) Ql QJ) 1 _01 "-; -·""_01 . .". _ _ 01........... _.1; .... ...-,.... :_,..."..,-; ........ - _ _·~ ...,.,.-I. ~ , - ........... -~
  57. 57. / ) uLt teiUng people how to J....4 live their jives. Im specking on beh(df of all the smokers out there. The way smokers are trroted today s outrageous! We art law-abiding citizens who make an honesl living and pay our taxes, but in this country, If you smoke, you are mode to feel like 0 crimina l. What gives you the right to soy, ·Smokers stink"? In the building where I work, we ore forced to smoke outdoors, even in freezing weather. Is pneumonia better than lung cancer? Your answer to all of this Is, ~WeU , just quit. ~ Well, I dont wont to quit. I enloy smoking. Im not brooking any lows. And whethe r I smoke or not Is my buslne~, not yours. Society hos caused mo re psychological damage 0 us smokers thon second·hond smoke could possibly do to your health. l QI) Q2) Q3)·crimInooI : _ _ _ _ _ ", _ _ gt.ay0l._.- -:._. _. . ""11"---.OU I ~ ,....,..qy_IO"_~ III1NOt-"".•_ : _ _ t...-y_ ~"_.-=ond _ _ _ • _ _ _ ..,. _ _
  58. 58. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 /Iurt III .....,.s he m ()$1 Importanl th i ng i n bUSi ness Is 10 have a L siro ng will 10 overcome an y hards hip . Few pc ople succeed o n Ihe first Iry. and Klme mistakes are unavoidable fo r newcomers. SUI all successful busin essmen hove hod to get over adverslly. AnOlher importanl faClor 1 money. of $ co urse . If your bUSineS$ suffe rs from nnonClol stmln. you may nOI be oble 10 see the market sauollo n correctly. ond th is could lead 10 failu", . 50 owners s ho uld monoge their nnances conservatively. Q» (V Q 3).~ _ _ _ :<>IfIe"Y51,..,•_ """IQJIIy:_• ....... : .........,.<Mou<oeoc• ~I ... : _ : _ _-
  59. 59. r cY f;> om, 49 yoo~ ogo. wh,n I woo 0 p~hooI". my E!) fother Clnd I went to a store for some small items. As we walked back to our car, my father looked CIt his change and said, "We have to go back.~ It seemed the cashier had mistakenly given him changl: for a 20 Instead of (I S5 bill. On the way bock home, [ asked my fother why he had gonl: bock, since no one would have known i f he hod kepi the money. He explai ned that HE would know, Clnd that was enough for him. He put it this way, ~WhClt you think of yourself co n be (I lot more Important thon what others think of you. N QI) Q2) Q3)
  60. 60. T.llk Tillk. Talk 1 / 1<><1 III eopl~ are a lways complaining abou t tn~ nuls(mc~ of «,II phones. Wh enever I ~ $Ome(lne run a n!d Ught or drlv~ carelessly. 99 pen;e-n l of the time Ih~ per$On at the wheel Is talking On a cell phone. And now I h oor tnol cars will $OOn come equi pped with (ompul(ll"$ ena bling drivers to occe$s the internet wh ile drivlngl Phones and TVs In our ca rs are already dangero u s d istractions; h ow mu c h worse It will be whe n people can surf the ne l out on the hlghwayl There sh ould be a notiona l low making such nonsense Illegal. Co mputers? Internet a ccess? RidIculous! VOice-activated. hands-free computers Ihot lell you how to get somewhere ore the on ly exceptlons I ca n thInk of. Small VCRs for bockseat viewing on long trips are nne, but no driver should ever gel distracted from the maIn job of staying alert at the wheel.~ Q, Q" Q2). _ : . _ 0 1 .......... . , . " _ : . __. ~ tt._ : -.g _to_""__.<IiII,"",..... :_ ..... _,..,.. ".__ _·."... : _ " . . _ 0 1 ( 0 _ : _ _ 1...... · _· _ ,.... _ : vohm ..... · MWI : _to_:vIgoIon!
