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Stress Presentation

  1. 1. STRESS Stress is occurred when we feel that everything seems to have become too much.Sometimes we have too much pressure that come from our surrounding.Everyday Our life will have many challenges that come either from outside or inside.We can’t escape from challenges of life,the only way to fix this situation is only by solving ourselves.Back to the topic,stress have 2 types, “Stress” and “a Stressor”.Stress is a feeling when we receive pressure while Stressor are the things that we respond to our surrounding or environment.The example of stress is like work,setting a goals and others while example of stressors are noise,going out on a date.Normally,when we talk about stress,wegonna talk about how it response.The response of stress called “Fight Or Flight Response”. FIGHT OR FLIGHT Part of our response inside our body is reffering to our physiological and affects our physical state.When we received a challenge or pressure,our body will activated the response to protect us so that we either can fight or escape the challenge or pressure.Our Fight Or Flight response is our body sympathetic nervous system reacting to a stressful event.Our body produces larger quantities of the chemicals cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which trigger a higher heart rate, heightened muscle preparedness, sweating, and alertness.All of these help us protect ourselves in a situation that we been facing.Non-essential body functions will slow down, such as our digestive and immune systems when we are in fight-or flight response mode. All resources can then be concentrated on rapid breathing, blood flow, alertness and muscle use. 1
  2. 2. What Happen When We Stress? Everything comes with effect,same as stress,when we stress,it’sgonna give an effect to some part of our body system.Normally,when we stress,our blood pressure will rises and our breathing also will become more rapid.Non-essential body function such as digestive system will slow down.Our heart rate or pulse will be more rises.Our muscles will become more tense.Not forget heightened state of alertnessto mention that due to ,we can’t have a good night sleep. How we respond to our Stress affects our health? Firstly,we do not have a same situation,every person with their own problem and their own way to solve it.Because of this,we can’t have a same resources in every situation. In some situation,we may refer something that we’ve been facing in life as stressful although it’s actually not.If that situation is true,then you may not actually ready to face the challenge that come to our life.Example of this situation is pregnancy,move to new place either house or work and being promote.Pregnancy is the best thing that every women been dreaming for. It is very important to learn what matters more than the event itself is actually our own thoughts about events when we are trying to manage or rearrange our stress.How we see the stressful event will be the most largest single factor that gave the impacts on our physical and mental health.Our interpretation of events and challenges in life may be decide whether they are invigorating or harmful for us. A persistently negative response to challenges that come to our life will give a negative effects on our health and emotion.So,we must learn on how to manage our stress to face our next life. Study shows that perception of stress increase heart attack risk rapidly.According to researchers at the University of Western Ontario.people who believe with their stress is affecting their own health in a big way are twice as likely to have a heart attack.In some research from Pennsylvania State University,shows that stress was not the problem,but rather how we react to stressor. It appears that how patients react to stress is a predictor of their own health,regardless of their present health and stressors.In 2011,scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago explained that stress may havesomething to do with cancer aggressiveness among minority populations. 2
  3. 3. EFFECTS OF STRESS Stress can cause us to risk our own health.It could give many effect in our life such as tendency to sweat.Stress can cause a great impact on our body.When someone so nervous and stress,they will sweating all over face.Stress also could give us chest pain and back pain.Then,it also can cause someone to become obesity because normally when someone want to release stress,they will find many food to eat as a way to release their stress.It can make our muscle cramps.We will easily become headache too because of thinking too much of our problem.When it come to headache,it also could lead to fainting which this is normally we see at people who can’t control of themselves anymore.Normally,when we look at people who are in stress,they will have stomach upset.They also will do nail biting and will have a high blood pressure due to the situation that they been facing.Stress can lead to disturbance of our thoughts and feelings.They will easily become anger,anxiety,burnout,depression,feeling of insecurity,forgetfulness,irritability,problemconcentrating,restlessness,sadness and fatigue.When it disturb our thoughts and feelings,it will also disturb our behaviour where people will eat too much and there also people who eat too little.Then,it will lead to the drug abuse and alcohol abuse because people thought that drug and alcohol could release their tension.Stress also can separate people relationship because of too much anger,people normally will become out of control and make people fighting each other and worst,murder.Try to look at smokers,when they too angry and stress,what they do?,they will take out his tobacco and start sucking it,this will lead to higher tobacco consumption.It will also cause social withdrawal because people who are in stress,they will attempt to go alone so that they will have much more space to think.People who stress are easily to cry because of the situation that they had to face.
