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LiveSupport 365 can help resolve problems that you may have with your PC and peripherals. We’ll troubleshoot and identify issues with slow-running PCs, error messages and more. We can also help with installing new devices and software, connecting printers or scanners and protecting your files. LiveSupport 365 will help you set up a wireless network, establish firewall protection, set up a home network, add computers and PC-related devices to your network, troubleshoot high-speed internet connection and performance issues. When you need help with your home network, LiveSupport 365 will get you connected.

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Ascentive Live Support 365

  1. 1. LiveSupport365From
  2. 2. OverviewUnlimited technical support made easy!Get the best from all the technology in your life. Ourtechnical experts can help you remedy a slow or unstablePC, plus optimize your mobile and tablet devices formaximum speed.
  3. 3. LiveSupport 365 can help resolveproblems that you may have withyour PC and peripherals. We’lltroubleshoot and identify issues withslow-running PCs, error messages andmore. We can also help with installingnew devices and software, connectingprinters or scanners and protectingyour files.Computers & Peripheral Support
  4. 4. LiveSupport 365 will help you set up awireless network, establish firewallprotection, set up a home network,add computers and PC-relateddevices to your network,troubleshoot high-speed internetconnection and performance issues.When you need help with your homenetwork, LiveSupport 365 will get youconnected.Home Network Set-Up
  5. 5. LiveSupport 365 can help setup ortroubleshoot the most popularsoftware and Microsoft operatingsystems such as XP, 7, Vista, andMicrosoft Office Suite. We’ll also helpyou install the latest updates, restoreyour system in the event of a crash orhelp you increase performance byoptimizing your system.Software Problems
  6. 6. LiveSupport 365 can help resolvesystem performance and pop-upissues, identify and remove virusesand spyware, set up firewallprotection, scan your PC for threats,secure your WiFi network, updateyour Internet browser, secure youronline privacy and get advice on thebest internet security solution.PC Security
  7. 7. LiveSupport 365 will help install andconfigure your Internet & VoIPservice, set up your email and IMaccounts, fix performance problemsand more. Whether you are justgetting started or you’re having aworld of trouble with the World WideWeb, we’ll get you back to smoothsurfing in no time.Internet Connection & VoIP Assistance
  8. 8. LiveSupport 365 will help you setupand use your MP3 player, transfer andmanage your music collection,organize playlists, burn CDs and more.If your MP3 player isn’t playing nice,our technical know-how and problemresolution will be music to your ears.MP3 Player Support