  61. 61. cY everal years a9", my wife died of e) breast cancer, leaving me II widower at age 15. We hod two chlldnon, 6 and 8. 1 did not have Jlfe insurance on my wIfe, though, fortunately, [ hod enough In savings to toke core of the burial expenses without borrowing. But there wasnt much left over. ( soon discove red I could not provide the sa me stobie home environment tho l my wife hod supplied, and went through one child-cOTe provider o fter ano ther. I hod 0 cu t way back o n my working hOUTS, which d id not endear me to my employer or coworkers when they hod 10 pick up th e slack. It ~ms my experience with the untimely death of my wife is be<:oming 011100 common. My advice 0 you Is this: Both spouses shou ld get Ufe Insu rance policies that will e noble either o ne to maintai n the Independen ce and lifestyle he or she has today. in case tragedy strikes. Kl._. . . " ___Irw.nnat .... ~~ 01~_..... ..... ...-_" ......-_: _IOtII" _ _ _ ..,. ......_boIIiII: ....... alp/ooconD._~ ... _ • • _ " .... _--IrMIy ,.,...... . .do"II""I<to_ .... _ _ " .............. "" ......-1*:I<1IP.,._;-- :-...~ ~"~
  62. 62. Talk, T.-l Ik, T.-tlk 1 I lurt IIIQ"Q"Q3)
  63. 63. iiXii...·" Making Topical Questions )I~ "E•• mple H ealth (;luestiol1$ H ow do you m anage your health? How often do you exercise? How often do you get a checkup? What do you think Is the best way to slay healthy? How much of a I)roble m do you think stress is in lenns o f our overall health?--.... of."->ugh-"~-""--­_" I : :~-.. ......-- : -.g~: -.-... ... -; ~
  64. 64. T,lIk, T,llk, Talk 1 / P"rt III~ M. AS "A"II qN.stloH.5 <U flOW CA" on tit. /OUOMf;n9 topiCS: 1. Fri ends ,. Shopping z. M oney 17. Future plnn", 3. Educotlon ,. Morringe •• The environ ment 5. Family 19. SOCICI I success zo. Compu ters ,. lob l L Doting 7. VacoUon ZZ Pollt lC$ 8. Smoking a nd drinking I I Unemployment 9. TV Z<. Siocks ill l~. 25. The govern ment lL Retirement z< Religion lZ t:ngllsh ZT. 6eouly 13. Weekends Z& The future ". Co. l~ H obbles zg. Friendship Making money "
  65. 65. "MilU"What is it" Qu.stlon~~ E•• mpl. Wha l Is s upeTSlLllon? CI up erstlllon Is --e) an Irrallonal belief in magic. But It Is dilficllt to be objective about this, -My" magical beliefs are not SlJperstltiOf!l. only "yours.- Superstitious phenorneniIo Include. for some people i not aI: fortune telling. astrology. having lucky o r unlucky numbers. prophecy. reincarnation. an afterlife. divine Intervention . and so forth. Even people who reject all religious and other "superstitious" deas may be lieve in things that do not seem 1 have an ob)ectlve reality. like love or free will OT some 0 political dogma. The long and short of it Is tNt while we don·, know """,""". - wooId , .. ,. """"" ,ho, I. " [ ~ not a complete mystery e.ther. and tNt some things are •..,j __-_ - __-- -- __ more pred.ctable INn they actually are --=-= ._......--=----==-.....-..,. .... :_... .. _ _............... •__ .........~ ----.g,o .. ..... --- -.--._ t _ __. ~ , . _ " - * 9.<iI>gmo ,.-.-. .. _ _ ............ _ - -__ IDng_ ...... af M _ _ _ ...... - . .
  66. 66. Talk, Talk, Talk 1 ! Iurl t A.""we, th •• e "".RIo.."., 1. What Is a newspaper? 2. What Is a magal!lne? 3. W hat Is a museum? If. What Is a weather fore<:ost7 S. Whal Is a m obile phone? 6. What Is (1 ~ 1(1mp? 7. Who! Is 0 co n scl~nc~? 8. Who! Is ph ilosophy? 9. Whu! Is d~moc:rao:y? .w What Is psychoanalysis? lL What Is the Inte rn e t ? 12 Whotls Insurance? 13. What Is a n extm·terrestrial (ET)? l1f. What Is relig io n ? 15. What Is a theme pork ? 16.What Is a diary ? 1 7. Whol Is auto biogra phy? 18.Wholl" a d iplo ma ? 19.What Is co n s umerism? 20. What Is rodsm? lL What Is nOUollollsm? 12. What Is patrtotism? 13. What Is o n en lrep~neur ? l1f. W hat Is hum(mlsm? 15. What Is pragma tis m ?
  67. 67. E"."mpfe Police man" ,,-".werI ~ verybody knows the policeman is su pposed to L prolecl people and properly. He tries to bring Justice to peoples lives by solving crimes. Sui Im sure prevention is even more Important than solution. since iIs usually too late to make up the damage after its done .• propeorty , - - - - . ... _01-
  68. 68. T.llk, T"lk, T"lk 1 / Iurt 1... posalk about th e job respo"slbllltl. . 01 the following -r /t/o"s : J . Scientist z. Bodyguard ,. Firefighter •• 11lot 5 . Doctor •• l.owyer 7. ProfeSlllonol ath lete 8 . Weoth~rmo n 9. Polltldon ., Mogldan JL lu.... 12 Comedi an U Actor ". Stuntman 15. Nurse J6. So ldier J7. Poet ... J& Musldan za Vainter Vrh~51 ZL AStronaut ZL SuLLor ZJ Miner ". I n ventor ZS. Matchmaker
  69. 69. Ii#;ijfD Qualifications ) ... "Example l ;.::: :"" r ...,..s irst of all, he must r lo~ number5 and be accurate with them. He must be honest. If he is not. he could eMily commit criminal acts by manipulating the figures at his disposal. But the most important qualification for an accountant is that he be able to keep his information confidential and no t leak any job-related financia l knowledge to um.uthorized people, Financial damage affects society as much as the individual.~,~~~~~~~~-C"~~~~~ ·acc..... ht : Irw ~ om....."", _ . : eo<rKI .~!e :"""""""". __ (obl"("")"._" d .1Igureo; : ........ 01 ......-. ", oaIwIaIlng _ """I . 101 one. d ioposal : 0. _ .... ..,. • . - _confiOonl _ __ :I>O<:omo """"", ~. _ "~ ·.....,lhotIzed : """"" offici. pom>IIoIon
  70. 70. T.tlk , T.:lIk, Til lk 1 /1<lr1 ".. --ra " ab<N.ot the Job qualification_ of the following po_ itlon_: 1. Teacher 2. Pol illdan 3. Doctor ... Parent 5. l udge •• 7. Lawyer Professiona l athlete 8. Newspaperman m •• Soldier Salespcl$On U Firefigh ter 12 Buslne5S.nan l3. Scientis t ". Pollce.n"n Pilot " 16. Priest 17. Med iator 18. Biolog ist 19. Astronaut 20. OlpLomalL
  71. 71. "£iM*.,:1Stereotyi!!)I... E"lfample Politiciansr ,.s f..WOT hey are llars by nature. If a man couldn, lie, he 1 wouldn t hllve a future in politics. Furthermore , politicians are good at Justifying their lies. &nd they always seem ready to make up another one. Power-hungry liars surely have difficulty understanding other peoples real needs aod problems. We shouldn", believe anything they say.
  72. 72. T."1lk. T.llk. Tillk 1 I Im t 1r ell us ~U" general intp"..,sion 01 tI•• following people: 1. FIIlfghler z. IQllceman 3. Lawyer •• 00 5. Tycoon 6. Nude model 7. Cob driver 8. Mortldan 9. Garbage man .Ill Ex.(;onvlct JL Toocher J2 Priest B. Nun H . Iloyboy 15. Actor J6. roet 17. Generol 1&. President 19. DictatOr 2Q AIDS pallent
  73. 73. Yes or No!,.. EJIQmple Do you wa nt to be ric h?~ f..swe,I ~ f course I want to be rich! The hard part is trying to U figure out how. I don t want to do anything dishonest. and [ don, have any particular talent as a singer, actor, or novelist. It would be nice to gel rich by inventing some useful item everyone needs, or curing ill disease, but its not likely thai Ill do anything [ike that. I don, have lIny rich relatives that J can inherit any wealth from, either. So. If Im going to be rich J guess I had beller marry a ri ch person or win a big lottery. ,
  74. 74. Tollk, T.lIk Tdlk 1 / Pur 1 ... 1....._". t h . - qu. .tlon.: "~H 0". " .. 0 " o ..d tell w"~. J . Do yo u wont to be moTf beouliful1 Z. Do you wont to have power o~r others? J . Do you wont to live lon9"r1 4. Do you wont 10 be more Intelllgent? S. 00 you wont to hove 0 beoullful spouse? 6. Do you wonl to live frugally 0$ opposed to luxuriously? T. Is living In the dly belteT than living In the cou ntry? 8. Do you wont to Tfmoln single? 9. Do you want to have moTf than two chlldr(n? III Do you want to have a college diploma? 11. Do you wont to be fomous? 12. Do you wont to be remembered fOTfOYer? n. Do you wont 10 live on upright life? J 4. Do you wo n t to go to the moon? J 5. Do you want to live obrood? 16. Do you wont to be a role model? 1 7. Do you want to be In the public spotlight all the time? 1& Do you wont mOre than one spouse? 1 11. Would you like to be righ t all the lime? zo.. Do you wont to be nuent In a foreign longuoge? - --.-."•....y .- . - .. _ _ .... _~ -"--" --- .....up<"Igh. , mooOlly _ _ : _.......H{jIh!, - - _ ................ _ ............-
  75. 75. litii.l!Wfu Read the Passage and Answer the Questions )I> "t ountless people tell me theyI C would llke to wt better but do n t want to give up tauy food. Rother than th inking about wh a t th ey c an t have, they ~ hou!d thlnk obou t whot they con eol. Fruit juice wllh sporkUng mineral wat er Is a delldou~ su bstitute fo r high_ caLorie soft drinks; snacks a nd cookl~ prepared wi th whole 9Tal n$ and d ried froits give co ndy bors good competition . But the p robl em is thm It Isn, wsy 10 cho nge o ld habits.1 au.stlons 1 . Do many people want 10 gl ..... up junk food fo r lhe sake <>f their health? 2. WhlOl could be 10 good s ubs tilute for hlg h -(:alorlO!: soft drinks? 3. What could be II good substitute for cand y bflrs? 4 . Is II easy to change old habits? 5 . Sum up the p;IITlIgrlOph In you r 00,"1 word,..-... .....". __.~_ : ___ "_._Io_ . _ . . . . __ _.-,. : -.~--- _ _ bo _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .,....., ..... :_ OO<>d_,~ _""""
  76. 76. T.llk, Talk, Ta lk 1 Ilurt l ~ n on Ideal world. everyone would r eceive sal ary In c reoses, promotions ond other lOb ~wards based 2~~2!!.!2:::~~ / stnctly o n merit. But ~ / In rea l Ufe , the m ost ~ ~-" •• Import ant factoJ"$ may be th e speclo l Inl liotive you displ a y and the re]all ons hlp you d eve l o p with your bo$$. If the two of you are a good -fit, - you ore more likely to enjoy your lob and advance your career Ihan I f you are con stantly ot odds with eoch ot her. 1 . Wh.... t I, tho: ....ost ob.lecllve way 0 1 rewll rd lng someone on the job? 2 . Whal a ll en delennl~ job rewllrds In the re,,1 world? 3. What does - fl t- In this contel(l? 4 . Sum up the parngrnph In your own words._ 1---",-"-._- ,. __ .td , _ _ or. _ _ .....""fo<. _ _ rr.tIloI_ .... _IO_....,...,.,." . . . . . _-..~
  77. 77. ~ -x youngster knocked on my door asking If [ wouldr j".- like to renew my dally newspaper .subscription. told him no, expla ining thol I seldom hod UrnI. to read the I>oper. and thot lately Id been lak[ng It fTOm th e [ front pon;h dIrectly to the trash. He thought about this, and then IKlld wilh enthusiasm , · Why. I ll be happy to deliver it st rolght to the trush can for you!" Questionsr I. 2. 3. Why did the young pe1SOn visit? Why didnt the man ",.. m 10 renew his s u bscription? What did the young man suggest? 4. Sum up the story In your own words .._ -"""--
  78. 78. Ta lk. T.llk, Talk 1 I " un t.:fl ll$Y with my CQrffr. I find IIltle time for housework - !Ill a fad thai become all 100 apparent the ntght my pur Se was s natched. wa s escorted homt! by a pollct! offlct!r w ho wan ted 10 be s ure t h e thief had n o t u se d Ihe keys tn m y pocketbook 10 gatn e ntran ce 10 my opartment. Opening the d oor with 0 set of spare keys, he surveyed the condition of my dark opartmenl with his flashlight . As I let out a sigh of relief. h e looked pu.uled. " Js this how you left It?" he asked . I . Why doesn l Ihe woman clea n UI he r apa rt rnen l? 2. DId the thlel break Into h eY "p"rtment? 3. Why "..5 the policeman puzzled? 4. Sum up the S IOry tn your own words.~I._.:_- ._ ,.-,....--""_:-... ...·_ch :_IV!)
  79. 79. overrot~ . Of course. toys moy h elp 0 chil d leorn ce rto l n s kills e orll e r thon h e would wi tho ut Ih <ern. But o the r yo un gstel"$ without those toys e<lslty catch up. and Ihc rc Is n o evidence Ihal s u c h eo rly s kill acquis it ion will h e l p 0 c hil d d eve lop m o re In telligence. jncreose his motor coord ina tion. o r add to his sensory ow a ren ess ove r th e long r un . Far more Imporlo nt thon 10)S In h e lping b ro ln develo pm ell1 0"" Ihe multi p l e kinds of st mulotlon the Infon t re<:elves- moot nOlO bl) from con toct with othe r hUlnan~. T hese. for o bob),. 0"" Ihe most com pl ex. Ln tere5ti ng. Inex hau~tlb le MIO)S Mhe con ever h ove.L Question",I 1. lJhat wrong notion "" y som e p<lOple haV<.l about the va lu e of educ tollonal tovs? 2. What benefitS do toy" give c hILdren In lenns o f le.. rnlng some ",kILls? 3 . 00 toys make to chUd smart? 4 . .!hat Is moYo!! import .. nt than t<>yll in developing the brain? 5. Sum up the partograph In your ourn words. -====_.,.Id> ... : __ ..... _ _ : _ __ _ __ 01_ . . . . __. ,....• _ _ : _ _ _ 01 _ _ _· muII_ : ..-.qIO_ ...... _ _ ...... <><..-... .....
  80. 80. T.llk, T.llk, Tal k 1 Ilun he chief eXe<:ltiw. offic..r of on elec1 ro lllo company coile d In h i~ pubLl c· r~ l alLons director. · lI~ten . Wilson . Som eone Is trying to buy U$ OUI.· IIs your lob to gel the p rice of o ur ~tock up so it L1 be too expen sive for them . I dOIl t core how you d o it, just do m- T he n ex t day the price of the siock rose five points and the day anu another eight. The CEO W0 5 ~ delighted . " How d id you do II, ~~ Wllson ?- he os ked. " . started __ a rum o r the s to ck market o bvlowly liked ." " What was than " ". told them you were resigning." a. ~.tlon. r I . Wh"t does "public-..,I"Uons·· menn? 2 . Wh,,1 " lhe CEO worried "bout? 3. What did In.. CEO order the PR director to do? 4 . Whlot d id Wilson do? 5. W"" I.... I lrnlegy successful? 6 . Sum ul d... AOry In your own woods.· bu)lOUI : _ ... . - . " " " ..... _ _ ")COI .....• .....- , . ......... _ .... . 011 ... _ _ _ ...... _toe ......•_ot(IJ :._" . . ""• reMgn · gt..o""ano·. I<>I> .... _ , ....... _ ... _ _ ""
  81. 81. our magi c words, we cant affo rd II, should be a part of every ch ilds education. A child who has never heard those words - and has neve r been forced to abide by their meaning- has surel y been cheated by his parents. As exercise s trength e n s the bod y, frugality strengthen s th e spirit. Without o c cas ional discip lin e , character suffers. lI Que.:stlo", I . What d oes ~ Be cbellied by his paren15 ~ mean ? 2. What d oes ~Character SUffeTS~ mean? 3. How do the M Fou r magic words g rea tl y benefit a M childs edUCllHon ? 4 . Sum u p the st ory In your own words . :-.::::r:- .....",rrer : _ _ _ •·• - " , ... heI!>fI. ... _IO_ . . . .1 ot.y~
  82. 82. T,llk, T,llk, Talk 1 !1<lT1 ~ nee whe n I was ridin g ho me on the s ubway during U rl,J sh hour, a strut m uSici a n boa rded carry ing a saxo pho ne. He began 10 p lay a n o ld tu ne very loudly and off-key. After a few mi nu tes. he got o ut h is mo n ey cup an d a n n o un ced , MI will pass th is omo n g you. Be owo re Iho t if I do n ot colle<:t a 5urflc1ent am ount I wlll play for you again." 1 . What haPI>ened DOl the ride hom..? 2 . Wha t d.oe5 ~street mu sklan ~ mean? 3. What did the musklan do? 4 . W.., h e a good musicia n? 5. What d id the mu sklan SHy after he played? 6 . What d o you t hink wa s th e meaning of his final 5Ia t<: ",..",? 7 . Sum up the SIOry In your own word, .---,ggo""",."""._._-""._ "" , <>11_ _ .--.... """"" "".. ".oong """"~
  83. 83. ~ <jI -x t the breokfost table one morning. my husband J- wos bemooning his poor record on t he stoc::k market. I, in tum , was telling him about my lotest diet - foiled w it h . "You kn o w , ho ney. W he said, looking u p from the sloc::k-mo rket section of the newspoper, · youre the only Investme nt Ive ever mode thaI doubled."r I. 2. 3. Why was tho:! husband complaining? What is his wife trying to do? What dkl the hu sbands rema rk mean? 4. Sum up the s lOry in your own words.· _ , _ _ totoI""ialll; _ ""• .,IUm : ..... ."...... _ . _ . . . , .. . ~_
  84. 84. Talk, T.llk, T.llk 1 / lm1 I lokes IWO people 10 (ho n glng II only needs one, We end up feeling h elpless In our murrioges b <couse we co n " The lrulh Is Ihol we n~d only leorn 10 control ounel~. If we abandon ouc oltempts to chonge Our m ote and In s l eo d focus o n ourselves, surprisi n gly, bUI predictably, chan ges start 10 oa:ur In tile marriage It!iflf. (JWtfs tlOI1S r I . Wh y do ..,., reel helpless n narrlagu? 2. What do..,., have 10 I",am for" "uccessful marriage? 3 . SUln up Ihe Slory n you r owY"I words._ UP ,....... ,O._",. _ _ __~ ,_tO __ " _ ; _· _ ; otve~""_