  4. 4. 3 What are the causes of stress? When we talk about the effect of stress just now,we realise that we almost forget the almost important part,the causes of stress.Normally people will ask to themselves, “Why stress?”.But why don’t we try to ask ourselves, “What are the causes of stress?”.We will not stress if there is no causes.There a few that me and my group had listed about the causes of stress which is:-Family Problem -Job issue -Lack of time -Moving home -Relationship problem (divorce too) -Financial matters -Abortion -Becoming a mother or a father -Conflicts in the workplace -Driving in bad traffic -Fear of crime -Losing your job -Miscarriage -Noisy neighbors -Overcrowding -Pollution -Pregnancy -Retirement -Too much noise -Uncertainty (awaiting laboratory test results, academic exam results, job interview results, etc) -Death These list of causes of stress clearly 100% accurate because this is what happen in this time where people too easily become a stressful person.
  5. 5. 4 HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS? There is a quotes that said “every pain that we got,had the cure to heal”,same as stress,we can deal with stress in a good way . 5
  6. 6. The way to manage our stress is by avoiding stressful situations.By doing this,you will become happyno-problem person because you not involve with the situations.Then,we must set goals that need to achieve.By setting up our goals,we will become a person that have a higher expection of what’s gonna happen later on.Then,we can try to take control the situation by stopping it with a good way.We also can try to change how we react to our stress such as before this if we always throw books or other things to release stress,but now try to smile and relax in situation and that also is part of discvover a new process of relaxation.We also can figure out what’s most important,by thinking like that,we can become a positive thinking person.We need to look into positive way cause that is a part of change how we see the situation.We also can manage on how stress effects on us.Then,we can avoid extremes so that bad things we can avoid.We also can set priorities to our life to know what is better to be than to become a person easily mad when in stressful condition. Other than tips from that picture,there is always another option that we can do such as exercise,exercise has been proven to have a beneficial effect on a person's mental and physical state. For many people exercise is an extremely effective stress buster.Then,we can try to talk about our problem to our family,friends, work colleagues and our to express our thoughts and worries.Praying also can help to make us become relax in situation that we may face.Breathing is such the best ways to avoid being stress because it will slow down our system and help usrelax.Time is also important even there is one quotes that said “Time Is Golden”,time is very important to organize our life, relax, and pursue our own interests. STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES Stress management can make us either to removing our situation or change the source of stress.It might lower the impact of the situation that we’ve been going through.Stress management can be gained by reading self-help books or attend to the stress management course.We also can try to meet counsellor to have a little chat about our own problem so that they can help to solve our problems.Many therapies which help you relax, such as aromatherapy, or reflexology, may have a beneficial effect. We can’t avoid stress at all. So long as we are still living,we shall have stress, because to a bigger extent stress is necessary for an extra ordinary developing creature. We need to bother ourselves so that we can be creative and successful. The only problem is that we fail to know how to deal with situations and we totally forget aboutGod in whatever comes our way. Stress are challenges that God brings to man that we may respond to them positively for a better living..everywhere there Is stress; no need to become so mad...let's use these stress to reach greater levels.
  7. 7. 6 The True Picture of Stress This is an example of stress where a child is getting bullied everyday which make him become more stress and think that he already fail in his life.So,the boy decided to suicide by being overdose.He didn’t have stress management and enough theraphy.
  8. 8. 7 This man,AdolfMerckie,found dead because of business problem.It is believe that this man suicide himself because of the stress of financial problems that he been facing.