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Computational electromagnetics Technical Training Course Sampler


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This 3-day course teaches the basics of CEM with
application examples. Fundamental concepts in the solution of
EM radiation and scattering problems are presented. Emphasis
is on applying computational methods to practical applications.
You will develop a working knowledge of popular methods such
as the FEM, MOM, FDTD, FIT, and TLM including asymptotic
and hybrid methods. Students will then be able to identify the
most relevant CEM method for various applications, avoid
common user pitfalls, understand model validation and correctly
interpret results. Students are encouraged to bring their laptop to
work examples using the provided FEKO Lite code. You will
learn the importance of model development and meshing, post-
processing for scientific visualization and presentation of results.
Participants will receive a complete set of notes, a copy of FEKO
and textbook

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