Chamundi #26 Rotary Mysore bulletin 26Dec2013


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Chamundi #26 Rotary Mysore bulletin 26Dec2013

  1. 1. Almon E. Roth, Rotary Club of Palo Alto, California, USA 20th President of Rotary International Issue: 26, 26th Dec, 2013 "Our success or failure will not depend upon the machinery of Rotary or its physical growth, but upon the extent to which Rotary's ideals or objectives are translated into positive, tangible results in personal, business, community, and international life. We shall be known by our works." Today@Rotary Mysore Election meeting and Announcement of New Officers of Rotary Mysore th 2014-15, 6:30 pm, Thursday 26 Dec 2013, Rotary Center. Airplane flying, atmospheric science and higher mathematics – each one is for most of us ordinary mortals a huge mental block – difficult even to comprehend. To straddle so many horses, that too at a premier university like the E m b r y - R i d d l e A e ro n a u t i c a l University is something beyond the imagination – but not for last week's speaker Ajay Raghavendra. He was a speaker with a difference. He had no message but he shared his experience with us all. What in the world drew Ajay to Embry-Riddle? The sheer joy of flying (he has been fascinated by flying since age 6), the love of Maths and the power of Physics. Ajay had a tough time selecting his programs from the myriad choices at the University, but he did make his choices, and what a selection! Embry-Riddle is the best aviation and aerospace university in the world – they teach the science, practice and business of aviation. Ajay is indebted to his 'guru' Capt. Ajay solves Embry-Riddle in flying colors Arvind Sharma who has handheld him over the years right upto his transition to meteorology – study of the atmosphere. Ajay underwent internship at Plains, Texas under Gary Walker. It was in meteorology that Ajay realized his love for the Queen of Science, Maths (though it is a form of Satan for us!). Huge volumes of data and complex algebra would be a deterrent for some but not for Ajay. His experience in the Nonlinear Waves Lab is unforgettable. Ajay's current projects are in the areas of development of wavemakers, stealth tech for ships, tsunami simulation, liquid surface reconstruction and controlled submersion. He has even done a cloud seeding project. (contd…) Condolence Rotary Mysore pays its respects to the departed Smt. Vasundhara Krishnamurthy, mother of Rotarians S.K.Dinesh and S.K.Sanjay. May the families have the strength to bear this irreparable loss. May her soul rest in peace.
  2. 2. CHAMUNDI Flying high (…contd) Answering questions he said the universities in the US laid more emphasis on Application, Creativity and Inquiry whereas in India it is more on Knowledge and Memorizing. He fondly recalled his parents' visit to his flying academy. His beaming father admitted that his heart was in his mouth during the joy ride in a rented plane piloted by Ajay. In his concluding remarks, Rtn. Raghavan was for once, at a loss for words and gave Ajay, who had grown up in front of him, a big hug with a tear in the eye and a lump in the throat. The audience, which included Ajay's proud grandmother, no doubt echoed his sentiments, and wished that Ajay scale greater heights in his flying career! In the eye of the storm Birthdays celebrated The birthdays of Rtn. Dinesh Kothari and Rtn. B.M.Prakash were celebrated at the Rotary Center last Thursday. Cakes were cut and Rotarians joined Dr. Ghori in singing the birthday carol. Some pics… Annette Gita Gopinath on US Fed tapering plans Speaking to CNBC-TV18 on Sunday last, Gita Gopinath, professor of economics, Harvard University said that there was every reason to believe that tapering will start early after US unemployment rate came down to 7 percent last week. Gopinath also said that India is now better prepared to deal with taper than it was in August on the back of controlled current account deficit and stronger value of rupee. “I think India is in much stronger position than it was late August and in September when there was big volatility in the rupee value”, she said. District Chess sponsored by Rotary Mysore Mysore Professional Chess Academy cordially invites you to the inauguration of Mysore District Open Chess Tournament 2013 sponsored by Rotary Mysore. Saturday 28th Dec 2013, @ 1 pm, Ideal Jawa Rotary Primary School Auditorium. Rtn. M.C.S.Manohara President Rotary Mysore, Ms. Veena S.A. Principal IJRPS, Prof. S.K.Ananda Tirtha President MDCA and Sri Biddappa Vice-President MDCA will be the Guests of Honour. COUNTDOWN TO PARIVARTHAN Parivarthan is approaching fast. Only 14 DAYS to go. Our invite to the conference last year gave rise to great expectations. (See pic) Our DG Rtn. Gururaj S. in last week's meeting said that in almost all of his Official Visits to about 82 clubs so far, Rotarians were enthusiastic about the Conference. Will we live up to those expectations? Will Parivarthan, the District Conference on Jan 10,11,12 2014 be the best ever? It is entirely in our hands. Let us put our best foot forward. Some key speakers at the conference are: Swami Brahmanandaji of Chinmaya Mission Master Hirannaiah, well-known dramatist Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, Creative teaching expert Vasanthi Hariprakash, journalist and TV show host, Basavalingiah Hiremath, Janapada singer. A few other celebrity speakers are awaited for confirmation. Have you registered yet? With Anns and Annettes? As members of the Governor's home club, we have to have 100% registrations. We have no choice. Rush your registration to the District Secretariat at the Rotary Center immediately. Last Date for Registrations is extended to 31st Dec. Visit to Madikeri Our Vocational Service director Rtn. Gopinath has organized a 2-day visit to Madikeri jointly with Rotary Madikeri, on the 15th and 16th of Feb 2014. Dinner will be hosted by Rotary Madikeri on the 15th at their clubhouse and accommodation provided. On the 16th morning, a Vocational Visit to coffee plantations and gardens with a study of the processes involved is planned. Rotarians interested, please get in touch with Rtn. Gopinath.
  3. 3. Rotary Information What are the basic strategies for Polio eradication? 1. Routine Immunization. 2. Pulse Polio Immunization on NIDs. 3. AFP Surveillance. 4. Mop up Immunization. All are equally important. What is routine immunization? Administration of routine vaccines against 8 vaccine preventable diseases to all children at specified ages as per universal immunization schedule: • At birth or within one month: BCG + '0' Polio drops + Hepatitis B-Birth Dose FACTS ON POLIO ERADICATION PROGRAMME • At 1½ months : Penta-1 [DPT + Hepatitis + Hib] injection and OPV-1, • At 2½ months : Penta -2 injection and OPV-2, • At 3½ months : Penta -3 injection and OPV-3, • At 9 months: Measles injection + Vitamin A • At 1½ to 2 years: Booster Dose of DPT + Measles II Dose and OPV + Vitamin A • 5 to 6 years: DPT Booster Dose • 10 & 16 years: TT Whooping Cough, Hepatitis, Pneumonia and Measles along with Polio is 'Plus' in Polio Plus. This is the basis of routine immunization. What do you mean by NID? National Immunization Day [Now named as Polio Sunday]. All children below 5 years of age all over the country are administered additional dose of Polio drops on NIDs simultaneously irrespective of their Immunization status. This is only Supplementary Immunization Activity. What is 'Plus' in polio plus? Prevention of 7 other fatal child hood [SIA] (to be contd…) diseases: Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Rotary International honours Her Majesty the Queen Rotary International recognised Her Majesty The Queen on Monday December 16 with the Rotary International Award of Honour to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her Coronation. Her Majesty The Queen, who graciously accepted the prestigious honour, has been a supporter of Rotary's polio eradication and humanitarian programmes. The award was taken to Buckingham Palace by Rotary International Director, Mike Webb and Rotary Representative to the Commonwealth, Judith Diment on behalf of Rotary International President, Ron Burton. Rotary Family or Family of Rotary? The month of December is designated as "Family Month" by Rotary. An emphasis on family is one area where Rotary has evolved over the years. The Rotary Clubs need to recognize that club activities that include a focus on Rotary families are attractive to not only their current members but also to those younger business and professional people who need to be welcomed into our clubs for our membership to grow. Some clubs have referred to it more commonly as Family of Rotary Month. Both descriptions are relevant and appropriate. As we approach the year-end, we are more conscious of a focus on family and family reunions. People celebrate on some level, commerce slows down and many families take their annual holidays. So December is indeed a time to reflect on family values and how Rotary shapes those values. In Rotary we see our life priorities as family, work and then Rotary. But ideally we should not isolate Rotary from our family life. In some clubs, children are not only welcome but an integral part of Rotary meetings. Some clubs have activities for the children (or perhaps in many cases, grandchildren) and some clubs (like ours) makes one of their regular meetings a family get-together. Beyond the immediate family is the family of Rotary. This is a large family indeed. The members include the alumni of all the programs that Rotary supports directly and indirectly. There are the major programs such as Youth Exchange, RYLA, RYPEN, GSE, NYSF, Ambassadorial, Peace and Global Grant Scholars and many others. Sadly we all too often lose contact with these family members after they complete their program. It is the responsibility of Rotarians to do our best to keep them within the family of Rotary. A core value of Rotary is diversity and just like a regular family, the family of Rotary shines when all of our programs and their participants are in the picture. Yes most families these days are nuclear families but the memorable family photographs are those with Mum, Dad, the kids, the grandkids and the grandparents, captured in those special moments when we are all together. TRUSTEE CHAIR'S MESSAGE December is Family Month, a time when we pay special attention to Rotary's large and expanding family. Rotary is not just 1.2 million Rotarians in 34,558 clubs. We're 365,125 Interactors, 133,860 Rotaractors, and 174,547 Rotary Community Corps members. Our family includes the spouses and children of Rotarians. It also encompasses the dozens of community nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations that Rotary has forged partnerships with. The family of Rotary is millions strong – and it continues to grow as we keep developing new ties. One thing we all know in Rotary is that we can do more together than we can alone. Together, we have a tremendous reach. We need to ensure that Rotary keeps growing, in all the branches of our family. When we work with local NGOs and other organizations, we gain more knowledge and more insight. We add to our resources and our abilities. And we build more bridges of (Compiled from multiple Rotary sources) understanding, friendship, and cooperation. By partnering with others throughout the world, we not only can achieve more than we set out to do but also can grow the Rotary family. We have learned through our long history in the fight against polio how effective such partnerships can be. Our many global partners have made polio eradication possible, and have helped us achieve a great deal of good along the way. This is an important lesson, and it is one we must build on in the years ahead. DONG KURN (D.K.) LEE, TRUSTEE CHAIR 2013-14, DECEMBER 2013
  4. 4. CHAMUNDI Annets' How to be Happy Liggy Webb Corner • Be your own best friend. • Have a little chat with yourself and listen to your inner dialogue. • Decide that you want to be the best you can be. • Challenge your boundaries and step out of Quote Hanger Scandal: Dead scandals form good subjects for dissection. – Byron Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. – Henry Fielding Those whose conduct gives room for talk are always the first to attack their neighbours. – Moliere How awful to reflect that what people say of us is true. – Logan Pearsall Smith Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality. – Oscar Wilde Health Bites your comfort zone from time to time. • Be open and positive about change. • Be receptive to feedback, and learn to trust more. • Learn from your mistakes and grow. • Challenge your own limiting beliefs and excuses. • Avoid comparing yourself to others. • Develop your self-confidence and believe in yourself. Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. – Ralph Waldo Emerson in a lighter vein! As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two. - Norman Wisdom A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success! - Doug Larson Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. -Will Rogers "ALWAYS AND NEVER" are two words you should always remember never to use. -Wendell Johnson Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive. -Elbert Hubbard Start every day with a smile and get it over with. -W.C. Fields Laughter is the closest distance between two people. -Victor Borge time to celebrate Birthday Kamlesh Jain 24th Dec Wedding Anniversary Rajaram M.R. & Seema 20th Dec Rotary Anniversary Lokeshwaraiah Mahesh Shenoy M. Subramanya Rao K. Prakash B.M. Vidya Rao K.R. Dec 21, 1995 Dec 21, 1995 Dec 21, 1995 Dec 25, 1997 Dec 25, 1997 Rotary Tidbits (source: 1933-Revista Rotaria. The first of what may be several non-English editions of THE ROTARIAN, very appropriately named REVISTA ROTARIA, was published in Spanish. Since then it has gained steadily in reader interest and has been a major factor in the growth of Rotary in Ibero-America. The Four-Way Test “Of the things we think, say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?” Rotary Mysore wishes all Rotarians Anns and Annettes a Merry CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS New Year!!! Astonishing Paper Sculptures from Jeff Nishinaka