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About us 25 - 2013-14

  1. 1. Issue : 25 Date : 29-12-2013 Pages : 04 Photos of Bhandavya - 2012 , Photo Courtesy : Mandeep Manoj Vol. : 33 Bhandavyotsava 2013 “ B h a n d av yo t s ava - 2 0 1 3 ” i s f l a g s h i p community service event of Rotary Midtown. The regular annual event started more than a decade ago has witnessed several versions. The event has seen many changes and has evolved to its current format. Many Rotarians with able support of Corporate sporors, NGOs, volunteers and well wishers have had the satisfaction of associating with this meaningful event which provides a platform for the differently abled to explore their potentials. Current year event brings elaborate arrange ments planned by Chairman Rtn.R.S.Vishwanath and ably supported by Rotarians, Corporate houses, Industrialists, NGOs & many well wishers. The mammoth program boasts of hosting more than 1000 people having many new inclusions and comes with largest ever budget for a single community service project by Midtown. Midtown proudly presents heart touching, meaningful project – “Bhandavyotsava 2013”. Chief guest : Padmashree Dr.Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla Ordinary mortals would find it difficult to imagine, let alone understand, what life can be for those who are physically challenged – their trials and tribulations, their hopes and aspirations, and their struggle to cope in a world that is neither designed for nor supportive of their needs and wants. In the world of POLIOMITICS, Arjuna Award and Padmashree award winner, Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla is a remarkable woman. She is a Champion of Champions, a born Athlete, professionally a Bank Manager and a social activitist. She is an achiever in all fronts with a limitless capacity to excel in whatever she is engaged Continued in page 2
  2. 2. (Continued from page 1 ) in. With over 380 Gold, Silver and Bronze S tate / N at i o n a l / I nte r n at i o n a l m e d a l s at A s i a n / Wo r l d m a ste rs / O p e n At h l et i c Championships in different parts of the world, she has an amazing “Never say die” and an overwhelming spirit that defies the limits of human endeavor. Incapacitated by Polio at age of one and confined to the wheelchair after undergoing 32 surgeries, Malathi was driven by courage and a will to achieve and a diehard persevering philosophy that moved her to phenomenal personal and professional success that would have made most achievers proud! A postgraduate in psychology, Manager at the Syndicate Bank, Winner of Padmashree, Arjuna, Ekalavya, KK Birla Foundation Awards, she has had laurels heaped on her for her accomplishments and the many significant milestones of her life. However, despite her own personal physical trials and challenges, Malathi has a laudable vision of reaching out to her fellow paraplegics and setting an example that life is surmountable no matter what, and that given courage, discipline, perseverance and an indomitable spirit, one can reach the most formidable of goals and that nothing is impossible. With the moral support of her friends, she has opened a Foundation called “Mathru Foundation” where she is providing free shelter, school and medical facilities to the poor and needy physically disabled children boys aged between 5-18. She is concentrating mainly on affected polio victims in rural area where their parents cannot afford to send the child to the school or provide medical treatment due to their poor economical background. The Foundation's main project and motto is to provide education and required medical assistance like corrective surgeries and provide calipers, crutches, walkers etc. and rehabilitate them to develop positive attitude and instill self confidence in them to live in this beautiful world. Dr.Malathi's achievements Conferred with honorary Doctorate by Bijapur University for her achievement in the field of disabled sports. List of awards won: Padmashree Award Arjuna Award K K Birla Foundation Award Dasara Award Ekalavya Award Aryabhatta Award Women of the year – USA Women of the year – UK Prathibharathna Award Best Citizen Award Sir M.Vishweshwaraiah award Medals Won GOLD - 381 SILVER - 024 BRONZE - 007 Sports: Shotput, Discuss, - 100 mtrs, 200 mtrs Wheel Chair race World no.3 in Shotput in Wheelchair Classs 55. World IWAS games recently held in Bangalore “Powerful” performance by Silicon!!!! Panel Discussion on “Family values” A panel discussion on “Family values” was conducted on 11th December 2013. The p a n elist s in clu d ed An n . An u p a ma Ravindranath, Ms.Sindhu Suresh and Mr.S.Prasad. Silicon controls won the prestigious “Rashtriya Udyog Award”. The dynamic founders of Silicon Controls Rtn.Raghavendra & Rtn.Naveen accepted the award at a glittering function held in New Delhi recently. We are proud of you guys!!. Midtown congratulates “Team-Silicon” for the recognition.
  3. 3. Rotary Namana award to “Samatento” This report about Namana Awards starts from where it was left last year. Namana Awards along with Rotary Mysore Midtown has just nd stepped into its 2 decade. This year the award was given to 'SAMATENTO' – an amateur theatre group consisting of theatre personalities of different genre. This is one among the 12 such amateur groups in Mysore. As always Rtn.Nandakumar, the director for the evening had planned the programme very well by assigning roles to Rtns & Anns including the 'time' frame. He candidly spoke in praise of each & every person who went up on stage. The stage proceedings started with the dignitaries being called on to the dais. President Bhanu called the meeting to order. Smt.Ramya, erstwhile GSE team member invoked the gods by singing 'Sharanembevani poreve kalyani' in a melodious voice. Later Rtn. Bhanu welcomed the gathering in his impeccable kannada. Dr.Gayathri Gubbi, in her maiden appearance on stage for Midtown introduced Namana Kala Vedike and did a good job. Rtn.Dr.Prahlad introduced the chief guest Rtn.Guru by not actually introducing!?!(Don't know how many of you will understand!?!) Mr.Janardhan alias Janni – Director of Rangayana (who walked into the auditorium at the nth moment) was introduced by yours truly which was followed by honouring him by Rtn.Guru & Asst. Governor Rtn.Bheemesh. Ann.Anuradha Nandakumar gave a brief introduction of “Samatento”. This was followed by the presentation of Rotary Namana Award to Sri.Na.Ratna on behalf of Samatento. In his acceptance speech, Sri Ratna expressed his gratitude to the Nandoos for the award and in a lighter vein agreed to share the shawl given to him with all his teammates on a rotation basis. He recollected the contributions of his theatre group who are stalwarts themselves, were present in large numbers among the audience and seeing them together in itself was a privilege to all those present there. Guest of Honour Janni too expressed happiness for the honour, recalling his long association with the Nandkumar couple. On public demand, he sang a rangageethe 'Bidiru Nannyararigalladavalu” which was a treat to the ears. Chief guest Rtn.Guru, a good orator that he is, spoke about his association with Na.Ratna and also about Rotary's part towards society in recognizing eminent people from various fields & encouraging them. He equated Samatento's like mindedness with Rotary's ideals. The well planned programme came to an end with Rtn.Nandoo proposing the vote of thanks. Later, the audience was treated to a play named 'Kalaha Kutoohala' by Samatento group which filled the audience with laughter showers. It was a wonderful evening spent and those of you who missed it just missed it says Anuradha Nandakumar. Ann.Prabha Prahlad
  4. 4. Rotary Information Courtesy: Internet “About Us” wishes all its readers a very happy & prosperous New year 2014. Marion Bunch-A tireless negotiator and strategic consensus builder with a never-surrender approach to projects she's passionate about, the 70-something AIDS and HIV prevention advocate is the force behind Rotary Family Health Days. This effort, supported by Rotary International, brought crucial health services to hundreds of thousands of people over three days in May at 368 sites in three African countries, half a world away from Marion's Atlanta-area home. In all, 275,000 Africans were tested, treated, touched by Marion's mission to stop the spread of AIDS in the areas of the world that are most vulnerable to the disease........ That sense of mission was borne out of Marion’s grief at losing her son, Jerry, to AIDS in 1994. “He was just a good kid,” she says. “He was a friend to so many different people. He had insecurities because he was gay, but he was just a regular kid.” The Bunch family was faced with AIDS early on in the American epidemic, when misconceptions, stigma and outright bias were layered atop grueling treatments and bleak prognoses. “That was before the anti-retroviral drugs were discovered, so we knew all along when he was ill that it was ultimately going to be a death sentence,” Marion says. “I felt quite lonely not being able to discuss Jerry’s illness with anyone outside my family. I, like a lot of people, lost friends over the disease.” After Jerry’s death, Marion retreated into her grief. “You never expect to lose a child, and then when you do, you want to just go into a hole,” she says. More details at:http://www.rffa.org/news.php Rtn.M.N.Bheemesh Won Lucky Browser Award (15-12-2013) (visit www.rotary3180.org) Belated Birthday Wishes Rotary Quiz nd rd th th Q: The 2 ,3 ,4 & 5 Rotary Clubs were formed by – a)Sylvester Schiele b)Harry Ruggles c)Donald MacRae d)Homer Wood Answer : Option D Next Week Rtn.Salil Kumar Das 28th December Rotary Quiz Date : 1-1-2014 Wednesday Venue : RCL Hall , JLB Road Mysore Please Attend Rtn.Umesh K th 28 December 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ?