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C3MS group exist to provide end to end digital solutions for our clients in the digital space from attention grabbing ideas to mobile applications, social media campaigns to digital activation and web design and is a a joint venture between Mill Stirling and C3 interactive.

C3MS group has staff strength of over 60 people in China, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia, with over 15 years of digital experience.

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Mill Stirling / C3MS group credentials

  1. 1. About UsOur PeopleOur Work
  2. 2. ABOUT USC3MS group exist to provide end to end digitalsolutions for our clients in the digital space fromattention grabbing ideas to mobile applications,social media campaigns to digital activation andweb design and is a a joint venture between MillStirling and C3 interactive.C3MS group has staff strength of over 60 peoplein China, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia,with over 15 years of digital experience.
  3. 3. OUR BELIEFWe combine strategy, technology, creative andmedia to make it easy for brands to navigate thisawesome new digital world.We believe in conceiving, managing andexecuting end to end digital campaigns so thatour client get to enjoy original thinking with wellcrafted execution
  4. 4. OUR GROUP SERVICESCreative Strategy and ConsultancyCopywriting and Art DirectionDesign and ExecutionDigital Consultancy and Digital MediaWeb interface DesignMobile Interface DesignExperiential Marketing and Event ManagementSocial Media CRM and e-PR.MILLSTIRLINGWeb System DevelopmentDigital Backend ProductionEmail MarketingSocial Media Application BuildMobile Application BuildCustomer Management ToolsCampaign Tracking Tools
  5. 5. KEYPEOPLEDANIEL WEE - CREATIVE HEADOver 15 years advertising creative andinteractive marketing and 6 years experience inChina. Most recently was head of PublicisModem, presently heads all creative strategiesfor the Mill Stirling C3 interactive group.Launch several key digital programmes forBates China that include Remy Martin andLittle Swan. Worked on Heineken, RemyMartin China, Sony China, 2k Games group,HTC, Porsche design mobile phones, HP andMicrosoft.WILSON GOH - DIGITAL STRATEGISTOver 10 years digital social CRM strategy anddigital marketing and 3 years experience inChina. Managed and consulted for DDBPhilippines, Oglivy China, Handled brand likeBMW, WATSONs, ManullifeHeads all Social CRM and digital initiatives forthe C3MS interactive groupOWEN SIM - TECHNOLOGISTOver 7 years in digital technologydevelopment and systems and 3 yearsexperience in China. Most recently head ofprogramming for a in Singapore.Establish C3 interactive as technology teamof Mill Stirling in 2010, base in Shanghai.Owen is also principle consultant for PhilipsDigital in Greater China and have developnumerous digital applications for C3 and MillStirling’s client in the region.JESLEY NEO- HEAD OF PROJECTSOver 12 years in advertising creative andinteractive marketing. Most recently was MD ofCreative Boutique - A Little Shop, previousstints in Bates, Leo Burnett and PublicisModem, worked on HTC, HP, Heineken, RemyMartin, Nokia, Microsoft and Sony. Presentlyheads digital projects C3MS group.
  7. 7. Our Integrated campaigns
  8. 8. PUMA / REDBULL:BRAIN CONTROLAt a special PUMA/Red Bull Racing event featuring F1champ Sebastian Vettel, a special game took patentedbrainwave-measuring technology and applied it to atoy car. The more you concentrated, while drinkingRed Bull, the faster the car.
  9. 9. PUMA:HAPPY HUNTINGAn online game inviting you to hunt for PUMA gearprizes by searching through numerous bizarre fakewebsites, including Cool Uncles and Zip or Fart.Meanwhile offline, consumers were hunted by HappyHunting wolves in malls and rewarded if they worePUMA.
  10. 10. BLACKBERRY:BASH EXPERIENCEFor BlackBerry and StarHub, we distilled the essenceof the mobile/telco partnership and from it came upwith the premise that formed a brand new kind ofrewards programme: great things should happen themore you come together. And that wasnt just in theprivileges but in the way we mashed up technologyand entertainment at the kick-off event.
  11. 11. MAYBELLINE NY:COLOUR SENSATIONALLIPSTICKSWe know that colour has a strong link to one’spersonality. So we decide to get our audience to takepsychological test to determine what colour personalitysuits them best, and pair this with a suitable lip stickshade from Maybelline’s colour sensational range. Wethan followed this with a street activation.
  12. 12. MAYBELLINE NY:IN-15MINS.We conceived an online platform,, whichdelivered makeup tips, lifestyle trends, and fashionupdates every fifteen minutes. These updates camefrom a stable of ‘it’ girls who also were integral tovarious live events such as a makeover reality showand on-ground activation.
  13. 13. LOREAL STUDIOLINE:STYLE VS STYLETo launch StudioLines rebranding, a streetside dance-off performance was staged with an interactiveelement that allowed consumers online to vote for theirfavourite gang - the Slicks or the Streets. Theperformance ending was choreographed according towhich gang won the final vote. Meanwhile, the site alsoinvited Stylehunters to contribute with their reports onupcoming street culture.INTEGRATION PORTFOLIO :
  14. 14. NPARKS - 20TH WOCTHE ORCHID MANThe 20th World Orchid Conference is Singaporessecond chance to host the Olympics of Orchids.The idea was to broaden the appeal beyond flowerenthusiasts by showing how a humble orchid couldbring to ordinary Singaporeans A Little Piece ofParadise.
  15. 15. Web development and social media campaignsour reel :
  16. 16. SKII- CHINADECLARE YOURPASSIONFor Unilever China and Leo Burnett, we created anapplication which sits in the SKII’s weibo site. Thisapplication allowed the audience to “make passiondeclaration” and share with their Weibo friends. Acollection of “passion declaration” where thenshow-case on their Weibo for public viewing.
  17. 17. HONESTY TREE- CHINAFor the 2012 Christmas celebrations created a first ofit’s kind game-changing platform that seamlesslyintegrates all your friends on Weibo, Facebook, Kaixin,Renren and QQ together to decorate your personalonline Christmas tree with their honesty greetings oremoticonsThe more you participate the more customizedemoticons becomes available for you to decorate youfriend’s tree with your honesty greetings. You also getto view a real-time honesty report card, which issharable, we had over 120,000 greetings, and close to450,000 participation.
  18. 18. WORLD GOLD COUNCIL-OUR LOVE STORY- CHINALove and romance is a popular theme amongstChinese in China, so we create “the Love Diary” acollection of expressions of love that was completelyuser generated. The audience get to customisepersonalise their pages and send to friends. Postcardversions were also posted on social media platform,further spreading message to millions of couples inlove.
  19. 19. STARBUCKS CHINA-KNOW YOUR BEANSThis campaign was for Starbuck new line of coffeebeans launches in China, we created an onlineplatform for users to better understand the differenttypes of coffee beans sold at Starbucks and thestory behind each beans. Users must choose fromthe 14 different types of beans represented by 14different shapes, user will pick one that they likethe most. User can also log in using their Weiboaccount to see what types of beans did their friendchosen
  20. 20. GLENLIVET- CHINAGUARDIANS OFGLENLIVETGlenlivet china wanted a digital campaign that notallow fans to connect with the brand throughWeibo, they want to inspired those how havepassed the 4 stage Guardian test to recruit throughweibo other worthy fans. Only Guardians deserveto identify other Guardians.
  21. 21. YELLOW CAB PIZZA CO.:SOCIAL CRM.Social Media has the highest penetrate for consumer inPhilippine We develop content strategies and consumerengagement social media CRM for YELLOW CABPIZZA CO Philippines’s largest local pizza chain. Wealso manage all their total web presence,Facebookcampaigns application and twitter content development
  22. 22. LANCÔME:EYE-BOOKImagine your social life went according to how youreyes looked. To launch the new Renegie MultipleEyelift. We created a imaginary social network calledEyeBook, and depending on how you eyes looked, youwill receive different notifications and messages orstatus updates. So naturally the better you looked themore favourable your responses.
  23. 23. MAYBELLINE NY:MOUSSE YOUR FRIENDSWorking with the facebook backend to pull yourfriends’s data. You could alter your friends facbeookprofile pic, by blowing into the microphone. Uponblowing an image will fly on the picture. Uponcompleting your alterations you can than post on yourfriends facebook wall. Participation rate was over2,000, and the tab was viewed over 30,000 times.
  24. 24. Digital productionDemo References:[Bioshock]Released_20121025.aspx[HugoBoss]released_20110712.aspx[Maybelline]Released_20110505.aspx[SCDF]Released_20120323.aspx[SPG]Released_20111125.aspx[WWF]Released_20110823.aspx[XCOM]Released_20120925.aspx
  26. 26. OUR PROGRAMMING PORTFOLIOMaybelline Online Material
  27. 27. We’re different from small agencies becausewe’ve built big brands with big thinking.We’re different from large agencies becausewe’re nimble, media-neutral and straight-talking (we hate adland mumbo jumbo), andprovide end to end solutions.We’re different from brand consultanciesbecause we love the finer executional detailsas much as the joy of a powerful strategy.Thank you for your time.WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT